tagInterracial LoveReporter's Notebook

Reporter's Notebook


"What is taking him so long?" she thought to herself. Renee poked at her food with her fork as she waited, and waited some more. Her date, Mark, whom she had been seeing for while was on a cell phone call. She was used to being on call herself.

Renee's life as sports newscaster in Milwaukee was as pleasant as it was dull. She covered the local sports teams and coming out of college it was what she wanted to do. Nowadays as time passed on she wondered how her life, coming as she had planned, seemed so empty; so dull.

Renee lifted her eyes long enough to see a familiar face at the bar. It was Derrick Gibbs, a forward with the basketball team Renee often covered. He was always available after games, active in the community and a solid player for some time with the team. His career was above average at best. 5 years into the league he was the type that "got it", did his job, was nice to the fans and was a steadying force on the roster. He was also a good looking guy with a smile that made most girls swoon.

Mark sat down and broke Renee's gaze, startling her almost. "Sorry, long story. Now I've got cold food and shit to worry about for tomorrow." He quipped.

"Something that bad?" She asked.

"Nah, bill is freaking out about silly shit. Really nothing, he wants to fly out earlier now so we can get prepared even more than we already are. I'm fine, he's the type of guy that studied for a test 10 hours when 2 will do in school." Mark began to tell of the time that he and Bill roomed together in school.

The two spent the evening together and ended up back at Renee's on the sofa. After some making out Renee's shoulder straps were slipping down and her skirt hiking up her long legs. Her 5'10 frame was slender and her thighs were marvels of tone and definition as she and mark fumbled about.

Mark was nicely built, about 6'3 a little lanky. He buried his face in her chest as he fumbled with his belt, and she took off his tie. There was no rush or urgency in their motions. They slowly got each other undressed and Mark pressed himself into Renee. Her long legs spread, feet on the floor as Mark went to work on her. His cock was nice and gave her reasons to moan into his ear and grab at his back. He worked her and began to cum.

He emptied himself into the condom and froze as they held each other. Him breathing heavily on Renee, she quite happily enjoyed the feeling of his cock filling the condom. He pulled back and went to the bathroom to clean up. Renee stared at her ceiling, quite a routine she thought to herself.

The next day at the Milwaukee practice facility Renee was staring blankly, she was startled by the cameraman as he got her back to reality. They went through several cuts,

"Noontime here at the teams practice facility as trade rumors swirl about. A lot of big names have been made available but the team's GM remains mum on the situation. Only offering fans the advice that he will do what is always in the best interest of the team, 'Not only in the short term, but long term as well.'"

They finished up and decided to go into the practice facility to try and get some reaction to the rumors. As always the newspaper and radio guys were all over. Renee walked along the gym floor as Derrick was putting away some basketballs.

"Hey Renee, working hard as always I see." Derrick remarked as he passed by Renee. He always remembered her. Most of the girls for the major networks were either short brunettes or tall blondes, there was something about Renee since the first time she came in the locker room 3 years ago. Renee wasn't a plastic doll, or a feisty spinner. She was a 5'11, former swimmer and now runner with strawberry blonde hair. She was lean and always dressed to impress professionally. Rarely cleavage and almost always pants, she had a sexuality that came from a calm demeanor and generally cheerful attitude.

"Could say the same for you, how was the bar last night. Saw you out with a couple of other guys." She asked back. Derrick was one of the few players that always took the time to talk about other things which for this reporter didn't bother her. He was genuinely nice to talk to. His history indicated that he talked and was always cordial with everyone so Renee never expected anything more.

"Don't tell anyone I'm out boozing now. Couple cousins came in town you know. I have to be the role model for the young guys. You know." He said jokingly.

"Oh yeah you 5-year 27 year old veterans. I mean such a maturity jump between you and the rookies."

"Hey now, we're the same age Renee. You know how those young reporters are. Staying up all night, drinking and bragging about the next expose!"

"Yeah you know it. Except we only get one roster spot. So what's the word around you guys? Anyone moving anytime soon?" Renee turned the conversation to at least get some word from the inside.

"I thought we were off the record."

"We are with you and being at the bar with those cousins of yours. Now about the trades? Hmmmmmm? Don't know anything?" Renee joked with Derrick.

"Well off the record, my cousins thought you were hot. Don't know if you caught them pointing at you. On the record, I have no idea. Everyone can be moved, I've heard thing about me, Steve, Michael, who knows. Some team from Alaska might come out of nowhere with the right package to get us."

"Well when they get a team in Alaska I'll let you know Derrick. Thanks. Off the record, how long are your cousins in town? I do have friends that are available" Renee joked.

"Oh I think your friends would be too wild for my boys." Derrick joked as they both laughed, they both left off with a chuckle and a bye to each other. Renee headed towards the beat writers just to chat with some of the guys.

Brian was a reporter for the 2nd biggest paper in town. He was chatting with some of the others. "Well if they do a trade for that guy it would probably have to be Steve and Derrick going just to match up the salaries."

The others chimed in and Renee got in the conversation. The boys were quick to accept Renee. She was quick witted and knew how to handle herself.

Mark had gone out of town leaving Renee for the weekend. They didn't see each other that often. Renee described their relationship at the moment as casual to her friends. They kind liked Mark, he was kind of into himself, and at least he wasn't a total ass. They had all wanted to go out as they weren't all together that often now that one of the friends had gotten married and another engaged. They had all decided to go dance and at least make some of those boys drool before two of their foursome got taken away. They all looked forward to Saturday.

Renee had to cover a game Friday night and record a game summary for the news. The game started late and wouldn't finish in time for a post game so all they needed from Renee was a short clip since the game would be in progress because her news station started the news earlier than the others at 10.

Renee got a call from her boss that they did in fact want a post game reaction. Just to see if they could catch film of any news or team turmoil. They were on a 3 game losing streak. Renee said no problem and waited for the team to finish. The locker rooms are always closed to the media at least for a short time so the players can finish. Even when the press are allowed in there are still guys roaming around in towels and sometimes nude. Renee always thought it funny. Some guys were bigger than others. She always though the height thing would bring proportion. She never got to see Derrick in anything other than a towel. She made her to some players got no real good footage and gave Derrick a shot.

"Derrick, rumor now is that many deals would involve you as a way to get money to work in several of the possibilities floating out there." Renee asked.

"Well there's not much you can do really. You have to play for whoever it is that you're with. I've been here all 5 years of my career thus far and would like to stay here. Then again I know that the GM has to do what he thinks is best for the team."

"You guys just lost again tonight, you get the next two days off. The trade deadline is 8 days away. Does it make the day off more stress filled or can you relax?"

"I'll take a day off just like any of you would. Does it sit in the back of your mind, getting traded, yeah but you can't sit there and stress about it. It's one of those things that's out of your control." Derrick responded.

"Thanks that should be enough. You should enjoy your day off, that's what they're for." Renee playfully added as her cameraman powered down.

"Oh I plan on enjoying it. You guys ever get days off from asking the same questions?" he joked back.

"HA! Never. We are off since you guys won't be doing anything. You guys should take breaks more often." She winked at him and they said their thanks and byes to each other.

Saturday came and the girls were ready. Renee was going to wear a conservative top and some black pants, but as she was getting ready something struck her. It was not a bachelorette party yet, but these girls were going to be crazy. She wanted to be extra hot with her friends so her heels stayed and instead went on a black, clingy top that showed her off like no other top could. The piece of breezy black fabric hung off of her breasts and curved down to expose the top part of her flat stomach. She had a special bra that was strapless with a clear middle made just for this type of outfit. Her skirt was a shiny almost metallic piece that stopped about mid thigh. She pulled that over her red lace thong. She liked her underwear to be a different color sometimes. Just since it was unexpected to most, not the she intended anyone to see her underwear that night.

They arrived at the club which had opened only two weeks prior to that night. Her being a reporter with some connections she got her friends into the back area which featured more pop music than the fast stuff on the main floor. There were couches and the girls decided to get themselves a bottle of vodka to start the night. As Renee plopped down on the couch next to the table after a few drinks and some dancing she looked to her left and couldn't help but laugh.

There was Derrick and his cousins at a table next to theirs. They both saw each other and laughed pointing at each other. The music was loud so they went by each other and Renee introduced him to her friends.

"Who are they?!" Renee's friend asked as she tapped Derrick on the shoulder.

Still having to shout because of the loud music he replied, "My cousins, want to meet them?"

"Of Course!" Was all he heard as she said something else but it got lost in the noise. Renee watched Derrick walk to of her friend to his cousins, they all seemed to be chatting and having a good time.

The club was dark and the lights flashing. Everyone was having a good time and the bottles were moving. Derrick sat down next to Renee and close to her asked how she was doing.

"Alright." She said as she sipped on her drink.

"Alright?! C'mon, it's your day off you should learn to enjoy it." He joked using her original line.

"How do you suggest I do that?" Renee asked

Derrick wasn't sure what to say when they both spotted Renee's friend dancing with Derrick's cousin. They were moving quite rhythmically and having a good time, smiling and laughing with each other. Renee's engaged friend tapped her on the shoulder and yelled to the two of them, "Go dance you bums!" She yelled while she lit her cigarette.

They looked at each other and shrugged. They went out and started to have some fun. Renee was a little stiff at first and so was Derrick. They both laughed at the awkwardness and then they joined hands. They started to more their shoulders and their hips a bit. They got into the rhythm a bit. Then Fergalicious came on and the girls had to start bumping a little bit.

Renee and her friend both looked at each other and started dancing sexily on another as Derrick and his cousin watched on. Derrick's cousin got close behind Renee's friend, Michelle, who started to bump her ass back onto him. The grinding that they started got Renee in a trance. It was mesmerizing to watch her black haired friend dancing with this black guy. She had seen it before but this dance was quite more suggestive.

Renee started to back herself and towards Derrick as they moved to the upbeat song. The part were Fergie stutters got Renee shaking her shoulder in a round move and made her breasts move so freely Derrick couldn't help but stare. Intentional or not, Renee was feeling warm from the alcohol and her breasts were catching Derricks eye. She moved slightly close so her chest was now rubbing against Derrick.

Not to shy away Derrick pressed closer, matching her movements and as their feet were now moving in between each others. His body felt hard and athletic to her as her soft body moved to the rhythm. She was getting warm all over and he could not resist the smell of her hair as she moved with him. The soft warm feel of her breasts on his chest and her tone legs on either side of his thigh started to harden him.

As they swayed to the music sweat started to move down their bodies. Renee would look up at Derrick and catch him staring down her shirt which hung so loose. He couldn't help but see down and watch her trim stomach as she moved and her breasts that bounced so amazingly. He could only smile as her eyes caught his while he drank in her beauty.

They kept dancing for quite some time. The bar started to close at 2 and was calling for the people to start moving at 1:35. The lights were on and Michelle was now on the couch making out with Derrick's cousin. The two taken women cheered them on through a drunken cheer.

Everybody wanted to go to an after hours bar but Renee said she had to be up at 10 as she had work because of practice. Derrick was reluctant because he knew that there was a "voluntary", which means mandatory, shoot around the next day.

The other cousin who had drove and was the designated driver offered to drive everyone to the after hours. The other two, being reluctant wanted to go home but not ruin everyone else's good time.

"Well why doesn't everyone go in my car, I've got room for 7. These two can sit on each others laps. (Both were still making out oblivious to everyone else) and you can drive Renee home. I know you haven't drank that much."

Derrick looked at Renee to make sure it would be alright, he gave her a quizzical look and asked, "That ok with you?"

Renee really wasn't sure. She figured Derrick wasn't going to do anything she just didn't want her friend to make assumptions. She also didn't want to refuse and look like a weirdo so she gave a wimpy "ok."

The girls took their time saying goodbye outside as the valets waited with the key's to the cars. After making sure everyone was ok to go Renee and Derrick got inside his car.

"So this is a first." Derrick said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, your cousin and Michelle really hit it off."

"Yeah we got them to thank for this. It's so late already." Derrick added.

"Oh sorry to be such a burden." Renee joked.

"Didn't mean it like that, trust me, you are much nicer company to take home than my cousins."

After telling him where she lived it turned out that Derrick lived in the penthouse of the building across the street from Renee's downtown.

"You seemed in a down mood the last couple days." Derrick said as they approached her entrance.

He pulled the car in park, "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Don't know, not that smiling self I usually notice."

"Oh like you notice the reporters, stop yourself." Renee joked.

"You I notice." Derrick said matter of factly. He wasn't sure why he said it the way he did, but he meant it.

"Well I guess I've been in a rut." She said just to break the tension.

The bellhop was by her door. "Why is that?" Derrick asked.

Startled by the door opening Renee was confused. She wanted to conversation to go on. Just to let things off her chest.

"Say, um want to finish talking upstairs. Sober up a bit before you make that long drive home."

They both laughed and Derrick said, "Sure." They got the bellhop to have someone valet Derrick's car as they went up.

They made small talk about the neighborhood and when they got their places and why.

Once inside Renee went into the kitchen and Derrick followed.

"Want something to sober up, or should we drink something to make sure we go to bed quick?" Renee joked grabbing some rum not noticing her double entendre.

Derrick laughed a bit and Renee noticed what he said, she blushed. "I mean um, yeah uhh....."

Derrick said, "Rum and tea is always good try that."

They both made the drinks and sipped on the concoctions as they talked. Renee confessed how she wished she had made it to a bigger market by now, she wasn't excited about anything lately and now her friends were going off with their relationships.

"Well we all get into ruts. Slumps, you know ball players do that a lot. You guys notice our slumps big time." Derrick joked.

"Not as much as you notice the reporter's right?" Renee said, they both laughed again.

"Like I said, 'only you'" Derrick said.

"Why is that?"

"You should know that, you're hard to miss." He added.

"Oh stop, Mr. ball player get who you want when you want. Say that to all the girls."

"Renee, I'm just being honest with you. Take it for what it is. Just being honest, you're a sweet and sexy girl. And you know that." Derrick said as he leaned in. His voice lowering a bit.

"How would I know that?" Renee said, still being a pain in the ass.

"Didn't you notice when we danced?"

"What should have I noticed, your eyes?"

"Yeah, sorry about that, man can't help it. There were other things to." Derrick added.

"I did feel a few things, didn't you too?" Renee said as they were now talking softly and leaning towards each other. Derrick's eyes looked down to her breasts as they hung in the bra and sexy top. His eyes looked up quick to catch hers as they both smiled at each other. They leaned in close and kissed....it was electric. They hands touched each others arms as Renee leaned back and he leaned forward.

They broke their kiss, "I didn't feel those lips." Derrick said.

"And how were they?" Renee asked smiling.

"Amazing. It's all amazing." Derrick said looking down at her. This time knowingly staring at her breasts.

Renee felt her heart beating a mile a minute. Her breasts were heaving and they felt heavy with his eyes on them.

Her skirt had ridden up almost exposed her panties.

"Should we be doing this?" Derrick asked. Worried about what a reporter might try and pull. He knew her to be genuine but heard stories about girls all the time. One of the reasons he chose his women carefully.

"Do you want to be doing this?" Renee asked quizzically. This time staring at his crotch. The long hard cock she felt while they danced was visible through his pants. It had confirmed what she felt as her legs moved along his at the club.

He reached over to her, "Do you have to ask?" as their lips met violently this time, his hands on her breasts. She reached for his pants and rubbed his huge dick. "Oh Derrick."

She pushed him back on the sofa and undid his pants. Pushing his shirt up with one hand exposing his six pack, he helped her remove his shirt and he lifted his hips and as she got him naked. As his pants and boxers fell it moved up and tapped her along her neck. She looked down to see a thick, long black dick hanging in the air. Half hard she looked up, "Wow Derrick, holy shit.." She said as she wrapped her hand around it. Her fingers almost touching but not quite.

She licked the head eagerly and pulled his skin back as she sucked on his head. "I guess I have to work to make this boy hard." She smiled as she pulled back and rubbed her bra covered tits on his dick. "Does he want to see something?"

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