tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's Visit to London Ch. 04

Sarah's Visit to London Ch. 04


Author's note: As ever, if you haven't yet read the previous three chapters, it might help you to follow this if you did.

And as ever also, my deep thanks to my sweet American editor. Without her interest and care, this story would never have happened.


Sarah emerged from sleep. Watched the pattern of light through the bedroom curtains, listened as the thrushes and blackbirds began their mellifluous chorus in John's small back garden. Glanced at the clock: six am.

John was folded into her back, his cock semi-tumescent against her. She wriggled her ass deliberately and felt him harden against her buttocks. She knew it was their last day together: he'd told them he had to go to Edinburgh on an afternoon train for a meeting with his publisher. She was due to move on to Paris the next day. Sue's plan, of course. Sarah would have been very happy to visit Scotland with John, but the girls' itinerary had been booked, so that wasn't going to happen.

Maybe it was just as well. She had become attached to John during their few days together. Suspected that there would be emotional pain on parting, if they were together much longer. No, she knew there would be anyway. And she loved her husband deeply. This was just a holiday, an escape from her reality.

The reality of her husband's multiple sclerosis, her daily care routine. Bed-washing him; lifting him onto the wheelchair to get him to the toilet; lifting him onto the pan for his morning evacuation; cleaning his ass for him; brushing his teeth for him; and getting him to the kitchen. Then getting her young daughter out of bed and ready for school and making breakfast for all of them.

Taking her beloved daughter to school, then back to do household chores, get some shopping done, and care for her husband till it was time to get back to school to collect her daughter. Homework supervision, dinner, showering her husband in the wheelchair-accessible shower, lifting his hundred-and-sixty pounds into bed. Reading to her daughter before she eventually sank to a dead asleep.

Sometimes Sarah was so exhausted by the routine that she didn't even have the energy to open her computer once her responsibilities were done, to chat to her friends. Before she met John a couple of days ago, she hadn't had sex since her husband's potency finally succumbed to the MS eight years previously.

But she had found time to get to know John online, and was she so glad she had.

She wriggled round and kissed his face softly: Hey John, this is our last day together honey. Gonna wake up for me?

He slowly emerged from sleep, eyes flickering open.

Oh Sarah, he breathed. I am just so glad that we've found each other. Stirring himself fully awake: What would you like to do with this wonderful day, lover?

I...mmm...I just don't know John. She snuggled onto him, spreading her thighs over his. She felt his erection press into her belly and sighed: I think I might be more interested in you than in seeing more of London, though.

He gently pushed her from him. Well my dear, he whispered, maybe you need some breakfast before we decide?

He slipped from the warm bed, grabbed his gown, and made his way to the wee kitchen. She listened drowsily as he moved about, heard the kettle click and other noises. He returned presently with a tray: Darjeeling, eggs and bacon with potato scones, toast and marmalade. She pulled herself up beside him, sipped her tea, and munched appreciatively on the meal. Her full breasts stood proud on her as she turned to kiss him.

Thank you sweetie, she whispered.

Sarah, you know it's all my pleasure, as his lips fastened on her nipples. She squirmed hard into him again: Suck my clit, she breathed. His head moved south obediently and she parted her legs to allow him access to her aroused cunt: Ohh baby, please suck me.

His mouth fastened on her and she writhed to the feel of his lips and tongue: You know I want you Sarah. And his tongue probed her, drinking and scenting her delicious sex, teasing and pursing his tight lips around her throbbing clit.

Sarah was writhing and wriggling hard now just needing to be blown out of her head.

I have to fuck your cunt now darling he whispered to her as he moved up so his hardness was probing between her gaping labia. He thrust in hard and she shuddered, kissing his mouth.

Oh darling, she whimpered as they fucked themselves to total implosion, grunting and eventually collapsing together.


Hey baby? He moved his hands over her sexiness, his cock again poking her ass. I think we should see a bit more of this city, don't you?

She turned to kiss him again, relishing the soft movement of his lips on hers: Mmm, I'm not at all sure about that? Why don't we just stay here honey?

Because, my sweet, I'm your tour guide, and it's my job to ensure you see a bit more of this amazing city, so get your sweet ass out of bed now. I'm taking you to Camden Market. He rubbed his cock hard into her bum, then climbed out of bed.

A little later, they caught a bus on the main road near his flat, and she watched from the top deck as inner-suburban London slid past them. He pointed out features, architecture, and the various ethnic shops. She gawped, intrigued by the complete strangeness of it all, a different side of the tourist London she'd seen so far. John's fingers were well up her skirt and she gasped as he stroked her pussy-lips lovingly, wondering if anyone could see. The fingers prodded deep into her pussy, then he withdrew them. Next stop Sarah, he murmured, and he was pulling her up off the seat and down the stairs.

Camden Market was beside an old canal, and he drew her into its bustle as if she belonged to him. Which, she realised, right now, she did.

She searched the market stalls and found a few bits of clothes and antique jewellery she had to buy. John hovered beside her, guiding her encouragingly.

She stopped beside a stall selling some quite risqué underwear.

Sarah, he breathed, holding up a pair of red silk crotchless panties. I'd love to buy these for you. Would you like them, my sweet?

She looked at the underwear, glanced at him as he smiled at her. I would love them honey, she purred. But. Only on one condition.

He glanced her a question: What's the condition Sarah?

Yours will be the only prick that ever slips between those lacy lips honey? Will that do?

He shivered: I think that's a deal, love.

He passed notes to the salesgirl and the wrapped treasure slipped into Sarah's purse. Remind me, when's your train honey? She asked.

It's five pm from Kings Cross, it'll get me into Edinburgh just after nine.

Over four hours? Isn't that quite a long way?

Its four hundred miles. If we were in France, it would be around two hours, not four. Some people invest in their railways, but not in the good old UK!

Never mind that, she said, stroking his cock through the thick wool of his kilt. I think it's time we got us some lunch. And then I think you need a rest before that long train journey?

They got lunch from a Turkish kebab place and hungrily ate the hot spicy food, standing by the stall.

Sarah, he said, you know you have me worked into a sexual frenzy, like I've never been before? His cock was still throbbing under his kilt from her stroking. I need to fuck you again before we part. No, maybe that's not right. I need to make love to you darling.

They moved east to the end of the market and were soon at the bus-stop. He pulled her to him, lifting her short skirt blatantly so he felt the slithering wetness of her naked cunt as he pulled her hard on his thigh. I'm going to fuck you to the end of the world when we get home, he whispered as they boarded the bus. She shivered at the idea as they sat together downstairs, clinging to each other.


It was two pm when they arrived at his flat. They kissed at the door. I want to show you every way a man can love a woman Sarah. Taking account of your strange tastes of course. He opened the door and dragged her in by her hair. He slammed the door shut behind them, turned his back to it. Now my sweet slut -- he pushed her down onto her knees -- suck my cock Sarah. The polished old wood floor was hard against her knees and she shifted so they weren't catching in the painful gaps between the floorboards. She moved her head up under his kilt and tentatively licked the back of his trembling hard cock. Scented his heady sweat and his arousal, and shifted so her head rose and she took his cockhead into her mouth. Her hands moved up to unstrap the kilt as she savoured his smell, texture: the dirty sex of him.

The kilt fell as she unfastened the last buckle and she was able to focus now, unhindered, on pleasuring his prick. Then he pushed her away.

Get into the bedroom, slut. His tone brooked no disobedience. Undress, take off everything, including your wedding ring. Put on the new whore underwear I bought you, and wait for me on the bed. I need to sort my emails before I leave for Edinburgh.

Please master, may I go pee first? He nodded abruptly before moving into the living room to switch on his computer.

He spent twenty minutes on it, printing off the stuff he needed for his meetings in Edinburgh and slipping them into his already-packed overnight bag. He was smiling as he shut down the pc and began undressing as he walked the short distance to the bedroom. Sarah was lying naked on the bed, her knees up and wide apart so he could see the pink hunger of her cunt peeking through the lacy hole in her sexpanties. She was touching herself and he could see the gleam of wetness between her parted labia.

Who said you could lie on my bed and wantonly masturbate, bitch? He snarled, grabbing her hands from her wet slit. He sucked her sex-stained fingers, then reached into his bedside chest-of-drawers and withdrew four metal handcuffs. Drew her hands above her bowed head and locked them onto the wooden poles of the Victorian headboard. Secured more cuffs round her ankles and clipped them to the tall footboard.

She was trembling now, hardly dared to look at him. She knew he wasn't going to hurt her -- or she thought she did. But there was an edge of uncertainty there: she really hardly knew him. And, she remembered with a rush that made her shiver hard, Sue and Anne didn't know his address. What if he had totally deceived her, and intended to leave her secured to his bed when he left for Edinburgh? She began to panic, despite the rational thought at the back of her mind that he couldn't possibly do that...

Do you know, he snarled pitilessly: I might be a seriously disturbed maniac?

How had he read her fears? Maybe he was a maniac?

John sweetie, she said: Please let me go. You know I will allow you to do whatever you want with me, but please unfasten me. I'm really scared now, please John. Don't do this to me?

He said nothing. Knelt on the bed above her and moved his dripping hot cock over her face. Prodded her eyes softly, rubbed it down her cheeks, and around her lips. She opened them automatically but he didn't pause there. He rubbed it behind her ears and she squirmed hard, her hips lifting inadvertently from the bed, then as she trembled with her growing need, he shuffled down the bed and rubbed his cockhead against her erect nipples trailing precum.

She shuddered. The feel of his need on her nipples made them achy and even harder. She tried to raise her upper body to kiss him but the restraints on her wrists made it impossible and she sank back.

He rose from the bed a little and explored his drawers again till he found what he was seeking: a long thick candle. He smeared it with lube and knelt above her: Raise your hips darling, this needs to go in your backdoor. She was totally in his power now and raised her hips automatically. Felt him draw the obscene sexpanties down.

Legs wide now Sarah, I need your help to get this deep into you; and as she complied, she felt the thrust of the hard wax between her asscheeks. Then it slipped into her anus. She clenched involuntarily at first, then felt herself relaxing as the coldness penetrated her innermost self. He slid her panties back up so they contained the candle protruding from her bum.

I need you so much Sarah, he breathed softly, kissing her gently on her lips. He guided his pulsing erection to her wet pussy. She was his now, completely, and she stretched her legs wider as she drew his throbbing cock to her cunt.

Ohhfuck she gasped, as his penis penetrated her. This is how I want to be, forever. Love me John, please?

You know I love you, don't you, Sarah? And his thrust right into her cervix had her shuddering.

Ohh yes honey, I know that...

He felt he'd known this sweet woman all his life as they moved together, soft and loving. His mouth moved to suckle her delicious nipples and he felt her squirm hard under him. He had never really met a sub woman before, maybe just one who had played at it. But he knew that with Sarah there was a lustful edge to their sex that turned him on as nothing before ever had. They were making love right now, but his mind had turned a dirty corner and now he just needed to fuck her senseless. And instinctively, he knew she needed just that.

She could feel the candle move in her asshole as they twined and moved together. She had never had anal sex before she met John and it was all so excitingly new, and dirty for her because it was so forbidden. She felt the muscles in her cunt and ass clutch him as he began to drive into her harder, and she knew she was climbing the wonderful mountain...

John was panting harder as his thrusts became more urgent with his lustful need for release. They twisted and grunted together desperately, mouths slackly moving against each other between mutterings of love...

...and finally they exploded together. This time she felt herself squirting on him, felt the warm wetness soaking her special Johnpanties as he filled her with his hot cum.

Hi darling, he said, as he subsided onto her. You know what I've been trying to tell you here? His mouth sank to her still-throbbing nipples.

Uhhh, she whispered. And you know that somewhere deep inside me, I love you too, John?

I know, he said.


When he came to it was after four. He shook her: Hey Sarah, we need to move, darling.

She opened her eyes to his mouth slithering on her pussy. Ohh John. Then she startled properly awake: Oh John, you just transported me away. But you have a train to catch!

They dressed hurriedly, he in a business suit now. She smirked: I like you much better in your kilt, lover.

Sorry lassie, I need this for my meetings tomorrow. Next time I'll be in my kilt, I promise!

But as he said it, he knew that there wouldn't likely be a next time. Colorado was a very long way away, and much as he'd love to see Sarah again - and try the challenges of climbing there - he couldn't see it happening soon. And besides, she had her husband and daughter to take care of, and he certainly didn't want to disrupt their lives. Not for all the selfish love and sex in the world.

Baby, she said, her breasts heaving: You and I both know there won't be a next time?

He turned to her as he finished tying his tie, tears in his eyes: Yes, I know that love.

He was going to say: Unless the world changed a lot? But knew he couldn't say that.

He kissed her with all the love in his being. But at least we've had a few days together? So we know, however impossible it may all seem, it is actually possible?

Four-fifty saw them at the departure gate at King's Cross Station. Tears were running down both their faces. Finally, as the minutes on the huge Victorian clock ticked by, she said: Go, get on your train John. I love you and I always will. You have a part of my heart now.

He whispered his love to her as he reminded her how to get back to her hotel. He kissed her sweet mouth for the last time and walked up Platform 6.

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