tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSara Gets Caught Ch. 02

Sara Gets Caught Ch. 02


This is one in a series best read in sequence.


"Lie back." I said and Sara eased her body back until her shoulders lay flat against the hardness of the huge table. "Now stretch yourself out." I instructed. Sara's feet were already spread wide open and so she reached over her head with her hands and lay spread-eagled on the massive table before me. Susan continued to photograph her as I climbed up onto the table. Sara thought I was going to lie down on top of her and fuck her but I wasn't ready for that just yet. As she lay completely open before me I could once again see something shiny between Sara's open thighs and it wasn't just her drenched pussy.

I place my hand on her huge tit and began to knead her warm mam as if it were soft dough. It was firm and her nipple got harder as I squeezed her tit. Closing my fingers around her taut nipple, I teased and tugged at it. Sara bit her lip as I pinched her nipple and then shook her huge tit.

Pulling up on her aching nubbin, I lifted the full weight of her massive breast and she felt the delightful strain on her tender nub. I then did the same to her other nipple. Sara liked the sensation of having her tits manhandled and then as I dropped her weighty tit, I opened my hand and then gently slid the smooth skin of my palm across her sensitive nipple. A loud gasp escaped her lips and her nipples got even harder. Sliding my hand down across the firmness of her abs, I dipped my fingers between her spread thighs. Sara's beautiful body shuddered as I pressed my finger between her engorged love petals and into her oozing pussy flesh.

"Let's see where else you might be hiding something around here." I taunted her and Sara's thoughts came back to her current situation. The pleasure she had been feeling just moments before vanished. I moved to sit beside her as she lay spread-eagled on the table.

"I guess we'll have to do a much more intimate and thorough body search." I teased as I slipped my hand back down between her open thighs. "Don't move," I instructed with a bit of threat in my voice as I probed deep into her drenched pussy with my fingers as Sara lay spread out on the table. As my fingers grazed against her erect clit she gasped and a shudder ran through her naked and very beautiful body. My finger touched the metal chain and I wrapped my finger around it. Pulling gently, Sara felt the chain move against the walls of her seething pussy and then the small, metal cylinder to which it was attached, slid out of her tight pussy. I held it up as my beautiful captive paled. The small cylinder glistened with her juices and I could smell the sweet aroma of her body.

"My, my." I said as I let the metal cylinder swing above her huge chest. It was clearly wet and the scent was undeniable. I held it between my fingers and sniffed it before licking the sides of it and tasting her sweet flow. "You taste delicious." I complimented her. " I see that you have been enjoying this as much as I have," I taunted her as I held the cylinder to her lips. She could smell the powerful scent of her own sex. "Lick it," I instructed and the naked beauty licked her own juices from the sides of the metal cylinder.

Once her juices were gone I opened it and found a small camera inside. "My compliments. Best hiding place I could have hope to have you use." I teased her as I leaned over and placed the camera in a small drawer under the work surface of the cutting table. "Anything else hidden in here?" I taunted her as my hand slid down between her smooth thighs once again and my fingers probed deep into her seething pussy as she lay spread on the table. As my fingers grazed against her erect clit, she gasped and a deep shudder ran through her beautiful, young body. Susan continued to take pictures as my hand probed deep into Sara's sweet womanflesh. I watched as her body was overwhelmed by the excitement of my caresses, mixed with the humiliation and domination of her beautiful, young body as her head rolled back and forth and passion overtook her trembling body. This was better than I had hoped for.

Withdrawing my fingers from the depths of her oozing pussy, I rested my palm on her smooth thigh just below her pussy. "Lift your body up and rest on your elbows." I instructed and Sara raised her body until she was able to prop her elbows below her shoulder blades. As she rested her weight back down on her elbows, her shoulders were raised slightly and her huge breasts pressed gently together. Sara held her head up as my fingers slid back towards her oozing pussy. She surrendered herself to me. Moving my hand up across her firm abs, I began to tease her huge tits once again. Sara could feel the moistness on my fingers as the juices of her pussy smeared across her massive tits. She arched her back slightly, raising her chest as my fingers teased her hard nipples.

"Close your legs." I said and Sara obeyed, a little surprised by the request since she figured I'd never want her to close those beautiful thighs ever again. "Now raise them." I instructed and Sara bent her knees, bringing her feet close to her sweet, young ass. "All the way up." I said and watched as her firm abs tightened and the young beauty lifted her long legs to the sky. Her knees were slightly bent and her long legs were slightly parted and the lines of her body were incredibly sexy. Susan continued to take pictures. I moved my body around on the table until I was kneeling just above Sara's head. My knees were spread on either side of her elbows as I stared down at her beautiful breasts and her legs stood up straight in the air.

"Lean your head back." I said and Sara lay her head back until her lips grazed the tip of my cock and her back rested on the pillow. She parted her lips and I slid my shaft into her warm mouth. I felt her tongue begin to caress my cock as I brought my hands down to her massive breasts. Pinching her hard nipples between my fingers, I lifted her tits until the full weight of her massive globes was supported by her tender nubs. It hurt but she loved it. The results were immediately evident by her increased sucking on my ramrod. Sara marveled as she felt my cock grow inside her warm mouth. I watched as my shaft stretched her throat as the tip pressed past her tonsils.

"Lie flat on the table." I said as I slipped my cock from between her moist lips. Sara slid her arms forward as her back lowered to the tabletop. She lay flat below me, her long legs still raised toward the ceiling. I crept forward until my knees were next to her tits and my balls dangled over her beautiful face. Sara opened her mouth and I lowered my hairy balls into her eager mouth. I looked down and could see her massive breasts pressed together as my thighs held them firmly to the center of her chest. I felt her tongue caress my balls as she increased the suction in her mouth. What an exquisite feeling.

Reaching forward, I took hold of Sara's raised ankles and pulled her legs toward me. Her body bent slightly as she felt her feet moving over her huge chest. "Now raise yourself up." I instructed as I pulled up on her legs. Sara's body flexed as she rolled her ass up off of the table and I helped her raise herself up until her weight was supported on her shoulders and pressing her elbows to the table brought her hands up to her ribs to support her weight. She stood inverted in front of me, her head between my thighs, my spent cock lying between her massive breasts and her sweet pussy only inches from my lips. The view was fabulous and the scent intoxicating.

I lifted my balls out of her mouth and inched forward a bit until my spread ass was poised just above her talented mouth. "I want to feel your tongue inside my ass." I said as I lowered my ass onto her mouth. Any protests were muffled as my ass touched her tender cheeks. As my hands wrapped around Sara's firm thighs, my cock nestled between her pendulous breasts as they were sandwiched between my thighs and pressed against her chin. I felt her tongue slide along the crack of my ass and then the tip pressed against my tight sphincter. My hands wrapped around her thighs and my fingers pressed between her own asscheeks and she felt my fingers slide into the crack of her sculptured ass. Her tongue pressed deeper into my own ass as she licked and tongued my asshole. Sara was quite talented as a lover and I continued to caress her magnificent ass as she pleasured mine. My cock was back to its full hardness in minutes under her careful ministrations.

"Spread your legs as wide as you can." I said as my hands came down to her flaring hips. Sara felt my grip holding her up and then slowly parted her legs and spread them until they were almost horizontal and her smooth thighs were split wide before me. Her tongue continued to dart in and out of my ass as she excited me with her oral caresses. Moving my hands up under her open thighs, I lifted her body up as I raised my own body up onto my knees. My ass rose and Sara felt her body being lifted off of the table as her long legs draped over my shoulders. She quickly moved her arms and brought her hands to the tabletop to support her weight. She could feel my warm breath on her cum-filled pussy as her seething love hole hung barely inches from my mouth. She braced her hands on the table and saw my ramrod pointed straight at her hungry mouth. I blew a cool stream of air across her open pussy and I felt her body shudder. I lowered my mouth to her seething pussyflesh and pressed my tongue between the soft folds of her moist, labia. As I sucked her drenched labia between my lips, I felt her body shudder. Opening her mouth, she desperately tried to get my cock between her lips.

Once she succeeded in getting my cock into her hungry mouth, her talented tongue went after it with tremendous zeal. My tongue continued to probe her seething pussy as her legs kicked in the air above my head. My hands wrapped around her open thighs and grabbing her ass pulled her firm cheeks apart. My fingers peeled her labia back and her rigid love button stood up for my pleasure. I lowered my lips to it and sucking it into my mouth, felt her body convulse in a powerful orgasm. My cock muffled her scream as it filled her mouth but the vibrations were astonishing. I continued to tease and play with her clit as her head slid up and down the length of my cock and her tongue slithered around its girth. Her body continued to writhe as powerful orgasms rippled though her and her pussy oozed sweet cum. If I wasn't careful she was going to get another load of cum in her mouth. A lovely thought but there were other places that I wanted to enjoy first.

I lifted my lips from her sensitive clit and pointing my tongue, pressed it between her open pussy lips and sucked her sweet nectar into my mouth. When I had sipped all I could get to, I once again wrapped my lips around her clit and caressed it with my tongue. Her body convulsed in yet another powerful orgasm as she screamed and my cock spasmed in her talented mouth. I wrapped my lips over my teeth to keep from hurting her and then biting down gently, Sara felt the pressure on her most sensitive love button. As my tongue flicked across the head of it, she exploded in an overwhelming orgasm as I nibbled on her clit. When I shifted the pressure and then touched my tongue to the head of it once again, her body went rigid and she flooded her pussy once again. Now I was able to make her cum at will.

Again and again orgasms rippled through her suspended body as her mouth sucked on my cock hungrily. Sara could not believe the sensations cascading over her magnificent body as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her loins. It had been a long time since she'd cum with a man and never in her life had she cum like this and she was reveling in it. I continued to eat her oozing pussyflesh and drink her sweet nectar until I felt her arms collapse and she descended onto the table exhausted. I leaned forward and pressing my cock back into her mouth, buried my face between her open thighs as my young captive lay flat on the table. She raised her knees slightly and then let her legs fall open, making it easier for me to reach her intimate flesh. Finally, I felt her hands on my sides and she pushed me off of her body as she cried, "Enough! I can't take any more."

I laughed as I rolled onto my side. "You can and you will." I said. I looked down at Sara as she lay beside me. She rolled onto her side and her huge tits rested, one on the table and the other on the first. Her leg was stretched out and her other leg was raised slightly. Her body glistened with excitement and perspiration as her thighs were covered with her love juices. I looked down at my raging cock and decided it was time to fuck the daylights out of this beautiful, young woman.

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