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Review: Women On Top


A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: Going Down In the Valley Series, Episode 1-2, Women On Top.

Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley is a 6-part documentary series on the current state of the adult entertainment industry in Southern California's San Fernando Valley.

It's not a man's world: how the Internet blew the doors off the sex industry. Also, a profile of Danni Ashe, the "world's most downloaded woman;" a segment on sex stars (like Jenna Jameson) who license their body parts to toy makers; porn pioneers of the early 20th century; "getting it up" with the nation's top male supporting players; and a visit with one of the many couples who make money by webcasting their sex lives.

* * * * *

The segment starts with a man and woman fucking and the cameraman is in close to get the action. Suddenly, he yells Cut and explains that there's a cord in the way. The man sighs, leaning back on his haunches. Katie Morgan tells us that it's easier for women to do these movies because all they need is lube. Men have to keep it up and pop on command. Back on the set, the cameraman tells the couple "It's a blowjob to a pop and then it's out to lunch."

After the series' montage, Paul Fishbein, Owner of Adult Video News, states that porn expanded in the '90s. A factoid pops up with some information: In the 90's, porn sales and rentals nearly tripled from 1.6 to 4.2 billion dollars. Fishbein says that the Justice Department was focusing on things other than adult material and the boom occurred. During his voiceover, we see a young man unloading VHS tapes from banks of machines. These are tapes that will be labeled and shipped out to customers.

Farrell Timlake of Homegrown Cameras, Inc., says that the Internet was what really blew the doors off because it made it easier to do everything yourself. Clips of people filming their own videos and sex chats online are shown.

Danni Ashe searches for wardrobe for some shots. The interview begins with some scenes from her movies and Danni introduces herself, explaining that she started as a stripper at the age of seventeen and has followed a path through the industry that has led her to her own show. She is shown with a guest on the set of her show, 'In Bed With Danni'. Dean Guiliotis serves as her web show director and he and two other women run the technical aspects of the production. Danni begins to interview the woman, Nikki, and says that she's the perfect woman because she likes to be fucked in the ass ...

As she continues the interview, a factoid pops up here: In 2000, Danni Ashe won the Guinness Book of Records title, 'Most Downloaded Woman.' 3 million people visit her website monthly. Subscriptions gross more than 5 million dollars a year. Clients online ask the women to do things and one of the assistants tells Nikki that a man wants her to turn around with her butt to the camera. She does so and is then asked to lick her nipples. She does that and then receives a request to see her sexy feet. As each request comes, Nikki gamely performs it, laughing when one client requests that she put her leg over her head.

Danni says that it's a safe way to live out a fantasy in the safety of your home. Sam Abgoola, an Internet consultant, explains that people have a way to explore their sensuality without leaving their homes and to have a private connection. Factoid: Americans spend 2 billion dollars a year logging onto sex sites. Nikki and Danni participate in some one-on-one touching, requested by clients. Another factoid pops up: 77% of online visitors to porn sites are male. 50% of them are married. The interview continues and the segment ends with Danni stating that "I guess you could say that Danni's Hard Drive is the 8 million dollar company built on her breasts." And she has some VERY nice ones!

More shots of California and as we move into the next segment, a factoid pops up: 90% of sex toys in America are manufactured in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. Porn star Devinn Lane pulls a sex toy copy of her vagina out for a customer and tells him he's going to get an opportunity to poke her vagina and he opts for the asshole, saying that it's tighter. She then says that everyone who knows her, knows that her hood is pierced. She puts a piercing earring through the toy's plastic lips and laughs. Another factoid: Successful porn stars can make as much as $100,000 licensing parts of their bodies for sex toys.

Jenna Jameson displays a mouth and throat sex toy, saying that they used an actual cast of her mouth to make it. She also shows a sex toy cast from her vagina and ass and quips that it would make a good stocking stuffer. Devinn Lane says that she has about 25 adult toys out on the market. She has a vagina and mouth sex toy, both of which vibrate. Jenna Jameson is interviewed next and the interviewer asks her how rich she is as a factoid pops up: Jenna Jameson has built her own multi-million dollar empire, making her one of the wealthiest women in porn.

The next segment begins with old black-and-white movies of early porn. Constance Penley, Professor of Film Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, says that it's amazing what hasn't changed; that we might have imagined the early films being much softer, but they weren't at all. In these films from the 20s through the 40s, we see people who look like our great-grandparents who are engaging in oral and anal sex, playing with sex toys, putting on rubbers, etc. Everything that you see in porn today was being done back in the early days of porn.

In the next segment, as the world goes by outside, inside Wicked Pictures studios, a fuck scene for "Space Nuts" is being filmed. The movie's opening credit is shown along with Stormy's space vehicle, a ship named the SS Royal Brat and some footage. The interview with Stormy, a contract star, begins on the set of "Space Nuts" and she is originally from Baton Rouge. She says that being under contract is different because you're contracted for x number of movies and x number of scenes, you can't do hardcore video for another company and in exchange, you're paid a check every month instead of per scene.

Katie Morgan, a freelancer, says that most contract girls don't get paid as much as freelancers because she has the flexibility of doing more work. Jim South, Talent Agent for World Modeling, estimates that a contract girl makes $50-70,000 a year but she only working two-five days a month at the most. Back on the set, Stormy is seen stifling a yawn as another factoid pops up: Stormy will make six contract films this year. Action begins with her seducing a sailor.

Stormy says that she has to 'warmed up' to do a scene and likes it when her co-star pretends to love her. She says that other girls don't want conversation and just want to do the scene. Stormy says that the more comfortable she is with the guy, the better the scene because she learns what each guy's 'tweak' is. Dylan Day likes to put her whole right foot in his mouth, Evan Stone likes his nipples pinched, Randy Spears likes to have his balls played with when he's ready to pop. She says that it's a woman's world because their pictures are on the boxes.

Another factoid: Female porn stars can make three times as much for a sex scene as their male counterparts. Jenna Jameson states that women are what make the industry turn and Katie Morgan agrees, saying that women are in way more control that anyone thinks. Jim South says that men in the business are just props and that the women dictate who they will or will not work with.

More shots of California are shown, now focusing on a motorcyclist who performs some dangerous stunts, interspersed with Violet Blue in a bikini that's getting wet. On the set of 'Ride 'em & Wreck 'em', she continues her photo shoot while having small talk with the photographer. She was voted Best New Starlet in 2002. She's asked about her first time and she says that she really liked it. The man in the scene was in a porn that she owned and used for masturbation so she was very pleased. Factoid: Violet has performed in more than 200 sex scenes. She estimates that she has orgasms 60% of the time.

Curtis Cleveland, an independent producer, asks her to remove anything that's going to leave lines and she angrily strips down to nothing. Violet says that she likes her job because it's easier than testing soil for the government, which she was attending college for before she began. She says that you have to like sex to be in the business. Another factoid: Violet is a 4-year veteran in a business where the average career lasts 18 months. Filming begins in their garage with Curtis giving direction and he films as well as his wife, Melanie.

Chris Cannon, a male porn star, says that it's hard work; that it's not something from Penthouse Forum. He's asked how many cum shots he does in a day and Chris says he's done 6 pop shots in a day, four full scenes and two blowjob scenes. Violet adds that anyone who wants to be a porn star should be able to pop in 3 minutes.

The next segment is Porn Star Reflections, A Good Hard Man Is Good To Find. Katie Morgan says that it's harder for the man because he has to get it up, keep it up and pop on command and if he doesn't, everyone gets upset because he holds up the show. Stormy says that she hears guys all the time say that they can be a porn star and she disagrees, stating that she thinks one in 500 guys has what it takes.

Jenna Jameson reveals that so many men come up to her and want to work with her, saying that they can put Peter North to shame. She tells them, "Okay. Whip your dick out and get it hard. You've got five minutes." What do these guys think it's like on the set? There are forty people waiting for lunch!

The final segment is James and Seska, Bedroom Webcasters. Seska explains that she and her husband have a website and that she has sex with James as well as other friends and lovers. They also have videoclips and two weekly webcam shows. Factoid: A subscription to James and Seska's website costs $16.95 a month. The site averages 2000 visitors a day. Seska and James begin to have sex while their clients make comments and requests.

Farrell Timlake says that websites are 'Mom & Pop' operations run out of their homes. Another factoid pops up: 5000 couples in North America make money webcasting their sex lives from home. After a few more shots of Seska and James, she explains what doggy chat is. James drills her from behind while she types on the laptop at the end of their bed. Another factoid: James and Seska started their business with an investment of $500. James says that they make 6 figure incomes and that as teachers, they made $20,000 each, so they're VERY happy.

OPINION: Four out of four. I forgot my opinion on the first segment but this is an extremely well done series. There are four more episodes so look for it in your area!

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