tagLoving WivesSarah Ch. 01

Sarah Ch. 01


I'd got home late from work knowing that Sarah was going out with her girlfriends for the evening. It wasn't something they did often, maybe every couple of months or so. I made a sandwich, grabbed a beer and sat down to watch the TV and wait for her to return home. Normally Sarah would be home by about midnight, but after 1 and then 2am came and went I began to get worried. Finally about 2.45 I heard a car stop outside and then the door slam as the car sped away. Looking out the window I saw Sarah clinging to the gate post, so I rushed out to see if she was OK and to help her back inside.

As I took hold of her to walk her back up the drive I was greeted with, 'Hello I thought we'd all finished, you want some more of me already!' Sarah was totally pissed, she didn't seem to even recognise me. I then noticed that her jacket had fallen open and that she was only wearing her quarter cup bra, stockings and a garter belt. This stuff was normally only reserved for the bedroom, apart from once when I'd persuaded her to wear it out with me under a long coat, but that was in our car at night.

As she staggered away from me up the drive I could see that the jacket only came down to the suspender belt she was wearing and that her arse and legs were all on show, a soft sheen reflecting the glow of the street lights. As she reached the house she turned and slurred to ask if I was going to come and join her or not?

By the time I had entered and closed the front door, Sarah was in the lounge, leaning over the side of the sofa, more long ways along the back actually. Her arse was red raw where it had obviously been spanked and roughly treated, something she'd never let me do, and it looked as if she been rubbed up against a wall, by the grazing on her soft skin. Her thighs were also red from, love bites and there was obvious signs of cum running down her legs into her stocking tops.

As I walked up to her I put my hand on her lower back, to which she softly groaned and spread her legs slightly. I didn't know what to say or do. We'd often talked of my fantasy of her being fucked by other men, but it was only talk and I would always be there. I moved round to her head, only to find she'd fallen asleep. I looked at my wife spread out across the back of the sofa. Mostly naked, her hair messed up, her make up smeared, cum still dripping out of her and dried over her and covered in yet more love bites and red marks.

I didn't know whether to be angry or so horny that I just wanted to fuck her there and then. As she was so passed out, I sat down in a chair opposite Sarah and thought for a while about what I should do. After what seemed like ages, but was probably only a few minutes, I'd formed a plan, probably helped on by the huge hard-on I was sporting.

I went upstairs and got our digital camera and began to take pictures of her. Pictures of the overall scene and close-ups of her infidelity. The red marks and welts. The love bites. The cum dripping out of her cunt down her stockings. I even decided to add a couple of extras for my own pleasure.

I went to the kitchen and retrieved a cucumber from the fridge and a banana form the fruit bowl. Firstly I inserted the banana up her wet cunt and fucked her with that, taking pictures of this scene as well. Then it was the cucumber's turn. It was a massive 10" long beast, but it slid in with no trouble. More pictures followed as she swallowed it whole. An unbelievable sight. Then back to the banana, but this time I peeled it first. The heat from Sarah's cunt was immense. The cucumber had come out warm, but the banana stood little chance. Before it fell to mush I removed it from Sarah's cunt and held it to her lips. She sighed and her tongue snaked out to lick the soft fruit. Then I returned it to her burning pussy and pushed it fully home. Not easy as the fruit began to mush.

This was enough for me. I dropped my trousers, lined my swollen dick up with Sarah's entrance and pushed home. What with the heat of her already cum and banana filled cunt, I soon hit bottom. The mushy banana and cum squeezed down the side of my dick and down her legs. After as few moments of this, and virtually no response from Sarah, I decided to try what I'd always been after. To fuck her tight little virgin arse.

So with my dick slick with banana, her juices and someone else's cum, I lined up against her tiny brown hole and began to push my way in. At first I thought it wasn't going to happen, but then as she opened up for me and I was in. Slowly I kept pushing until I felt my pubes against the soft skin of her backside. Still, all Sarah did was moan, no protest at all, she was so out of it. I'd never seen her this drunk before. I began to build up pace, fucking her harder and harder, knowing I wasn't going to last long. Then it happened. My orgasm hit me spurting my cum deep up inside her bowels. I thought I was never going to stop. I'd never cum this much before. Eventually when I'd finished I just lay down across Sarah's back as my dick slowly shrank inside her tight broken-in arse.

When I finally slid out, I grabbed the camera and took a few more shots. Of her banana and cum soaked cunt and arse, with just a tiny dribble of my cum leaking out of her, as she'd closed up tight again. These pictures were going to be my ammunition for a lot of fun. As it turns out, for both of us!

Next morning, I awoke to an empty bed. Thinking Sarah had risen early I got up and started to put my plan in to action. I switched on the pc and downloaded the pictures from the camera I'd taken the previous evening. There were some really good ones! I then went downstairs to eat. As I walked by the lounge I noticed Sarah, who by now had slid down on to the sofa, but still in the same state I'd left her last night.

I got myself a drink and returned to wait for her to wake up. After about 15 minutes of her still dozing I started to make noise. I switched on the TV and started watching the news, fairly loudly. With a groan Sarah raised her head and asked what all the noise was about and then realised what a bad hangover she had.

After a few more moments of complaining 'oh my god, oh my god, never again' she started to sit up. But it wasn't until she was almost upright that she opened her eyes. Sarah then realised what state of dress, or undress, that she was actually in. Immediately she tried to cover herself up, but this was pretty pointless really. It was then that I asked her what happened last night. The look of horror on her face was unmistakeable, as she broke down and kept apologising that it wasn't her fault, her friends had got her drunk, she didn't know what she was doing, etc, etc.

Sarah looked at her own body and saw the love bites, the red marks from the rough play and the dried cum stains all over her. She knew there was no point in denying anything. She just kept on apologising. I suppose if I were in the same position I'd do the same, but I wasn't, so I kept playing it for all it was worth. The outraged husband, unfaithful wife bit.

Eventually I told her to follow me upstairs. This in it self wasn't the easiest thing for her to do, but eventually I sat Sarah down in front of the pc and showed her the pictures, well most of them any way! Again she broke down, sobbing, apologising, asking what was I going to do. 'Please don't chuck me out' she kept begging.

'What should I do', I asked her, 'it wasn't me that obviously got fucked over and over last night?'

She was beside herself with self pity and remorse. 'I'll do anything' she kept saying. Well what could I say, I almost felt sorry for her.

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