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Satin Panties


This is the transcript of an interview of Mrs. Jason Myers in the regard of her husband's death. Although she is not charged with a crime, she has been Mirandized and has agreed to answer questions without benefit of counsel. Present are Officers Barnes and Noble plus Mrs. Beverly Myers.

Mrs. Myers: You two ever think of opening a bookstore?

Officer Noble: Yes Mam, we hear that all the time. All though there is little doubt that your husband committed suicide, there are a couple of questions we'd like to ask you. The first is this rather disturbing picture we found on your cell phone.

Mrs. Myers is handed a copy of a picture of her now deceased husband dressed only in a pair of ladies underwear. The copy is included with this report.

Officer Noble: Mrs. Myers can you tell me about this picture and why you have it on your phone?

Mrs. Myers: Certainly, about a year ago I came home from work to find my husband dressed in my panties and I snapped a pic with my phone. By the way, those were my very favorite pair of satin panties.

Officer Barnes: You say this was about a year ago and yet you still have the picture on your phone.

Mrs. Myers: As you might imagine my hubby was quite embarrassed of being caught wearing ladies panties. By keeping the picture, I felt it gave me leverage over him.

Officer Barnes: Are you saying blackmail?

Mrs. Myers: Blackmail is such a harsh term, don't you think? Between a husband and wife I would call it maybe, a way to shift the balance of power in favor of one of the spouses. It is just I made him do certain things for me with the implication that if he didn't comply that photo would go out to relatives or employers etcetera.

Officer Noble: Can you give us some examples of these things?

Mrs. Myers: One example would be he spent a lot more time with his face between my legs than he did with his pecker. Another he became very good at hand washing my delicates and giving pedicures. In addition, most of the housework became his responsibility giving me more time to relax among other things.

Officer Barnes: I imagine this was most upsetting to your husband...

Mrs. Myers: Oh no quite the contrary he learned to enjoy his position in our relationship and told me more than once how happy he was as my servant. I would say the only thing that seemed really to upset him was when I started to cuckold him...

Officer Barnes: Cuckold, what is cuckold?

Officer Noble: Larry I'll tell you later. Mrs. Myers just what did your husband do when he found out you were cheating on him.

Mrs. Myers: I always say it's not cheating if your husband knows and believe me I made sure to tell him every time I went out for sex. The excitement starts when I make him help me get ready for my date. I love to watch his boner get all hard as he tries to pick out my sexiest outfit knowing it is to please and excite my lover. As soon as I'm out the door, he's in a pair of my dirty panties playing with himself.

Officer Barnes: How can you be so cavalier about getting sex outside of your marriage?

Mrs. Myers: Do you think I'd let a panty-wearing pervert make love to me? Hell no, I need a man to satisfy me; if he couldn't lick pussy I'd never even let him in my bedroom.

Officer Noble: Was your husband required to ah, how can I state this delicately, clean, ah...

Mrs. Myers: Do you want to know if he had to eat cream pie? Of course, what's the fun of cuckolding someone if you don't make them do clean up?

Officer Barnes: Cream pie, what the hell are you two talking about?

Officer Noble: Latter Larry I fill you in later, now can we get back to Mrs. Myers? Thank you for your honesty Mrs. Myers, how do you think Mr. Myers felt about this clean up duty?

Mrs. Myers: I don't know he never complained, of course it's hard to complain when your mouth is full (Mrs. Myers laughs here). I really didn't care what he thought about it, I wanted it so he did it, plain and simple.

Officer Barnes: Can you give us your thoughts on why your husband committed suicide? Do you think the humiliation of all you put him through was the cause?

Mrs. Myers: Oh no quite the opposite it was when I told him I was thinking of leaving him that he started talking of killing himself. I would have to say it had more to do with him no longer being humiliated.

Officer Noble: I believe that is all the questions we have for now, is there anything you would like to add.

Mrs. Myers: I'm surprised you didn't notice the picture I have of my husband does not show his face. Do you honestly think I could blackmail him with a photo like that? I would also like to add that when my husband was found he was wearing my satin panties, no one forced him to wear them he chose to wear them.

Officer Noble: Actually, I had given thought to that and I now believe your husband used the picture more as an excuse for his behavior than as a reason. On a purely personal note do you think you might be free sometime in the near future I would like to call on you.

Mrs. Myers: Why Officer Noble what would you have in mind?

Officer Noble: I thought you might make me one of those delicious cream pies you talked of.

Officer Barnes: Pies, I like pies, what about me?

Officer Noble: Larry I'll explain all this latter.

Case note: Mrs. Myers last answer was not recorded and the last five statements were struck from the official record. There has been no charges filled in this case and it has been closed as a suicide.

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