Renee's Training



The age of the characters in this story are not listed so that you can make the age fit you're desired age group. Assume by default that all characters are over 18.

Nathan was an average teenage boy. He was slightly shorter compared to most of his friends at school; but other than that he was average height. He was thin, he wasn't very muscular but he did have a somewhat toned body. Nathan had short/medium length brown hair that he styled into a sweeping fringe, he wore it a bit messy but it pulled off the desired look.

Nathan lived with his mother and older sister Hannah, who was one year older than Nathan, in a small 4 bedroom house. Nathan was just finishing his chores that his mum made him do before he could go out for the 4 day, long weekend with his friends to a party where he would get absolutely drunk and probably have sex with different drunken, horny teenage girls while there. He'd been looking forward to it all week and at school it was a highly talked about subject.

Nathan grabbed his duffle bag, said goodbye to his mum and sister, and with a wide grin his sister said "have fun Nay". Nay was a nick name that my sister always called me, I didn't mind it; but didn't like it either. The way she said it was a little disturbing but I quickly dismissed it. I went off towards the train station. I would catch the train that was within walking distance to the coast where the party would be taking place. He expected to meet up with some of his friends along the way, but most of them where driving up with older people as they had already gotten their license.

As Nathan walked through the back streets to the train station he never noticed the black SUV following him closely, but unsuspiciously. As he turned around into a deserted back ally way, and that's when they striked...

The SUV pulled up out of nowhere, three big hooded men jumped out and grabbed him by the arms and legs and as quickly as it had happened he was inside the back of the SUV. He felt a sharp jolt of electricity at the back of his neck, passing out into the blackness only a second after the taser had made contact.

How long it had been Nathan didn't know, but he woke up to aching muscles. He could hear things, see flashing colours but he was still disorientated. He felt extremely uncomfortable. A few seconds passed and his senses finally came back to him. He was in a dark, stone room and tied up in a very venerable way; at first he thought the pain was from the electric shock, but he realised that it was because of the way he was tied up. He was tied up bent over some sort of padded table. His legs were spared wide and chained up at the base of the table so he couldn't move them a bit. His arms were also out stretched and chained up. He couldn't move an inch.

Nathan was cold and couldn't feel any clothes on him other than what felt like a tight, silky pair of underwear that made him feel like he had a wedgie; he was wearing a girl's black cotton G string. His asshole felt sore and a little burned, but he couldn't quite place it as it didn't feel that bad; he summed it up to be from the G string he was wearing.

The lights and sounds he was hearing... Right in front of his face was a television of girls sucking big dicks like whores with reckless abandon. In his ears where head phones playing some techno music and a females voice in the back ground saying words that he couldn't make out. Upon closer expectation of the TV he noticed words coming up on the screen coming and going randomly saying things such as 'sissy slut, you love cock, worship cock, limp dick sissy, submit, crave big cock' while the girls on the screen went wild.

That's when he seen it, all these 'girls' weren't girls at all! They had dicks, very small ones albeit; some were as small as 2 inches when hard. 'Fuck me, degrade me, I crave it, use me, sooo good' the words on the TV continued to say. The words rang in his head, although he couldn't hear it the same words were being said through the head phones. He didn't need to hear them consciously, only subconsciously.

Scared and worried Nathan tried to break free of his restraints, his heart was pounding as he tried to close his eyes to what he was seeing, but he couldn't – his eyes were staying wide open by small amounts of tape.

It was useless; he couldn't budge an inch, couldn't close his eyes or stop hearing the voices in his head. He didn't understand, who had done this, why was he tied up like this, why was he watching gay porn? It didn't make any rational sense to him.

His thoughts didn't last long however, as the subliminal hypnosis combination of visual and audio grabbed hold of him once again. His heart beat pounded fast in rhythm with the techno music and he started to feel very relaxed, his muscles where turning to mush. All he could do was watch and listen while in this venerable position. He found it hard to follow his old train of thoughts as it became harder and harder to concentrate and think. The girls on the TV continued to wildly ride huge thick dicks with an obvious animalistic pleasure. Others showed these 'girls' sucking massive 10" black dicks at the same time, taking them deep into her throat and pumping their heads fast. 'There's no way back, limp dick sissy slave, I love huge cock' the hypnosis continued to show him.

A petite, cute bold 'girl' was on her knees with her ass in the air and being pounded hard in the ass. She took it like a pro. 'Irreversible change.' Her limp 2 inch dick swayed in sync with the powerful thrusts, on her face you could clearly see the painted bliss on her beautiful features as she moaned and yelped in pleasure. 'You love to be fucked.' She brought her hand up to her mouth and bit down on her bottom lip and continued moaning into her hand. She was so beautiful; Nathan would have fucked her on the spot if it wasn't for the fact that she had a dick. 'You're sissy dick is useless.' She continued to be ridden. 'You can only cum from anal.' It said as a close up of pure ecstasy on the 'girl's face was showed in slow motion. 'Cum from anal. Cum now.'

Right then Nathan knew why his ass burned a little. Before he awoke a small but powerful vibrating bullet was placed in his ass right on his prostate. As the words 'Cum from anal. Cum now' displayed on the screen and echoed through his head that's when the vibrations started... A few seconds after the vibrations started Nathan experienced the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced in his short life. He moaned out and grunted in pleasure as he could feel wave after wave washing over him. He had never had an orgasm that went so far 'wide spread'; usually it was confined to the tip of his penis.

He felt his soft dick twitching in their cotton prison but it never got hard. He didn't even cum. After the mind blowing orgasm he experienced he felt even weaker than before the hypnosis. He continued to watch the hypnosis training videos and every 10 or so minutes, as if on command by the TV, he orgasmed in tandem with the small vibrator in his ass. This continued on for what felt like forever, but only about 2 hours until he passed out once again from exhaustion.

Nathan awoke again. He couldn't remember being moved rooms, but he clearly had been. He was in a much different position than the last time he was awake. He awoke laying on a soft comfy bed, and a nice feather pillow under his weary head. On his back, his legs where help up right with the bottom of his feet facing the dark ceiling, he could see chains coming down from the roof and connecting to his ankles ensuring that he couldn't move them at all.

His asshole burned again, he could feel something pistioning in and out of his ass at a fairly fast speed. He got up on his elbows as his arms were free and unchained and he could see his small black cotton G string covered dick with a dildo machine pumping in and out of his ass. The G string strap was moved to the side to get a clear path into him.

Nathan worried, he tried to move away from it but he couldn't, it continued to saw in and out of his now used ass hole. The dildo was only about six inches long and about three quarters of an inch wide, but to his virgin ass hole it was pretty big. It should have been burning sore, but clearly his asshole had already loosened up enough. He was probably strapped into the machine for hours already for all he knew.

Nathan could already feel the build up of another prostate orgasm from the artificial pounding he was receiving.

Just as he was about to have another orgasm the door to the side of the bed opened and in came a guy holding a tray of food. He slowly approached the bed Nathan was on and placed the food tray down next to him.

Nathan couldn't help himself, he moaned and groaned out in pleasure and ultimate humiliation as his anal orgasm ravished his body from the dildo. After about 10 glorious seconds of pleasure he relaxed back into the soft bed panting hard taking in deep breaths.

The male smiled at him and said "Did you like that sissy?"

Nathan's head snapped up towards him and looked him in the face, his big smile was apparent. He quickly looked away in humiliation "No."

"Who are you, what are you doing with me! Let me go, why are you doing this?" he pleaded with the largely built male.

The man's cruel smile turned into a face of anger. He slapped Nathan hard across the face. It hurt like hell, why was it that punches hurt less than slaps? Nathan had had worse though, he looked back up into the man's face with a pissed off look of defiance. He was slapped even harder again, the large male said "speak when spoken to slut."

The large man walked around to the dildo machine and turned it up to full power, making it go in and out of Nathans' ass like a blur. Nathan yelped in surprise and closed his eyes tight shut to deal with the huge amount of pain that he was receiving – shy from being kicked in the balls it was one of the worst pains he had ever experienced. The dildo was reaching new depths and the speed pretty much meant that it didn't give his ass time to adjust.

Nathan half bit his tongue half yelled out in pain, he couldn't even plead for mercy simply because he was too busy yelling in pain.

And suddenly it stopped, it stopped all together. The large man withdrew the dildo completely out of Nathans' ass with a plop. It felt so good to have it out; it felt like he was empty, like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

The man slackened the chains at Nathans' feet so that his legs rested on the bed; his back was grateful. The large man said "eat your food quickly and quietly. If you talk you'll get slapped again, and if you continue to not learn you're lesson I'll find more painful ways to make you understand..."

Nathan was stubborn but knew well enough not to test this man. He looked onto his food tray and seen a small bottle of water, some corn beef and white source. Nathan was hungry to the point it hurt a little, at least they were feeding him notorious food. With his plastic, and harmless, knife and fork he chopped a bit of his beef up and placed it in his mouth.

Instantly Nathan spit it out straight away "Yuk, what the hell is that shit?" he exclaimed. Before he knew it he was slapped twice in the same spot on the side of the mouth much harder than last time, the force knocked him down on the bed. Nathan slowly got up with a few tears in his eyes, but managed to hold onto what little decency he had and managed to hold back the rest.

Nathan quickly drank some of the water and washed out his mouth. The man smiled at him with an 'I warned you so look'. "That is corned beef with your new favorite; cum."

Nathan looked on in horror, new favorite? What are they talking about? Nathan opened his mouth to speak, only to quickly shut it again as soon as he got a stern look from the larger male. "In time you will grow to love cum, you'll need it just as much as water to survive. You'll do anything for cum, you'll lick used pussy, ass and suck cock for it." He said smiling. Nathan just stared, who where these fucked up people, he would never do any of those things, not ever.

"You look at the beef and cum and wish there was only beef. In time you'll look at it and wish there were only cum".

The man knew that even though Nathan was hungry he wasn't going to eat his food. Maybe when he is faced with starvation he may finally eat it.

"Time to go" the man said. He withdrew a chocker leash and wrapped it around Nathans' neck. Nathan tried to struggle at first, until a hard blunt blow to the gut winded him and removed the last of the fight left in him. His ankles where fully released, the man motioned for him to follow him, gingerly he got up with his still burning ass hole, weak muscles and fatigued state, but as soon as he reached his feet he was knocked down to the floor.

"Sissy sluts stay on their knees until they are told otherwise. Crawl." He said with a cruel smile. Nathan didn't move partly out of defiance partly out of exhaustion. He received a kick to the side, it hurt a little but it wasn't hard by design; it was a warning.

Nathan followed on with the chocker leash still around his neck crawling on his hands and knees a few steps behind the larger man through the dark stone hall ways. Whenever he started to straggle behind a bit, he'd get a hard pull on the leash which would choke him and pinch the skin around his neck. They eventually arrived in a modern, spacious bathroom; it was much bigger and more luxurious than the one he had at his house.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, which is it slut? I'll give you a hint, the easy way means you don't get hurt". He said with a smile.

"Easy way" Nathan said disgusted with himself. He was still on his hands and knees, his black cotton G string still encasing his dick. In this position the black G string strained against his asshole in an uncomfortable way.

"A sissy slut should always use her manners. Try again". Use HER manners, what is he talking about Nathan thought.

"The easy way, please" Nathan said, a little through gritted teeth but it was satisfactory enough for the large man, for now.

"Take of your thong slut" he said. Nathan hesitated, it was pathetic but it was the only shred of clothing he had, even though it was a girls G string...

"I know you love it, I'll let you wear it again later sissy." This annoyed Nathan, he didn't like wearing it, and he hated it! He hated everything about this situation! With a quiet sigh he removed his G string; he was completely naked except for his choker chain. He threw the G string carelessly to the side to show that he didn't 'love it' at all.

Nathan was bent over the bath tub, his muscles where used to his position already, and a hose was put up his ass. He protested at first but the larger man just smacked his ass harshly as a warning. Nathan had no choice but to go along with it.

Nathan could feel the warm water invading his ass and travelling up into his colon. He groaned in pain and was about to say something when another harsh slap to his ass occurred. Just in case he didn't get the message the large man held Nathans' balls firmly in his palm just daring him as Nathans' belly expanded from the water.

The inflation stopped. The hose was taken out and replaced by a small hot pink butt plug. "Hold the water in and don't let it out." The man instructed.

Nathan didn't know what this was for. The large man didn't bother to tell him. After a long and uncomfortable 10 minutes he said I could let it out. He took out the plug but I refused to let it go; how embarrassing just letting it all out right in front of this guy... He grabbed hold of one of my balls and squeezed, I gasped out in pain as all the water flowed out of my ass.

Nathan lay there, completely immobile from the pain he was suffering; and it was only one nut!

"If you continue to disobey simple directions you will be in a world of hurt. That was just a taste of the pain to come if you continue to be defiant." The man said.

"Get in the tub; I'll be back in 20 minutes. Use the hair removal foam to remove all your hair under your chin. Make sure there is not a hair visible when I come to inspect you. I almost dare you to miss a hair; it'll hurt."

He continued "Pay special attention to your ass cheeks and hole. After that get out, dry you're self and apply the moisturiser." He said while pointing to a large pump bottle of moisturiser.

He left the room with his promise that he'd be back in 20 minutes. As soon as he left Nathan looked around, there were no windows. He ran to the door and tried to open it only to find it was securely locked; there was no possible way to escape. He'd have to wait for the right moment for escape, this wasn't it.

Knowing that the large man would be true to his word and hurt him if he didn't do what he was told he quickly followed his instructions, his body was smooth with no hair on it, it was a weird sensation; to be honest with himself he didn't really mind it, it felt like a small weight was lifted now that all the hair was gone. He applied the moisturiser and his skin felt silky soft and smooth.

He was grateful for the 20 minutes alone, he could be left to his thoughts trying to plot a way to escape, or a way to try and find a way to negotiate with them.

True to his word the large man returned about 20 minutes later with a box in his hand. He placed it on the ground out of reach; Nathan couldn't see what the box's contents where as it had a lid on it.

"You have questions sissy. Once we are done here you will be taken and they will be answered. The quicker we finish the quicker you can find the answers out." He said.

"Inspection time." The large man said again as he slowly walked around Nathan, he looked him up and down, ran his hands over his back and chest to feel for hair. Nathan felt disgusted at being handled this way and could have vomited if his stomach had anything to actually vomit.

The man nodded in approval as he continued to inspect him, the large man forced Nathan to bend over while he spread his ass cheeks and checked for hair. His dick was hairless, so was his ass and ass hole; there wasn't a trace of hair on his body.

"Good." He said satisfied. "A sissy slut should always take her hygiene seriously. Tell me you don't like being smooth slut?" he man asked.

Nathan didn't know if the question was rhetorical or not, but he didn't say anything. The man went over to pick up the box and set it in front of him. He opened it and Nathan for the first time could see its contents. He shuddered, was this stuff for him; he hoped not.

Inside was a short, tight fitting black dress. Two breast implants, some glue, a pink cotton G string, a sky blue medium sized butt plug, some lube, strapless stockings a brown wig, some small high heels, a black corset, a pink collar and an assortment of makeup.

Nathan took a step back with wide eyes, these people where FUCKED UP! "These are all for you sissy. Remember what I said? The sooner we're done here he sooner you get your questions answered." He said as incentive for him to comply.

"I'll force this stuff on you if I have to. Make it easier and comply and you're questions will be answered." He said.

Nathan could see no way out of this; he knew that the man wouldn't hesitate to dress him in that stuff. He did want questions answered so he complied hesitantly after a few moments thought. He couldn't believe this was happening, why where they calling him a 'her', and why were they forcing him to wear girls clothes?

The man smiled. He grabbed the two breast implants and the glue and glued them both to his chest. Realistic fake C cub breasts where now attached to his chest, the man applied a little make up where they met his skin and you couldn't even tell they were fake.

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