tagLesbian SexRetreat and Surrender

Retreat and Surrender


It was August when Amber got on the bus to her woman's retreat. This was a trip with other women in her church most of them older than she. She was 18 years old and had just completed high school, she was happy because now the church viewed her as a single woman and no longer kept with the youth of the church. She was looking forward to hanging out with her friend Elise at the retreat. The sun shone brightly through the window on the bus and into her bright red hair. She almost fell asleep against the window when she heard Elise's voice.

"Is the seat next to you taken?"

"Not at all, I was saving it for you."

Elise sat down next to Amber. They have been friends since Elise moved to town four years ago. They attended school together, but never really saw much of each other there, so church was really it for them. Amber was glad Elise was here as soon college would start up and there might not be any place left for Sunday services.

Elise had her long black curly hair pulled back into a bun. Her lips seemed to pout out a bit, and her lip stick made them look ruby red. She lived with her mom, her older sister just moved out two years before. Elise had problems in her faith when she first came to the church as her father had just left her family and she wondered why God would allow such a thing. Through church, Bible reading, and her friendship with Amber she found that things like this happen so better things can come from it.

"You looking forward to College?" Amber asked.

"Yeah, the idea that I can make a decision on if I feel well enough to attend classes, go to parties, stay up late. Who knows, maybe I'll get a boyfriend there."

"I never saw it that way, about being an adult and trusted to do the right thing. I know I'll study and attend classes, stay with the church, and maybe I'll meet a guy there."

"I'm going to try to stay with the church, I'd like to meet a nice guy there. I'm sure he'll treat me well and not leave."

Amber smiled knowing that her friend was going to stay with the church's teachings. Also knowing that college guys probably all wanted one thing and would be cautious about them. In the past four years she watched her friend grow up and become more mature and now she seemed like a good Christian woman, she hoped that Elise witnessed the same with her.

"What will you look for in a boyfriend?" Elise asked, her dark brown eyes looking at her friend's dark green ones.

"Well, God-fearing of course, knows his Bible, and has a huge future ahead of him. Of course liking big girls would be a must."

Amber spent most of her life being chubby and was made fun of a lot in school for it. She was hoping that college would be better as the men there were mature, much like the seniors in high school were. She hoped that they would notice more about her than her physical shape and take notice of her mind.

"What about you," Amber asked, "What will you look for?"

"I guess the same, except the big girls thing."

Amber laughed at her friend adding that on as Elise was in between, not stick thin, but not chubby either. Her weight seemed to fit her well. She was sure that Elise would have no problem getting guys, where as for her it might be a struggle.

Once all the ladies were on the bus it headed off towards the retreat.

"Ladies, I know some of you have been here, but a few of you haven't." The group leader said. "There is a shower and restroom not far from where we'll be placing our tents, so you're not totally cut off from civilization. We're going to spend our days doing what ever we want in order to commune with God, and learn more about the lessons of the Bible. At night we'll gather around the campfire and sing songs and talk about what we did during the day. So I hope that we all enjoy this week." She sat back down and looked ahead.

"I think this retreat sounds like fun, I could see myself coming to this thing for weeks to come." Amber said.

"What all are we going to do there?"

"I don't know, hike, swim, read the Bible. I really don't know what we'll have in store for us, and I'm sure we can just do what some of the elder members are doing, no need for us to stick out because we're young."

Elise nodded her head understanding what her friend was saying. They've come a long way out of the youth group, and for them to purposely separate themselves from the rest of the adults could show that they aren't ready to be grown up yet.

The two girls fell asleep on the bus on their way there. Amber's head was on Elise's shoulder and Elise's head resting on Amber's. They woke when they saw the rest of the women gathering towards the front of the bus. Elise got up first and Amber stood behind her as they waited to get out of their row. Amber looked out the window and saw the driver emptying out the suitcases out from the bottom of the bus.

"I think I see my duffel, I can't wait to go there and pick it up." Amber said.

Elise quickly turned her head and saw where her bag was, she went back to watching as some women gathered there things from the overhead compartments. Elise couldn't wait to get her hands on her pink duffel bag, but more importantly her dark blue sleeping bag.

"You're going to be my tent mate, right?" Elise asked as she worked her way into the isle.

"Of course, there's no one here that I would rather spend the night with talking girl talk." Amber replied as she tried to follow after Elise.

The two girls got off of the bus and on solid ground. Elise went over to her duffel bag and sleeping bag as soon as she could. Amber took her time gathering her things as she had to identify her sleeping bag.

"Ladies, line up and face me." The group leader said, "It is a bit late now, and there is food ready inside the mess hall that has been cooked by some of our fellow sisters that came up here before us. They have volunteered to cook for us this week, so when you see them be sure to thank them."

"Also at the mess hall are dome tents, there are instructions on how to build them inside the bag. After you're done eating grab a tent for you and a friend to sleep in. It is then up to you whether you think you need to shower or not. If modesty is an issue for you, please be aware that there are curtains around each shower head. For those of us that have done this all before, please help out our new campers and show them around here. Once again let's all have fun."

A woman who was about 36 years walked toward Amber and Elise.

"Hi you two, do you know me?" she asked.

"Not really, but I've seen you around." Elise said.

"I've seen you with my mom at church, but I've never really been introduced to you." Said Amber.

"My name is Connie, I'm friends with both of your mothers. Sorry to hear that they couldn't make it to this retreat. But I guess you gotta eat." She smiled at the two younger girls. "Well, let's go eat first, and then I'll show you where everything is here. You're going to love it."

Amber and Elise followed Connie to the mess hall. Amber watched how Connie's sun dress swayed around her ankles. She thought it was a bit odd for a woman to wear a dress on a camping trip, but it did look like it was more comfortable than her cargo shorts and tee shirt. Elise was wearing a tank top, which barely hid her bra strap, and a pair of jean shorts.

The mess hall smelled of a roast beef dinner, carrots, celery, beef, all those odors filling the air. Connie grabbed a few plates, she took one and passed the rest down to the two gals. She took a couple of scoops of the meat and vegetables and walked over to take a bottle of water, the two girls followed her lead.

All three sat at a table, Connie reached in a basket at the middle of the table and pulled out forks for herself and the two young women. She took a deep breath.

"Oh ladies, we're going to be eating good this week." She said with a smile.

"How many years have you been doing this?" Amber asked.

"18 years on and off. I have to work too, like your moms. I love it here, I feel closer to God here and as women we need this time of sisterhood and fellowship. We don't have it too much and even at church we are there with children and husbands. I feel that we should take time out during the week to spend time with our fellow sisters, but with work, school, family we don't. I think this week you'll definitely feel like you're part of something."

"Where is a good place to pitch a tent here?" Elise asked.

"You can camp near me, I like being close to the restroom, but not too close. For one the smell, for two the foot traffic. Ladies here take showers at all different times and you'd hate to have someone walk through your site when you're trying to sleep."

Elise understood what the older woman was saying. She was excited that Connie would be nearby as this was her first camping trip with out her mom and the idea of an older woman who is offering guidance brought her peace.

After they were done eating, they put their plates up on a counter where another woman was washing dishes at a deep sink. This did seem mighty civilized to the two girls who were expecting something a bit more rugged. But once they got away from the mess hall they saw what they wanted to see. There were pine trees stretched high above them, some bats flew over head, on the hunt just right after the sun had set.

Connie walked off the path, but stayed parallel to it. As they kept walking the girls could see a light and a building, they imagined that was the bathroom. They kept walking and could hear as many women were talking and knew that soon they would be at there site.

"Evening ladies." Connie said. "This is Elise and Amber, this is there first time here."

"Welcome." The other ladies seemed to say all at once.

The trio kept walking another few yards or so to where they wanted to build there tents. Connie was nice enough to help out the girls before setting one up on her own.

"Lay the tent out flat, the mesh part at the top." Connie said as she adjusted her reading glasses while reading the instructions.

Elise could have figured that out on her own, but she liked helping Connie find a use around camp.

"Slide the poles in the holes, try not to force them as you could rip the fabric." Connie continued. She helped them a bit by pinching the sleeve on the tent and shaking it back and forth while Elise tried to push the pole through. Once one pole was done, Connie was able to help Amber too.

"Put the poles into the holes in the tab at each corner of the tent." Connie once again helped out as each time a pole went into a hole it became harder to get another pole into a hole.

"Lay the canopy upside down and place the last pole in the pockets at the edges." Connie watched as the two girls followed the direction like a couple of pros.

"Now put the canopy on top of the tent, pole side down and secure the hooks to the flaps on the side of the tent." The girls were able to follow that instruction as well with no help.

"You need help too Connie?" Elise asked.

"No, I can do it on my own, and my tent mate will be joining us once she's done in the kitchen."

Connie went over to join the other girls around a lantern, they looked like they were having a fun conversation. Amber and Elise went inside their tent and laid out their sleeping bags. They put there bags against the sides of the tent so that there would be an open area for them to talk. Amber reached in her bag and pulled out a small pillow and put it at the head of the sleeping bag. Elise opened her bag up slowly and pulled out a pillow as well and placed it at the head of hers.

"What are you hiding?" Amber asked.


"You were very cautious with your bag."

Elise looked lost, she couldn't come up with a good explanation for her actions, and it was her trust of Amber that lead her to wanting her as a tent mate in the first place, so why not let her know what's in her bag.

"You won't think less of me?"

"No, you're my best friend."

Elise opened her bag to show a romance novel sitting in the back of the bag.

"I wouldn't have noticed that." Amber said.

"Well, I didn't know if it would have moved from the travel."

"Well, I don't see what's so wrong with that, my mom's got a couple of those by her night table."

Elise's eyes went wide. "Do you read them?"

"No, I see the cover and I know it's not what I want to read, I imagine my mother reads them in order to make up for how unadventurous her life is. I mean why else would one read about a woman who's life has been changed by an adventurous man. Why do you read them?"

"I think I have adventure in my life, but as an African-American woman I feel like I'm forced to be with a man of the same race. Here these women are rich and they are forced to be with men that are rich, but they find love with a man who is a scoundrel. Also when I read these stories not only do I find escape from society's binds on me, but I have a heaving bosom." Elise said while pushing out her chest.

Amber laughed and she felt closer to her friend than she has in a long time. She never knew Elise had binds on her by society or had body issues like she did. Elise had small breasts, they caused her shirt to stick out a bit, but not as much as Amber's. I guess growing up things like that never really come up, but as adults they must be more common, because Elise made it seem so natural.

"Amber.....Elise?" Connie's voice called out.

The girls un-zipped the tent and saw Connie with another woman who looked to be a couple years older than she.

"This is my friend Rachel, she's a great cook. She'll be around some of the time."

The two girls thanked Rachel for their dinner. Connie and Rachel walked over to their tent and began to put it together. Amber and Elise zipped up their door and got changed for bed. Both girls were fine in their panties and shirts, but Elise took off her bra. Then they tucked themselves inside their sleeping bags.

"Romance novels aren't very Christian are they?" Elise asked.

"I've never read them, but from what I hear they are about love, maybe a bit unconventional, but love all the same. I would imagine that leads to love, and if there is pre-marital sex that's taking place, I don't think they say that either party is aware of God's law and just following human urges."

"I never saw it that way. Thanks." Elise picked up her romance novel and started reading.

Amber turned off the main lantern leaving Elise with her small book light. She rolled over and fell asleep.

Elise read her book and felt familiar urges develop inside her. She rubbed over her left breast with her right hand to find her nipple poking up through the cotton. A gasp came from her as she continued to rub over it. . She closed her eyes and slowly raised her shirt up using her right hand, exposing her belly under the sleeping bag. She rubbed up and down slowly pushing the top up higher and uncovering more of herself. She moved her hand higher feeling over her breast, feeling her erect nipple. A gasp escaped her lips as she pleasured her sensitive tit. She loved feeling how soft her breasts were, they may have been smaller than most others her age, but she still loved they way they felt. She moved up over her breast and felt as her hand flicked over the erect nipple, she let out a small moan. Using her thumb and forefinger she pinched and rolled the sensitive nub.

She removed her hand from her breast and sat up, looking over to see if her friend was still sleeping. It was safe, she unzipped the sleeping bag all the way down so that she could spread her legs a little more than she was allowed to before, also she reached inside the bag to pull out a purple vibrator that she hid in her sleeping bag. She moved her left hand between her thighs. She felt over her cotton panties and felt the dampness building up in them. She moaned as she felt the contact with her dampening mound. She closed her eyes as slid her hand into her panties brushing against her tuft of pubic hair caused her pussy to twitch and a moan to pass her lips. Using her forefinger and middle finger she massaged her lips as she continued to tweak her nipple with the other hand. She felt the wetness build up between her pussy lips. She looked to Amber to see if she was still sleeping, she turned the vibe on and pulled her panties to the side, and slid the plastic toy inside her. Her hips rose as she penetrated and a moan entered the air around them.

Amber woke up a little to hear Elise softly moaning. From what Amber could tell from the low light pouring into there tent, Elise's eyes were closed and her sleeping bag un-zipped enough to allow her legs to be spread a bit more.

Her right hand under her shirt she pinched and rolled the sensitive nipple.

Her left hand was moving around between her thighs. Amber could see the movement and heard a slight buzzing sound that joined in with her friends moans. Her breathing deepened and her hips began to thrust off the ground. Her moans became more audible as her climax was getting closer.

Amber couldn't believe what she was seeing, she couldn't look away, she just had to keep watching as her friend masturbated. Amber has done it before but not around another person, this was something she never experienced before, and something she didn't know Elise did or any other woman for that matter.

Elise's body shook around as she came, Amber rolled over trying to pretend she was asleep.

Elise opened her eyes and saw her friend "sleeping" she picked up her book, and closed it. She lowered her shirt back down to cover her belly and zip the sleeping bag up before going to sleep in her post orgasmic bliss.

There was a tapping on the tent the next morning.

"Ladies get up, it's time for breakfast." Connie said.

"Ok, let us get dressed first." Amber said.

Amber got out of her sleeping bag and put the shorts on she wore yesterday.

"Amber, please don't look." Elise said. Amber nodded her head as she put her socks and shoes on.

The redhead kept her head low as her dark haired friend pulled her tank top off and put on the bra she took off the night before.

"Ok, you can look now." she said as she grabbed her jean shorts and put them on.

Once the two girls were dressed they left there tent, one at a time. Connie was there waiting for them, and walked with them up to the mess hall.

Sausage and bacon filled the air of the hall, and women were walking away with plates full of them and a side of pancakes. Elise and Amber were enjoying everything that they have seen so far about the camp, and this breakfast just added to that.

The ladies sat down and discussed what they were going to do with the rest of the day.

"What are you going to do today Connie?" Elise asked.

"When Rachel gets done here, she and I are going to hit the lake and go for a swim. I'm sure a lot of us are, it's a great way to cool down and get a little clean. But we do all shower after just because lake water isn't the cleanest."

"What else is there to do?" Amber asked.

"Well, there is a popular hike nearby, it's not too far and you get a great view of the lake once you get to the top of the rock."

"Who all does that?"

"Usually the younger girls like you and Elise, the older ones like Rachel and myself just sit by the tent or the lake."

"Well, I'm sure Amber and I will see you at the lake in an hour or so." Elise said.

"Sure, if you want to go get changed after breakfast I'll come get you and we can all make the walk together."

"That would be a good idea as we wouldn't even know where to go." Elise said with a slight chuckle.

Amber didn't know what Elise was doing, speaking for them. She hated swimming, she thought that they both did. In high school they had to wear these one piece suits with some of the girls who's bodies were better suited for things that were skin tight. The boys let them know it too by ogling the other girls more than she and Elise. She did bring a suit though just hoped that she would never have to wear it.

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