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Review: The Regular


Bedtime Stories. The Regular.

Starring Kim Dawson (as Belle), Chloe Nicholle (as Marla), Julia Kruis (as Sylvia) and Micah Bradshaw (as Jay).

A shy housewife learns to enjoy sex.


Belle is on the phone when Jay arrives, worried that someone is following him. He says that a black SUV has been following him everywhere during the week. After a drink, Jay, a short man with dark hair, has his interlude with Sylvia, a dark blonde with B cups and a nipple ring. She sits on his lap and pleasures herself while he rubs her body. He moves down and gives her head, then moving to the bed, he lets her straddle him for awhile. They end up with him on top and he pumps her until they both cum.

Afterward, Jay and Sylvia have a little talk as they snuggle together and we discover that he’s married and that his wife doesn’t seem to care much for him. Jay arrives home after a shower and Marla is upset that he’s late again. She busts him about the bordello and tells him that she had a detective follow him. Their argument blossoms into a discussion about their marital problems and that they don’t have sex any more. She asks for a divorce and he’s happy to agree with her.

The next day, Marla shows up at the mansion, asking for Sylvia but Belle is reluctant to let her see the woman until Sylvia shows up. Sylvia knows that Belle is there to size up the competition and the two women talk. Sylvia explains that Marla is not interested in learning what her husband needs and that she needs to relax. Marla is not interested in hearing anything that Sylvia has to say and continues to be ambivalent.

She does admit that she must be doing something wrong and Sylvia asks, “Even when you’re by yourself?” The question really gets to Marla and she’s speechless. Sylvia tells Marla that if she doesn’t learn how to satisfy herself, how will she expect Jay to do it for her?

Back at their house, Marla sits alone, waiting to hear from her husband. She drifts off to sleep and dreams that Jay walks in and that he undresses and caresses her on the couch. In her sleep, she rubs her own body. As dream Jay rubs her pussy, in sleep, she rubs her own. As dream Jay sucks her pussy, she fingers herself. Finally, as she and Jay cum in the dream, she makes herself cum and awakens.

The next day, she returns to the mansion to see Sylvia. Jay is still seeing Sylvia and Marla is a bit upset. She tells Sylvia that she has discovered that she does hold back sexually and that some of it is Jay’s fault because he is always working and she’s turned off by not getting any attention. She says that she thought about cheating but couldn’t do it. Marla thinks that Jay doesn’t know how lucky he is to have her and that he never listens to how she feels. Sylvia suggests a game and she pretends to be Marla while Marla pretends to be Jay.

The game works and Marla understands. At the house, Jay is packing a suitcase when Marla arrives home. Marla asks him for a chance to work things out. Back at the mansion again, Marla tells Belle and Sylvia that Jay doesn’t believe that she’s changed. Belle tells her that she has to try another way and since Jay is stopping by later, there’s a good opportunity to try.

Jay visits Sylvia and she suggests something different, bringing out a blindfold. At first, he’s not so keen on the idea but he goes along with it. Sylvia massages his body all over while Marla watches. At her signal, the ladies change places and Marla takes over with the sensual massage. She sits in his lap and grinds against him, then fingers herself to an orgasm. He takes the blindfold off and is surprised to find his wife but kisses her passionately. He moves down between her legs and gives her a long bit of oral before having her climb on top of him. They switch positions with him riding her and they both cum.

Belle and Sylvia clink glasses of wine together and toast to happy marriages. Jay tells the ladies that he and his wife are going to vacation in Jamaica and the show ends with Belle and Sylvia drinking to that.

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