tagMatureRooms for Rent Ch. 03

Rooms for Rent Ch. 03


It was a nice fall Saturday afternoon and with nothing special going on I decided see Becky and Sue's college soccer game. Turns out this game was for first place. I looked around to find the girls. Becky was playing left striker and Sue was the sweeper. I was really surprised how physical the game was. Both teams made numerous runs but with no serious scoring chances and the half ended scoreless. The second half started out slow as neither team wanted to make a mistake. Midway through Becky took a pass from the center mid and made a run down the left side. As the defenders closed in on her, she made a tremendous crossing pass that the right striker banged home for the leading goal.

With this lead, the coach decided to pull back and play defense. Good move. The opponents pushed up and were on the attack. With time running out, they made a final charge. Sue met the challenge. The centering pass was at the top of the box. Sue made her move and made a perfect sliding tackle and deflected the ball. The game was won. WOW you would have thought this was the super bowl by the way they celebrated. I congratulated both of them as they left the field and went home.

The house was quiet as the other girls all went home for the weekend, as it was homecoming at their old high schools. About an hour later Becky and Sue slowly made their way in. They looked beat and sore and went right to their room to chill out. After doing a little catch up work, I decided to check up on them and see if they were hungry.

I knocked on their door and heard a moan "come on in." Opening the door I saw both girls sprawled out on their beds. "Tough game" I said. Both girls moaned a response "Yes." I asked if they were hungry and but got no answer. Sue really looked out of it. I asked her if she was ok and she said that she had a grass burn on her hip from the last slide she made. I went to the bathroom and returned with some cream for her. "I'm too tired to put it on, could you do it for me." Now who was I to turn down that request?

Sue turned on her side and tried to lift her shorts up but they could not go high enough. "What the hell" she said, and unbuttoned them and pulled them off. She had the French style panties on and the bruise was quite noticeable. I sat on the bed and applied the cream, as I checked out her braless tits hanging in front of me. I was in a trance and just kept slowing stroking her hip. Meanwhile, Becky was checking me out checking Sue out.

Becky starting giggling and Sue asked her what was so funny. Becky told Sue that I was staring at her tits. Sue turned quickly towards me. My hand that was on her hip was now lying on her mound and I was still rubbing. "That hurts too," she said. I looked down and turned bright red. Becky got up from her bed and came over beside me and took my hand and placed it back on Sue. "I think she needs some more massaging," Becky said.

Sue was now on her back as my fingers played with her mound. "UMM, that feels soo good," she said. Downward my fingers moved, caressing her pussy through her panties. A wet spot was evident as my eyes focused on it causing my rod to stiffen. Becky removed her tee shirt and knelt on the floor next to Sue and lowered her mouth to hers, kissing tenderly. This was too much for me. I started to pull Sue's panties off and she raised her hips as I lowered them. What a perfect pussy, all shiny and wet. I moved my fingers over her lips, up and down. I could hear soft moans. Sue raised her arms up and Becky removed here shirt. Sue was now completely naked. Her nipples hardened.

Becky suggested that we move onto the floor. Standing up I began to take my shirt off. As it was over my head I felt my button pop and my zipping going down. Soon we were all naked. I laid Sue down on her side (the good side). I lay down beside her and lowered my face to her pussy and started licking up her slit. Seeing my hard cock was too much for Becky and she wrapped her hand around it, stroking it slowly. "Spread your legs for me," Sue said to Becky, and the triangle was complete. Becky was giving me a blowjob, I was sucking Sue's pussy and Sue was eating Becky out.

I lapped Sue and flicked her clit with my fingers. She was squirming. My tongue found her clit and I could feel it vibrate. All the while, Becky was giving my pole a good workout. Her head was bobbing, taking me deeper and deeper. Sue was munching away at Becky's cunt. Juices were flowing everywhere. I slipped one then two fingers into Sue and concentrated my tongue on her clit. It was too much for her. " Oh fuck, I'mmm going to cummmmm" I sucked in her clit, she bucked her hips and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and her clit jump. "Yes, suck my clit." She was over the edge.

Feeling her orgasm made my balls tighten and my load spurted into Becky's mouth. She keep working it and swallowing it. This girl could really deep throat. My cock kept shooting down her throat and she took it all. She was breathing hard through her nose and I knew why. Sue was really getting into bringing her off. Becky clamped her legs tight around Sue as her body shook.

We all sat up and all brought our lips together for a joint kiss. Becky surprised us by sharing some of my cum with us. I then lowered my mouth to Becky's tit and started sucking it and tweaking her other nipple with my fingers. Sue took my cock into her hand and started to stroke it back to life. Pretty soon I was at full staff. Becky and Sue were now kissing. Is this really happening!!!! I had to fuck them, but which one first. Since Sue had my cock in her hard already, I told her to get on all fours. I moved behind her and took aim. I hit the target and soon was all the way in.

Becky wanted some action too. She got under me and licked my balls and Sue's pussy. Sue was dripping and Becky was lapping. "God, I have to have your cock in me too," Becky said. I pulled out of Sue and positioned myself above Becky. Becky was so wet that I slid in easily. She wrapped her legs around me and met my thrusts. Sue started sucking Becky's tits. This was way toooo much. I kept pounding her pussy. I told them to get ready cause I wanted to shoot my cum all over both of them. Sue lay beside Becky. I pulled out of Becky and let my load flow. All over their stomachs and tits it went. I stroked my cock to get it all out. They each scooped my cum up and feed it to one another. Becky placed her mouth above Sue and let my cum drip out of her mouth into hers. They ending with a kiss and shared my love juice.

We all took a shower and I took them out to a nice restaurant.

I think I will go to all of their games from now on. Who's next?

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