tagIncest/TabooScrewing Our Way Across Paris

Screwing Our Way Across Paris


Amy and I met at friends' outdoor barbecue and as hard as it was to believe we were in the sack a week later. She is a junior at a local college and I have a job in an engineering firm. I'm Nick and am twenty-four and she is just a year younger. She is extremely good looking with a fantastic shape and I work out three or four times a week so I'm not in bad shape myself.

A week earlier she E-mailed me saying she wanted to get together that night to chat about something pretty interesting. Shit, I thought it was going to be about sex but I guess I'll have to make do with "pretty interesting."

She had some wine poured when I got to her place so at least the discussion was going to start off right.

"Nick, you never met my folks since they were killed in an air crash a couple of years before you and I met. They were great parents and my Dad was a superb world traveler. One night we were sitting around just talking about some of the places they had been to and the conversation had me almost speechless. God, they sounded like places I would love to see."

I responded with a very articulate, "Sooooo"

"Well, they left my younger sister, Trish, and I very well off and I was thinking of asking my sister, who just turned twenty two, if she would like to join me in a trip to France. I would love to see some of their museums and architecture".

"That sounds like a great idea. If you are going to make the trip now is the time to do it before you finish school and get a job and then have to ask for time off to make the trip. Your new employer wouldn't like that very much."

"Well, there's another issue Nick and that's us. I wouldn't want to go without you and if Trish is with us it is going to be more than just a little uncomfortable or at the very least embarrassing if the three of us are in the same room and you and I are going at it sexually and she is in the next bed. We could get two rooms if they are available but from what I hear hotel rooms in and around Paris are God awful expensive in the tourist season and that is when we would be going. She and I are very well off with what our parents have left us but with my middle class background I would hate like hell to just piss a lot of it away."

"Yes, you are right but this is the first time you mentioned that I would be invited to join you."

"I'm sorry but I thought you would have known I wouldn't have gone without you." She answered.

"Well, now that you did – I accept your invitation. I have about five thousand I can throw in and that should more than cover my airfare and food and my share of a hotel while we are travelling so I'll feel that I am paying my way and not being a sponge." I offered.

"No way, you aren't going to spend a dime. I'm inviting you so the expense is on me. You have no idea how much money our folks left us so it won't be any problem for me to pay your share of the expenses. I do charge one terrific piece of ass every day on the trip though." She said with a huge laugh.

"OK moneybags. I accept. Now that just leaves us with the problem of your sister and us in the same room. Got any ideas about that?" I asked.

"Well, as I think about it, I have told her that I am going steady with you so I am certain that at her age she ought to also figure we are having sex."

"Yes, I am sure she does but that's a lot different than us having it in the same room that she's in." I replied.

"What do you say that we just bring it up to her and see what she says? Hell, we can't go wrong in talking about it and if she is dead-set against it the answer is simple ...I'll just stay here and keep the home fires burning."

"Bullshit, if you don't go neither do I." She snarled.

"Well, give her a call and tell her you want to introduce me to her. See if she's interested in meeting God's gift to women." I joked.

""God's gift my ass. Sometimes you are the biggest pain in the ass imaginable."

"Who, little ole me?" I laughed.

"Yeah you." She said with a smirk.

"Stop the BS'n and call and ask her over."

It was about a half-hour later when the door opened and in walked this drop- dead gorgeous gal. She was built almost exactly like Amy but with one exception.. She looked to have magnificent tits. Amy's are acceptable but Trish's look to be a hell of lot more than just a mouthful.

"So, you're the stud my sister is screwing? Not bad Amy." She said without even a hint of a smile. To her it was just as normal as saying it is raining outside.

Amy came back with, "Trish, at the very least fool him. Let him think you have a little class."

"Aw, Amy, you're such a spoil sport. He's a nice looking guy, I thought I would at least get a chance to see what he's like in bed."

Holy shit, what did I get into? I wondered.

"He's probably more than you could handle in bed. He has a solid nine inches and he'd split you open with it." Amy answered.

"Can we try?" Trish asked.

This girl shows no embarrassment at all. I don't think I ever met anyone quite so open. I have thought that Amy is open-minded but Trish takes the cake.

"Well, if you want to try me I'm game." I volunteered.

Amy almost flipped out. "Trish, you can find your own guy, that is if you can find one dumb enough to take you out and Nick don't be so quick to volunteer to fuck my sister."

Oh hell, this is getting mean and is going a long ways from what Amy and I had intended.

"Trish, first of all Amy would like to take a tour of France and has invited me to come along. She thought you might like to be part of the gang but was wondering how you could handle it if we were sharing a room and her and I were in one bed making out and you were by yourself in the other bed. Now I know she isn't trying to encourage you to go out and find some guy to come along just to have someone to sleep with and she doesn't think you are going with anyone steady so the question remains could you handle hearing us making love while you were in the other bed?"

Trish answered back very quickly, "Now cut the shit about 'making love'. You would be fucking and that is all there is to it. RIGHT?"

Amy wasn't going to let this go unchallenged and came right back at her with, "Well, you probably never fucked a guy you really cared about. I am crazy about Nick so us in bed is more than just 'fucking'; we really care about one another."

Trish came back with what I thought was a possible solution to the dilemma but was afraid to suggest,

"How about if Nick comes over to my bed every now and then and gives me a friendly fuck. You know, just one to keep me satisfied for a while?"

Yeah Trish, I'm going to love to get my mouth on your tits.


She stomped off into the kitchen and Trish just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said, "Seemed like a good idea to me."

"Give her a little time to think it over and she might calm down a bit." I suggested.

I followed Amy out to the kitchen and came up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her back to me and said,

"Honey, I am the one causing this whole problem and I am the one who can correct it. I will not be going to Paris with you guys and that solves it. You guys go and enjoy yourselves and I'll go on the next trip."

"Oh no you don't. If you don't go neither do I but I have been thinking of Trish's idea. Could you actually sleep with her and not get emotionally involved with her?"

"Well, yes. I haven't told you this in so many words but I have fallen in love with Trish's older sister so my heart belongs to her."

With that she turned and almost leapt into my arms and planted a huge kiss on me. "Damnit, I knew I was falling for you and I am now happier than a clam to hear you are doing the same for me."

"Who is going to tell Trish you have changed your mind?" I asked.

"I'll do it but I'll also give her a warning that if she tries any fancy shit about trying to get you for herself I'll cut off those tits of hers I saw you admiring."

Oh damn, I can never get anything past her.

"OK little Sis, I will accept your idea of having Nick give you some sex every now and then." She said while looking at the floor. She said it but it was obvious she wasn't the least bit happy about it.

"OK good, can we try it out now?" she asked

Oh shit, I didn't think that Amy was ready for it to happen so soon.

"All right, we might as well get it over with." Amy answered.

I went into the master bedroom and stripped and Trish was right behind me. When I dropped my skivvies to the floor all I heard was a screech and a female voice saying, "Holy crap, I could never take that thing in me." She was saying as she was pointing at my half hard cock. Just wait until I get hard and see what she says then.

"Trish, don't give it a moments thought. Amy felt the same way the first time but I took it slow and easy and promised that if I was hurting her I would stop the moment she said so. I'll do the same for you. Promise."

It didn't take long before I was buried to the hilt and she was breathing so fast I thought she was going to have a problem. I gave her a huge kiss and then reached down and lightly massaged her tits and that did it. She began to throw her ass up at me as she was tossing her head from side to side. I couldn't stay with her on the kiss but I held on to her tits nicely. Amy lets out a screech when she is coming and Trish does almost the same thing. When she did let go she lifted her face up to mine and kissed me as hard as I had kissed her. Just then I could feel the heat coming up to my balls and I let go too. I dumped stream after stream in her warm tight pussy and then slipped out of her and lay back on the bed.

She lay back and just looked at me saying as she slowly stroked my now soft cock saying, "I can see why she fell in love with you."

"Damn, I hope she sees more than just sex." I replied.

Well, our joint sexual arrangement went on for a few weeks and it seemed to go pretty well. I was ultra careful not to say or do anything that Amy would find objectionable, particularly as it would apply to Trish's tits. They really are beautiful and I loved to lightly massage them. She loved that too.

A few days later Amy suggested that we all go down to the passport office and apply for one. It was going to take at least a couple of weeks and that is if we were lucky. Some folks waited for over a month. On the way back from the passport office I suggested that one or the other of them make a hotel reservation in Paris. Amy said she would take care of it and that was it. Other than a little shopping we were nearly ready to go.

The only flight we could get outbound was into London and then we chose to travel over to Paris on the Chunnel train rather than get a short air flight from London to Paris. The Chunnel train was adding just a little more excitement to our vacation and after an overseas flight a short puddle jumper flight from London to Paris didn't hold much appeal to us so we chose the Chunnel train. We decided to delay the train ride from London to Paris for a couple of days while we took a look at some of the sights of ole London town. It was a worthwhile delay as we really enjoyed the tourist sights of the place.

When it was time to get the train we took a cab from our London hotel to the Chunnel station and I spoke up,

"Amy I'm going to make sure our return flight reservations are cast in concrete so while I am doing that, you and Trish get the tickets for the Chunnel train. Remember we want to go all the way to Paris on the train and we can rent a car after we have explored Paris and are ready to see the sights around that part of the country."

"OK but don't take too long. There are a couple of weird looking guys looking us over and I would hate to have to introduce them to my feet." Amy had spent a few years studying tae kwon do and her kicks really were deadly.

Those words were just about out of her mouth when one of the 'weird looking guys' she mentioned approached her and Trish. I was about ten feet away from them by then but I thought I would hang back and see if she really could handle a situation like this. I needn't have concerned myself.

The bigger of the two guys put his hand on Amy's shoulder. It didn't look to me as if it was a real heavy grab but she wasn't going to put up with anything. She stepped back and swung her right foot at the guy's left knee and down he went screaming bloody murder with his leg bent at an incorrect angle. Instead of it bending front and back like normal it was then bending from side to side AND front to back. The whole lower part of his leg was just loose from the knee down. She then just stepped back as if nothing had happened and two or three bystanders soon let it be known they were firmly on her side as the guy slid down to the floor.

"Good going girl," was all I could hear from the onlookers. I walked over and asked what the heck was going on and one of the onlookers said,

"That big bloke sitting on his ass over there grabbed her and she let him have it. I hope the Bobbies get her soon and I'll tell them what happened."

Well, leave it to Amy to make the trip interesting.

The buddy of the guy on the floor wasn't going to let his friend be decked by a woman pass unanswered so he started berating her calling her the filthiest of names and came charging towards her. That's all Trish needed to see was her big sister in jeopardy and her right arm swung out and the edge of her hand connected with the loud mouth's teeth. The next thing we saw was him spitting teeth all over the concourse and the crowd that by this time had gathered around the action were all in hysterics. There the two weirdo's were; one on the floor crying and the teeth of the other one down there too and two pretty young gals standing peacefully by as if nothing at all had happened.

Just then a Bobbie came by and grabbed the arm of the one showing huge gaps where most of his front teeth once resided and pushed him in the direction of the one on the floor. The policeman was soon on his belt radio calling for some help to usher the two culprits off to the stationhouse and as he passed Amy and Trish he said ever so sweetly, "Ladies, have a nice time in Europe. I saw the whole thing and I'll be happy to take care of these clowns."

As the Bobbie and his prisoners left the area Amy and Trish received a thunderous round of applause and cheers from the scores of onlookers that had witnessed the whole episode. The girls were really embarrassed but they smiled prettily and each of them took my arm as if to say 'He's mine'. I was prouder than I could even imagine.

We had arranged to take the Chunnel train from downtown London right to the center or Paris and we were about a half-hour early for the train but there was a coffee shop in the huge waiting area so we grabbed a cup while we waited to board. The Chunnel train isn't cheap when compared to some of the other ways of crossing the English Channel but it's fast and very comfortable AND it takes you directly between the downtown areas of the capital cities. It's a two hour ride and about 35 miles of it is underground/water.

Amy had booked a great room for us in Paris. We were close to the Seine River and many of the tourist sights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre and Museum d'Orsay. It was just before noon when we arrived in Paris and grabbed a taxi to the hotel.

We had no sooner stepped out of the hotel to go for a sightseeing walk in one of the world's most romantic cities when we saw a woman coming to us clutching a brown paper bag under her arm. Sticking out of the bag was a huge baguette; one of Europe's famous loaves of bread. That gave me a great idea. I went up to the woman and in broken sign language French/English asked her where she bought the bread. She pointed behind her and put up three fingers and I had to assume she was telling me three blocks. Sure enough in three blocks we ran right into a little deli.

Amy had to ask, "Now what the hell did you want this for?"

"Just wait sweet thing."

I bought a big chunk of white cheese, a big bottle of red wine, a baguette, a tube of plastic cups and a newspaper.

This time it was Trish, "What the fuck are you going to do with all of that shit?"

"Hush your mouth or I'll have to go back in the store and get a bar of soap to wash it out."

Amy just looked at me and raised her shoulders indicating she had no idea what I was doing.

"C'mon gals, follow the leader."

I walked over two blocks with the gals following close behind and mumbling every step of the way when we came up to the street that runs along the Seine. The river is about thirty or so feet below the street level and there are cement paths along each side of the river's edge for pedestrians and amateur artists to display their work. There are stairways down to the paths and down we went.

I could see a light coming on in Amy's eyes when I found a nice little grassy area along the path looking right out at the river. "Trish, open up the newspaper and put some of it down as our table cloth and other parts down for our seats. I have a pocketknife I'll use to cut us some cheese and bread slices and Amy, you can use the knife to remove the pop-up cork in the wine. We can sit at the side of the most romantic river in all of France eating a great lunch and watching the tour boats going up and down the river with hundreds of tourists looking at us wishing they were here rather than on the boat.

It was magnificent. We ate the cheese, enjoyed the wine and had a nice lunch for our first day in Paris. But leave it to Trish to come up with a great dessert. She pulled out a few sheets of the newspaper and spread them on my lap.

"Trish, it's broad daylight and we are in the midst of a huge city. Don't get carried away."

"Nick, this was such a super idea you deserve a prize."

With that she reached under the paper and fondled my cock hard and soon had it out, but still under the paper. Then she started,

"Nick, some time ago you told me that you would teach me how to masturbate you. Remember?"

"Well, I guess I do but I never meant the lesson would be in public." I said with a laugh.

She wasn't to be stopped. "Nick, the newspaper is keeping it from being 'in public' as you describe it. Now tell me what to do."

Amy was in tears laughing and she joked, "Trish, you have to grab his pocketknife and then slash around his crotch a little. That will get him real excited."

That made my double over in case Trish thought she was serious.

"Okay Trish, listen up. Grab my cock gently and begin sliding your hand up and down the shaft. Occasionally when your hand is at the top of the shaft and near the head of my cock let a couple fingers reach out and just lightly run them around the head. You will soon feel some creamy liquid there that is known as 'pre-cum.' Massage the head softly with that cream and then get back to moving your hand up and down my shaft.'

"Yes, honey, that's right. You are doing perfect." I said as she began her motions.

Damned if she wasn't. Another few minutes of this and some of those people on the boats going past were going to see an explosion.

Whew, I wasn't going to last long like this. Part of the excitement was where it was happening and the other part was how well she was doing it.

"Trish, I'm going to come in a minute."

Amy jumped in with, "Trish, slow down a lot until this boat gets past us." A Seine tour boat was going past right then and those things hold well over a hundred passengers so it was long enough that it was going to take a few minutes to get past our position. Some of the passengers on the rear deck were waving at us and Amy managed to wave back at them. As soon as the boat was past Amy said to Trish, "Go fast and hard right now Sis.'

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