Sarah Ch. 02


Sorry for the long wait for this story, and this time for all you critics I will try to improve the punctuation.


It was gone midnight by the time Sarah got home. She was exhausted but most of all she felt dirty, really really dirty like she had never felt in her whole life.

Thankfully, there was no sign of James. She dropped her bags in the hall and went straight to the bathroom, turning the taps on and dropping half a bottle of salts into the bath. As she threw her clothes off she realised how much she hurt and going into the bedroom she looked in the mirror and saw the bruises that Dave had left on her body. Her breasts had fingerprints embedded in them and turning round she could see the lash marks where he had whipped her with the curtain cord. She also noticed the involuntary wetness between her legs as she remembered how he beat and used her. She just made it to the bathroom in time to empty her stomach into the pan.

She emptied her mind and slipped into the hot bath, taking a flannel and a bar of soap she scrubbed herself all over, still feeling dirty she did it all again with a nail brush until she was red raw. Finally she accepted that it didn't matter how much she cleaned her body it was her mind, her memory that needed to be cleaned out, and that would be impossible.

She lay back in the still hot water and forced herself to relax, using what little she remembered of her yoga classes to force her mind to enter a clear pasture, serene, tranquil.

One after the other they pushed their erections into her mouth and come, shooting their semen down her throat, without a break, hundreds of them, all faceless, she thanked each one until she could swallow no more, she was drowning gagging for air drowning in a sea of male spunk, thrashing about fighting them off before she died.

Forcing her eye open she realised she was still in her bath, drowning, she forced herself up and gasped for air, falling out of the bath without even standing up, laying on the floor curled up in a ball and crying, crying like she had never cried before, terrified of what she had seen in her dream. Not at what was being done, but at her pure acceptance of it, it was vivid still in her mind, the look of sheer joy on her face as each man stood before her, as she took him deep into her mouth and the feeling of pleasure as they shot there juices into her eager orifice. The feeling that she had served them well was paramount.

After what seemed an age she got dried and donned her bath robe. Something pricked at her mind and she walked into the bedroom again, the one she used to share with James. She soon saw what it was that pricked her memory. She had been so intent on looking in the mirror when she walked in before that she hadn't noticed that all of the draws were open and clothes were spread all over place, the wardrobe was empty and as she looked on top she saw that the suitcase that was always there had gone as well.

Although she was a little surprised it did not really hit home until she went into the kitchen and found his letter:

Dear Sarah I have packed all I need. I will not be coming home again. Anything I have left behind you can dispose of as you see fit.

I have been in touch with solicitors and told them I want a divorce and that you can have the house. I have also deposited half of our savings into our joint account and signed it over to you.

I hope you will be happy and find whatever it is you are looking for, if you ever need to get in touch you have my mobile number or you can leave a message at the office or at my club.



As she read it her knees buckled and she almost collapsed. She was totally shocked, she hadn't at any time envisaged this, she never thought James would ever leave her, he was old fashioned, and marriage was forever. Wasn't it?

She made a cup of coffee and took it into the lounge, sitting on the settee she read the letter over and over, it just would not sink in. It was still going through her mind as she fell asleep, still refusing to believe that he had left.

As soon as she woke up and realised she was on the settee it all came back to her, all of it. Mike, Dave, nearly drowning and the letter from James. She took a deep breath and forced everything from her mind. She went upstairs dropping her robe to the floor, she turned the shower on and even before it was warm stepped into it. The burst of cold before the warm brought her fully awake; she stood under the warm water for a minute and then got out and dried herself.

In a determined mood she forced herself to eat some toast and drink a cup of coffee then she took up the letter and read it again. Finally it sunk in. She was free, she was free with the house, and he had given her money as well, she did not know how much. Why? Why had he been so....nice.

She looked at the clock as the phone rang, it was 11.10am. "Hello" she said

"Sarah, its Jill."

"Oh! Hi Jill how are you?"

"Sarah what's the matter, what happened in Haringey, why are you home?"

"Oh shit!" Sarah said, everything once again flashing through her mind, reminding her why she was home, "Er nothing, well....oh damn it get yourself over here I need to talk to someone, James has left me."

"Oh fuck, are you ok?" Jill said than realised the stupidity of what she said, "Course your not, I will be as quick as I can, hold on ok?" and she hung up.

Sarah put the phone down and started shaking again, she sat down at the table and sipped at her coffee with a blank look on her face, she was still there when the doorbell rang, she was still in a daze when she opened the door and let Jill in.

"My god Sarah, you look ill." Jill said quietly, "Come on sit down and tell me what's happened."

As they sat on the settee Sarah looked at Jill and said, Well It was...." And then she blurted it all out, everything, even things she didn't know, like how it made her feel being used by Dave, the whipping, the threat of his mates walking in and even what she would have done if they had.

"....and then I got home and found this." She handed the letter to Jill

Jill read it in silence and then just looked at Sarah, trying to figure out what was going on in her head. Sarah seemed to be in shock but Jill could not tell whether it was from James or from what had been done to her. She wasn't sure what to say.

Finally she said "Well no more lying back and thinking of England then." She stifled a laugh, not sure if Sarah would take it wrong. As Sarah turned and looked at her they both burst out laughing hysterically. Jill threw her arms round Sarah and hugged her close.

Later when they talked about it neither of them could explain what happened next, all they could remember was there lips met and they kissed, not as friends but with passion and longing. Jill took the lead, her lips running down Sarah's neck and then back up to her lips, Sarah responded eagerly, but obviously confused. Jill ran her hands up Sarah's legs pushing the bathrobe open and playing with Sarah's nipples, the soreness heightening the feeling until she moaned loudly. Jill moved down taking a nipple between her lips and playing her tongue over it then moved to the other one.

Sarah lay on the settee her feet spread on the floor opening herself up to whatever Jill wanted to do with her. Jill moved her head down and down till she was kneeling on the floor between Sarah's legs running her tongue up her inner thighs, kissing and licking until finally she flicked her tongue over Sarah's bud. The contact made Sarah jump, but Jill knew by the loud moan that it was with pleasure.

Though Jill was not an expert with women she did have a little experience and she used what little knowledge she had to pleasure her friend without any thought for herself, she didn't expect Sarah to reciprocate, just to enjoy. It didn't take long for Sarah to push Jill's head deeper into her wet pussy, as she screamed her orgasm it seemed like it would never stop, panting heavily gasping for air and crying in pleasurable agony until she could scream no more, finally sliding to the floor and curling into a shaking ball.

Jill held her until she stopped shaking and then went and got a large brandy for them to share. She took a sip and then said, "Here, I think you may need this."

Sarah opened her eyes and taking the glass took a deep swallow. "My god what did you do to me, whatever it was your going to have to show me how."

They both burst out laughing. As Jill sat on the settee and looked in awe at the gorgeous woman sitting naked on the floor in front of her she said "Tell me Sarah, What, exactly, were you doing this time last week"

Sarah looked a little puzzled but Jill could see she was trying to remember, then it struck her, "Oh fuck!" She said wide-eyed, "It sees so long ago, it hasn't even been a week has it?"

Jill smiled, "No, but haven't you come a long way?"

"I come a lot." Sarah said, causing another bout of raucous laughter. "God what a week, from timid and sex scared, to what? Sarah the slut."

"Don't say that," Jill said angrily.

"Well let me see." Sarah said with a half smile. "Not only am I sitting here on the floor naked after having sex with a woman. I've been shagged by a man almost half my age, sexually used and abused by another man who was going to share me with his friends. Oh and lets not forget, my husband has left me, not bad, not bad at all for a weeks work." She was still smiling but Jill could see she was unsure of how she felt about it all.

"Yes Sarah not bad, but can you honestly tell me you didn't enjoy it all, you have already said that if Dave had brought his friends in you would have done as he told you, and I know you enjoyed it with Mike and you said you did with me as well, so be honest, what was wrong with it."

"Oh you were fantastic and so was Mike." She said with a smile, "But Dave worries me, not him but the way I felt. I was horrified at the end but I was the one that instigated it. Even the thought of being caught in the shop I found exciting, though not at the time. One things for sure though, he will never have me again."

"You're not going back there?" Jill said, shocked.

"I don't have much choice." Sarah said walking over to the table, "Mike has drawn up these plans to increase the size of the store and I think they are worth looking into. It would certainly increase sales and make us the largest store in the area. I cannot just ignore them. Anyway I can use the opportunity to tease Dave and get my own back on him, Mike on the other hand may find his way into my bed again." She laughed.

Jill smiled and said, "So you're not a slut then?" Sarah thought for a second and then said, "After 20 years with James I have a lot of making up to do, and let's face it I'm not confused anymore, I know I love sex. Seemingly with men or women."

Jill turned to look at Sarah and as they were both looking at the plans that Sarah had laid on the floor there faces were only inches apart, Sarah leaned forward and slowly kissed Jill on the lips. Jill did not need any further encouragement and eagerly responded.

Sarah murmured, "Show me what to do, let me please you"

Jill stood up and took Sarah's hand leading her upstairs to the bedroom. For the next hour the two women explored each other's bodies, even Jill learnt some new tricks. Then they had a bath together and as Sarah made coffee Jill said, "I think we need to visit a sex shop, buy you some toys and maybe some clothes."

"What do you mean? 'Toys'" Sarah said quizzically.

"You'll see, but not today. The day is nearly over so just chill out and we can shop tomorrow."

Sarah looked at the clock and gasped, "God is that the time, doesn't time fly when you're screwing" More laughter ensued. Then she suddenly seemed sad. "You know something Jill?"


"I haven't even thought about James all day, I haven't missed him and I'm pretty sure that I'm glad he's gone, doe's that sound selfish?"

Jill brushed her cheek and said, "Well at least he left you the house. What are you going to do with it?"

"Oh I haven't had a chance to think about it yet, I don't even know how much money he's left me, tomorrow will do for all that, I need to get used to being a single horny woman first."

"Well if you keep on at this rate you will do very well as a 'single horny woman."

A while later as Jill was leaving Sarah said, "Will you tell Eddie?"

"I won't if you don't want me to."

"No, you can tell him. No secrets remember, ok."

Jill kissed her on the cheek and said "Ok! See you in the morning."

As Jill drove off Sarah smiled to herself. The day had been more fun than she would have thought possible. The following day Sarah strolled into work as though she owned the place. Dressed sheik and sexy but very professional she swung her hips and smiled as the men watched her pass. No longer surprised at how it made her feel to be lusted after, she loved every minute of it and revelled in the dampness between her legs

"Tea please Jill." she said walking straight into her office.

By the time Jill brought the tea in Sarah had the Haringey plans laid out on her desk. "Shall we try looking at these again?" she said with a smile.

Jill came round the desk and studied the plans with Sarah for about an hour. Both women aloud their hands to roam over a bum or brush a breast but if anyone had walked in they both looked purely professional.

"What do you think?" Sarah asked finally.

"I think you should take them to Brian and get them operational as quickly as possible."

"I think so to. Just call this number and find out if the property is still available. I will be with Brian"

Brian Talbot was her boss, and a major shareholder in the company. In his early sixties he was soon to retire and would be sadly missed. He knew everything about the trade, having been in it since he left school, and with the same company. As Sarah walked into his office his jaw dropped.

"You're looking exceedingly well my dear," he said trying, too late, to recover from his shock.

Sarah smiled and said, "Well I thought I was looking a bit dowdy so decided it was time to modernise, talking of which here are the Haringey plans that Mike drew up. For an hour they went over the plans, Sarah remained the complete business woman but several times caught Brian looking down her cleavage and even felt his hand brush her bum on more than one occasion. Despite his age Sarah enjoyed the attention he was giving her and the feeling in her stomach started to pound, though she did not show it in anyway.

The phone rang and Brian answered it, "It's your secretary." he said handing her the phone.

Sarah sat on the edge of the desk as Jill spoke to her. Brian sat in the armchair, which gave a very good view up Sarah's skirt. As she spoke with Jill she shifted her position so that he could see even more, showing not only her stocking tops but her thong as well. If he had been closer he would have noticed the damp patch. Finally she hung up the phone and said, "I enjoyed that."

Brian looked startled, Sarah smiled, "I love it when a plan comes together. The property is free and without offers so we should be able to get it cheaply."

Brian's face showed sudden sign of relief, till Sarah said, "Did you enjoy it."

He was totally unsure of what she meant, the smile on her face said one thing but her attitude said something else.

"Err....yes." he said, "The property is crucial to the expansion. So lets go over it once more" He did his best to sound the businessman but failed miserably.

For the next half hour they went over the plans again, only this time Sarah did her own touching and brushing, especially with her bum on his crotch. Brian's hands roamed more and more freely but never too much, up her back over her bum and an elbow brushing her breast, giving a slight push when his crotch brushed her bum. The temptation to grab her hips and pull her onto him almost overwhelmed him at one point.

Finally, exhausted and extremely hard like he hadn't been for years he sat down in his office chair and watched her bum as she rolled up the plans. Laying the rolled up plans on the desk Sarah turned sharply and caught his gaze on her bum. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked. She did not know what she was doing, she just followed how she felt, and that feeling in her stomach told her it was not like a businesswoman.

"Yes," Brian said, "It's always good to bring a shop up out of the doldrums."

Sarah sat on the edge of his desk again, "I didn't mean that Brian" she said opening her legs so that he could clearly see all that she had to offer. "I meant touching me up. Don't deny it, your cock is hard, I can see it."

His hands flew to his crotch to try and cover his embarrassment. "Err....Err, well...."

"Brian it wasn't all one way was it, did you enjoy it. Yes or No."

Try as he may to keep his eyes averted from her inviting pussy he couldn't, "You know damn well I did, but what are you doing? This isn't like you Sarah."

"Do you want the old distant frigid Sarah? Or would prefer to run your hand up my legs and over my body?"

He looked at her face and saw the smile; he reached his hand up slowly and placed it on her leg, all the time waiting for her to scream rape or something. But she didn't, she closed her eyes and as he touched the naked flesh she let out a moan and as he brushed her wet thong she pushed against his hand. She opened her eyes and slowly started to undo the buttons to her jacket, revealing her slinky bra and the restrained mounds of her breasts.

"Oh fuck!" he said and standing up buried his face in them.

She slid one hand behind his head and pulled him to her while the other hand slid down to his crotch, feeling his hardness. His hands were shaking as he unsnapped her bra, lifting it so that he could suckle on her nipple. She undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor, pulling his boxers down, she pushed him back into his chair, taking his erection and slowly running it through her hand.

Brian, eyes closed, gave himself up to her ministrations. Anybody watching her would have thought she had been doing this for years, not a few days.

"When do you retire Brian." she said matter of factly.


"When do you retire she repeated, gripping him tighter."

"Oh, six months. Oh you're going to make a mess," he moaned

"I want your job Brian." she said and took him into her mouth. She could feel him about to come so pulled back and relaxed her grip.

"It's not up to me, don't stop please don't stop."

"But you make the recommendation don't you." She said with an evil smile on her face

"Yes, oh don't do this to me. I want you Sarah god I want to fuck you so bad."

Sarah stood up and with her back to him she slowly pulled her wet thong down to her ankles, making sure she stayed bent over long enough for him see the jewel he longed for. He stood up and as she felt his erection brush her bum crack she turned round to face him, taking his erection again in her hand she started to breathe hard rubbing his erection vigorously as she pulled his mouth to her swollen nipple.

He had lost control, he shot his juices before he could even get his mouth to her tit, Sarah felt it splash against her pussy lips and the tops of her legs. "Oh Brian what have you done." she said laughing.

"You bitch" he said, "You done that on purpose."

"Mmmm, I know" she said slipping to her knees and taking him into her mouth, licking every last drop. As she finished she added, "I enjoyed that, you can have the rest in instalments."

"What do you mean?" he said zipping up his fly.

Sarah leaned over to the intercom and said, "Peggy could we have two coffee's please." Once Peggy, Brian' secretary, had replied Sarah bent down and picked up her thong, dropping it in Brian' lap

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