tagRomanceRumpelstiltskin Ch. 02

Rumpelstiltskin Ch. 02


Rumplestiltskin hated these annoying family affairs. A lifetime listening, cajoling, and solving his sister's many problems. Why in the burning pits of hell was she made a fairy godmother? The magical world was quite simple. You're assigned a human, and you spend a good portion of time fulfilling the wishes of said human. It's not hard; she never read the fairy handbook.

Luna, his sister, would arrive home in the midst of a crisis, and her tears flowed like a babbling brook. Their father would do anything to shut her mumbling mouth. Hence, Rumplestiltskin was summoned to the manor.

"Oh, Rumpie."

His eyes narrowed in her direction. He was the greatest wizard of his generation; scores of magical men longed to walk in his gold lined slippers. Yet, his silly sister referred to him as "Rumpie." He repressed the urge to slash her fragile psyche to pieces, and scold her for immature behavior. His anger melted away from he stared into her tear-drenched eyes, so like their mother's. A large hand smoothed her tousled dark hair as he gathered his younger trembling sister into his arms.

"Now, puppet, what is the problem?" Luna wiped her damp face across his silk tunic. Rumplestiltskin grimaced, but he realized that it could be replaced. His sister with her thousands days of moods was priceless. She grabbed the material of his broad shoulder; her fingers opening and closing like a clam. "She doesn't want to...marry him," Luna sobbed. Her dark head shook furiously, "I spent years arranging that marriage. Doing... what she wanted," Luna sneered. Rumplestiltskin arched an eyebrow. She's finally mad at her deranged human.

"What happened?" he soothed.

"She isn't in love with King James any longer... she wants a knight in her kingdom."

Rumplestiltskin frowned. He assisted his sister by destroying King James' kingdom; it was a misguided attempt to assist his sister. So, he nudged the handsome king in the direction of that silly creature.

"Oh, Rumpie, make him change his mind."

"I'll think of something," he promised.

Eleanor's aching fingers stitched gold flowers on the heavy white cloth. Her brow dampened with sweat as her arms grew heavy under the strain of creating small flowers. She dropped the soft fabric to the floor; her tired eyes gazed at the moon in a starless night. She smiled slightly when she heard her father working in the mill. She knew that her father was a good man. Her mother's death destroyed the balance in his soul. A large tankard of ale seemed to ease his pain. He forgot his purpose in life. Eleanor was determined that her father would find his way out of the darkness. Until then, she would embroider flowers to pay his mounting debts as he drowned his sorrows in drink. Eleanor hoped that one day, her life would be full of happiness.

King James leaned against the wall stone window. His arm placed over his dark red head; his green eyes critically assessed his country. He struggled over the last few years after his father died suddenly. His people starved, and struggled to survive harsh winter. Initially, he balked at the idea of marrying King Robert's daughter. Yet, her dowry would supply his kingdom with revenue for the ages. He couldn't say no to the Wizard when he presented the offer.

"Gareth," he called over his shoulder.

Gareth moved behind his sovereign, "Yes, milord."

He placed his head on the stone wall. "Have you made plans to arrest the girl?"

"We will wait outside of the tavern. If, she comes, then her father spoke the truth about her gift. If not, we travel to King Robert's kingdom. A solid plan. We will see if she delivers gold to the tavern owner. If, she does, then she will make gold for her king."

Gareth smiled brightly. He prayed to heaven that James would be spared King Robert's awful daughter.

"Yes, milord."

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