tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 07

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©


Mel Blake and his wife Carla still live on Pleasant Street. What Mel doesn't know is that his wife and his best friend, Bert Hicks, have been having an affair for the past five years. Remember, I told you how the affair started in my last collection of Pleasant Street stories?

The affair happened because Mel was away and Bert stopped by, and it's been going on ever since. Every time Mel's gone, and sometimes when he isn't, it seems Bert and Carla figure out some way to get together. I just saw Mel put his suitcase in the car and drive away from his house, so I guess it's safe to assume he'd gone for the weekend again.

I wonder how long it will be before Bert shows up. I heard his wife is going away this weekend, too. I'll be darned, it looks like he just pulled into Mel's driveway.



Bert walked around to the back door of his friend Mel's house, found it unlocked, and went inside. The kitchen was dark, and the only light he could see came from the living room. He went in and received an extremely pleasant surprise. Mel's wife, Carla, totally nude, was lying on the sofa, grinning at him.

Although Carla didn't regard herself as beautiful, her body, at 5'8", 135 pounds, was very good. Except for a few faint stretch marks on her slightly rounded, there was no evidence she'd borne two children. Her short black, curly hair showed traces of gray, but the luxuriant black furze at her groin showed no trace of that color. Her face was young-looking and pretty, and her breasts were still firm and capped with rosy circles out of which tiny, but very sensitive nipples swelled when she was turned on.

Bert's chest tightened as he gazed on Carla's nude form. "Wow!" he exclaimed.

A delightful flush spread over Carla's body. "I...ah...I wasn't sure how you'd react to my doing this," she said.

Bert didn't say anything. He walked to the sofa, knelt, slid his arms around her, and kissed her. Carla's arms wrapped around him, pulled him onto her, and her tongue lashed his in the confines of their joined mouths.

"That's the kiss I've been waiting for all day," Carla exclaimed after they came up for air. "Do you have any idea how hard it is, waiting for you after Mel leaves?"

"It isn't exactly easy for me, either," Bert replied. He bent his head down toward her chest and sucked one of her already-rigid nipples into his mouth.

Carla clutched his head and moaned with delight. "God, that feels nice," she murmured.

"It feels wonderful to me, too" Bert said, caressing her face.

Carla pressed against him and continued to gaze at him, her eyes hot.

Bert stood up, took Carla's hand, and pulled her to her feet and into his arms. Carla pressed against him and again their lips met in a kiss just as passionate as their first one had been. Gently, once the kiss was over, Bert began leading her out of the kitchen, down the hallway toward the bedroom.

His heart thudding like a pile-driver, his legs shaky, Bert clung to Carla's hand as they walked down the hall and into the bedroom.

Inside the room, they faced each other. Carla's chest was heaving and she kept gazing at Bert, who began to run his fingers lightly over her skin. He watched goose-bumps rise where he touched her.

"Oh, Bert! You...your touch is wonderful," Carla whispered. "So soft..." She continued to murmur softly as Bert continued stroking and caressing her trembling body.

Bert slid his hands down her sides and began caressing her buttocks. Carla opened her mouth as if she were going say something, but only a soft moan came out. Bert pulled her against him and again she pressed against him. The soft, passionate murmurs continued to pour from her. He could feel her trembling as he held her body against his.

Gently, Bert urged her onto the bed, then knelt next to her, bent over, and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She grasped his head and moaned. Bert moved his lips from one breast to the other, sucking those wonderful tips, massaging her other breast with his hand as he did. Her body began to twist and turn and the volume of her moans increased.

Suddenly Carla's back arched and she began to wail. Her hands, tangled in Bert's hair, pulled at him so hard he was afraid she'd pull his hair out. She shuddered and moaned for what seemed like an eternity, then collapsed on the bed.

Carla looked up at Bert, bewildered. "I don't believe it!" she gasped. "I...I came, just from you sucking my nipples! God! I had no idea I was that turned on!"

"That never happened to you before?" Bert asked, incredulous.

Carla shook her head. "Never," she replied.

"Want to see if it will happen again?" Bert asked. He began kissing her breasts again, while his hands began to explore the rest of her body.

Groaning, Carla pressed her body against his caresses, then began to moan as his lips began moving down across her lush form, onto her belly.

Bert slid his hand between her thighs, onto her vagina. Her clit was hard and erect and, as

his hand slid over it, Carla jolted as if she'd been given an electric shock.

"Ah!" she cried. "Oh, God, Bert! That feels wonderful!"

Bert began tracing the outline of her wet opening, feeling the silken softness of her labia, working his finger between them. Carla's hips rolled upward as his finger moved into her, and her body responded avidly, seeking more of the penetration that was giving her so much pleasure.

"Yes! Bert! Oh, yes!" Words of pleasure hissed from Carla as her body once again began to fill with passion and need.

Bert's lips traveled across her belly to the mat of black pubic hair blanketing her middle. He continued kissing and licking her, wanting to taste her, to have his tongue plunging into her, to see her reaction when he did that, to give her as much pleasure as he possibly could. He got his head between Carla's thighs and captured her erect clit between his lips.

"Ahh! My God!" Carla cried. Her hips arched off the bed, and her hands pulled at the bed covers. Then her body went rigid and she again began to quiver. Bert heard the high, keening wail that he knew signaled her orgasm and felt her vagina clasping his finger as she peaked.

After Carla's orgasm ended, Bert got off the bed, stripped off his clothes, then he laid down next to her on the bed and pulled her into his arms.

Carla looked at him, her eyes large and fluid. "You are so incredible!" she murmured. "You know exactly what to do to give me so much pleasure! But...but what about you?"

Bert kissed her softly, then rolled onto her. "Now," he said, "now it's my turn."

"Oh, yes!" Carla groaned. She opened her legs to receive him, grasped his rigid cock in his hand, and guided it to her still-wet opening.

Slowly Bert lowered himself, forcing his blood-engorged penis into her tight channel. Her hips rose, drawing him into her. The excitement Bert felt as he sank into her was almost overwhelming.

Carla's arms went around him, she pulled his face down, and covered his lips with hers. "God, Bert, does this ever feel good!" she exclaimed, beginning to move her hips.

Bert, super-excited, thrust deep, knowing wouldn't be able to stand the delectable grip of her tight vagina for long. He felt her body begin to quiver again and rippling sensations along his embedded shaft as her vaginal walls began milking his cock. He let himself go and waves of pleasure swept over him as his loins pumped his hot fluids into Carla. As he moaned with ecstasy, he heard Carla's cries of delight, too and knew she was coming again!

"Bert! Oh, God, Bert!" she screamed, her hands raking his back, her loins rocking. "Yes! Oh, God, yes! Yes! Yes!"

Afterward, they rested in each other's arms, feeling warm and wonderful. Carla snuggled against him, put her arm around him, and began stroking his back with her soft hand. She smiled at him.

"I can't get over how wonderful making love with you is," Carla gushed, flushing attractively. "God, making love never gets old with us, does it?"

"I don't think so," Bert told her. He rolled onto his back to give her better access to his body. What she was doing to him with her hands sure felt nice.

Her hand slid across his belly, into his pubic hair, which was still matted and damp with the juices of their recently-completed joining. She grasped his limp penis and Bert experienced a twinge of delight deep inside him.

"It gets so small when you finish," she whispered, kissing his ear. "It...it feels so big when you're turned on and it's in me."

"You keep doing what you're doing and you'll find out how big it can get real soon," Bert replied.

Carla did keep doing what she was doing and, before long, Bert's cock was standing at attention again and he was twisting, turning, and groaning with pleasure.

Carla got to her knees and bent over him, then she laid her head on his belly. The caress of her soft, dark hair tickling Bert and inflamed his passion even more. She brought the tip of his cock to her lips and kissed it, then kissed it again. Then her tongue began moving up and down the swollen, veined surface.

Jolts of excitement shot through Bert when warmth and wetness engulfed him as Carla took his ribbed, throbbing shaft into her mouth. For a minute, the sensations he was experiencing were so exquisite he thought the top of his head would come off as she suckled him.

While Carla suckled him Bert began pulling on her again-turgid nipples, bringing gasps of delight from her.

Just when Bert didn't think he'd be able to stand any more of her delightful caresses, she sat up, leaving his straining cock waving in the air.

"I want you again," she announced breathlessly. She swung her leg over him and settled atop him, her thighs caressing his body, her damp slit trapping his rigid shaft between them. Then she slid upward, rubbing herself against the underside of his steel-hard prong. Finally, she reached between them, grasped his rod, raised her hips, then slowly lowered herself onto him, sighing as his shaft slid up inside her.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned, beginning to rock her hips, making his cock whip around inside her, stimulating both of them. Bert grasped her bobbing breasts, his thumbs stroking her rigid nipples, and her head rolled back. Once more the room was filled with the sounds of their shared passion, and soon he could feel her body begin to tremble, and heard the beginning of the now-familiar sound that signaled the arrival of Carla's orgasm.

"Yes! Oh, God, Bert! Yes! Yes!" she cried and her body went wild as orgasm overpowered her. "Take me! Now! Now, Bert! Oh, God, yes!"

Bert held on to her breasts, his thumbs teasing the delightfully firm tips as her body shook, her cries got louder, and she exploded in a fit of extreme ecstasy.

As Carla rocked her way through her orgasm erupted, Bert felt his fluids bubble up from deep inside his body and fill her to overflowing. He could feel their mixed juices trickling down between them, tickling him.

Slowly, Carla's spasms of joy passed and she collapsed onto his chest and didn't move. Bert wrapped his arms around his friend's wife and held her as they both calmed.


Bert and Carla rested for a while, then they got out of bed. Carla went to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up, while Bert went to the kitchen to get himself a drink of water.

When Bert returned to the bedroom, Carla came against him avidly, her arms going around him, her lips seeking his. Thrills ripped through him as their lips met. He cupped her bottom and pulled her to him. As the kiss went on, they ground their hips against each other and he felt himself growing hard again.

Finally, Carla leaned back in Bert's arms and looked up at him. Her face was flushed, her chest was heaving. "I want you again!" she said.

"I want you, too!" Bert responded.

They fell on the bed and began exploring each other's bodies. Bert's hands and lips moved over Carla, each touch bringing a little gasp of pleasure from her. Her skin rippled under his moving hands, and her body began to tremble. He sucked a rigid nipple into his mouth, evoking still-louder groans of pleasure from his partner. He turned his attention to her other breast, and her moans grew still more insistent. He began kissing his way down across her belly, and her hips

began squirming.

"Yes!" she groaned. "Kiss me there! Yes! Again! Kiss me there again!"

Bert's lips moved through her lush forest of pubic hair and he felt her legs begun quaking. Her hands slid up his back, then she clutched his head, pushing him downward.

Bert's tongue snaked out and began to explore the petal-soft lips of her vagina. She was soaked with the moistness of passion and tasted sweet, yet tart. His tongue probed between the silken lips, delving into her.

"Oh, God, Bert!" Carla wailed. "I...I can't wait! I...I'm coming!

I'm c...c...coming!" Quivers of delight shook her lovely body. "Gahh! I'm coming again!"

When Carla's spasms finally calmed, she pushed Bert over on his back, urgency in her movements, climbed atop him, grasped his cock, and sat down on it.

"That's what I need!" she gasped, her face flushed and slack with excitement. She began moving and, as she did, her lovely breasts began to dance.

Bert grabbed a breast in each hand and began thumbing the nipples, at the same time thrusting up off the bed with his hips. Carla's reaction was wonderful to watch. Her head lolled on her shoulders, her eyes closed, and her mouth fell open. He continued to fondle her breasts as he lunged up into her.

Deep inside him, Bert felt the tension of approaching orgasm, and knew it wouldn't be long before he again experienced release.

Carla's movements became more determined, her groans grew louder, then her body stiffened. She exploded into orgasm. "Yes! Oh, God, Bert! Take me! Take me! she cried. "Now! Oh, God, yes! Yes! Yes!"

Bert came with her, gobs and gobs of his hot cream shot out of his pulsing cock into Carla's quaking body.

Spent, Carla collapsed on him, and again Bert cuddled her in his arms as she calmed. A little while later, she rolled off, onto her side. With his arm around her, they dozed off.

Later, when Bert awakened, Carla was lying against him, spoon-fashion, with her taut buttocks snuggled against his groin. It felt wonderful. He reached over her, cupped one of her breasts with his hand and soon had the nipple rigid and Carla whimpering with happiness once again.

"You really are insatiable, aren't you?" she mewled, pressing her bottom back against his swelling cock.

"You want me to quit, is that it?" Bert asked.

"Don't ever say that, even if you aren't serious!" she said, continuing to caress his cock with her ass. "I love how it feels when your...your cock rubs against my ass."

"I kind of like it, too," Bert agreed.

In a little while their passion had again soared to stratospheric levels as he thrust against the cushiony globes of flesh and squeezed her breasts.

"Get on your knees," Bert whispered.

Carla knelt on the bed, her ass beckoning him, her breasts dangling, the succulent nipples pointed at the bed.

Bert got to his knees behind her. As he shuffled toward her, his cock slapped against her bottom. He took hold of the rigid pole and guided it to her slick opening, then he pushed it into her with a powerful movement of his hips.

"Oh!" Carla moaned, "That feels so wonderful!"

Carla began thrusting back to meet him, and their thighs smacked together audibly as Bert drove himself into her. He leaned forward, grabbed her dangling breasts and used them as hand-holds to add power to his thrusts.

"Come! Oh, God, Bert, please come! Take me again!" Carla begged.

With a loud groan, Bert did come, powerful sensations rocking him. He was more than a little surprised to find that there was still more of his seed to give her.

When Bert came, so did Carla, wailing loudly, her body wild with the movements of passion. "Yes! Oh, God, Bert, Yes! Take me! Take me!" she cried. "Now! Yes! Oh, God, Yes!"

"You always make me feel so satisfied!" Carla said later, as they lay in each other's arms, stroking their bodies softly, enjoying the warmth of contact with each other.

"You make me feel pretty satisfied, too," Bert replied and kissed her.

"Its so convenient that Mel and Audrey were both going out of town this weekend, isn't it?" she said, "It seems like ages since I've awakened next to you."

"I was thinking the same thing," Bert said, "You have no idea how lovely you look first thing in the morning."

Carla smiled and kissed him. "Personally, I think I look like the Bride of Frankenstein when I get out of bed in the morning," she said, and kissed him. "But thank you just the same."

They lay there, not talking, for a while, then Carla raised herself up on one elbow and began kissing his chest, concentrating on his nipples, showing Bert that men and women are very much alike in that way.

Tingles of delight coursed through Bert, who felt his cock re-awakening. Carla did have a powerful erotic effect on him. When he could stand what she was doing no longer, so he rolled her on her back and got between her outstretched legs.

Carla grabbed his cock and pulled him into her. Once again, they were locked together, the beast with two backs, thrusting, seeking, sharing exquisite feelings, giving and receiving the utmost in pleasure. Her legs came up, locked behind him, and her hands pulled at his back.

"Yes! Oh, love, yes!" Carla groaned.

Her hips rose to meet Bert's as he slammed down into her, his cock cosseted by the tight caress of her vagina. Again, incredible feelings began to coil deep inside him, the spring of passion winding tighter and tighter, readying itself for the ultimate release.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Carla cried suddenly, her body straining.

And, when she came, so did Bert. "Yeah! Oh, yeah!" he groaned, once again erupting into Carla's quivering body.

A little while later they were lying next to each other. "Do...do you think Audrey has any idea what we've been doing for the past five years?" Carla asked. That her friend would learn of her affair with Bert was her only concern about the relationship.

"I don't think so," Bert said. "She's never given me any indication she does, anyhow. You think Mel suspects anything?"

"I doubt it," Carla replied. "I'm sure I'd have heard about it by now if he did."

"Good," Bert said. "I'm starved. "You want to go out, or should we see if we can have pizza delivered?"

"Have pizza delivered," Carla said as her hand stole down over Bert's belly. "I...I don't want to have to get dressed."



Mel Blake parked his car in back of the motel where it couldn't be seen from the road, locked it, grabbed his suitcase, and went inside to register. He was forty miles from home, but he was being careful. There was still a chance someone who knew him might come along, and he didn't want to be seen.

The woman who he'd come to meet was waiting in the hotel lobby, looking around uncomfortably. It was obvious she didn't do things like this often.

She was full-bodied, and her blonde hair was carefully styled. She had on a white loose-knit cardigan sweater, over a gray paisley pattern blouse and a gray skirt. Her magnificent chest tented the front of the blouse. A string of pearls hung around her neck, just barely reaching the cleavage exposed by the open neck of the blouse.

When she saw Mel, she smiled and, carrying a single suitcase, started walking toward him.

"You OK?" Mel asked Audrey Hicks, the gorgeous wife of his best friend, Bert.

Audrey nodded, still looking around nervously.

"Let's go, then," Mel said. They started down the hall, toward the room he'd already rented.

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