tagInterracial LoveSay My Name Ch. 07

Say My Name Ch. 07


Ok everyone this is the last chapter and I hoped you've enjoyed the story because I enjoyed writing it. Thx for reading and keep the feedback coming. I put Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 together because I know how you guys hate short chapters. And yes I'll be finishing Adam and Erica. :)


It had been a few weeks since Nynia had left him yet if felt like years. He was just a soulless body at work and when he was home he just took up space. He was sitting on the couch in the living room with a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He leaned his head back and took a big swallow, but there was no burn on the way down. Hell he didn't even get release from the simplest things. It seemed that everyone and everything was out to get him after he screwed up with Nynia. Damn he wished she hadn't found out that way that his past was dirty and gritty. There was a faint knock on the door.

"Go away no one's home." Nick closed his eyes and groaned as the knocking continued. He wobbled to the door and opened it wide only to receive a slap across his face.

Micah glared up at him. "You bastard. How could you hurt her like that? What she wasn't good enough for you?" Micah barged her way through the front door only to be followed by Kevin who shoved him out of the way. Kevin then dragged Nick to the living room and threw him on the recliner.

"Listen here and listen good Nick. You've royally fucked things up, but it's not too late to fix them. Why didn't you tell me about Leslie? Oh I'm sorry you couldn't trust one of your friends?" Kevin popped Nick in the arm causing Nick to yell out in pain.

Micah raked him with a look of disgust. "Sitting around here and mopping isn't going to win Nynia back. Nick you stink and you look like shit."

Nick looked at her with dead eyes. "Thank you for the compliment Micah, but I don't think Kevin wants you to leave him."

Micah sighed and sat down on the armrest of the chair. She ran her fingers through Nicks' hair and turned on her motherly voice. "Nick you need to talk to her. Make her understand how you feel about her. She loves you Nick and to tell you the truth she looks just as bad as you. You need each other and you're the one who has to make the first move."

Nick tried to hold back the tears considering he'd never cried before, but hell he loved this woman. Micah wiped the tears from his eyes and Kevin broke the silence.

"Nick I know it seems like there's nothing that can be done, but it's always something that can be done. If she won't listen to you then you'll have to make her listen. If she won't talk to you have her talk to somebody else." Kevin gazed at Nick, but it was evident that Nick wasn't going to respond.

Micah sighed and walked towards the door. "Let's go Kevin. The man is hurting and he's given up hope." She smiled sadly at Nick and he watched as they walked out the door together. Nick was preparing to continue his depressive state when an idea struck him. He pulled out his cell phone and called Adam. The man owed him a favor and he needed it more than ever.

"Nynia baby sometimes men are pigs. That's why I'm strictly for women." Nynias' friend Georgia sat on the couch with her. She'd been in this state for weeks. She didn't know why she felt this way over a man who had hurt her, but she couldn't help it. She'd loved Nick and thought they had a future together, but once again she'd been shamefully slapped in the face.

"George you can go I promise I'll eat something." Georgia gave her a disbelieving look before she got up to leave then she heard Georgia gasp.

"Holy hell...oh my...ummm...Nynia you need to come to the door." Nynia rolled her eyes at her friend, but got up anyway. Standing in her front door was Nicks' friend from that horrible night. Her eyes widened in horror as he pushed his way inside. Georgia stood there dumbfounded and staring at the man. It was hard not too considering he was beautiful in a dark, gothic way.

"Nynia we need to talk." His deep voice washed over her. He gently pushed here statue of a friend Georgia out of the house before he closed the door. Nynia began to feel scared as she realized she was alone with a man who looked like he could hurt her.

"Relax Nynia I'm not going to hurt you. Matter of fact I'm here to talk with you about Nick." Nynia looked at him with hurt in her eyes.

"Nick hurt me, but you want me to listen to what he has to say? That man doesn't deserve another chance with me." Adam surprised her when he responded.

"No he doesn't deserve another chance, hell he didn't deserve you in the first place. But he heard you out all them times you called him to...well yell at him." He smiled softly and gestured to the sofa. "May I sit down? I promise I'm not big enough to break it."

Nynia nodded and smiled softly at the man. "Look I know you're Nicks' friend and everything but-"

"All that crap Leslie said wasn't true. Well yeah we slept together, but it was because she chose to sleep with me. She thinks that everybody tricked her out of money, but she was the one who tricked herself. She came up and kissed me and I couldn't stand living with myself without telling Nick. We didn't try to frame her it just happened. You don't know how many nights I beat myself up over that fact. Of course Nick suspected she was cheating and just with him for the money so he used my confession as a way to make sure she didn't get anything. Hell her father is rich and successful. But as you know she's a cold hearted woman and she twisted it to make it seem as if we had sex in order for me to frame her. She's just...hello are you listening to me?" Adam waved his hand in front of Nynias' face.

Nynia blinked her eyes a couple of times before she realized what she was doing. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Yes I was listening it's just that...do you know how beautiful you are?"

Adams' cheeks turned red and he cleared his throat. "Anyway that's not the point. The point is that Nick is a good man, but definitely not good enough to deserve a woman like you. Just talk with him sweetheart. He misses you badly and I know you miss him. She wants to be with Nick because it's a convenience. All that stuff she said about his father giving him an inheritance is bullshit. Russell loves you and hell I think I'm starting to love you too even though I don't know you." Adam gave her a small smile before he headed towards the door.

"Wait!" She walked up to Adam and rose up on her toes. She pulled him down and hugged him deeply and kissed him on the cheek. "I owe you one." Adam inclined his head before he walked out the door. It was time to get her man back.

"Dad I don't need you to clean me up. Get the hell out of there!!!" Nick yelled at his father, but as usual the stubborn man didn't listen.

"Nick you've screwed everything up so you don't get any say in the situation. You idiot I knew I shouldn't have left you alone with her. You better hope she takes you back boy or you're gonna pay for the loss of my grandbabies!!!" Russell rummaged through Nicks' drawers and through Nicks' closet.

"Mama tell dad to get out!" Nick came to stand in front of his father ready to do battle.

His mothers' soft voice entered the room. "Now Nick you can't expect us to not do anything." Just then his phone rang. Nick walked over to the side table to answer it and almost wept with relief.

"Nick it's me." Nynias' sweet voice entered his ear.

"Hey baby, don't move because I'm coming over. I love you sweetheart. I have a ring and everything. I want to marry you as soon as possible."

Nynia sighed over the phone. "Nick I'm leaving. I've decided that we need to move on and that we weren't right in the first place. I've found somebody new and well he makes me happy."

Nick felt his heart drop. "Wait...what...what do you mean? I love you Nynia please don't do this to us. Don't do this to me I can't live without you."

"Nick I'm sorry, but it's for the best." The phone disconnect along with Nicks' heart. He looked at his parents and watched as his mothers' eyes began to fill with tears.

"Boy I know you ain't gonna give up. Hell your ma tried to leave me, but I went after her."

Nick looked at his father. "No dad I'm going to bring my wife back home were she belongs whether she likes it or not."

Nick threw on some clothes and ran out the house before he could see the smiles on his parents' faces.

Nynia looked over at the people crowding her room. Micah and Kevin sat on the sofa, while Georgia and Jerome sat on the loveseat. Her beautiful mother sat on the recliner looking like the sophisticated woman she was.

She looked onto to them for reassurance. "Are you sure it was right to lead him on like that."

Georgia looked up at her. "Of course it was all the big movies do that. The woman leaves and the man always comes after her. Except you're not leaving and the other man really doesn't do girls." Everyone looked at Jerome at that comment.

"I swear Nynia if Nick comes in here and ruins my face all of you are going to pay."

Adam walked out of her kitchen with his fifth sandwich. "This will prove if he really does love you sweetheart. Everything he's wanted he's worked for and went after. You're no different. He's going to come through that door trying to kidnap you were you can't leave him until he's convinced you to stay."

Nynia looked at the family surrounding her and her mother came to give her a hug. "It'll be okay sweetheart he'll come."

Nynia hoped like hell he did because if he didn't it would destroy her.

The car roared through the streets. It skipped past curves and hugged the turns to perfection even though it was traveling at about 100 mph. Nick was focused on the road ahead of him and didn't even acknowledge the loud whining of sirens. He looked into his mirror and cursed.

"Fucking cops I'm not doing anything wrong." Nick started to pull off onto the road, but then he changed his mind. If the cops wanted him they were going to have to take him out. All of a sudden two more cops joined the chase as Nick sped forward. Two cars pulled up beside him and demanded that he pull over. Nick looked at both of them and gave them the finger and continued on with his speed. But he didn't see the cop car in the back of him and the car in front of him. The car in front stopped causing Nick to rear end it. Nicks' head jerked back then forward hitting the air bag. He raised his head and winced. He looked out the windows to see the cops banging on his door and holding guns at him through his windshield. But Nick still wasn't going to give up.

"Get out of the car with your hands up!!" The loud booming voice was heard, but it was ignored. Nick tore out of the car and ran towards the wooded area that surrounded the road. He felt the footsteps coming up behind him before they even got close to him. Two men tackled him from behind and landed on top of him. They fell to the ground and Nick was punching everything he could reach. The cops came out with their beating sticks and began to hit Nick.

"Ouch, fuck...stop it you assholes!!" They turned Nick onto his stomach and sat on his back. Metal cuffs were thrown on his wrists and the cool metal did little to calm him.

One cop began to read Nick his rights. "You have the right to remain silent..."

Nick ground his teeth. "Son of a fucking bitch!!"

Nynia was pacing around in her living room with a worried look on her face. "Where is he? I thought he would be here it's been hours!!!" She looked at Adam with pleading eyes. "Adam please tell me where is here."

Adam was lost in thought. "Nynia I don't know. I mean I know he loves you, but I can't imagine where he could be."

"Well while we're waiting I'm going to turn on the TV." Georgia pushed the TV on and everything on the screen came to life. A news reporter was on the television.

"And tonight on Channel 7 news we have breaking news. A man by the name of Nick Brooks was apprehended just a few hours ago..."

Everyone in the room froze then looked at Nynia. She covered her mouth with her hand and Adam came up behind her massage her shoulders. "Why would he get arrested?"

"The man was speeding and refused to stop. A police chase was conducted and the man still refused to stop. It was said when the car was stopped he jumped out and ran to the woods, but was quickly caught. Before he was safely secured he assaulted three police officers and caused a public disturbance here's some of the footage..." They all looked at the screen and they were shocked at the sight.

Nick was being dragged towards a police car but in the footage he was yelling up at the helicopter camera. "Nynia I love you baby and I'm not going to leave you!!! Nynia I love you sweetheart I'll get out of this I swear!!! Please don't leave me!"

Georgia turned off the TV and looked at Nynia. They all got up to hug her and calm her down. Then the phone rang.

Nynia picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"This is a collect call from "Nynia is Nick I love y-" from the county jail if you will accept the charges press one if not-" Nynia pressed one and held the phone to her closely.

"Nick what is wrong with you-"

"Nynia I don't have much time they've only given me one phone call and...will you assholes shut up I'm talking here...baby I want you to go to my family and let them know what happened I can get out on bail, but baby I just needed to here your voice. I love you-"

Nynia sobbed into the phone. "Nick I love you too baby please don't do anything to hurt yourself. I'll be there don't worry baby I'm not leaving."

"Nynia I love you and you better not be leaving me because I have some things to discuss with you-" Nynia looked at the phone with horror.

"Adam the phone disconnected. He told me to go to his family, but I don't know where they live. I just visited that one time."

Adam walked over and grabbed Nynia in a hug. "Don't worry sweetheart I know where they live, but it will take too long to get them. I can pay his bail don't worry." Adam dragged Nynia out the door and dialed Nicks' father on his phone. He smiled to himself. Nick was whipped big time, but hell if he didn't make it look good.

Nick looked around the dank cell that held five other men. They all eyed him like he was weak, but he'd make sure they knew different. A police officer came to the cell. He raked Nick with a look of disgust.

"You have a visitor." His mother and father came into view.

"Nick what the hell is wrong with you? First you lose a good woman then you assault police officers!!!! Are you on a suicide mission that I didn't know about?" His father yelled at him and his face was red. Nick suddenly got the sick feeling that his father was going to put him over his knee, not to mention that he was a grown man. His mother ran her hands up and down his fathers' arms.

"Russell calm down." His mother turned to face him. "You idiot what was wrong with you?!! Do you know how much you've probably hurt Nynia with this nonsense?!!!" His mother looked like she was ready to throttle him for his stupidity. Another cop walked into the holding cell. He opened up the door and glanced at Nick.

"You're out of here."

Nick looked at the police officer in confusion and then he saw Adam walking up to him. Adam was angry and looked like he wanted to kill Nick.

"Listen up Nick because I'm not going to say this again. Nynia is here and I'm giving you five minutes to talk to her. She's scared and hurt and this might be your last chance to convince her." Adam walked away from the cell and Nynia was right behind him. Nick dropped onto his knees and looked up at Nynia through watery eyes.

"Nynia promise you won't leave me baby. I'll do whatever you want, but just don't leave me." Nynia dropped to her knees and hugged Nick.

She cried and laughed at the same time. "Nick you gorgeous idiot. I knew you blondes were dumb, but this is a little extreme!" They both laughed and held onto each other too afraid too let one another go.

They all walked out of the jail and headed towards her car. Nynia and Nick said good-bye to everyone, but Adam stayed behind. He looked at them both with solemn eyes.

"I hope you forgive me Nick. I know you said you did, but I just need you to forgive me again. I'm sorry about Leslie and I, and I'm sorry about breaking our trust." Nick walked up to his friend and hugged him. Nynia rose up and kissed the man.

"Adam we love you don't forget that and believe Nick definitely forgives you now." They laughed and watched as Adam walked away. Nick started to walk towards the drivers' side of the car when Nynia cleared her throat.

"Maybe I should drive this time." They smiled at each other and got into the car. They pulled up to Nicks' house and went straight for the bedroom. Nick was all bruised and battered, but he needed Nynia now. They tore each others' clothes off and jumped on the bed. Nynia lay on her back as she watched Nick stroke his cock.

"Baby it's been too long." Nick draped his body over hers' and began to kiss her. He slowly devoured her mouth making her whimper in pleasure. He slid his hand between them and slowly worked a finger into her wet cunt. They both groaned as Nick began to move his finger inside of her slowly. She smiled at his as he broke the kiss and she grabbed his cock and began to stroke him.

"Enough!" Nick growled and then he entered Nynia slowly. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him. His hard cock was thick inside her tight cunt and she was already on the verge of cumming. He began to move faster inside of her making her moan out loud. They gazed into each others' eyes and smiled. The orgasm tore through them making them both call out in the night. No one was going to come between them again Nick vowed.


Nine months later

Elizabeth Ceara Brooks entered the room full of love. Her cries for attention and food bounced off of the walls, but they weren't ignored. Nynia gazed around at all of the friends and family that filled the room. Russell came to the side of the bed.

"Nynia sweetheart we got here as soon as we can. Now give me my grandbaby!" Russell carefully took Lizzy out of her mothers' arms and cradled her to his chest. He gazed down at the new addition to the Brooks' family and smiled.

"She's beautiful Nynia. I'm glad she looks like you because if she looked like Nick..." Everyone in the room laughed except for Nick. He looked at his father and rolled his eyes.

"Well considering I do look like my father..." They all smiled at one another.

Russell's loud voice washed over Lizzy. "Hey sweetheart it's about time you came I was beginning to think you didn't want to see us!" His voice didn't startle Lizzy though considering she already had his heart wrapped snuggly around her finger. She knew he wasn't going to hurt her.

Nick gazed around the room and thought about how lucky he was. Over a year ago he'd met a beautiful woman who brought him to his knees in more ways than one. She'd given him everything he needed in life and never asked for anything in return. He gazed down at her tired, beautiful face.

"I love you Nynia." He grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled at him.

"I love you too Nick." He leaned down to the bed to kiss her fully on the lips. His name had never sounded sweeter.

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