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Scottish She-Demon


NB: Throughout this story, Sophie's speech is written phonetically with a strong Glaswegian accent- for the full earthy experience of a Scottish woman, try to imagine it spoken out loud as you are reading. I guarantee it will make it a whole lot better. Also, those of you who are eagle-eyed will notice that there are variant spellings of 'you' in her dialogue- that's because there are different emphases in the accent. If you are imagining her voice as instructed, you will be able to see that it is so :D


I was hitching up the A702, trying to get to Edinburgh, where I was going to stay with a friend of mine for couple of nights, then head on to Glasgow. I wasn't having much luck on the motorway, so I had been walking down the road for the past five miles.

In the distance I saw a truck cab parked in a lay-by- I wondered if there was a toilet there. It was a hot day, so I'd been drinking quite a lot of water- but now I badly needed a pee.

I walked up next to the truck and, squinting with my hand over my eyes against the bright sun, looked around. There was nothing there, not even an emergency phone. However, around the area was long grass and a few trees which I could use as a toilet- I looked into them just in case anyone else was there.

Someone else was.

A girl...no, a woman, a little older than me, petite in stature but ruggedly built. Her fair hair was cropped very short and she was obviously the owner of the truck- her oil-stained grey t-shirt and jeans marked her out as a working girl.

From where I was she appeared to be examining the ground intently- I wondered what she was doing. Perhaps looking for something?

Then she began to squat down...and by the time I'd come to my senses and realised what was happening, she had seen me.

She instantly re-buttoned her jeans and began walking angrily towards me. I made to explain as fast as I could.

"I'm sorry- I didn't mean to stare...I was just hitching and I was looking for somewhere to go myself..."

I cursed myself- she looked tough. She could probably beat me up and then have me tried for sexual harassment.

"Ya don't expect me t' believe that, d'ya?" She growled in a thick Scottish accent "Ah bet yer one o' them boys who gets off on girls going for a piss!"

Now, that was unfair. Truthful, but unfair.

"If you don't want to believe me." I said "That's fine. But I have to tell you, if I could pick any woman to look at it wouldn't be you."

If she had looked, my cock would have proved me a liar. It was stirring happily.

"Fuck yew!" She said, coming closer. I noticed she smelled raunchy...of sweat, cigarettes and gasoline. "Admit it, y'are one o' them perverts ain't ya?"

She was right near me now, her short but buff frame a couple of inches from mine, her index finger against my chest. Her face was really very pretty, almost elfin- but under the dirt and the scowling this fact was well hidden. I looked directly into her eyes and decided to throw caution to the winds.

"If you must know, then yes." I replied coldly

"Ah knew it!" She rasped. And the next thing I knew she had slammed me against the cab with unexpected force and her powerful tongue was raping my mouth while her hand squeezed my balls.

It hurt a little but I just couldn't get over the eroticism of struggling against her.

I broke off the kiss and spat on the ground to get the taste of her mouth out. She obviously smoked.

She panted and growled as I did so, still holding my shirt against the truck. She gritted her teeth and I curled my lip in disgust at her.

"You filthy dyke." I said. And then we were kissing again- the most passionate, forceful, lusty kiss I have every had. The anger and disgust were turning to the ultimate dark desire- the desire to destroy this bitch and be destroyed myself in a red-hot flame of utter perversion. I just couldn't get enough- I guzzled and gobbled and sucked at her face for what seemed like an eternity of oral sex. When we broke off a second time we were both exhausted.

"Get up in the cab." She said, shaking slightly but still aggressive "Ah don't care where the fuck yer goin'- yer comin' wi' me."

We sat in near silence for the ride except for her near-animal growing. She grabbed my thigh and squeezed it hard several times, and I returned the favour, literally drooling at what was to come.

It turned out she was going to Edinburgh anyway, and after she had dropped off the cab and I had made an apologetic phone call to my friend, I joined her at the bed and breakfast she was booked into.

She pulled me upstairs by my arm and threw me on the bed. She ripped off her jeans and tee revealing a her hard worker's body, clad in white boxers and a sports bra.

Then she jumped on me and dug her fingernails into my shoulders.

"Ah hope ya know what yev put me through..." She said in a low, shaking voice, rough and coarse like her hands "Ah've been holdin' in that piss ever since ah picked you up. Ah'm guessing ye'll make it worth my while. Mah name is Sophie, but yew can call me Mistress."

"I've got several names for you..." I sneered "Slut. Whore. Slag." She dug deeper with every name I called her and I knew she didn't want to be submitted to. She wanted a fight. She wanted me to resist every second of the way so that when her victory came it would mean everything. "And of course," I added slowly making sure each word was felt "A...little...dyke... bitch."

She leaned closer and snarled, her hot coarse breath on my face

"Yer one t' talk ya faggot cunt. Ah can tell by the way yer dressed." She spun me over and slapped my arse hard "Those tight little trousers and yer sissy shirt. Ah bet yev taken loads o' cocks up that shitter of yers."

"More than you'll ever get." I retorted

"Hah." She grunted "Well now ah know yer sick. Cocks, piss- let's see if ya like any other dirty things."

As fast as I could I struggled up and pinned her. She was stronger than me but I got the advantage.

"I like you." I whispered in her ear "And you're the dirtiest, filthiest thing I can think of."

She shivered and for the first time there was wonderful tenderness in those grey eyes of hers.

"Wass yer name, little boy?" She said, running her rough labourer's hands through my hair.

"Seb." I replied

"Well Seb." She said "Ah'm desperate fer a piss...and if yer really as wrong as ya claim, ye'll get between mah legs and make sure none of it gets spilled."

I did as she asked...eventually. But I knew that she wouldn't let go until I was in position. So I took my time, rubbing my face against her boxer-clad fanny.

God it was amazing. The sweat and pheromones must have been building up in there for days, it was so overpowering. The normal part of my mind was disgusted as the stained, sweaty material nestling in between her thighs rubbed against my nose and mouth, but the darkness that was guiding me slavered like a hungry animal.

"You stink you filthy bitch." I told her "When did you last change your underwear?"

"Four days ago..." She moaned, squirming under the weight of her full bladder "Now get the fuckers off before ah wet meself!"

I undid them one button at a time, revealing a magnificently thick and bestial bush which stretched from her tummy down across her pussy and thighs and right up her butt crack. After nuzzling it and inhaling the intoxicating scent for a few delicious seconds, I finally pulled them down. Achingly slowly, I opened my mouth wide and covered up her clit and her lovely pink hole. She arched up to meet me, desperation driving her body.

"Yes..." She squealed "Yesssssssssssssssssss......." The end of the word merged into a trickling sound as the hot, acrid fluid tickled my lips, washed across my tongue, poured into my throat and went down down down to settle in my gut.

Wave after wave of strong, smelly piss squirted into me and I felt like my stomach was bulging- but I just couldn't break away from her...she held my head tight in her muscular legs until the last dribbles fell down my chin and she gave an obscene sigh of satisfaction.

"Aaannnggggnnnn...oh, that wuz good...ya filthy, piss-drinking boy..." She squirmed and wriggled in ecstasy but it was still violent and aggressive- I squeezed one of her hairy thighs hard, leaving imprints of my nails.

"Now eat mah arse." She ordered, licking her lips hungrily

"Make me." I said "You were begging to be serviced a minute ago- what makes you think you can give orders? If your arse is anything like your pussy, I'm not going anywhere near it."

She sat up and tried to punch me, but I caught her forearm. We strained against one another for a moment, her muscles standing out on her petite arms.

"Oh, ah'll make ya, ya little cunt." She whispered

Then she dived at me- I fought back as best I could, punching and leaving long livid red scratches across her skin...but she was too strong- a minute later I was lying face up, pinned- her hands on my hips and her legs on my arms...the perfect position for her to straddle my face. She looked over her shoulder and down at me.

"Yew think mah arsehole is dirty, faggot?" She snarled

"Yes." I replied. Above me, her hairy arse winked. Even I foot away, I could to smell it.

She smiled evilly like a serpent.

"Yew have NO idea."

And she descended on me.

I pushed my tongue out as far as it would go, and before long its pink flesh was tainted with her filth. Now, I've known girls who forgot to wipe before...a problem which I was happy to help them with. But Sophie, disgusting slob bitch that she was, looked like she had never tried wiping at all. Layers of crusted brown shit clung to her hole, and her skin under the mass of thick black hair was streaked with her mess. Unlike my previous lovers', her arse was quite small and round- not big enough to truly engulf me, so I could escape to gag every so often when her overpowering stench became too much. I cleaned her up as best I could, first servicing her tight ring until it was a little pink (for the first time in months, perhaps) and then slowly working my way up her, delving into her rectum. She became noticeably more aroused at this, her low guttural moans becoming louder- she pawed at my crotch and fumbled with my trousers and pants, eventually ripping them down half way, from where I could kick them away easily.

I heard her gasp and then suddenly she descended onto my cock, her filthy Scottish mouth slobbering all over it. Despite her eagerness she was amazingly skilful, working up and down perfectly without ever using her hands to help. A wave of hot pleasure spread outwards from my groin, and I sat up so I could redouble my efforts on her now upwards-pointing bum. I also returned to raunchy heaven of her dyke pussy, greedily tonguing her bushy hole for a while, but I couldn't deny my allegiance to her back door for long. I spread her cheeks a little and began working my tongue deep, her earthy taste filling my mouth. Then when I judged that she was wet enough, I inserted my index finger into her. She SWALLOWED me. Literally. I knew only a well-trained arse like my own could warm up so easily- her pink, soft guts were embracing me and soon I was sliding two and then three fingers up into her dirtchute.

She let go of my cock for a minute and just lay there, grunting, her slimy butt pointing up like a bitch dog waiting for a stud.

"Oh...oh yes...fuck, yer good! Ya love arses, don't ya, little boy?"

"Mmmmmmmm yeah." I moaned, gently biting her muscular cheek "Especially dirty ones."

"Me too...oh!" She squeaked as I hit her sweet spot "Yeaaahhhh...it's the best. Lets ha' a look at yers!"

She quickly leapt off me, my fingers making a slurping sound as they pulled out of her butt, and easily flipped me on to my front.

She squeezed my arse with both hands.

"Ah cannea believe how smooth y'are." She said, running her hands over me "No hair anywhere. Now let's see this shitter o' yers."

She parted my cheeks and I knew she was disappointed- I had known she would be ever since she'd declared her intentions.

"Yer clean as a whistle!" She said, angrily "Ya fuckin' queer boy, making yerself all ready for those big dicks- bet ya wuz planning t' get cock in ya as soon as ya got home, weren't yer?"

"I can make it dirty if you like." I said, slowly and carefully "Then maybe I can get your dyke tongue inside me instead."

"Ya can make it dirty? Ya don't mean..." Then she grinned evilly and slapped my bare arse hard "Ya nasty little faggot! Ya gonna take a shit?"

"If you think you can handle it."

"As well as yew can, cocksucker. Ya got lots?"

"Three days worth."

"Wow...then bring it on!"

She spread my legs and watched. I began to push - it was not the ideal position, but I tensed my stomach muscles and went for it. While I worked she spoke to me in a raw, seductive growl.

"Actually, ah'm impressed you managed to get this far- ah've met so many babydykes that won't go the distance. I show 'em my arse and they run away, ungrateful little bitches. Lucky for us we swing both ways, eh? 'specially yew. Ya got a little tongue that just NEEDS t' eat fanny- it'd be a crime t' waste it on cock."

I grunted in agreement, and pushed more. Now my hole was coming open a little, and I could feel my shit on the way.

I could here her breathing getting faster as the brown mass slithered satisfyingly past my prostate and out through my dilated hole. I could feel her hard, warm hands near my balls, cupped together to receive it.

She would soon find out she had more than a handful to deal with. Three days is a lot of shit.

The first four logs squirmed out, fat and long, and she caught them easily with evil glee.

Then a few more smaller ones shot out...I felt her fingers dig into me, and I pushed out the last of it.

There was a pause and I heard a squelching sound- I turned a little and saw her, two hands full of crap, her mouth and chin completely covered by obscene brown lumps- her teeth and were brown and between them my crap was oozing. She rubbed it into her face and breasts and down her thighs, and then began smearing it all over my butt and back. It was warm and the sensations traveled upwards as she slathered it up across my shoulders and into my shaven armpits.

It was warm and slimy and somehow made my skin more sensitive- I could feel the tingling of tiny air currents as they washed over me. After I was soiled all over any hot turd that was left she began pushing back inside my rectum, fingering my arsehole clumsily. Then she got up off the bed and unzipped one of her cases.

"Ah have something special for yew, fag." She said "Ah'm going to fuck yer shitty arse- how do you like that?"

I moaned happily as I heard her strap a harness on. A few seconds later she was back on the bed, and I pushed my arse up, my head still buried in the pillow as she grabbed my hips with her grubby hands.

"Wow!" She chuckled earthily "Yer an eager little slapper."

I felt the cool silicone rubber against by bunghole and pushed back- the shit was fantastic lube and soon her head was in. Now I'm experienced at taking cock, as you will have gathered by now- but as she pushed and pushed, easing the length of her dildo into me, it seemed to go on forever! I had never experienced a real man this big, and I groaned as it stretched my little boyhole to its limits. No wonder those babydykes had been scared- forget her arse, if Sophie tried this on them it would tear their little cunts apart!

I gritted my teeth and before long the pain melted into pleasure- she fucked me slowly but hard, so that every time she thrusted there was a slap of flesh on vinyl...she ran her hands through the filth coating my back, and growled menacingly. She smacked my arse hard every so often and the stinging made me shiver- then she grew faster until I felt my guts were being pummelled- I bit the pillow and moaned into the fabric but she didn't stop for what seemed like an age- when eventually the plug slopped out accompanied by farting noises from my poor sullied rectum, I could hear her breath heavily as if exhausted.

"Turn round." She ordered hoarsely

I heaved my body round, my aching stomach protesting, and she shoved the skanky dildo in my mouth.

I sucked...what else could I do? The earthy, slightly bitter taste of my own shit filled my senses.

But suddenly she unexpectedly pulled the dildo from the harness and began licking it herself- she lowered herself to the bed and then we sharing its filthy pleasures, then kissing around it, brown tongues intertwining.

When I had licked her shitty chin and mouth clean, she threw the dildo and harness away. Then she put my hand authoritatively on her bush and made me rub her clit while she leant back and reached for her bag again.

She took a set of anal beads from it and pushed them unceremoniously up her filthhole one by one. The she grabbed a cockring and held me down, using her muscular legs to restrain me while she put it on- it was one of the soft leather ones you pop on, with an extra ring which holds your balls. I winced slightly as it was very tight, but soon I had got used to it and I could feel my erection getting even bigger than before.

She pulled me up into a sitting position and gave my head a serpentine little lick.

"Oh yeah..." She snarled wickedly "Thass so ya don't finish before ah'm ready. Ah want to enjoy this."

She straddled my cock as I sat and eased her tiny pink hole onto me- her massive bush tickled me, and I caught my breath- my cock was a little numb from the tightness of the ring, but she was like molten hot velvet in there...soft and tight and perfect. It seemed impossible that such a foul-mouthed slag could have such a perfect flower nestling in her thighs. I helped her off with her shit-stained bra and revealed her bountiful tits- as I've said, she was a petite woman, and on her chest her C cup boobs looked huge. I nipped them each all over and continued to suck them intermittently as she began to push herself up and down my throbbing shaft.

"You have a lovely cunt." I whispered to her "How many little dykes have gone crazy over it?"

"Hundreds." She moaned

"But I thought you said they ran away."

"Ah tied some of them down." She smiled, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she slowly rose and fell "Then they stayed put, slobberin' little bitches...they went wild for mah cunt until ah squirted in their dirty mouths."

"You fucking slut." I said, scratching her hard "Now I'll have dyke's spit all over my cock. What's the youngest girl you've ever had?"

"Fifteen...she wuz sweet and innocent when ah found her..."

"You really are a disgusting little slag, aren't you?" I moaned into her bosom

"Yes, yes!" She threw her arms around my head and I could smell the rank odour of her armpits. "Och...ah'm a fucking pig...jus' like yew. An' ah'll prove it!"

In one movement she pushed me back onto the bed and swung her body round, her limber legs stretching until without once leaving my achingly hot cock, she was riding me in a reverse cowgirl. I was worried that I would further dirty the sheets, but as I relaxed I realised that the shit on my back had dried into streaks.

"Get a hold o' them beads." She told me "When ah say ah'm ready to blow, you pull 'em out." I did as she said, slightly raising myself on my arm and taking a firm grip of the final bead which was sticking out of her hairy arsehole.

She ground down on me, still quite slow but apparently in ecstasies as my bulging head slithered into her depths. I was happy too- I only had a standard cock ring, but this was much better- I was in constant pleasure without being anywhere near coming.

Her gravelly, low moans were becoming more pronounced now, and before long she was curled over moaning into the blanket.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! Shit...yeah Ah love that big gay cock in me...fuuuuucck...ah'm going to come, ah'm going to come...NOW!"

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