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Review: The Rules of Hooking Up 02



An MTV2 Sex 2k Episode

Michael, the theater usher, tells girls that he's a basketball player but that he's on the bench. That way, they don't question him too much and he gets lots of pussy. Factoid: Rule: Trust no one. And if guys tell you that they're affiliated with a star or working with MTV, it's always a lie. Bree, a student from California, says that she's had guys come up to her and claim to work for security. She also tells a story about one guy who told her that he had an operation done so that he couldn't have any more children and that was why he wanted to hook up without a condom. She didn't go with him and later found out not only did he have three children, but he had a wife as well!

Factoid: Rule: Repeat: Trust No One. A lot of girls have no idea how to hook up with guys because so many of them are bozos but there are a few simple rules. Here, we are joined by Jess and Jen, from Adrian, Michigan. Jess explains that they've tried working out and putting a lot of time into their appearance and nothing seems to have worked. Jen says that she's never had a serious relationship and that she's sick of it. As they're walking into the club, a couple of guys pass by and they remark, "Nobody looks at us!" Jess tries to invite a couple of guys to go to a bar with her and Jen but it doesn't work.

Factoid: Rule: Don't give up easily. Try again with someone new. Jen introduces herself to a guy and an hour later, the group is standing outside, making plans to attend another party. They head over, get comfortable and start talking with the guys. Factoid: Rule: Ask about his interests. They talk about movies. Factoid: Rule: Don't play yourself. One of the guys, Greg, a student from Ohio, states that it's nice to meet girls that aren't wasted. The girls continue to have conversation with them and Jess pulls out her cell phone, saying to Greg, "Is there something you want to ask me?" When he doesn't say anything, she prods him to ask for her number. Smiling, he takes her cell phone and enters the information. They guys say that these are the kind of girls that they would date because they aren't one-night stand types.

Jess and Jen talk about how uncomfortable it would be to kiss on the first date, but that a kiss on the cheek would be fine. Factoid: Rule: Plan your strategy. Jen says that if they show up at their apartment and show them a good time, then they'll get a kiss. Mark, the other guy and also a student from Ohio, says that he and Greg will definitely be calling the girls. The girls are ready to leave so they get hugs from the guys and head out. Factoid: Rule: Never give up hope.

A voiceover says now that you've played the game and found someone to go out with, there are a whole new set of rules. Renna states that she hates it when a guy starts talking about his past relationships. Bree says that she doesn't want to hear him talking on the phone to his homeboys the whole date. Ben says that drug experimentation is not a good thing and Tim says that he was out on a date where the guy chugged down his last beer before they left and spit it up on the bar. Factoid: Rule: Try not to get trashed.

Jen says that going to a friend's house and/or meeting the parents on a first date is a no-no. Loretta states that a guy gave her a lap dance on a first date. Not good. Factoid: Rule: Try really, really hard not to act stupid.

The voiceover says that now you know the rules, everything will be perfect, right? No. There's no substitute for compatibility. Here, we join up with Loretta and Joe from New York City. Loretta is going on a blind date and explains that she's not looking to get married right away, that she wants to find someone interesting. Joe, a restaurant manager from New York City, says that he has no expectations, that he just wants to have a good time and see where the date goes.

They meet at a restaurant and he has brought her gifts. The first is a cute set of slippers. Next is an egg slicer and they both laugh. Loretta says that she thinks the gifts he brought were his way of breaking the ice. She wasn't very amused. He then makes a strange comment. He says, "There are two things that happen when you move to Manhattan. First, you become an alcoholic and second, you start seeing a shrink." Obviously not a good move as Loretta asks if those are true of him. He is seeing a shrink, but is not an alcoholic.

Joe says that she probably thinks that he's strange and bizarre, which is true. After the salad, he wants to arm wrestle. Loretta says no but he keeps insisting. She excuses herself to visit the ladies room, calls a friend and tells the friend that Joe is weird. Joe says that she probably just needs to loosen up a bit. Dinner comes and goes and he still acts strangely. After dinner, she makes an excuse that she's tired and heads home.

A voiceover states that not everyone gets along and that it's better to find out sooner than later. You should just be yourself. Bree says that it takes so long to get to know someone that it's upsetting when you find out that the person is full of shit. Dina says if you can't be truthful at the beginning, how can you be truthful later in the relationship? Ben says don't try to be cooler than what you really are and Loretta adds that if you can't be yourself, then you're not someone she would want to talk to. Michael says that being himself is more successful and Hugo thinks that it's very important to let a girl know who he is from the beginning.

Closing factoid: Golden rule: Be yourself. Duh!

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