tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam's Outing Ch. 01

Sam's Outing Ch. 01


Samantha stood nude in front of her mirror, carefully admiring the body she had used for revenge. She ran her hands over her 36C breasts, taking time to pinch the nipples and let out a slight sigh. Samantha had done some sleeping around in the last two days to get revenge on her ex-friend. Months earlier, Anita Ornez, her friend at the time, had slept with her boyfriend and her little brother in the same night. It is what initially made Sam dump him and very uncomfortable around her littler brother and over the past two days, she had got her revenge. Yesterday, Sam had slept with Anita's boyfriend and his brother in a threesome. The day before that, Sam had picked up Anita's father, this would cause commotion for sure.

Sam slid her panties up over her small mound of pubic hair and walked to her refrigerator only feet away in her small efficiency apartment. Fresh out of high school at the age of eighteen Samantha had practically ran out of her parents house and their restrictive rules. She opened her refrigerator door and peered inside only to discover a horrible fact. It was practically empty, there were some olives, a bottle of water, a container with some left overs, and that was all.

"Shit!" Sam exclaimed, her stomach rumbling. "I'm going to have to get something to eat."

Sam opened up her dresser and searched around until she pulled out a small green sundress. It looked thin, but not see-through, so Sam just slid it over her body. It came down just below her knees and she was almost amazed at how thin it was. If she didn't know any better she would think she was wearing nothing. Sam slid on her sandals and grabbed her keys and a small wad of cash and stuffed them into the thin pocket of her sundress. She walked out her door into the early morning weather. It was about 7 AM, and the apartments were in a bustle with people going to work even on a Sunday. Kids were already up and outside playing in the promenade, Sam locked her door and headed down the walkway. She walked down the stairs and around the apartments towards the street. When she had crossed the parking lot she heard the screeching of brakes being quickly applied behind her. She turned to look at the little dodge neon that had stopped behind her, when Anita flew out of the back door.

"What's up BITCH!" Anita screamed approaching Sam.

Sam started to speak but Anita slapped her right across the face. Sam immediately slapped her back and grabbed her hair, Anita swung wildly as Sam began punching her in the kidneys. Anita got a grip around Sam's neck, Sam wriggled frantically shoving Anita back into the car with a loud ripping sound. Sam looked down to find the sundress completely ripped off her body her breasts exposed to everyone. She clasped her hands to her chest and looked up in time to see Anita slam the car door with her and Sam's dress inside. The car quickly sped away leaving Sam half naked in the parking lot stunned. She was only there for a minute as a whistle came from behind her she ran towards her apartment, losing her sandals in the process. She bounded up the stairs and rounded the corner, she didn't even care that people were staring. She ran up to her apartment door and grabbed at the knob. 'Oh yeah, it's locked. Fuck that bitch has my keys.' She thought to herself almost in tears now. The office would be closed on Sunday so there was no extra key to retrieve, she would have to go to her parents house, across town.She pounded her fist against the door exposing her breasts, she didn't even try to cover up until she heard a man's voice.

"Locked out?" Sam's neighbor had said, poking his head out of his apartment.

Sam let out a small shriek and ran away, she wasn't used to being this exposed. She had only been out of her parents house for three months and even the sundress she was wearing wouldn't have been aloud. In fact, her parents had petitioned her high school to increase the length of the cheerleader's skirt once Sam had made it in. Her old wardrobe was still at her parents house, full button up blouses and long dresses. Sam's father was a Pentecostal preacher and any amount of bared skin was a sin. She vowed that when she got out, she would dress as skimpily as she had always wanted, but she didn't think she would be running to her parents house in just her panties. Alas, Sam was sprinting through her apartment complex trying desperately to get to the side street behind them. She was just holding her breasts in her place when she heard someone yell, "Check that shit out!"

Sam only turned her head for a second, but she stepped on a sharp rock. She screamed and began nursing her right foot, leaving her breasts exposed. She was too caught up with the pain to notice the approaching frat boys. She quickly jumped back up grabbing her right leg that's when she noticed the boys only about 15 ft. away.

"Yeah baby, now give us a twirl." One of the boys said. Sam started to give them the finger until she noticed the boys iPhone. She turned and ran, well more like hobbled, away from them as fast as possible.

'They were filming me with that iPhone. Oh my god.' Sam thought to her self as she ran towards the apartments in front of her. She shuddered and wondered how long they had been filming. Did they get any good shots? What all had been exposed? She pushed on towards the side of the apartment building. She steadied herself against the wall for just a moment. But only a moment as she heard voices, she thought it was the frat boys chasing her. She ran again, only this time when she came around the apartment there was a huge wide open space. She had got turned around and ended up in the middle of the complex, where everyone barbecued and played horseshoes. She tried to stop and go the other way, but the dew was still clinging to the grass and she slipped. She slid a few feet on her butt over the wet grass and covered her face over her breasts when she heard several gasps. Mentally she was falling apart, she didn't know what to do anymore. She just didn't want anyone to identify her. She looked out through her fingers at two families with little boys and girls, barbecuing only a few feet away from her. Sam kept her face covered and stumbled up to her feet, not caring about her breasts anymore, just wanting to get away. She turned to run, but something made her stumble. She kicked her feet free and bounded away as fast as she could, only stopping to rest in between the last set of apartments between her and the side street. That was when she realized what had tangled her feet, it had been her panties. Her only piece of coverage was back in the park area about two apartment buildings away and surrounded by two families by now.

As Sam leaned against the wall, fear crept in. Fear of passing out, she had worked herself up and was terrified of having a panic attack. She closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing and calm down. She didn't even want to think about the possibilities if she would pass out in between these apartments. She placed her hands flat against the wall focusing on the cool surface, trying to become one with the wall. That solidity she built up in her mind was quickly dashed when she opened her eyes. Only an arms length away were the two frat boys, one of them holding the iPhone and probing every inch of her naked body. Tears welled up in her eyes and she lashed out at the iPhone. The boy pulled away laughing at her attempts to take it. Meanwhile, the other boy got a grasp on her left arm. Panic filled Sam's brain, mixed with fear and rage. She kicked the boy who held her square in the balls and darted out onto the side street and quickly next to a house across the street. Samantha thought of breaking into this house and stealing some clothes or maybe off the clothesline in the back. That was dismissed though when she heard the window above her head open. She froze and watched as a thirty something year old man poked his head out. She hoped and prayed that he wouldn't look down at her, holding her hands over her mouth not to make a sound. She looked to her left and saw the boys coming out from in between the apartments, frantically searching about. She couldn't stay here, but if she moved the man above her would surely notice. She watched the boys, they seemed to be scanning the area with the iPhone. 'Was there some sort of binoculars app?' She wondered to herself but only for a moment as she realized that there must be. One of the boys pointed right at her, she screamed in her hands and in that instant the man above her peered down. The boys ran across the street and Sam ran into the backyard through the open gate. She heard the man arguing with the boys as she frantically looked about for an exit.

"Young Lady!" The man yelled out towards the backyard. She could see him standing by the gate. "Come here, or I'm calling the police."

Sam lowered her head and forfeited to his demands. She covered what she could as she walked up to the man.

"Now, what are you running about naked for?" He said as she stood directly in front of him, fidgeting about.

"Well... There was this fight..." Sam stuttered in not much more than a whisper.

"Speak up! Stand still arms at your side, I can't focus on what your saying when you fidget about." He said authoritatively. Without thinking, Sam obeyed. Standing up straight and putting her arms to her sides.

"I was in a fight." She said strongly.

"And she stripped you naked?" He asked taking in her naked body.

"Yes sir." She responded.

"Why?" He asked again.

"I slept with her dad and boyfriend." She explained.

"Sounds like you deserved it." He said.

"Well, she..." She started to say.

"No excuses young lady. You made a mistake and now you must deal with the consequences. The question is, should I help you?" He said rubbing his fingers over his chin.

"Oh. Please, please help me." She pleaded.

"Well, I don't see anything in it for me. I think you should leave, I'll give you a head start from the cops." He said coldly.

"I'll do anything, please!" She pleaded, he just scoffed. "I'll... I'll.. I'll suck your dick! Please!" Tears filled her eyes as she begged now down on her knees gripping his belt.

"Get off me whore! God only knows what kind of diseases your carrying." He said pushing down on her back onto the ground. She let out a cry and tears ran down her face.

"I'm calling the cops you crazy whore." He said running back to his front door.

Sam heard his front door slam shut and she broke out into sobbing into her hands sitting on the wet grass, completely naked. She sat there until she heard the back door open, followed by loud barking. She ran out of the backyard slamming the gate closed behind her, just before the German shepard could reach her. She ran again, back towards the apartment complex. Her friend Christine might be home and surely she would help.

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