tagLetters & TranscriptsSam and Ally Ch. 01

Sam and Ally Ch. 01


Hello, Sam...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. Right at this moment, actually. Just like I do often these days it seems.

It's so hard for me to believe that it has only been a few short weeks since we "met" here online. Your stories moved me when I read them. Your style is romantic and erotic, all at the same time. I love reading what you write! But I never once thought to be brave enough to contact you and tell you that. I am so truly grateful, however, that you found the courage to comment on one of my stories. Just think what we may have missed out on had you not mustered the fortitude needed to put yourself out there and contact me. And Sam...I wouldn't have missed this for the world!

Ever since we found each other here, you've made me start to rethink long distance relationships. Because although we have never met in person, a relationship – an emotional connection – is exactly what we are forming, don't you think? It doesn't matter that what we've developed has solely been through electronic means. It is no less real to me than if we were actually in each other's presence, rather than virtual friends.

Yes, I know that online, people can be whomever they choose to be – they can create a persona and adopt it as their own, whether it mirrors reality closely or not. And honestly, at the beginning, I wondered if that's what you'd done. You see, I am very vulnerable right now (as you now know!) and I'm also somewhat of an easy mark. I accept people at face value and trust easily. Oft times, that trust is somewhat misplaced, sadly, and I pay for my naivety with hurt feelings and a broken heart. I wondered at first if that's what it would be like with you, too.

But then you opened up to me. Shared details of your life, and seemed interested in mine. The things we began to share bonded me to you, Sam, and I hope bonded you to me. Now, our friendship is as real to me as the ones I've had in my life for years and years. I know you. You know me. And the lovely relationship we are forging means more to me than so many other shallow, trivial associations I have in my daily life.

I look forward eagerly to our every contact. What will you say today? Will we discuss the jobs we each have? Will it be our families? Our secret hopes for the future that are too distant and remote yet to be considered realistic goals? Or will it be our fantasies? The sexual exploits that we'd enjoy sharing with each other? Oh, Sam...I must confess. Those are my favorite conversations with you.

You see, there's a reason that I regularly read and now post on this site, Sam. I've been missing this aspect of my life for far too long. And you have given me an amazing outlet for my transforming sexuality. Sharing fantasies with you is amazingly empowering. I've always believed that words have power, and speaking my fantasies to you somehow makes them real to me, makes me believe that one day, they will happen for me. And while you have never touched me physically, the fantasies we share feel as if your hands reach straight through my computer and caress me. I wonder if the reality could possibly be any better than the fantasy?

When you asked me to touch my pussy last night, and imagine it was you making me come, I readily complied with that request. And I want you to know that as my eyes closed...I saw a mental picture of you laying beside me in my bed. When my hands began their exploration, it was you reaching out to lightly stroke me from head to toe, worshiping my body with your fingertips. You carefully avoided the most private of places as you intentionally built the excitement and feeling, and by the time you finally reached the promised land, the fantasy was already fully spun in my head.

I could see your eyes watching me...looking for the tell-tale sign that my release was coming soon. And then you touched me. You stroked the outer lips of my pussy gently, like a whisper, and then let your fingers open me just a little bit farther so that my clit was exposed to your touch as well. And did you ever touch me! Oh, my! You dipped your finger into my wetness, brought it back out and circled my clit, rubbing it rhythmically back and forth, and then round and round in circles. When you could see how greatly this excited me, you decided that it was time to up your game a little.

You used first one, then two, and finally three fingers to fuck me, Sam. I couldn't get enough of you. You found that special spot inside that makes me go wild. Could you feel it? Did you know how badly I wanted your cock to replace your fingers? I'm sure you must have, with as tight as my pussy was gripping your hand and as low and deep as my moans became. You had to know you'd found my core.

When you reached down with your mouth to suck my clit and lick my pussy while your fingers drove into and out of me, hearing me moan and call your name, you had to know that I was close to coming. And when I did...when the orgasm you drove me to crashed in beautiful waves all around me and I was engulfed in the erotic fantasy that you created for me, the one thought in my head was this...


Dear God, I want more.

So, my dearest Sam....I'm writing to ask you...to beg you...for our next adventure. Where will we go? What will we do? I don't really care, as long as it's you I'm taking the ride with...and perhaps on!

I eagerly await your response...



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