Rescrew Me


It was early spring; James and I were enjoying the warm weather and cleaning up the yard. James was burning some old trees that had fallen in the back yard. I watched two of our cats, Ninja and Tabasco, playing in the tall grass, chasing one another and the butterflies that graced us with their beauty. Rocky, my tiger stripped tabby was laying at my feet enjoying the heat on his back. Othello, the black Persian looked like a ball of yarn with his long hair covering his face. Princess, our dachshund was arching her long body over the tall grass, trying to catch up with the cats. At times she all but disappeared. All of this was viewed from my post on the hammock.

A neighbor stopped by and said hello to James. He, of course, welcomed this interruption being someone who enjoys company and loves to talk. They met at the fence and were really just shooting the breeze.

I was lost in my book and paid little attention to their conversation. The animals seemed to be enjoying this weather so I had nothing to distract me from the novel that I had almost finished.

Sometime, while my mind was on another land, ashes from James' flames escaped the bounds of his pyre and caught a corner of the house on fire.

"Call the fire department!" came his cry that pulled me back to reality. "The house is on fire! Call the fire department!"

I ran inside and called 911. "We have a fire!" I cried.

"Where is the fire ma'am?" the lady on the other end asked calmly.

"At our house! Please send the fire trucks fast!"

"Stay on the line, ma'am; please try to stay calm. We've dispatched the trucks to your house, and they should be there shortly. I need to get some information.

I tried to stay calm, but not knowing the extent of the fire I had no idea how long it would be until I would be engulfed in flames.

The trucks arrived in a roar of sirens and all of the neighbors clamored out of their homes to watch our bane..

There were six firemen for our little fire. It only torched the rear corner of the house for about six feet in any direction. But they managed to soak all of the carpet and both beds. And the fire didn't even make into the inside.

After the blaze was out, James remained outside talking with the firemen about how it had all started and how to prevent it from happening again. James, in his friend to everyone manner, invited them to have a beer to cool their thirst but they begged off.

"Gotta be alert you know!" one of them explained.

"Yeah, right what was I thinking," James laughed.

"Well, please feel free to come around anytime you're free and we can get to know one another and see what comes about."

I stood at the screen door watching these fit men wander around our yard. They all had arms like tree limbs and tight butts. Made me wet!

I didn't meet them all, but the ones I did meet definitely met my requirements for a playmate.

As they left they waved and smiled at me. I waved back and thanked them for their help. My pussy was moist.

"Nice guys, huh?" James smiled when he finally came inside.

"Yes, they appeared to be," I agreed.

"I told them that they were welcome here anytime. They were really impressed with you; of course, who wouldn't be. Hopefully some of them will find time to see you on a regular basis," he smiled.

"You invited them into our lives? Why did you do that?" I cried trying to sound angry, all the while creaming in my pants.

"Well, several of them commented on how beautiful you were and how they would love to be with a woman like you. They said I was a lucky man. What was I supposed to say? 'Sorry guys no one can please her but me?" He laughed sardonically.

In spite of myself, I also laughed. Then I kissed him and asked, "So when's the first one coming over?"

We didn't really set up a time. But I have names and phone numbers and even the phone number to the fire station itself. Next time I set the house on fire you can call them directly.

We laughed at that but the possibility of having a few of these studs service me really turned me on. I fantasized about having sex in the firehouse. With several of them at a time, "Mmmmm what a delight!" I spoke aloud.

"What?" James asked.

"Oh nothing just fantasizing."

He laughed and said, "Well, I guess I'm going to clean up the mess they made. Do you need anything before I go?"

Coming out of my daze of daydreams about firemen, I said, "Yeah, now I need a good licking since you've gotten me all hot talking about those sexy hunks."

"My pleasure, Mistress."

He followed me into the bedroom and by the time my shorts were off he was between my musky smelling legs. His tongue was buried deep in my smooth artichoke and he was devouring all of the delicious juices there. He paid special attention to Ms Clit; she always loves his attentions.

"Good boy, make me feel really good. I need you to tongue fuck me until I spew in your mouth. Come on baby boy; lick it good. You know where to go!

The more I taunted him the deeper his tongue explored and the harder he rubbed and sucked my rigid rosebud. The sensations were driving me wild and my legs interlaced around his back while my hips lifted off the bed trying to force his tongue deeper into my pool of lust.

Finally the lust was more than even I could endure and I shoved him off me. My body shook uncontrollably and my nipples were so hard that they hurt..

James was up on his knees, "I'm sorry Mistress if I hurt you!"

"No, you didn't hurt me, you just over stimulated me; I'm great! Really."

His little pricklett was standing as tall as it could and oozed white cum. He looked down at it then back up at me when he saw me looking at it.

"Mistress, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spit cum on you or the bed. Please forgive me. I was excited at being able to tame your passions. I promise to be more aware of my little dicks actions. Please forgive me. I'll sleep in the other room if you wish."

"Not a problem today James, I'm sure they excited you as much as they did me.."

"Yes, Ma'am, they did! Do you think they will let me play when they come over?"

"Yes, I will make sure of it, now go run me a bath and finish cleaning up the mess out there."
"Yes, Mistress!" he rolled off the bed, his little pricklett swaying in front of him as he entered the bathroom.

While I fantasized about one fireman in particular that caught my attention, I slipped my fingers into the wetness between my legs and stroked deep and hard. Thumb and index finger teased my clit again as my middle finger fucked me. I had two more eruptions before James returned to tell me my bath was ready.

I soaked while he went outside to start cleanup on the remainder of the disaster in the yard. The hot water relaxed all of my tight muscles and soon my eyelids covered my eyes as sleep overtook me.

"Mistress, wake up; you're turning into a prune!" floated through my head as I fought to return to the world. My eyelashes fluttered as I opened my eyes.

"Did you enjoy your watery nap, Mistress?"

"I must have; I don't even remember drifting off, but the warm of the water took me away. I guess it was a release from the stress of the fire." I offered James my hand to assist me out of the now cold tub.

I yawned and stretched once he placed a warm towel around me.

"I've prepared dinner; some steaks and baked potatoes with broccoli. And I added a nice Cabernet Sauvignon to wash it down with and relax you. Are you hungry?"

"Starved is more like it. I haven't eaten since this morning. By the way, I'd like to know more about those firemen while we're eating. Okay?"

"Oh yes, I can't wait to tell you about them. I know you are going to enjoy their company. And I will bask in them too. Just looking at them I could see that their dicks bulged. Not at all like my little pee-pee."

Licking my lips, "Mmmmm, sounds delicious. Did they say they would like to come here or can we play at the firehouse?"

"I think at first they would be more comfortable coming here one or two at a time. Once they get to know us better they may like to experiment at station. You could maybe slid down the pole naked," he giggled.

I laughed too, at the thought of my body being pleased by so many well-endowed men. Two and three men at a time, maybe; I like more than one. Then I can watch James clean up each and every one of them.

I was getting hot again. The dinner was delicious as was the fire in my groin. I wished that one or two of the firemen were here to tantalize me while I ate.

James told me all about the guys he had spoken with. "There's Darryl who has dark hair and green eyes. He's been on the force for three years; twenty-eight years old; single, no girlfriend. Don't know why because if I was a woman, I'd want to hang on his arm."

"I know you would like Coby; he's thirty and his shoulders are the widest part of him. Easy to laugh and not bad looking either. He's intelligent too, not just a pretty face. He has a stomach like a washboard."

"Dustin almost looks like Dustin Hoffman, but he's a bit taller. He has a great smile and laughs a lot. He's divorced, no girlfriend right now and I think he's horny as hell!"

"There were several more, but those three were the most open," James finally smiled and winked at me. "Which one would you like to enjoy first?"

"Wow, quite a selection there. But right now I think I could use someone who's horny as hell as you put it. Let's start with Dustin."

"Sounds good to me! Want me to call him tonight?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. It's been three days since I've been laid. I need a good fuck! You're tongue's just not doing it right now."

He cleaned the table then went to the phone and dialed a number. "Hello, is Dustin there? Yes, this is James; he was at my house this afternoon for a fire. Yes, I'll wait."

"Hey Dustin, this is James, do you remember me from this afternoon?"

"Good! I was wondering if you had thought about what we talked about?"

"Really? Would you be interested in getting together tonight?"

"Great, when can you get here?"

He turned to me, "Thirty minutes?"

I nodded my head and headed for the bedroom.

"Yeah, man that works for us. Looking forward to seeing you and getting to know you better. See you in a bit. Yeah, me too; I'm excited already!"

James found me in the bedroom, looking through the clothes in the closet. He walked in and pulled a sleek black dress off the rod. "This one, I guarantee!"

I took the dress and slipped it over my head. The soft fabric fell gently over my bare skin.

James then placed a pair of black stilettos on my feet and handed me my makeup bag. He brushed my long hair and kissed the nape of my neck. Chill bumps gathered on my skin.

Lastly, he handed me a bottle of perfume. I spritzed the fragrance on my neck, between my breasts, and behind my knees. I sniffed deeply and the bouquet made me hot.

"He's not going to want to go home tonight. Guess I'll be in the other bedroom tonight." James predicted.

I laughed but hoped that he was correct.

Five minutes later the doorbell rang. James ran for the door while I completed my makeup. Running my tongue over my red lips, I placed my fingers into my now wet cunt. I brought them to my nose and smelled the musk of my body. Then I licked them clean and headed for the living room.

Escaping from the darkened hallway, I smiled as I entered the room.

James turned as I stepped into the light. "Dustin I'd like for you to meet my Mistress," and he held a hand to me.

I reached for his hand and smiled at Dustin.

"Nice to meet you ma'am and thank you for inviting me this evening."

"I hope the pleasure is mutual," I smiled.

We sat and talked for a short time, Dustin told us about himself and we shared our desires with him. The longer we spoke, the harder his manhood pressed against the zipper of his uniform.

Soon, James stood up and went into the bedroom. Leaving us alone. Dustin seemed to become self-conscious. I moved close to him and placed my hand on his thigh. Then I bent closer and kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth.

His large hands groped for my breast and he pinched my hard nipples; he sighed deeply and his hands explored more of my body. He found the hem of my dress and snaked his way up to my wet garden of pleasure.

A shudder of excitement ran through my body; fluids lubricated my cunt and my legs spread wider.

"You're really hot! I like that. I want to fuck you; I haven't had the pleasure of a hot bitch for a long time. Please stroke my cock for me. I know you can do it better than I can," Dustin whispered.

I unzipped the zipper of his pants and his prick flipped out; happy to be free. Precum had already formed at its opening and the head was red with anticipation.

Licking my lips, I leaned over him and licked the salty precum off his head. Then I covered its crown and placed the tip of my tongue into the hole.

Dustin's hands fell on the back of my head and guided it up and down on his cock. "Oh yeah, baby I like how you do that. Suck it good. Ohhhh yeah, that feels so good. Your tongue is hot as fire!"

James reentered the room and Dustin pulled my head off his shaft.

I smiled at James; Dustin said, "Sorry man, didn't mean to do that!"

"Oh, I hoped that you would," James replied. "I love to see my Mistress sucking a big dick. Wanna see why?"

Dustin didn't reply, but James dropped his boxers for him anyway.

A deep breath expelled from Dustin's lips when he viewed James' skimpy little cocklett. "This is why my Mistress needs a man of your stature. She needs a man who can penetrate her deep enough to give her pleasure. Will you please fuck my Mistress for me and let me watch you make her happy?"

I think Dustin must have been stunned, because for about a half a minute he said nothing; but his prick grew longer and harder. "Wow, man, sure I wouldn't deny you the pleasure of seeing your woman satisfied. Nor would I have her live without a real man to please her. Let's go!"

Dustin took my hand and led me into the bedroom followed by James, his little tallywacker swinging between with a bead of precum shining on its tiny head.

The bed was turned down and the pillows piled high. I climbed onto the bed, while Dustin discard is uniform. When he dropped his pants, his flagpole stood tall.

I licked my lips, anxious to suck that pretty head and swallow its precious seed; then to be fucked so hard and fast that my body would shake with pleasure. Once rested, I would want to do it again.

James sat on a chair just at the foot of the bed. His little cocklett hanging free, "Mistress, may I play with myself as I watch your pleasure?"

"Yes, but if you stain the chair, you will be banished to the bathroom for the rest of the night!"

"Yes, Mistress; I understand." His fingers now rubbed his little knob and precum formed on the tip of his pricklett.

Dustin climbed onto the bed and slowly pulled my dress over my head. When he revealed my body, his shaft grew thicker and redder.

Licking my lips, I begged, "I want to suck that beautiful prick of yours and drink your salty cum."

"Good baby, I need you to get me hard; I'm not use to having someone watch me and I'm a little nervous."

I bent over his half-mast phallus and licked at the precum. Then I covered the heart shaped crown and bobbed my head up and down on the thick shaft. It felt delicious in my mouth.

The more I licked and sucked the harder and thicker his shaft grew. It snaked its way into my throat and nearly cut off my air supply. But in doing so cause me to spray. That drove him crazy.

"Wow! That's fantastic; can you do that again? I never saw a woman spray before. I've heard about it but… Wow! What a rush!

I giggled; James stroked his dicklett with both hands and moaned softly to himself while watching as Dustin screwed my mouth.

"James, get Dustin a rag to wipe himself."

He rose from his chair; his dicklett erect with a rich red head. He waddled as he walked.

James handed Dustin the wet cloth, then went back to his chair and once again grabbed his pricklett with his hands, stroking it and playing in the precum that glistened on it's tiny crown.

Dustin wiped my juices off his legs and stomach then covered my cunt with his mouth. He looked up at me for a minute and asked, "Can you spray in my mouth? I want to taste your sweetness!"

I smiled and said, "We can see."

His tongue began by stimulating my clit while his fingers played in the wetness deep inside me. He found my erogenous zones and fluids poured into my deep, lusty snatch.

"Mmmm baby, such a rich salty taste, sweet but tangy." His words slightly garbled by my cunt. His tongue tickled my clit as he talked.

When he was full of my fluids, he came up for some fresh air and his mouth covered mine, sharing my juices with me.

I licked my lips and pushed him off me and onto the bed. I climbed on top of his erect arrow and forced him into me. There was some burning at first, but soon my slit adjusted to his size and let me take all of him.

Moaning with pleasure I pushed my knees up then lowered myself down onto the shaft. My teats became hard and one hand reached to pinch them. Fire filled my belly and clit.

Dustin slapped my hand away and his large hands covered my tits and pinched my hard nipples.

"Oh nice, firm, not flabby. You have a beautiful body. I want to enjoy every inch of you. Frontwards and backwards I want to lick you, kiss you, fuck you and bring you pleasures you could never dream of!"

"Mmmmm, give it to me, baby, I need to be fucked until it hurts!" I cried.

Flipping me over, Dustin placed his fingers into my tight butt. It was painful because he used no lubricant. He ran the fingers in and out of my tightness and then spread my cheeks.

James quickly ran to get some lubricant, not wanting me to be exposed to the pain of a dry insertion.

Dustin took the cold fluid and squirted it on my ass then on his dick. James guided his thick cock to its destination and I could feel the tiny tears as Dustin forced his way into my darkness.

Slowly, he pushed deeper and deeper until he found a depth that please him the most. His heavy balls slapped my ass as he stroked in and out of my ass.

Wrapping his hands around my waist, he pulled me up onto my knees. He planted his hands on my shoulders and fucked me doggie style. On explosion, his heavy cum flowed down my legs.

James quickly slid under me and licked at the seed that dripped down my legs like cat cleaning its fur.

"Oh Yeah!" Dustin cried as James massaged his balls to expel more cum. "Gaud, I never had anything feel so good!" His thrust became slower and deeper. I felt the pulsing of his seed through his cock as it expanded my ass.

His fingers dug deep into my shoulders as his hips pushed in then pulled out of my wet pussy. Suddenly, he stiffened and the hot seed spewed into my cunt then trickled down my legs.

"Yes! Oh yes!" he cried and his body shook. Dustin released his grasp and fell beside me.

My body shook with pleasure and exhaustion. I fell onto the wet sheets below me; a mixture of sweat and body fluids stuck to my skin. My muscles contracted and expanded as I tired to stay alert.

James quickly climbed onto the bed. Dustin tilted over and fell beside me. His arrow pointing to the ceiling and it's seed of life spilling onto his belly and pubic hairs.

James was anxious. He wanted to attack the fluids but waited for permission to do so.

Looking Dustin in the eyes, I asked "Is it all right for James to clean you?"

"Hmmm, yeah, this stuff is really sticky. Do the hair first, wimp!"

James climbed onto the bed and his tongue found its way into the thick pubic area above Dustin's fuck-stick. Cum continued to spew out of the flared head.

He turned to me and said, "Lady, I haven't had such a good fuck since I was sixteen years old! When can we do this again?"

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