tagNonHumanSecond Encounter

Second Encounter


Realization of my surroundings slowly creeps into my groggy mind as I emerge from the foggy realms of sleep. I find myself secured at the wrists to two very familiar stone pillars, arms stretched to their limits, bare toes hardly touching the marble floor. I hear his voice; heavy laden with shades of what is about to come.

"You are eager," He rumbles, breathing deeply, "Goooood." He draws the word out as he slowly exhales. "I like your spirit."

I become aware that he is circling me eye boring into me like predator to prey. I can feel his steel cold gaze reaching into my soul. I raise my head to look boldly into his eyes as he stops directly in front of me. There is an evil smirk on his face. It is a face I know well.

He is holding a leather strap and I do not need to be told what is about to come my way. I have been bound naked, as before. In answer to his smirk I return him a defiant, challenging look of my own. He raises one eyebrow, then circles to the back and I soon feel the erotic stings of the leather as he brings it full force down across my buttocks and legs. Involuntarily, I draw in my breath deeply as my body sways to the lashings. I bask in the pleasure of his punishment.

How long this goes on I do not know for I find myself drifting once again into an unremembered sleep. When conscious thought returns to me again I find myself lying on the same purple velvet draped coffin where I first felt my Lord's might as he entered me, body, mind and soul. My gown was replaced on me and I first thought I had imagined the punishment but as I sat up on the stone hard coffin I could feel the pain left from the lashing. A pleasant yet unpleasant sensation... I grinned.

Unsure of what to do next I rise, crossing to the cauldron that is ever boiling over the hearth with the same cinnomony nectar I partook of before. Ladling myself a cup I drank deeply, savoring its warmth and taste. The ever-familiar light dizziness came to me once again. Soon I heard his voice inside my head.

"Come" He whispered raspily, "you know where."

And I did, for without hesitation I turned and climbed the rocky stairs to the surface of the Mausoleum and emerged out into the dark deserted cemetery. My feet knew the path for I did not even have to think of the direction. Turning toward the deeply shadowed woods I walked as with purpose. I knew what awaited me there and I was indeed eager to encounter it. Looking over my shoulder to the right I could see the moon in its fullness. It was red... A blood moon; I knew the time was nigh.

In knowing this some would call me sick, some insane, either way I wanted this meeting more than anything I had ever wanted in my entire life. It was someone, something I had encountered before and was left wanting, ever awaiting its dark return. It fulfilled me, completed me and my life had ever been in need of such completeness.

As I walked I could smell the damp vegetation from the most recent rains. The leaves were soft and slippery under my bare feet. Twigs lightly snapped at my passing but I could hear others too, snapping in the shadows of these ancient forests, first to the right of me, then off to the left, now in front, and again behind. He... IT was circling once again and I was its prey. My heart raced at this thought and I quickened my pace.

Soon I broke the small clearing, which held His/Its stony altar. I turned round and round as a child playing a game, straining my eyes into the darkness trying to catch some small sight of my master. Then without warning I was bowled over by His huge form as he pounced from the shadowy depths of its domain. He/It roared, though out of anger or triumph I could not tell for I was forced to the ground so brutally that I cried out involuntarily as my head rapped the hard earth.

He/It rolled me over and I could smell it's feted breath as it loomed over my face. He said nothing, only held me down by one shoulder and I could feel the pinprick of its pointed claws as he gripped me there. He brought the other clawed hand up slowly and allowed one of the razor sharp tips to gently caress the lines of my cheek, down to my chin and on to around my throat. With a sudden sharpness he closed his hand around my neck, squeezing, not hard enough to strangle me but yet too hard for comfort.

I only grinned with an evilness of my own as He/It lowered his face to mine and covered my mouth with his. My mouth opened willingly as I felt his overly long tongue seek entrance there. I raised an arm and laced my fingers into the long fur like mane behind its head as we drew each other's tongues into our mouths. I could sense his pleasure for I could feel the rising in his lower regions and was rewarded with the feel of his other clawed hand as it traced down between my breasts to hook onto the bodice of my gown.

With one quick motion I felt it firmly hook its claw and yank, ripping my gown deftly from my body. I was once again completely naked before this Demon Beast. I found it very arousing and became even more so as I felt his claws slowly trace up the insides of my legs, up my thighs to that most sacred part of my body. My legs opened to Him for I knew, as from before, He/It owns me.

It's hot rough fingers stopped just short of entering there and He/It raised its head, looking deeply into my eyes.

"No," It said with a multi-toned voice. "I long for the chasssssseeeee." And with that he jumped abruptly off me, allowing me to rise.

I regained my feet and backed slowly from him. As much as I knew what I wanted, needed, I too long for the pursuit and as I prepared to oblige I saw Him/It arch its back, raising Its face to the glowing red moon, arms raised in homage as He/It released a Demonic beastly howl. My blood ran cold as its ear piercing volume broke the silence of the night. I turned, not faltering, and raced in the opposite direction.

I couldn't' hear him, couldn't see him but I could sense him; sense his ever growing blood lust as He/It began trailing me, weaving in and out of the trees, over logs and across a cold shallow stream. Me on bare feet, totally naked, He/It with fur covered body glistening in the light of the moon pursuing sometimes on all fours, sometimes upright like a man/beast. I say the stream was cold, but I scarce felt any sensation save for the great desire I had for this creature. I seemed devoid of any other sensation and all time seemed to cease as I ran with no sense of direction knowing fully well where I would finally wind up.

And I did, once again I found myself emerge into the small clearing with its stone altar at the hub. I stopped, turning around trying to gain some sight of Him. He was not there and though I strained my eyes into the impenetrable darkness I could not see him anywhere. I waited for what seemed an eternity...all sound...all senses stood still.

Suddenly I heard his roar as he dropped down in front of me from the branches of the tallest tree in the forest. He/It stood panting before me and I involuntarily back slowly from him as I saw him draw his arm to one side and bring his semi-fisted hand across my jaw in a powerful backhand. I was knocked to the ground.

Propping myself on my elbows I shook my head, fighting to remain conscious. His power was great and the blow would have rendered most people unconscious. I turned my face slowly toward him and wiped the trace of blood from the corner of my mouth. As I grinned at him, he grabbed me by the throat once more, lifting me to my feet, only to bring the back of his other hand down across the opposite side of my jaw. My head snapped to the left and I felt him rush me backward and slam me forcefully against a near by tree.

With His mighty strength He/It held me just off the ground and as this Beast/Demon sank Its teeth into my jugular I could feel Its clawed fingers exploring every inch of my body, grasping my breast, first one then the other, playing unmercifully on the nipples. I felt its fingers between my legs once more as he sucked deeply of my life's blood. With a bloody tongue he traced his way down to my breast and as it drew me into its mouth I felt His sharp-clawed fingers enter my sacred most area. This sensation coupled with His teeth sinking into my breast forced a moan of ecstasy from me and I sense his desire rise all the more.

He/It took the arm from my throat and circled it around my shoulders, lifting me into its embrace; fingers still in my nether regions. He carried me deftly to His stone altar, placing me there and my arms fell to my sides in a position of offered sacrifice. He released his fingers from inside me and rose above me, taking a straddling position over me.

"Open your eyes to me," He/It said, voice still raspy with lust as he placed both hands in my hair, entwining its fingers tightly there.

As I did I saw looming before my face, His/Its maleness, fully engorged, pulsating with need. Not a moment to think as he forced my mouth down onto His manhood and I took it eagerly, sucking greedily for the icy hot serum I knew was there. He/It gritted its teeth as he pumped vigorously, pushing my head down farther onto his shaft, reaching far back into my throat. I soon was rewarded by the first trickles of His unholy semen threatening to choke me as it slid into my throat.

"NO!" He/It roared so loudly that the earth and trees around shook from the force. It then pulled my head away from his shaft.

As He climbed shakily from over me he threw me roughly to the ground. I hit with a resounding thud as I struck my head on the side of the altar. Blood began running down the side of my face but I had no time to react for He/It grabbed me with both hands, one in my hair again, the other at my hips and rolled me to my knees, forcing me down on all fours.

Grabbing my hair in one of His strong hands he pulled my head backward, kicking my legs wider spread before falling to his knees between them. In one mighty thrust I felt Him/It plunge Its massive member as deep within my awaiting vagina as it would go then fairly felt myself split wide as He/It forced itself to the hilt.

My entire body shook and a rising feverish blood lust of my own raced through me as I felt once again that fulfilling sensation of having my Lord take me as no one could ever do. He grunted and growled with each heaving thrust and I felt my muscles tighten around his emmenseness, gripping him as if to hold him ever there.

He/It released hold on my hip and I felt its claws trace my spine, scratching a long section of it as He made his way to my bottom. I arched my back as a cat would, reveling in the sensation. I soon felt great pleasurable pain as He/It lashed at my backside, raking its claws unmercifully across each cheek and I found myself bending lower, raising my bottom higher as if to give Him/It greater access to it.

My insides fairly felt ready to burst open when suddenly we both exploded into one massive orgasm screaming out our ecstasy to the fullness of the Blood Moon. With one final sinking of its teeth into my shoulder we collapsed there, panting in the aftermath of our exchange of lust/love I had so longed to be returned to me. All about us went dark.

When I once again regained sense of surroundings I was in the Mausoleum, atop the purple velvet draped coffin; naked battered body covered with the drape. Beside the coffin in a high-backed chair sat my Lord clad in a long black cape, soundly asleep in His/Its fulfillment.

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