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My best friend at the time and I were 18 and seniors in high school. My friend Sherry was a little bit taller than I am so she is probably 5' 8" or so, she has olive colored skin and Brown hair with matching eyes. Her Tits are out of this world she wares an 32-d Bra and her measurements are 32-28-34.

Towards the end of our senior year she had really wanted to get her nipples pierced. We both worked at the same crappy job and couldn't afford shit. So her friend said that she would pierce them for her. That morning before school she went to her friends car and she shoved safety pins through her nipples. She said it didn't hurt that bad but they did bleed a little bit. When she was done she hurried back to the school so that she could show them to me.

There I stood at my locker, I hadn't opened it yet, When I seen her coming towards me. She was wearing a yellow low-cut t-shirt with a yellow and white plaid short skirt. Under all of this I knew she was wearing Pink Lace panties with a matching bra, I knew this because I had gotten them for her and she always wore them under this out fit because it was my favorite. She had a huge grin on her face which told me that I was FINALLY going to get to see those beautiful breasts of hers. She walked up to me and grabbed my hand and led me to the girly bathroom and took me to the last stall and she went in and I stood there anxiously waiting, my panties were soaking, She lifted her shirt and bra a there they were.

I had to have as much as I could fit in my mouth. I stepped towards her and Kissed her and surprisingly she aggressively kissed me back. I sucked her tongue of a few seconds and kissed along her jaw line towards her ears And then down her neck and finally to those boobies and I didn't care how much it hurt her I just wanted to suck on them. I sucked on the left one while I played with her right nipple. I started to slide my left hand down from her hip towards her pussy. When I slid my hand up her tight skirt I discovered that she wasn't wearing any panties!!!!! I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and running my fingers around her pussy teasing her before I stuck my fingers in her hot wet tight slit.

She was moaning frantically trying get in to my daisy duke shorts. She finally got them down and pulled them down along with my panties and stuck two fingers in my gash and started finger fucking me. I pulled her out of the stall and sat her down on the waist level radiator and buried my face in her twat. I licked the letters of the alphabet around her pussy (a trick I learned) She moaned and pulled my hair. She suddenly screamed and shot her orgasmic juices all over my face. As I was cleaning my face off I turned around to find a teacher standing behind me.

Apparently she had heard the scream and came in to see what was going on, she took us both to the Dean's office and as we sat there waiting to for him to come in I was suddenly turned on again. I scooted my chair closer to Sherry's and started to rub her clit again since she wasn't wearing panties it was easy access for me. She moaned and grinded against my palm of my hand. She slid her fingers up the legs of my very short shorts and started playing with my gash, we were both moaning and I was about to come and I whispered that to her and she started fingering m harder and faster and I wet my pants and moaned loudly as the dean came in.

She suspended us for two weeks and we were sent to get our things out of our lockers we stopped at Sherry's locker first and she grabbed her backpack and then we walked down the hallway to mine and I opened it up to find Sherry's panties hanging in there I turned to her and kissed her and she told me that she had planned to seduce me when we skipped our forth class. We walked together to my car and I drove her home. That was the last time I had seen her because her father sent her to live with her mother.

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