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Screaming Glory


"Be back at 10:00?" asked the voice of 18 year-old Adrienne Miner. She held onto the arm of her 19 year-old boyfriend, kissing his neck as he sat in the driver's seat, dropping her off at work.

"For the millionth time, yes. Now go on." he said, opening her door from the inside as she gave him one last kiss and got out.
"I love you" she said, leaning into the open window, giving him her sweetest look. He smiled back at her, put the car into gear and simply said "I love you too". And with that, he stepped on the gas, peeling out of the parking lot and leaving Adrienne left in a cloud of dust as well as a cloud of love.

She sighed and started walking up to the the staff room door of the bird sanctuary, where she worked. She opened the door with a cheery smile, dropped her bag and made her rounds with the employees.

"Morning Janet, morning Jim, morning Emily." she turned around to face the opposite corner and saw what looked like a 19 year-old man sitting in a chair, drying his hands with a green towel.

"Ahem" she said. The man looked up at her and gave her a 'what-do-you-want?' expression. "And you are..."

"Mike Algera" he said, walking over to her and offering his hand to her. "You're Adrienne" he said as she shook his hand. She gave him a confused looked and he answered the question she was thinking "They told me about you".

Adrienne smiled, still shaking his hand; there was something charming about him. She quickly let go of his hand and they both stood there in silence, looking each other up and down. She finally realized something and accidentally said it out loud.

"I have a boyfriend." she blurted out. She clapped her hand over her mouth and looked confused, thinking, why did I say that? She looked back up at Mike and saw he was looking at the floor. She could see it; disappointment. She felt bad, because for the first time in the two years of dating her boyfriend, she was attracted to someone else; could she really let this go? She touched his arm and said is a quieter voice. "But that's okay". Again, she couldn't belive she had just said this, but she just walked away before anything else could slip out.

That night, Adrienne went over to her boyfriends apartment to stay the night - again. She and her boyfriend were lying on his bed, listening to romantic music and kissing like mad; but she was in a totally different place. He pulled back and looked at her.

"Something wrong?" he asked, stroking her hair with concern. Adrienne snapped back to life and quickly shook her head.

"No, nothing wrong. Ever. Why would something be wrong, Victor?" she rambled. He just gave her a confused looked.

"You seem totally out of it and usually by now, we're ripping off each others clothes." he said. she could tell what he wanted. "But... maybe I know what would cheer you up."

With that, he unbuttoned her blouse and slowly kissed his way down her. In between her amble breasts and pass her tanned, flat stomach - stopping to play with her navel ring with his tongue. He slowly undid her pants and opened them enough to reveal a sheer thong. He kissed her there for a while, playing with her panties with his teeth and eventually started to pull down her denim jeans. He grabbed a hold of her panties with his teeth and slowly maneuvered them off of her slender hips and past her soft thighs. Once the pants and panties were off, he licked her left leg up until he was in between her thighs and had a perfect view of her shaved pussy. He gave it a quick lick and her a faint moan from above him.

He began to slowly tease her cliterous, sucking on her lips, pressing his tongue against it. Victor was right, this did make her feel better. She squirmed as she moaned quietly, getting higher and higher with each lick and suck. She grabbed onto his shirt at the shoulders and slowly lifted it over his head. Victor began to work his fingers into her pussy as he continued licking and sucking on her clit.

"Mmm... Victor, yes...." she moaned a bit louder. Her heart beat faster and she began to thrust her hips in his face, encouraging him to keep licking and fingering. Her breathing became heavier as her moans got louder and louder, progressing to screams as she reached her limit. "Oh God.... Victor! Victor! Yes!... mmm... Oh yeah, Vic. OH! YES! AH! AH! Little more, baby, yes..." Victor fingered harder and harder, licking and sucking more vigorously as she screamed louder, climaxing. She grabbed ahold of the mattress, then her body went limp.

Victor sat up and lay on top of her, kissing her neck, caressing her hips. He could hear her still catching her breath. Then like it was nothing, she rolled him over and sat on top of him, quickly undoing his pants. He had a hard-on ever since he had started eating her out but now his seven and a half inch cock showed clearly through his pants. She ripped of his pants and just as quickly disposed of his white boxer briefs. She tore off her own shirt and bra so that they were both lying naked on the bed.

"Adrienne, I don't have a rubber." He quickly threw in.

"Who cares. I'm on the pill, I just need this." she said, bending down to lick the head on his erect prick. She slowly sucked on it for a minute but then she was thrown onto her back. She looked around. "Hey, Vic, what the hell is - AH!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Victor had rammed his erection into her with no mercy, going as fast as any man could and pounding harder and harder into her with every beat. Adrienne grabbed onto the bedposts and screamed so that the entire apartment building could hear.

"AUGH! UGH! OH MY FUCKING GOD!AAAAHHH! AH! AH! GOD YES! GO ON! HARDER! AAAHHH! FUCK ME! YES! YES! YES! AHH! MM! YES! OH GOD..." She couldn't stop screaming, the only thing louder than he screamed were the bedsprings creaking. Victor was sweating profusely, panting like a dog, throwing his head back in pleasure, occasionally screaming "OH GOD" himself. He lifted up Adrienne's bouncing ass a bit and slapped it several times; each time sending her screaming even louder with joy. He could tell she was climaxing but decided to make her hold it out; he liked hearing her scream. "VICTOR! OH GOD VICTOR! YEAH! COME ON BABY! UGH! YES! YES! HARDER... HARDER... OH GOD YEAH, SPANK ME! FUCK ME... GOD YEAH, OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! GIVE IT TO ME! NOW! NOW! AHHHHH! AHHHH! MMM! AAAHHHHH!" He finally let it go and the screaming stopped, it was only heavy breathing now.

They lay there in each others arms for a few minutes, Victor fondling his girlfriend and kissing her when he asked;

"So,what was wrong earlier?"

Adrienne just starred at the ceiling and said "I don't know..."

The next day, Adrienne didn't even tell Victor she loved him before she went into work. Sure, the sex was absolutely ground-shattering, as all of the residents heard last night, but she couldn't tell him she loved him under these conditions.

She walked into work, but wasn't cheery. She said hello to everyone, but not in the same voice. Later, Emily came up to her.

"What's the matter Aid? Didn't get laid last night?" Emily joked. Adrienne just laughed.

"Em, you have no idea. The sex was the best we've ever had and dammit, we have had orgasms to the moon! We've had sex all night! We've done it all! But oh my God... I think I woke up the entire apartment building." They both had a laugh. Then Adrienne noticed someone in the doorway. She quick looked closer to see who it was; Mike. Had he heard the entire conversation?

"So, now I know that you're no virgin." He said, walking past her. Yep; he heard. Adrienne looked around and saw that Emily was gone; she decided to do this now. She looked at Mike with a sultry look and walked over to him, touching his arm.

"You could have found out another way." She said, her face awfully close to his. As wrong as this was, she was getting so horny right there. Mike let out a nervous breath; she could tell he was getting hot.

"Not here, I couldn't. And besides, that boyfriend of yours wouldn't be too happy if he were around." He said in an equally calm voice. Adrienne pressed her stomach against him and felt his prick growing larger. To tease him, she let out a low moan, breathing her hot breath onto his ear. She felt him shudder.

"That's one of the qualities of him not working here." Adrienne whispered, giving him a hot look. She felt his crotch grow even larger and decided that this was the drawing point for now. "I have work to do." She said and she walked away, leaving Mike and his erection alone.

"Shit..." said Mike and he rushed for the bathroom.

"Wow... looks like we're finished up early." said Janet, the supervisor, at 9:30. "Well, I have to be at a meeting, so Adrienne or Mike, do you think one of you two could lock up? She and Mike looked at each other; perfect. She nodded and Janet handed over the keys to leave them to it.

Mike and Adrienne walked back in and threw the keys on the table.

"So when do the visitors start coming?" Mike asked casually. Adrienne turned her back to him.

"10:30" she said. She turned back around to face him. "When do you start cumming?" As corny as it was, it seemed to trigger something in Mike because once again, his bulge increased. Mike was now sitting in a chair so Adrienne walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. Quickly, his prick was standing at attention.

She slowly pulled down his zipper and opened up his pants to find a shock; no underwear. Adrienne gave him a surprised look but Mike's face was still frozen. She ran her fingers through his pubes and slowly brought out his dick; and what dick. At least nine and a half inches, and Adrienne couldn't wait to deal with this baby. Without hesitation, she quickly wrapped her lips around the crown of his cock and began to flick her tongue, teasing it. She began to slide her mouth and hands up and down it, handling it like it were a baby but sucking on it like it were a popsicle. Mike grabbed the arms of the chair and let out a grunt as she gently dragged her teeth on it, causing an arousing sensation; he let out a moan and a few laboured breaths. Adrienne increased her speed, licking, sucking, kissing, squeezing. She did everything she could to bring him to the edge.

"Oh God..." he gasped. "Oh... mmm... ah..." He was panting as he tried to hold back his load, increasing the pleasure. He could feel he cum burning, itching to just burst out and squirt all over this woman's face. He was moaning really loudly by now, which just made Adrienne hotter and made her want more of this man's huge dick in her mouth. She began to deep throat it, letting the head of his dick hit the back of her mouth over and over, really hard. "Aaah... Ahhhh..... mmm... oh... hah... oh... ooooo... God... I... Aaaaah!!" Adrienne took her mouth off just in time to get his cum all over her face and neck. She wiped her finger on her neck and tasted his juices, which resulted in her cleaning off her entire face by her swallowing it. Now she was hot as hell and need it right there, but Mike didn't hesitate.

He got off the chair and pinned her on the floor. Even though he had just had an amazing blowjob, Adrienne could feel him stiffening up again. He lifted her shirt over her head and undid her bra with impressive speed. As soon as she was bra-less, he immediately seized one of her well-rounded breasts and began to suck on it, varying pressure, licking the nipple. Now Adrienne was ready to scream at the top of her lungs but she managed to hold it in while she ripped off her own pants and panties. By now, Mike had stripped himself of pants and shirts and his sweaty body was sticking to hers. She whispered in his ear to fuck her. He stopped taking care of her breast and teased her pussy by running his dick along the outside of it, tracing it's well-contoured edges.

"Oh god! Stick it in me, Mike!" she yelled. He slowly slid his huge hard prick into her moist and soaking wet slit; she let out a moan of relief.

"Want it fast or slow?" he whispered in her ear.

"Fast... but make it last really long." Mike smiled; he knew how to do this like an art. He no sooner got his answer when he started pounding his well-endowed cock into her dripping cunt. Adrienne let own a loud scream followed by "Oh God! Faster!!" This was Mike's kind of girl, the rough kind. Always wanting it harder, faster, dirtier; never wanting to be quiet or be slow and romantic. This woman screamed like a banshee.

"Oh dear God... GO! AAAHHHH! OH! YES! AH! AH! AH! HIGHER! HIGHER! YEAH THATS IT! MMMMM... Oh fuck yes. Fuck me, Mike, FUCK ME! AAHH! POUND it in there, POUND IT! MIKE! OH MIKE! God YES!" there wasn't a trace of her boyfriend in her mind, last night's sex was nothing compared to this. The feeling of danger, the feeling that she had a boyfriend, the feeling that she was having sex on the floor in a public place was better than any orgasm. But, to complete it, she was having an orgasm at the same time.

Mike leaned closer to her, increasing his speed and tried to whisper but couldn't be heard over her screams. Eventually he yelled through moans of ecstacy "OH GOD YES! SCREAM LOUDER HUN! YES! GO ON! Scream louder and I'll fuck your brains out even more." As much as it sounded like a threat, Adrienne began letting out blood curdling screams. The thought of him fucking her harder seemed impossible but she wanted to experience it, just in case it did exist.

"Oh come on Daddy, COME ON DADDY! CUM BABY! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Ooohhh... stick it in me further, as hard as you can." He did. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY FUCKING- AAAAHHH! AH! AH! OH! my GOD! FUUUUUUCK MEEE! GO ON DADDY! OH FUCK YOUR LITTLE BABY, FUCK ME!!" The sex seemed to be going on forever but in the next minute or two:

"AAAAAHHHHHH! OH GOD! Oh God... oh my..." They both climaxed as Mike shot out his load in her juicy cunt. Adrienne was still moaning, trying to catch her breath. She turned to Mike. "Where the fuck... do you learn... this stuff? My... God... thats better than... Victor... last night." She let out a few last moans and looked at her watch. 10:11. "Oh fuck. Victor's here... a long time ago."

After that day, she never and Mike only ever exchanged looks, but never cum. As much as she missed it, she was sure she would get it again.

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