tagBDSMRound Two

Round Two


Round Two has you face down on the bed, arms and legs spread once again. You hear the tinkling sound of metal things bumping together. She climbs on the bed between your legs again, and you feel her lean against your ass. Suddenly, you feel five sharp points around the base of your neck. Your breathing quickens, a fleeting thought that maybe being here was a bad idea. Slowly, they drag down your back, light stinging trails. The scratching continues over your ass, stopping momentarily to cup and squeeze one cheek. The trail continues down your inner thigh, then lightly tickles your foot, making you squirm. There is a resounding 'smack!' on your ass—"Don't move!"

One of her taloned fingers follows the crack of your ass, lightly up, and then down. You gasp, and your cock presses harder against the bedspread. "Turn over and sit up, with your back to the wall."

You do as she requests, and she sits in front of you with her fishnet-covered legs outstretched toward you. "Remove my boots." You unzip each pointy boot and place them to one side. She slips her feet from your hands and rubs one foot along your inner thigh toward your cock. Her foot slides over your cock, pressing it against your thigh, the pressure varying from barely there to almost painful. The other foot slides up the opposite thigh, and together her feet stroke your cock between them, her rhythm incrementally increasing. Your head falls back slightly as you savor the sensation, the building pressure. Your hands are tensely clenched.

"Hm. Enough of that." She pulls her feet away, and you groan inadvertently. "I think you're becoming spoiled. We'll have to take care of that." She turns and slides off the bed. "On your hands and knees, head facing the mirror." You crawl forward, stopping at the edge of the bed.

To your side you hear her, the sound of snaps popping, something dropping to the floor. The clinking sound again. Sliding sounds.

She's on the bed again, this time behind you. "Press your face into the bed, but keep your ass up for me." She rubs her hands over your ass, spreads your cheeks. She makes a satisfied sound. "I'm going to fuck you." The words cause you to tremble. "But first, a little warm up."

There's a "smack!" as her hand connects with your ass. You jump a little, startled. She smacks you again and again, covering your ass with heat. She rubs your ass again, pinching here and there. "Pretty little pink ass. Hm. Needs more color." Her hands move away, then come back with help. "SMACK!" You yelp as the paddle makes contact. The paddle hits the sweet spots near your inner thighs, making the rounds, each spank pushing you farther than you've ever gone before.

She puts the paddle down and examines her work. "Much better. A fine shade of red." Getting off the bed, she comes around to the front, where your head is. "Look up." You do, admiring the fullness of her body, the lush curves that first enticed you, and see that she is now wearing a harness, attached to which is a slender, smooth, purple dildo. She moves forward. "Suck it."

You lean forward and take the dildo in your mouth, looking up at her as you do. She smiles at you, moving her hips slightly as you get used to the feeling of the silicone in your mouth. Closing your eyes you give yourself over to the meditative quality of the sucking. She moans, as if it is actually a part of her that you are pleasuring.

"Now, now," she says, "I promised you a fucking, didn't I?" She slides the dildo from your mouth. "Up on all fours."

She moves around to the back of the bed again and kneels behind you. You shiver with dread and anticipation as she taps your ass with the dildo, then slides it along the crack of your ass. Her hands massage your still sore ass, then pull your ass cheeks apart. You have never felt so exposed. You try to relax when you feel a slight pressure at your asshole. Her fingers are slick with lube and they make sure you are, too. The pressure again, and this time you know it's the dildo slowly being introduced. She gives you time to get used the sensation before pressing further on.

After a while, the dildo is sliding inside you, and she has grabbed your hips, pulling you, pushing you. The dildo feels like nothing you've ever felt before. It is so intensely filling, you cannot believe the hot, burning pleasure—your cock has never been this hard. "Look in the mirror."

You look, and you can see yourself being fucked, see your reddened face, your searching cock. Watch her as she closes her eyes and increases the strokes. See her bite her lip, watch her cry out as she cums, gripping your hips.

She pulls the dildo out and sits back for a moment to regain composure. You are still on all fours, still hard, still waiting for a release that may not come.

"Turn over and lie down."

She has removed the harness, and putting it away returns with a condom. She tosses it at you. "Put this on."

You hurry to obey, and soon she is climbing over you, still in her fishnet bodysuit and leather bra. "You know the rule. You don't get to cum until I say so." With that, she guides you inside her and begins to move. First slowly, her pussy gripping your cock tightly with each stroke. You can barely stand it. She sees you struggling, and picks up the pace with a wicked grin.

The pressure is building, and you begin to feel desperate. Watching her bounce above you, her breathing quickening, her freckled face flushed, is not helping.

"What do you want?" She asks you, gasping.

"Please, please, I want to cum!"


With your final strokes, you cum with a shout, the orgasm huge, the definition of ecstasy. She is cumming herself, her head thrashing, dark hair a wild cloud around her face, her eyes and mouth wide open.

She collapses next to you, and, after a few moments, turns onto her side, kisses your shoulder. "You did very well." Standing, she takes her bag and goes into the bathroom, closing the door. You hear the shower start. She comes back out briefly (naked!) to give you a warm towel and a grin, then returns to the bathroom.

Reluctantly, you clean up, then lie back down and close your eyes, relishing the remaining stray sensations.

When you awaken, you are alone in the room, wondering when (and if) she'll be coming back.

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