Sandy Ch. 01


I'd had two days off in the last thirty-five and it felt good to be home, I thought as I pulled into my driveway. As I got out of the truck, I wondered if Paul had had time to do the remodeling job, I had talked to him about before I left. As I started up the steps to the back porch, I saw that he had. Where my back door had been was now a blank wall. I went back down the steps and around the porch to the back of the kitchen. Here was my new door.

I'd had him remove the old door and fill in the hole. Where the door had been, would interfere with the new roof for the porch. He had removed a window in the back kitchen wall and installed the new steel door there.

This lock was supposed to be the same as the new front door. I got out my keys and unlocked it and as I opened it, I marveled at the fact that it did not stick like the old one had.

I then thought of the work it was going to take to extend the porch and to redo the porch into a deck. Oh well, there was always something that had to be done during my time off. In the long run, I would enjoy it though, once it was done.

I climbed up into the kitchen and saw that the cabinets above my breakfast bar had been moved over to the wall where the old door had been. Boy, did that open up the kitchen. It felt like a completely new place, no more having to bend to look into the living room.

A noise drew my attention to my bedroom. It was a low hum or buzz that varied in volume. What the hell was it? It sounded kind of like the alarm but softer. Had I left it on? Surely, Paul would have turned it off.

I walked to the door, my eyes noting that all the lights were on in the room. Then my eyes settled on my bed and I froze. Sandy, Paul's wife, was laying flat on her back on the bed, completely nude. The buzzing was coming from a small pink vibrator that she was slowly working in and out of her vagina. Added to that was a silver bullet vibrator that she was teasing her asshole with. To say that I was surprised was a complete understatement.

I wondered what the hell was going on, as I let my eyes wander over the rest of her thin body. Sandy is five foot, three, or maybe four and weights maybe a hundred pounds, soaking wet. From what I had seen of her before, I had always figured another ten or fifteen pounds would round her out nicely. As it was, she was more angular than round. Now, I'm not saying she looked bad, just a little thin for my tastes.

She had her feet up on the edge of the bed and her knees spread wide as she played with the toys. Her hips would roll upward to meet the little vibrator each time she pushed it into her pussy. She was rubbing the silver one slowly over the pucker of her asshole and then making little circles around it.

My manhood was making a large tent in the front of my levies. Every so often, her stomach would give a little jerk and her shoulders would come up off the bed as her head went back. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was breathing heavily through her mouth.

I was not sure what was going on but it was going on, on my bed and I figured I should be part of it. I slowly went forward and dropped to my knees next to the bed. Leaning my head forward, I took a long lick up the inside of her right thigh. What happened next was something else.

When her hips jerked from my lick the little silver bullet penetrated her asshole. When it did her shoulders and upper back came off the bed, her head stretched back and she yelled incoherently. Her body was jerking and shaking all over at the same time.

This went on and on for several minutes. I had never seen a woman come so hard, for so long before. I just sat back on my heels and watched.

Slowly over a period of time, she relaxed, except for an occasional shiver that ran through her body. The little pink vibrator slipped out of her hand, as she removed it and I caught it before it hit the floor.

All that could be seen of the bullet was the cord disappearing into her ass. I could still hear it's muted hum. I assumed that was what was causing the shivers.

A moment or two more and she raised her head to look at me from between her small cone shaped breasts, a lopsided grin on her face. "You scared the hell out of me," she said and then grinned again.

"What the hell are you doing, gal?" I asked, with a grin of my own.

She laughed and relied, "Are you blind? I was playing with my two favorite toys."

Still grinning, I asked, "Why are you doing that here? Wouldn't your house be a better place?"

Her face got serious as she said, "It would, but I don't live there anymore. Paul locked me out. I needed a place to stay and I knew where the key was that he left for you. So here I am."

"I didn't see your car, where is it?" I asked.

"I parked it behind Louie's Garage and walked over. I didn't want Paul to know where I was." She took a deep breath and sat up. "I hope you don't mind my using the place. I cleaned a little bit, dusted and vacuumed, mopped and waxed the kitchen floor," she said softly.

I grinned and replied, "You know you're welcome anytime and I don't expect you to do anything to pay for it. If you need a place to stay, you've got it."

"I always pay my own way, you know that," she said. Glancing behind me she grinned and added, "That's what the camera is for, a little present for you, when you got home."

I glanced over my shoulder, to see my camcorder on the tripod, the red run light on the front glowing. "I was going to leave you a thank you note, along with the tape."

"Where were you going to go?" I asked as I moved over to turn off the camera.

She shrugged and replied, "I don't know, maybe to my sisters. Somewhere anyway, I didn't want to be a bother to you, when you came home from work."

I turned back to her and said, "You're no bother; you know I always enjoy your company.

She slid off the bed and stood up, the silver bullet control in her hand. "Right now, I have a little something I need to take care of, or rather get rid of. I just hope I can get it out; it has never been all the way in before. Nothing has, actually. You talk about a mind blowing experience."

I laughed and said, "If you need a hand, just holler." She grinned at me as she headed for the bathroom.

I sat down on the side of the bed and took off my boots and socks. I was looking in my chest of draws for a pair of shorts, when she came back out of the bathroom with the control still in her hand.

"Houston, we have a problem," she said with a laugh. "It doesn't want to come out."

I chuckled and shook my head as I said, "Okay, come over here and lay down, let the expert have a go at it." She walked over by the bed and sat down.

I laughed and said, "That ain't going to work. Turn around and get up on the bed on your hands and knees. Do you think I should turn the camera back on?"

She laughed as she climbed up on the bed. "I don't think so, this is embarrassing enough as it is."

I had her spread her knees wider apart and to lower her head and shoulders to the bed. With a grin, I quickly moved to the camera and flipped it on. As I turned back to her, I thought, damn what a beautiful position. I knelt behind her and told her to relax. I gave a little tug on the wire and it did not budge.

When I told her to relax again, she said, "I am relaxed. As relaxed as I can get with that thing where it is."

I chuckled and said, "Well, it looks like I'll have to do surgery. Is your insurance up to date?"

"What insurance?" She asked and then added, "Anyway, I don't think this would be covered."

"Probably not. I know the procedure I'm going to use wouldn't be," I said with a laugh.

Sandy started to say something, but my tongue running around the tiny cord of the vibrator stopped her, as she took a sharp breath. I teased the sensitive skin of her asshole for a moment or two and then moved down to take a probing lick at her wet vagina. This brought a soft groan from her.

I ran my tongue in and out of the opening and then circled it, tasting her sweet musky flavor for the first time. I was using one hand to keep a tension on the thin wires of the vibrator. When I did not feel it move, I used the other hand to turn it on to a low setting. This brought an even louder and longer groan from her.

I moved my tongue down her short slit to flick at her hard clit. Her hips jerked and she yelled. I rolled the little bud under my tongue, which made her hips jerk harder and the yell to get louder. About the fifth time her hips jerked, the little toy popped free from her ass and she ground her sex back against my face, the yell now almost a scream.

After another minute, she quieted down and moved her hips forward a little. I moved my mouth up and started to clean up the flood of juices from her vagina. Her sex came back against my face as I did, moving in little fast circles. The soft groaning moan was back.

When I had the mess pretty much in hand, or rather mouth, I moved farther up and probed the opening of her anus with the tip of my tongue. She pushed back against me, trying to get more of my tongue inside. The groan got louder as she worked her hips up and back against my tongue.

I picked up the pink vibrator and flipped it on. When I touched the tip of it to her clit she jerked and yelled. I moved it up and slowly pushed it into her slippery opening. She froze, until I had it all the way in and then started to slowly pull it out. She moaned loudly and ground her ass against my face and tongue.

After three or four strokes in and out of her pussy, I removed the vibrator and touched it to her anus. She jerked forward; I followed with the toy and slid about an inch inside her. As I did, her ass came back toward me, taking in another couple of inches. I moved the end I held, in small circles. She gasped and pushed back, taking even more of the toy into her ass.

A shivering started in her whole body as I moved the plastic dick in and out slowly. Each time I pressed it inward, it went in a little deeper. It was not long before its whole length was buried. The shivering was now a shaking and the moaning groan was back, deep in her chest.

I pulled the toy almost all the way out and pushed it all the way back in. Her ass jerked and she yelled. I used the small toy to fuck her ass, picking up the speed over a period of a few minutes. Now the yell was almost continues and her ass came back to meet my hand on each stroke.

Suddenly she froze except for a quick jerking of her ass on the toy. I held it in place, deep inside her as she came repeatedly. After nearly two minutes, she slowly moved forward to lay prone on the bed. I flicked the little switch, killing the vibrations, but I left the toy where it was.

She lay there breathing hard, her ass still twitching every once in a while as the toy very slowly slipped out of her. When it finally came free, she sighed deeply and lay still.

With a smile, I got up and turned off the camera. When I came back over to the bed, her breathing was deep and regular. She was asleep, so I pulled the spread down and covered her up. Still smiling, I turned and went to unload my truck.

What a great way to start my days off, crossed my mind as I climbed out the new backdoor to my house. I grinned at the thought of Sandy's newly opened backdoor.

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