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Science Experiment


Marie woke up slowly, her mind was groggy and clouded as she moaned... her head hurt and it felt like something was tickling her foot. Trying to move her arms from their uncomfortable position above her head, she realized that she couldn't and suddenly came completely and fully awake in a panic. She was in a lit room and she was naked and tied up... anger swept over her. The last thing that she had remembered was talking - well arguing really - with her ex-husband Richard and then him spraying something in her face.

Looking around the room, she couldn't see anything but a big plant with a lot of vines on it and the large wooden frame that she was tied to.

"RICHARD!" she shrieked, struggling against the ropes that held her arms above her head and her legs spread, "RICHARD! COME HERE AND LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!"

Her pain in the ass ex walked along the wall from behind her, staying far away from the frame as she glared at him. Chuckling, he told her, "Don't worry Marie, I won't need you for too long. You're going to help me in my experiment and then you can go and I won't have any hesitation in paying for your alimony."

"Richard," she said angrily, "If you had asked me I MIGHT have said yes to helping, but gassing me and then tying me up naked isn't exactly the way to get cooperation from me. And if your experiment includes in any way me having sex with you then I'll get you up on charges for rape."

His grin broadened, "Oh no Marie, I would never dream that you'd acquiesce to having sex with me again... but you see, I've made some alterations to this plant here, and I want to see how it works." Confused, Marie watched as he pressed a needle to the plant and gave it some kind of shot. Backing far away, he pulled a camera from the pocket of his jacket and got into position, smiling.

"What are you doing you sick freak?" she snarled at him, "Don't you dare take pictures of me in this position!"

"Ah, but I must in the name of science," he chuckled as the plant started to move and she shrieked, "And not only that, but I'll probably make a load of money selling them on the internet and then you won't even have to work you'll get so much money from me. I'll split the load, fifty-fifty."

"STOP IT!" cried Marie, frightened now as the ends of some of the thick vines lifted and started slowly moving towards her; one was slithering up her leg and she realized that it must have been what was tickling her foot when she first woke up. More of the vines started to twine around her body, squeezing her gently as it encircled her limbs and torso; Marie started to scream and it echoed in the room until the vine wrapped around her mouth. Trying to spit it out didn't work and when she bit down it sprayed bitter juices into her mouth that made her eyes water.

Richard started taking pictures as the vine twined around her breasts, leaves brushing her nipples gently and to her horror she realized that they were getting hard as the vines started to squeeze her breasts tighter and continued to nuzzle her nipples. Trying to shake them off, she flailed and struggled useless against the ropes that were tying her, her breasts jiggling in the confines of the plant. Muffled shrieking emitted from behind the vines in her mouth as the end of a new vine tickled the outside of her pussy and then began searching along the interior of her pinkness. Tears came to her eyes in horrified shame and disgust as the end of the vine found her pussy hole and began to press in. She was being raped by a fucking plant, and not only that, but her ex-husband was watching AND taking pictures of her degradation.

The worst part was that the textured exterior of the vine actually felt good inside of her... it twisted and rippled, pressing deeper and deeper into her body. Chances were it was the longest thing that she'd ever had inside of her and she couldn't help but moan as it opened up new places, caressing and stretching them. Then it slowly slid out of her body and she actually could feel her pussy involuntarily gripping it, trying to keep it inside her. To her horror, it then pressed against the virgin hole of her anus. Shrieking again, she jumped and clenched down, trying to stop this new humiliation... to no avail. The plant pressed inside of her, a slick burning that opened up her asshole and began to press deeper; it hurt and made her belly cramp as it slide into her, opening up completely unexplored territory.

Moving around to the side, Richard snapped more pictures, he could feel himself getting excited by the whole process. Not just mentally, but his dick was responding to the naked body of his ex and the plant that was now taking her anal virginity. Grinning, he took more pictures as he watched the thicker vine that was moving up her thigh towards her pussy; she was gonna be filled up like never before. Of course, he wasn't sure what he could use the plant for other than sci-fi porn movies, but because it was a real plant fucking a woman he was sure that he could get plenty of money for it anyway. Enough to pay the bitch what he needed and still live comfortably, something no other scientific discovery had been able to do for him. Stepping closer, he took more pictures as the large vine began to press into her pussy, the plant was filling up both her holes.

Marie shuddered as her pussy was stretched open even more, the new vine that was pressing into her was thicker than the one that now invaded her ass. She felt incredibly full... and uncomfortably aroused. Although her arousal bothered her there didn't seem to be anything that she could do about it... and she was starting to think that she should just sit back and enjoy it. Even with that perv taking pictures of her.

The vines started pumping in and out of her body and she shuddered and moaned as it touched parts inside of her that she didn't even know could bring pleasure. Her breasts felt squeezed to bursting by the confining vines and she let her head fall back in panting ecstasy as the long limbs of the plant wriggled inside of her. Richard was getting incredibly turned on watching Marie slowly succumb to the plant, her holes split open by the green vines and her body held and caressed by it. Taking another step closer he came within reach of the plant.


The vines whipped out and grabbed him and he screamed; hearing the sudden noise Marie's head snapped up and her eyes widened as she watched in shock. Tearing the clothes from his body, the vine took the camera and started taking its own pictures of both of them... because it was now caressing Richard's body as well although he struggled against it in terror. Using its own vines, the plant put him in approximately the same position that he'd tied Marie in. It caressed his dick, and a smaller vine moved back towards his anus until it was pressing against his hole dryly.

Groaning in discomfort, he felt it squirt some of its bitter interior juices onto his ass and use it as lube to enter his hole. Struggling, he could help the lustful feelings that were sweeping over him as the plant invaded his body and caressed his dick. Out of the corner of his eye he could see it pressing the shutter on the camera, taking pictures of him as well as Marie. Then the plant began to pleasure them in earnest, pumping and caressing, finding every spot on their bodies that could be used to heighten their arousal. Marie felt like she was drowning in pleasure, every part of her body was being caressed all at once, outside and inside... with a loud cry that was still muffled, she came, jerking hard against the plant and squeezing its vines inside of her. It seemed to swell inside of her, making her stretch and cum even more, sweating with the passion that was overtaking her.

Watching her cum, and feeling the vine stroking his interiors and his dick, Richard spewed cum onto the floor, spraying some of it onto the vine itself. As they completed their orgasms the vine slowly lowered him to the floor and began to unwind itself from their bodies. Marie slumped in her bonds on the frame, completely exhausted. Tiredly, her naked ex-husband came over and untied her. They both felt like just falling down right there, but even though the plant was quiescent they didn't want to take the chance.

Richard did make a hefty bundle off of renting the plant out to be used in porn films, and Marie appreciated the money that she got out of it too... but she never quite forgave him for the original trickery.

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