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Scorned Slutwife

byR Taylor©

As most of you know by now, my Ann Marie is quite the slutwife. She has done it all; from picking up two fraternity brothers at a bar, to sleeping with two guys that we met on vacation, to even fucking around with a few of her girlfriends from time to time. This is the stuff I know about. I must admit, I am a voyeur, and I have been lucky enough to be present for most of her exploits. I'm sure Ann Marie has had some other slutty experiences (without me around), but she tells me that there has to be SOME secrets between the two of us.

I have also begun to realize that both my wife and I seem to get really turned when she dominates me and takes total control while we are in the bedroom. I guess we could get into all the reasons that I enjoy being submissive to her; like the fact that in my job as a fairly high-level corporate executive, I need to be in total control 100% of the time. But I'm not a psychiatrist, and the reasons aren't important anyway. The fact is, we both get off on it, so I suppose that's all that matters.

Over the last few years, she has been regularly fucking my best friend John. She has had him about a dozen times or so, and she seems to enjoy it more and more with every new get together. She tells me that while the sex between me and her is good, she wishes that my cock was bigger. She usually tells me this when I am inside of her, and it almost always makes me cum immediately.

John's cock is about 8 or 9 inches long and much thicker than mine. Ann Marie says that there is nothing like being completely "filled up" by his huge dick. She will often make me rub my own small cock through my underwear, while she uses a large vibrator on herself. All the while saying that she can't wait to have John again, and how badly she needs a real cock inside of her. She will not let me touch her during these times, nor will she touch me. I must not take my underwear off, and if I am allowed to cum, I must cum with them on. She tells me this is "my punishment", and that every once in a while I need to be put in my place.

When Ann Marie gets what she calls her "Big Cock craving", she will usually just e-mail John and tell him how horny she is for him. She will invite him over the following Saturday night, and they will spend the evening sucking and fucking each other to multiple orgasms. She usually allows me to watch, but sometimes she will make me sit in the living room and play with myself while I listen to them going at it in our bed. These nights are always incredible. I love watching her on her knees, licking his balls and sucking his big dick. She begs him to cum in her mouth and on her face, and when he does, she makes sure to totally clean his cock with her tongue. Of course I also love to watch him bend her over and fuck her. The look on her face is priceless, and the way she begs him not to stop is just so fucking hot.

This past Wednesday, Ann Marie told me that she really wanted John to visit us on Saturday night. She said it had been too long since she had been satisfied by a big cock (it really had only been about three weeks). She said that she was having some trouble with her e-mail and that I would have to call him to set it up. Well, here is where I fucked up. I left him a voicemail telling him to give me a call, but I didn't say that Ann Marie wanted to see him this weekend. He didn't call me back until Friday, and when I told him how my wife wanted him the next night, he said that he was sorry but he had promised his cousin he would help him move on Saturday. Since he was moving about six hours away, John said he was going to spend Saturday night at his cousin's new house. He said that if my voice mail to him would have said that Ann Marie was craving him, he never would have committed to his cousin.

I knew I was fucked, and that Ann Marie would certainly give me the "punishment" treatment. I have to admit that I was a bit excited by the situation too. She was going to be pissed off, and I was sure that I was in for a little of her domination. I did not tell her about my fuck-up on Friday. Maybe I was hoping that she would just forget that she had told me to set it up, or maybe I was subconsciously hoping that she would be even angrier on Saturday night, when she learned she wouldn't be enjoying my friend that night.

Friday night came, and Ann Marie and I had fantastic sex. She laid me on my back and sat on my cock. When she leaned down and whispered that she could not wait for the following night and how she was yearning to have John's big cock in her mouth and pussy, we both had earth shattering orgasms. I didn't say a word as we drifted off to sleep.

I really meant to tell her during the day on Saturday, but I just kept putting it off. At about 8:00 pm, she took a bath, did her hair and makeup, and put on her sluttiest little outfit. She wore a garter belt and thigh-high stockings, black high heels, a clingy black mini skirt, and a thin white top with no bra. She looked amazing. Her long legs looked so hot in the stockings and heels and her big nipples could clearly be seen through the material of her shirt.

We had a couple beers and had a pretty hot make-out session. She let me play with her tits over her shirt, and she even rubbed my cock through my jeans. At about 9:30 she asked me what time John was going to be here. She said her pussy was dripping wet and she didn't know how much longer she could wait.

It was finally time for me to come clean. I sheepishly told her the whole story and she just kept nodding her head and saying, "I see. OK. I see."

When I was finished relaying my fuck up to her, and apologizing like there was no tomorrow, she appeared to take it very well. She was calm, and even gave me a kiss.

She then looked at me and in the softest, sweetest voice imaginable and said, "You do know that you need to be punished for this, don't you?"

Immediately I felt my cock start to get hard.

She continued, "You need to be punished really bad, so we make sure this never happens again. Now go into the bedroom, take off all of your clothes and lay face down on the bed. I'll be in shortly."

I started to protest, but she cut me off with a stern, "Now! Do it!"

As I headed to the bedroom, I was a little surprised that Ann Marie told me to take of ALL my clothes. I thought to myself that this wasn't going to be so bad after all. I figured she was probably so horny that we would wind up fucking for hours and that my punishment would be her telling me how badly she wished it was John fucking her. Boy was I wrong.

As I lay on the bed, naked and on my stomach, I watched her enter the room. She had taken off her skirt and her top, and was now wearing only the stockings, garters and heels. I felt my cock get totally erect underneath me. She walked over to her night table and took a blindfold out of the drawer.

She handed it to me and said, "Put it on and make sure you can't see. You are not to speak unless spoken to. Do you understand?"

"I understand." I answered.

Now blindfolded, I could only hear as she rummaged through another drawer. As I felt her get on the bed, she instructed me to put my hands together above my head. She wrapped what felt like a silk scarf around my hands and tied them to the headboard. My wife then gently ran her finger nails down my back, over my ass and onto my thighs.

As she got down to my lower legs, she roughly spread them apart and said, "We really need to make sure you listen to me from now on."

I felt one of my ankles being tied to one end of the bedpost, and then the other. Before I knew it, I realized I was blindfolded and tied spread eagle, face down on our bed.

She then lay back on the bed and started to touch herself. I knew this because she began to moan almost immediately. She told me to just lie there quietly and that she was going to make herself cum. I heard the buzz of her vibrator and soon could hear her fucking herself with it. She started to talk about John, and how she wished he was inside of her. I was now squirming around and trying to rub my cock on the bed, when I felt her hand slam down on my naked ass with full force. I think I actually heard the "SMACK" before I felt it, but when I realized what she had done, a wave of exhilaration came over me and I almost came. This was something new, and I was shocked that I was so aroused.

Ann Marie said, "Do not move, and if you cum before I tell you to, I will keep you tied up all night."

It was pure torture trying to stay completely still, while she was fucking herself and calling out John's name right beside me. It only took her about five more minutes, before she started to cum.

"Oh yea. Fuck me John. Cum all over me. OH MY GOD! Please don't stop." she cried.

It took her a while to get her bearings straight, but when she did, she got between my legs and leaned forward onto my back. I felt her rock hard nipples up against my back and then she started to kiss my neck and nibble on my earlobes.

She then whispered into my ear, "I just had a wonderful orgasm. No one fucks me like your friend. His cock is so big and it feels so good, I think I'm addicted to it. You do know that you have been a very bad boy, and whatever I do to you now is just to make sure that you don't fuck up again."

With that, she started to kiss her way down my back. She stopped at my ass and kissed it right where she had spanked it. She then took her tongue and started to lick my balls. I lifted my ass up in the air to give her greater access to my cock and balls, when I heard that sound once again. "SMACK."

The pain and the pleasure was incredible. I couldn't believe my wife was spanking my ass for not making sure my friend was there to fuck her. I was totally at her mercy.

As she continued to smack my ass, she said, "You know I need his cock to please me, and yet he is not here. Why? Because you fucked up."


She sighed, "I've told you your dick isn't big enough for me, and yet he is not here."


She continued, "I said that I needed him to cum in my mouth tonight, and yet he is not here."


After she had given me about ten or twelve whacks, she abruptly stopped and said, "I think you are enjoying this too much. Stick your ass up in the air for me."

As I did this, I felt totally exposed. Ann Marie reached down and cupped my balls. She commented that she couldn't believe how hard my cock was, and that she still had one more punishment in store for me.

I heard the hum of her vibrator again and felt a huge wave of frustration as I figured she had gotten so hot that she needed to fuck herself with it again. She had other ideas, however. When I felt the vibration on my balls and my cock, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The vibrator was still wet with her juices and as she rubbed it on me, it mixed with my pre-cum, totally soaking my cock and balls.

I cried out, "Oh My God, that feels good!"

Ann Marie replied, "Uh oh, I told you not to speak. I guess you haven't learned your lesson."

I heard her go back to the nightstand, and soon I felt her dripping lubricant all down my ass. I instinctively tightened up and tried to move my ass away from her. This caused her to spank me again, very hard this time.

She said, "Put your ass in the air and keep it there."

I did as I was told, and as the scarves had loosened a bit, I was able to get up on my knees. She began to slide the vibrator from the tip of my cock, down the shaft, over my balls and between my cheeks. She was now slowly rubbing it up and down the crack of my ass, applying more and more pressure as she went. Ann Marie then got on her back and slid her head under me. She took my cock in her mouth and as I began to fuck her face, she pressed the tip of the vibrator up against my ass. I felt my balls tighten up and I began to cum in her mouth. As she was swallowing every drop, she kept teasing me with the head of the vibrator.

When I was completely spent, she wiggled out from beneath me, crawled up towards my head and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth.

When she was finished French kissing me, she whispered one more time in my ear, "I decided to take mercy on you. If you ever fuck up again, I promise I will fuck your ass so deeply with this vibrator that you will be sorry. Do you understand?'

"I understand." I answered.

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by Anonymous07/12/17

What he understood?

Is that she had just committed several crimes against his person, including assault, battery, sexual assault, sodomy, rape and spousal abuse. He called the Police, she went to prison, he kept all the maritalmore...

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