tagSci-Fi & FantasySable and The Supers Ch. 03

Sable and The Supers Ch. 03


Author's note:

This is version 3. I went back once to edit inconsistencies/continuity errors and really embarrassing editing mistakes, and now here we are again. The original was never intended to have sequels, which means the world wasn't properly designed. But it is now, so here we are with another edit.

Original note:

If you haven't already, read the previous stories in this series.

Seriously. Do so. I won't be held responsible for your confusion if you don't.



This may, or may not, be the last in this series. Haven't decided yet. I've grown to be wary of promising "last story", it has a tendency to come back and bite me. Anything interesting enough to have a sequel tends to have multiple sequels, against my better judgement.

This is darker than the others. It is meant to be an ending, and so there is more plot and resolution and a little less sex.

But there is still sex, of course.



The Engineer paced, part distracted, part morose, part petulantly angry.

His neat and tidy little world had been upset by the greatest opportunity he had encountered in 150 years for actual companionship, and he was certain he had lost it.

He had, he forced himself to realise with bitter self-recrimination, been behaving like a spoiled adolescent ever since he had become established as the only person in the known world with true insight.

And that had made him behave appallingly when given a chance to grow up again.

His week-long binge of ranting at himself had made him virtually celibate, and his home and workshop were operating on a skeleton staff as projects sat idle and guest bedrooms sat empty.

When his current clients had started to detox from the effects of his cum, he had forced himself to rewrite their memories and return them home with full refunds, apologies, and a promise to contact them when there was another opening.

That left only his loyal staff, who were becoming increasingly concerned about him. Even he started to notice when his rubber maid started giving him unasked-for cups of various herbal teas.

His pacing took him to his small museum.

In it were the first sexual stimulation machines he had built after building the city.

There were basic vibrators, several different forms of restraint, some quite basic machines for experimentation, a few using water and a few using electricity and even the first prototype of what would become his near-field arousal inducers.

Some of them had been used in the first machines-only brothel for women that he had, mostly as a joke, opened in the very early days.

He hadn't been surprised by how easy it had been to hire devastatingly attractive, horny, bisexual women as staff, but even he had been shocked by how popular it had become, and how quickly.

He had quickly opened another, and another, and then reports had come in of clients divulging their abduction and mind control fantasies to staff...

The rest was inevitable, really.

And he had been taking existence, and women, entirely too much for granted for the 100 years and more since.

His personal abuse was not helped when he started to wonder why the city he had built had been so amenable to his desires, and if he should perhaps have been worried about that instead.

An urgent alarm began to pulse. For a second he savagely thought of ignoring it, but duty and habit reasserted themselves and he went to the control room to check.

What he saw poured cold water on his self-pity and brought him back to earth so fast he felt it in his gut.

"Oh, no," he breathed. "Oh, fuck, NO!"


Sable was lying in bed, naked.

She had not had a good week either.

She was angry, bitter, feeling betrayed and becoming frustrated with no outlet in sight. Her hopes that the Engineer would prove to be a real friend had been dashed by the realisation she couldn't trust him.

Her hopes that the Mole would prove to be interesting were dashed when, upon scratching his surface, she found him to be merely another character laminate.

She had tried going to another night-club for casual sex, but when she found a small-time villain with no mind-control abilities using it as a front for drugs and prostitution, she had beat him so savagely even this world's police almost wondered if the Hero had, perhaps, gone slightly too far.

So she was left with herself and although she had always been happy to masturbate, it was becoming a little hollow. This body had needs her old one hadn't.

One hand wandered between her legs and the other wandered up to her breasts, which lay on her chest firmer and with more shape than any breasts their size should ever do without silicon scaffolding.

And then there was the other thing.

She pinched one nipple, sharply, and arched off the bed, wailing with instant, mind-shattering lust, legs spreading wide, hand clenching her cunt, fingers digging in to groin and breast.

The "irresistible learned response" the Engineer had described for his piercings had not gone away when the piercings had, unlike the fleeting effects of his cum.

She lay and panted for almost five seconds, habit forcing her to fight against the arousal, before savagely giving in to her own lust and diving both hands between her legs, three then all four fingers forcing their way inside her past her instinctive, uncontrollable clenching and the forefinger and thumb of her other hand finding and squeezing her clit.

She arched off the bed, supported in a triangle between her head and her spread feet, bowing into a perfect half circle as she desperately fucked herself with her fingers and pulled on her clit.

The arousal was not subtle, or playful, or warming, or delicious, it was simply brutal and dominating, and the orgasm which struck her within the minute ripped through her carelessly and left her sprawled, panting, glistening with sweat and bitterly unsatisfied.

In his workshop the Engineer, who had turned on the spy camera in Sable's bedroom in time to see her start, clenched the edge of the desk so hard his fingers went white, pressed his forehead against the metal and beat the control panel steadily with his fist to try and ignore the painfully aching bulge in the front of his trousers.

He waited until she had tiredly stood up and headed towards the bathroom before he opened the communications channel.

"Sable," he said, trying to keep his voice neutral.

She stiffened, but didn't startle, panic, look around or try and grab something to wrap herself in.

"I might have known," she said, angry but tired.

"You can beat me up later. We have a big problem, and I need to talk to you."


"We. You personally, you Supers, me personally, we Villains, the city, everybody. We."

"Apocalypse happening, is it?" She still hadn't moved a muscle.

"Almost. There's a new Villain coming. I've met her before, I had to run away, and she's going to destroy us all."

There was a leaden finality to his words that caught Sable's attention and made her cock her ear. "In this world?"

"She doesn't appear to have insight the way we do, but she is genuinely evil, not just a cardboard-cutout Villain. She revels in destruction, and in power, and your colleagues haven't got a hope in hell of doing anything to stop her."

"So how did you escape?"

"She underestimated me. Didn't know anything about the world, didn't realise it was possible for me to out-think her. Hell, I thought she was just another Villain, but she wasn't. Remember when I told you there were worse places you could have gone? She's from one of them."

"Okay, I'll listen."


"When we meet."

There was a brief moment's silence before the Engineer spoke again, sounding desperate. "We don't have..."

"When we meet. I'm going to have a shower, and then I'll meet you. Somewhere neutral. Roof of the City Tower. Can you get there?"

"I'll get there," the Engineer said, dully. "Half an hour?"

"Okay, I can have a quick shower." Then she added, with a voice dripping with sarcasm, "Feel free to watch, I'm sure you have been anyway."

The Engineer wished he had built a definitive click into closing communications circuits, but it was too late now. "I'll see you in half an hour," he said, and hung up.


It was 28 minutes before Sable, flying high, fast and alert, swooped down towards the roof of the City Tower, the highest and most artistically gothic of the Engineer's lavish buildings.

He was already there, pacing, twitchy and hyper-alert. He barely even looked at Sable when she landed. He had seen her, he knew who she was, he was far too busy keeping a look out for others.

When she landed and saw him up close, she went chill. He looked genuinely frightened. The man who built the city, manipulated Heroes and Villains alike and had women paying him to brain-wash, subjugate and enslave them, looked genuinely scared.

"She's called Gorgora. She has two powers, apart from flight and strength. Number one is, she cancels other powers."

He broke off his scanning of the horizon and sky to stare at her, intently. She went chill. Now, finally, she knew he was serious. "Cancels?" she said, stupidly.

"Cancels. You get close to her, you are human. No strength, flight, toughness, speed, anything. Your powers don't work on her. No lightning, no bolts, no wind, none of your black stuff. Nothing. She is basically invincible to us. I think she was a fluke—she ended up with a power that happened to be the complete full-house, cryptonite, game-ending 'this is it'."

He went back to pacing, fevered now. "Number two is, she takes your mind. Not like I do, which is just playing up sexuality and suggestibility, or like Morpheus, which is just dreams, or like Mesmerer, which is just glands, but... She TAKES your mind. It's rape. It's actual rape, it's..." He spun around, startling her.

"She rips your mind out," he said, intently, staring at her, the sweat of fear beading on his brow. "She just reaches in and takes, and puts something back that isn't just you but subjugated, it's something non-human, like less than a zombie. She scoops your brain out with a melon baller."

He said the last sentence so fiercely she involuntarily stepped backwards. Her skin was beginning to crawl.

"Why can't you do anything?" she asked. "Build something."

He grinned, sickly. "She cancels out powers. Most of what I build isn't normal physics, it's built by me because I can. I don't know if anything I could do would work."

"Comic-book physics."

"Comic-book physics," he agreed.

"How did you meet her?" She forced herself to say.

"She moved in to my first city, the one where I arrived, when I was beginning to find out what I could do. Of course I tried to seduce her, it was habit by then. I thought she was different, a bit crueller perhaps, but I didn't pay it any attention.

"We were having sex when I realised what she had done, that she had just taken my power." His mouth twisted into a parody of a rueful smile. "So of course I wasn't going to have my usual effect on her, either. I just got used, which frightened me of course because it was new, and unexpected, and what you don't know can kill you.

"Then she told me I was fun, and grabbed my head to kiss me... I came that close to being a zombie. We were interrupted, my workshop was attacked because I had taken hostages. She looked annoyed, and left. She was out of the building by the time my powers came back, and by then I was in jail.

"Luckily, even there they didn't search people very well, and I had some tools on me and I got out, and I fled. I saw what she did, though, before I left. I saw the zombies I used to think of as enemies and colleagues.

"I fled a very LONG way."

Sable found her voice, but had to clear her throat first. "Evil comes to paradise," she said, trying feebly to joke.

He turned to look at her again, face calm and eyes bleak enough to chill her all over again. "Yes," he said. "Evil comes to paradise."


She flew low on her way back to Headquarters, eyes peeled but just wanting to make time. They were going to each try and convince whoever they could, but neither held out much hope. The Engineer said he would have his staff make preparations to leave, and she should get ready to as well. Go, he had said, Before it's too late. Don't tarry, don't hesitate, just get the fuck out.

After all, without powers, what could they do against someone who was essentially invincible?

She entered a building that seemed strangely empty, which normally made her feel better but, today, made her skin crawl.

She was so keyed up that when Zephyr walked around a corner in the corridor, Sable nearly hit her. Then it flashed on her that Gorgora may have got to her already, and nearly hit her again.

Zephyr opened her mouth to say hello, saw Sable's reaction, and looked startled.

"What..." she began.

Probably still herself, then.

Sable grabbed her shoulders. "Where are the others?" She hissed. "Where's Volcano, Mole, Fern and Sunny?"

"Sunburst Girl" Zephyr corrected automatically. "There's no call for..."


"Now there's no need to be rude," Zephyr said primly. "If AAAAAAAAAH!"

Sable had cursed, violently, and then let go of Zephyr's shoulders and grabbed her where her nipples should be. She could feel the hard, big metal rings through the padded Lycra immediately, accuracy that on any other day would have surprised and then disturbed her. Today, she had bigger things to worry about, not least of which was the way Zephyr's reaction had gone straight to her crotch.

Sable held on as the heroine collapsed to her knees, not letting her fall backwards.

"I said, where... DON'T TOUCH YOURSELF."

Zephyr's hands snapped onto her thighs. "Yes, Mistress," she gasped, pure sex coming like vapour out of her mouth.

Sable gritted her teeth against the spasm in her womb, and forced herself to concentrate. "WHERE ARE THEY?"

"Volcano, Morpheus and Fern are a bit late getting back from patrol, Mole and Sunburst Girl went out just five minutes ago, Mistress!"

Sable cursed.

"Listen," she said earnestly. "We've got big trouble coming. There's a new Villain, and we all need to know about her. CAN WE GET THEM BACK?"

"No, Mistress," Zephyr panted adoringly. "Please fuck me, Mistress!"

Sable's eyes nearly crossed as the plea hit her straight in the solar plexus and made a nova flare behind her eyes. Her own nipples were achingly hard and she was throbbing between her legs.

She pushed Zephyr away so violently the Super sprawled on the floor and skidded backwards.

"Get yourself off," she said savagely, "Then join me on the roof!"

She ran away down the corridor, not quite trusting herself to fly just yet, and resolutely stopping her ears to the rising wails erupting behind her.

She had gone down three levels looking for people, and she was two levels up and heading for the meeting room, just in case anyone had returned, when she saw Volcano emerge.

She opened her mouth to shout, but one look at his eyes made her skid to a stop and back-peddle.

As blank and dead in the face as a corpse, the mountain of Super launched himself down the corridor at her, but excessive strength is not a ranged weapon and Sable had started moving even faster, twisting in the air like a diver and accelerating for the lift shafts, cursing. She had a brief idea to head down then out a window, expecting the roof to surely be watched, but as she twisted around the last corner before the lifts she saw vines, growing and writhing as fast as sluggish vipers, spilling out from lower levels towards her.

With Volcano on her heels, she had no option but to block the lift shafts with blackness and head upwards. She was slowing violently into the shaft when a wave of sleepiness swept over her, her mind turning inwards towards joyous scenes, dreams of wilderness and solitude.

Momentum slammed her into the back of the lift shaft hard enough to buckle the metal like a mould around her and she woke up enough to throw up a barrier in front of her, sealing off the shaft from below and on the level. The sleepiness instantly disappeared, but as she shook her head violently to clear it, Volcano hit the other side of her barrier, the shock slamming her backwards again, felt in every cell in her body and almost enough to make her vomit.

She went up, desperately, head still fuzzy, somehow managing to replace her two barriers with just the one. She felt Volcano beating against it as she reached the top of the lift shaft, twisted sideways to exit the door onto the roof, and...

She lost her grip on flight. She scrabbled, physically, still groggy and therefore panicked, at a world that had suddenly gone less vivid, more windy, disorienting, too fast and suddenly scary.

Then she hit the ground, and screamed as her shoulder twisted under her, the concrete suddenly as hard as concrete should be, shredding her costume and tearing her skin, leaving blood behind her as she tumbled, graceless and out of control, until skidding to a halt in a red mist of pain.

"Aren't you a cute thing?"

The words cut through the fog and confusion in her mind as she struggled to focus, to not think about how much she hurt, all over.

She managed to look up, to make her eyes focus, and found herself staring into an amused face that would have been strikingly beautiful if it did not bear the permanent mark of evil.

She tried to lash out with a foot at the woman's knee, but Gorgora only laughed, the kick landing like a damp tissue.

"You're human now," Gorgora said mockingly, and held up a sleek black device with two fangs protruding from the end. "And that means that this is really going to hurt."

As the stun gun was pushed into her left breast it made Sable scream more than she had ever screamed before.


The Engineer got back to his Workshop, told his security systems to run through their reports, and then saw, live, Sable being captured.

He collapsed into a chair, eyes glued to the screen as the Super convulsed, went limp, then was picked up and carried away, west, towards the edge of the city, thankfully in the opposite direction to his home.

He switched cameras, feeling empty, and saw Volcano and Morpheus blankly wait until Gorgora's influence had left and then follow her. He switched cameras again and saw Zephyr, still Super, with costume in tatters, wrapped in Fern's vines, helplessly orgasmic, shuddering as her breasts were wrapped snugly in creepers and tendrils curled slowly around her nipples, spreading herself wide as roots blindly nosed their way inside her, pushing through the Lycra of her suit.

He felt sick.

That was it, then. Time to get the fuck out of Dodge.

He flicked through other reports, seeing a procession of major and minor Villains captured, first by Gorgora and then by major Villains, then he slumped, drained.

Only one... Hang on.

His brow furrowed. Something...

He flicked through the cameras again, from the start, then shook his head and started again, more slowly this time.

This his brow cleared, his eyebrows rose.

He stopped, rewound, restarted.

He returned to the start of the scene and watched, spellbound, as Gorgora landed, confronted Voltira, laughed at the Villain's confusion when lightning failed to spring from her hands, stepped forwards and knocked the yellow and black clad woman senseless.

At that moment he stopped the video, re-centred, zoomed in. Played. Stopped, rewound, pressed a button that replaced pixels where none had been, and played again.


They had been on a rooftop, and had been standing next to an advertising sign. The sign was an Engineer experiment, not a conventional product.

He grinned. He began to chuckle. Finally, he began to laugh, more out of relief than actual hope, but there was hope, finally, of a sort.

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