School's Out


As soon as we were deep enough, Tracy leaned forward and swam away from me, past the group and into deeper water. I opted to just wade to the merrymakers. As I neared them, I realized that Debbie had her back toward me. I don't know why, but the incident at breakfast popped into my mind. A sly grin crossed my face and I decided that I'd replay the event, only this time it would be me doing the 'accidental' bumping.

I eased up behind Debbie and pressed my pelvic region into her firm behind. My soft pecker squished against her butt cheeks and she angled her head to look at me over her shoulder. "Sorry about that," I said, still grinning. "Just thought I'd get even for this morning," I added.

"That's cool," Debbie replied. "But your cock isn't nearly as hard as it was then," she quipped sarcastically.

"I bet you're just the girl that could change that," I shot right back.

"You know it baby," she seethed as she reached behind her searching for my meat.

In turn, I reached around the girl and scooped up her heavenly tits, one in each hand. While we were toying with each other, the other three guys, as I suspected they would, moved toward Tracy and began their own advances on her. The blonde didn't really seem too into it but she was a good sport about it, letting them have just enough to keep them interested. I expected that the guys would be relentless and have her worked up in no time at all though.

As for Debbie; I was right about her being 'just the girl' because she had my pole standing at complete attention now. She released her grip on me, turned around and bent at the waist to give the head of my pecker a lick. Then she sank down, the water covering all but her head and shoulders, and took me into her mouth.

My eyes closed and I stood there relishing the feel of her obviously skilled tongue working my penis. The sun was warm on my chest and the water was cool on my legs. Debbie's hands were on my hips and she was sucking me in earnest now. I couldn't believe my luck. There were times when it had been months between barely decent blowjobs, and now I was getting two very good ones on the same day.

I lost track of time and how long Debbie had been working on me but I could feel the pre-cum oozing up my shaft. I was contemplating whether to just let her keep working until I blasted, or if I should try fucking the girl. My thoughts were jolted away as I heard splashing and Tracy's voice.

"I'm getting hungry," she complained. "Guess you were too. Huh, Deb?" she said with a chuckle as she looked down at my cock lodged halfway in Debbie's mouth.

We all got a laugh out of that, but my joviality was short lived as Debbie released me from her lips and straightened up. "Yeah, but I need to put something in my stomach," she said in response. I gave her a sideways look and she grinned and told me, "Something besides cum."

With that they all began a retreat to the lake shore, leaving me, not exactly hanging I guess, but nonetheless in their wake. There wasn't much I could do about the decision, so I turned and began following them to the water's edge with my hard-on bouncing in front of me as I waded through the water.

By the time I got to them, the guys were tugging shorts on over their wet legs. I picked up my shirt and dried off as best I could before pulling on my own. Debbie and Tracy hadn't waited for us since they had made a naked run for the lake originally. They were quite a site to behold as their still nude bodies strode away from us toward the campsite. One blonde, one brunette, both 19 years old and both with fantastic asses.

My cock was still semi-hard and as I worked to get it tucked away I glanced at my watch. Five minutes to five; "No wonder the girls were getting hungry," I said to myself. And now, as my stomach gave a little rumble, I had to agree with them. It was time to get some food, and if my suspicions were correct, we were going to need our strength later in the evening.

By the time the four of us guys reached the campsite, Tracy and Debbie were huddled together and giggling outside the tent they were sharing with Rusty. Upon our arrival there, we saw what was amusing them. The flap was wide open on the tent and there was Rusty, sound asleep and naked as could be. He was using a sleeping bag as a pillow and snoring quite loudly.

I guessed the girls were conspiring to prank the poor guy in some way and I was right. They crept into the tent and knelt down, near Rusty's hips. Slowly and ever so gently they began to stroke and tease his cock and balls while he slept. A few moments of this and he shifted, murmuring something indiscernible. The girls continued and in no time had Rusty, at least part of him, awake and ready for action.

We were all struggling to contain our laughter, especially the two females. As the rest of us watched from just outside, Tracy and Debbie continued their work, adding lips and tongues to their arsenal of torment. Inevitably their teasing rousted the teenager from his slumber. When Rusty finally woke, with a start, we all lost it and laughed out loud, the girls giggling hysterically as girls tend to do.

Looking down at his condition, Rusty immediately blushed crimson and tried to cover himself, I suppose not noticing that the females were both still in their birthday suits too. Tracy and Debbie quickly set about apologizing and explaining that they simply couldn't resist the chance to tease him. Debbie even leaned into him, rubbing her boobs against his own nakedness, and planted a deep french kiss on him. During the kiss her hand found the boy's hard-on and she gave it a few firm strokes.

"We'll make it up to you later," the brunette promised as she released him and got to her feet. "But for right now, you'll have to wait. We're hungry," Debbie finished.

The guys gave Rusty a bit of ribbing and I finally taunted, "Get up and put some clothes on, Stud."

As the realization of what was going on finally caught up with Rusty's groggy brain, the rest of us set to work building a fire for the evening. A few minutes later I heard rustling coming from Rusty's tent as the trio began to emerge. Rusty had donned a fresh pair of cargo shorts and a loose tank top, since he had left his others at the edge of the lake. The girls were both wearing long, baggy T-shirts with the sleeves, cut out of them. I would guess they were to be used as cover-ups over swimsuits but as Debbie bent to exit the tent, I could tell the shirt was all that she had on. I could only assume Tracy was following suit.

By the time the meal was finished, we had settled into a bit more mellow state. Still, there was a sexual charge in the air. We all knew we were getting laid again that evening. The girls had made no effort to keep themselves concealed under their T's; not that they were purposely flashing us. They simply didn't seem to mind if we saw. Of course it wasn't like we hadn't already seen it anyway, but the thrill of catching just a glimpse was somehow more intoxicating. I actually found myself working to try and see up or down the girl's shirts as the day edged into twilight.

Although I believe it was a forgone conclusion that sex was on the docket, everyone seemed to be just kind of waiting to see what would happen next. After about an hour of this, I started to get impatient and decided to help things along. And even though I was more than ready, I didn't want to simply drop my drawers and shout, "Who's first?"

Since I'd had some time to think, I had devised a little game that I expected would get everyone's juices flowing, pardon the pun. I had brought a deck of cards and I thought it would be interesting to hear some of the other's sexual fantasies, so I combined the two activities. My thought was that we would all draw a card and whoever drew the low card would have to tell theirs. Then, on the next round, whoever had already shared would be exempt from the draw.

I invited the group to play a game and everyone was receptive to the idea, until I proposed my game to them. After explaining the premise, there were some timid expressions from everyone except me and Joe. But after a few minutes of goading, the rest of the group gave in and agreed to play. And as we drew the first round of cards I warned everyone to not hold out on us. "We want all of the nitty gritty details," I said.

Joe happened to be the first low card. The fantasy he shared was exactly what I suspected his would be. Joe and I had been best friends since we were little kids and knew nearly as much about the other as we did about ourselves. He expounded on how he wanted to do it with a pair of red-headed twins. This may seem a bit tame, but Joe's rendition of what and how they would do certain things really got the group motivated to hear and tell more.

Rusty was next and I wasn't too surprised when he started out with, "Well, I got one of my fantasies today." Which, of course, was fucking his cousin Tracy. Then he went on with a more Rusty-like explanation of how he wanted to be gang-banged by 'a bunch of chicks'. We all groaned at his lack of imagination and poked more fun at him which he rebuffed with a simple, "Well that's what I want."

Tracy drew the next low card and she had a difficult time expressing a fantasy. It wasn't shyness or fear that hindered her. I think it was the fact that she just really had not developed any distinct fantasies yet. Even so, she still managed to give us some real brain candy in describing the things that interested her. I could feel my cock twitch and begin to stiffen as she regaled us with her anticipation of trying anal sex for the first time. But then she went on to inform us, in no uncertain terms, that she did not wish to have that fantasy fulfilled that weekend. I have to admit that was a bit of a let down. In retrospect, I'm glad she waited, but that's a story of it's own.

Mark and Kyle followed Tracy. Mark's fantasy was to get a blowjob from Angelina Jolie while eating out Megan Fox. Then he was going to fuck them both and have them share his load. Kind of a lofty fantasy, but nice to think about and typical for Mark. He is your average redneck car guy with a mentality to match. Don't get me wrong, Mark's a smart guy with a lot going for him. He just seems to live with his head in the clouds sometimes. As for myself, I was more interested in truly possible fantasies; the things that were within reach.

Kyle shocked those of us who knew him well by confessing that he, at some point, thought he'd like to try a bisexual encounter. "Not that I want some guy's dick up my ass," he chuckled, "but I'd like do a blowjob and I know I'd let a guy suck me off." Never, in all the time I'd known him had Kyle even hinted toward this course. I could tell that he was a little uneasy about it, but looked almost relieved to have it out there in the open.

His account was received with mixed regard, including some lighthearted teasing. But Kyle took it all in stride and assured us that he, like Tracy, did not wish to make his fantasy a reality anytime soon. For some, I'm sure, that was a relief to hear. It left me with a question mark running around my brain. I had never given any thought to the possibility of a bi-sexual encounter. Kyle's confession made me wonder what it would be like.

I didn't have a lot of time to ponder it though as Debbie brought my attention back to the game. "Just you and me now," she said, holding the deck of cards out for me to select one. I drew a nine and she pulled a queen from the pack.

After a few moments of silence I cleared my throat and began. "Well, my fantasy isn't anything really wild," I stated, pausing for a moment and contemplating the fact that I didn't have some flamboyant desire to share. Then I continued, "The gist of my fantasy is that I'm getting it on with a girl and her hot mom catches us. After acting pissed for a few minutes, she decides to join us and winds up screwing both our brains out."

Then, with a mischievous snort, I said, "Of course, if I were Kyle I guess I'd want to get caught by her dad." The comment brought a round of good natured ribbing for Kyle. But then we made it clear to him that we thought no less of him and respected the fact that he was curious. The last thing I wanted to do was demoralize someone for their fantasies so I offered, "It's all good, man. Personally, if it's a good blowjob, I don't think I'd care if the giver was a guy or a girl." I suppose I still had the question mark floating around somewhere in the back of my mind.

As the laughter subsided, Debbie settled back in her chair. She was the only one left to share and for the first time in the weekend, she seemed less than confident. I guess I could have been misreading her expressions, but it seemed as though she was struggling to voice her desires. Or, it could have been that she was simply having trouble picking one of the many scenarios that I speculated were littering her mind.

Finally she began, "Okay. Just so we are clear, this fantasy is not for this weekend either."

We all acknowledged her statement and Debbie went on to explain how she wanted to be dominated and gang-fucked. She even told us about watching some B&D flicks and how she thought she'd like to try some of that stuff, but certainly not all of it. She expounded, in great detail, that the fantasy she was sharing involved being tied up in some open and compromising position by another female. This female would get the ball rolling by licking, sucking and teasing Debbie until she was begging to be fucked.

"Then it would just be a steady stream of guys fucking me," she told us. "I guess girls could use me too," she added, and then wound up her story by saying, "They would cum all over me until I was a big, gooey, dripping mess."

By the time she finished her tale we were all staring at her, almost breathless. I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one sitting there with a boner bulging my pants. And I imagine possibly all of us were hoping we'd be on the list if she ever decided to execute that fantasy. I even noticed Tracy licking her succulent lips while Debbie treated us with her story. It was evident that she was picturing herself as the dominant female in the narrative.

I think Debbie must have noticed as well. A few moments after she finished speaking, she rose from her chair, giving me a great view of her cunt as she did. She grabbed Tracy by the hand and pulled her to her feet, dragging her toward Rusty. Once there, they stood one on each side of his camp chair and Debbie leaned in to whisper something in Tracy's ear.

Tracy shook her head in the negative but Debbie was insistent, eventually pulling the girl closer and locking her lips with Tracy's. I was aware from my earlier conversation with Tracy that the two had engaged in similar activities at least once before, but I guessed the other guys had no idea. Their eyes were glued to the females as they continued, now progressing to a passionate french kiss.

Whatever it was that Tracy was showing reluctance over must have passed because as the two continued kissing, their hands began to roam. Soon they were groping each other with Tracy slipping her hands through the gaping arm holes of Debbie's shirt to find her breasts. In return, Debbie let her hand wander downward and nestle between the blonde's legs. Within seconds it was plain that Debbie's fingers had found their mark as Tracy went weak-kneed for a brief moment and then let her head tip back blissfully.

Rusty was wide eyed as the girls played, hovering just above his lap. I saw his hand move to his crotch and he began to slowly rub his tented shorts. His inexperience was showing again so once more I decided to give him some guidance. "Man, if it was me, I'd have a couple of handfuls of ass by now," I teased.

The girls were unaffected by my comment and just continued to toy with one another. Rusty, still mesmerized by the women, slowly raised his hands toward them. His fingers landed simultaneously on the backs of both girl's thigh, and then began a slow ascent to the firm flesh barely concealed under the thin material of their shirts.

As Rusty inched upward, his fingers pushed the hem of each shirt up, bringing the soft globes of each girl's butt into view. The scene was incredibly erotic and my cock was throbbing in my shorts. And it only seemed to throb more as I watched our somewhat backward, but lucky, friend massaging and fondling Debbie's and Tracy's fine rear ends with gusto. The girls continued playing but Debbie broke the silence by looking down at Rusty and telling him, "I told you we'd make it up to you."

Rusty just nodded and mumbled, "Uh-huh," his eyes never leaving the pair of nearly nude females writhing above him. Then, with one swift move, Debbie pulled her hand from between Tracy's thighs, grabbed the hem of the girl's shirt and began pulling it skyward. Tracy let her hands escape from Debbie's cover-up and allowed herself to be stripped. In turn, she reciprocated by doing the same to Debbie, then returned her hands to the brunette's bosom.

The two kissed again for a moment and then Debbie guided them both lower and lower until they were kneeling next to the fascinated Rusty. Debbie's hands went to Rusty's legs and then swept upward with Tracy tentatively following her lead. The pair settled their fingers over Rusty's bulging shorts and within seconds had them unfastened and splayed open, letting his boner spring free.

Both of the girls began stroking Rusty's hard-on and rubbing their tits against his legs. They pushed his shirt upward, exposing his taut abdomen, running their hands over his admirable six pack. At last he pulled his eyes away and leaned his head back, basking in the treatment he was receiving. I couldn't blame him. I was itching to get in on the action, but then again, I was enjoying the show too. And it quickly got better as Debbie dipped to take Rusty's cock head into her mouth. Rusty let out a moan and then Debbie reminded him, "Don't forget to tell me before you cum."

He didn't respond but Debbie didn't wait for him. She got right down to what was a great blowjob, at least from what I could see of it. Her head was bobbing up and down in his lap and her hands were all over him. I could hear slurping and sucking sounds, mixed with an occasional moan from Rusty's throat.

When Debbie paused with just the tip of Rusty's meat between her lips, I thought maybe he had lost control, but then she slowly took his entire length down her throat. As her chin nestled against his balls, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I stood and quickly shed my shorts and moved toward the action. Mark, Joe and Kyle all scrambled to their feet after me.

I had already decided that I was going to fuck Debbie since I'd wet my tool in Tracy's snatch earlier, so I moved around behind her. She was hunched over Rusty's crotch, still slurping his pecker like a popsicle. I knelt and leaned in close behind her, pressing my own hard-on tight against her butt. My hip making contact with his hand startled Rusty somewhat and caused him to release the grip he had on Debbie's butt cheek. She shifted just a bit and my manhood wedged right into the crack of her sweet ass.

Reaching around Debbie's torso, I found her boobs and began to play with her stiff little nipples and generally massage the orbs. As I played with her, I felt her shift again and then felt fingers barley graze my nuts. They weren't there but for a moment and then I could tell Debbie was pushing into herself. While she diddled herself I thought I could even hear her wetness, but I wasn't sure since she was making quite a bit of noise sucking Rusty's cock.

In the meantime, Kyle, Mark and Joe had descended on Tracy, which I'm sure she welcomed since she didn't seem too eager to repeat her earlier acts with Rusty. Someone had produced a blanket and they quickly had the girl on her back, working as much of her body as they could with their lips and hands. In turn, Tracy was grabbing and groping at the guys, pumping their shafts while licking and nibbling any flesh that got near her pretty face.

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