tagNonHumanSecret in the Secret Ch. 12-13

Secret in the Secret Ch. 12-13



"Mmm she's scared." Angel said, amused. Her long legs quickly closed the distance between them and soon Emily was breathing in her jasmine scent. Her hand reached up to stroke Emily's cheek. Behind her she heard a deep rumble of laughter from Stevens. Somehow she knew Amanda wasn't going to save her this time.

"A shame Francesca already claimed you..." Angel's hand traveled from her cheek down to her chin, cupping it and tilting it upwards. "We would've had so much fun." She felt Stevens' hands on her.

"I'm so sick of seeing this florescent orange." Stevens said, annoyed. Almost immediately Emily's jumpsuit was unzipped, the material removed from her body to crumble into a pile on the floor. Emily covered her bra with her hands, her cheeks flushing red as she was exposed. She closed her eyes, preparing herself for the worst. Nothing happened. Stevens had stepped from behind her and was at the massage table, unbuttoning her shirt. Angel was uncorking a bottle of wine at the counter. Neither woman was paying her any attention now.

"You might want to get changed." Angel said without looking at her. Emily turned and saw a similar outfit to Angel's on an end table near the door. "Unless you want to give a massage in your underwear."

Stevens was looking her up and down with a lascivious grin.

"I won't complain."

Emily quickly grabbed the clothes.

She finished putting on the clothes and looked over. Angel had the wine bottle in hand and was pouring the amber liquid into a glass in Stevens' hand. Stevens was bare breasted with only a small pair of black panties to cover herself. She was sitting on the massage table, as comfortable as she was half nude as she was fully clothed. Emily walked over tentatively, trying very hard to avoid looking at the woman's breasts and her dark areolas and lighter colored nipples.

In fact she tried avoiding looking at all at the muscular, darkly attractive woman. "Brandy, Emily?" A sniffer was passed to Emily before she could answer. Angel poured her a generous amount. "You'll want this." Stevens drawled. "Cognac, vintage." Emily took a sip while studying a painting on the wall of waves crashing on the beach. The brandy was nicely chilled and the flavour was spectacular. Being the lightweight she was, she felt the alcohol hit her almost immediately, making her mind a little fuzzy. She started to move towards the counter against the wall but Stevens' hand stopped her, taking the glass and placing it on the table beside the massage table.

"Come, Emily." Angel led Emily to the counter. "Pick." Emily sniffed the various scented oils before choosing a spicy and sweet citrus one. She walked back over to Stevens, relieved that the woman was now lying on her back, now the g-string panties gave Emily a great view of her ass.

She decided a safe place to start would be the upper back, and so she poured some of the oil on her hands, warming them up between her palms before spreading it on Stevens' back, kneading the woman's taut muscles. Stevens was rock solid, and so Emily put quite a bit of pressure onto her, and was rewarded with a loud groan from the woman.

"Angel, leave us." She heard the woman take in a breath, probably to protest, but a growl from Stevens quickly silenced that thought. Angel let out a tiny whine which Stevens promptly ignored.

"Shoulders, please." She was a little startled at Stevens' sudden courteous manner. Behind her, she heard the door open and close as Angel left. She squeezed the muscle that ran from Stevens' shoulders to her neck, feeling the stiffness of it. "You carry a lot of tension in your shoulders." She said casually, trying to treat the woman as just another client. She got a grunt of confirmation and continued working. "Drink." Stevens commanded, pointing in the general direction of the table. Emily tilted the glass to her lips, taking a sip.

She wasn't sure how long she massaged Stevens, but after a while she had finished with the shoulders, the upper back and was now working on the lower back. Stevens seemed to be especially sensitive there, and let out a soft moan at her every touch. This isn't too bad, Emily thought to herself, sure beats bathroom duty, and free drinks too. She reached for her glass, putting it to her lips absently before realizing it was already empty. She looked down and saw that Stevens had turned over and was sitting up now. Emerald green eyes looked at her empty glass. "Refill?" The snifer was filled again before she could even respond.

"I should probably stop now." Emily said, straightening up. Whoa.Now she realized just how drunk she was as she wavered, slightly off balance.

"Tipsy?" Stevens abruptly grabbed her, lifting up her small frame. Emily let out a yelp of surprise as she was lowered so that she straddling the taller woman's legs.

"You spent so much time on the back, you forgot the front." Stevens purred. "I was just getting there." Emily mumbled. Stevens guided Emily's hands to her chisled abs before she lay back down. Oh wow...She ran her hands on Stevens amazingly rock hard muscles. I wonder if Amanda's feels like this... she suddenly realized she wasn't the only one giving a massage now, Stevens was kneading the muscles in Emily's legs, the ones that were sore from her workout with Amanda yesterday.

"Mm...that feels good." Emily admitted. Before she knew it, Stevens was sitting up, her hands cupping her ass, forcing her to lean forward. Emily gasped as her hands flew out to grab Stevens' shoulders, narrowly avoiding touching Stevens breasts, keeping their bodies apart.

"You've given such a good massage, I feel obligated to return the favour." Stevens purred, her hands squeezing Emily's buttocks. Emily's body felt warm, and she could feel her gut clench in response to Stevens' voice. She felt a rush of arousal that seemingly came out of nowhere, her clit throbbed hungrily in response, all of a sudden she wanted Stevens to take her. Her shirt was ripped off her, and before she could make a remark of Stevens' surprising strength, the woman's mouth was on hers, kissing her hungrily, her tongue in Emily's mouth, her hands cupping and squeezing Emily's sensitive breasts.

Emily had never felt such a strong sexual pull that came out of nowhere, she found herself kissing Stevens back, her insides on fire with need. Somewhere in her mind a tiny voice said no, this was Stevens, the huge bitch that tripped her and laughed at her and hit her with a baton.

"Stop, Stevens." It took tremendous effort to push away the woman even a small distance, the woman seemed to have her hands everywhere. Also it didn't help that her body did not feel like resisting at all. "What are you talking about?" Stevens said with a chuckle, pulling Emily back to her. "How could I let you go like this, all hot and bothered, after you have done so much for me?" Emily was flipped over so she was supporting herself on the massage table, her buttocks pulled against Stevens' crotch.

"No it's ok, you'll just owe me one." She gasped as Stevens reached in front to cup her sex through her pants. She heard a deep rumble of laughter come from the belly of the other woman. "You are such a feisty one." Her pants and underwear were pulled off her and she tried to protest, but Stevens had found her clitoris and was rubbing and oh god the sensations felt so good, she hadn't been touched like this in so long. She found herself rubbing herself against Stevens' hands, wanting more, wanting so much more of this. She let out a loud moan as Stevens inserted two fingers of her other hand into her sex, curling them inside her.

"Mmm." She let out a cry of dismay as Stevens pulled her fingers out, showing her the moistness that dripped from her fingers.

" How could you resist me, you are so wet for me." She didn't want the teasing, she wanted those fingers back inside of her, fucking her until she came. Grabbing Stevens' hand, she ran her tongue between the two fingers, tasting herself. Her action worked exactly as planned, Stevens let out a lustful growl and thrust the fingers back inside of her, curling them so that she consistently hit her g-spot while her other hand rubbed Emily's throbbing clit. She could feel her orgasm building like a wave, her vision blurred as her mind thought nothing but her growing orgasm. Except one thing.

"I thought...I thought I was already claimed....Angel couldn't touch me." She said with a groan. And then, that ever deep and confident voice that whispered in her ear before she fell into oblivion, "Yes, but I'm no angel."

Ch. 13

When she came down from her high Stevens was already a foot away cleaning off her hands like she did this every day. Emily scrambled to get her underwear and bra back on, a million questions running through her mind. Why, why in the world had she done that? With Stevens no less? She hated Stevens! She started to put her clothes back on but Stevens spoke.

"We're done here. Take those to the laundry room and these to the kitchen." Stevens was already dressed in her uniform again and she picked up the bottle of cognac and the two glasses, then she strolled out of the room without a backward glance. In a daze, Emily put on her orange jumpsuit, taking the white clothes as well. The entire time from her trip to the laundry room and then to the kitchen, she was trying to figure out what exactly had caused her to do that with Stevens. It was the alcohol, it was definitely the alcohol. She would never-she froze as she almost ran into the last person she wanted to see. It was Amanda.

Amanda yawned; her body didn't feel like hers as she drifted away from the warden's den, every single muscle in her body sore. She could barely keep her eyes open. She wondered what time it was. Good, only about 5 pm, and the movie marathon would start at 7pm. She couldn't wait to see Emily again, so much so that she found herself walking towards bathroom 1A. As tired as she was, she figured she could spend a few minutes chatting with her before she would take a nap. The warden had been insatiable, it took six guards including Amanda to satisfy her, and when she left she had seen another stationed outside just in case. She was still wondering about what had caused the warden's sexual frenzy before she came face to face with Emily.

She broke into a smile and was about to speak when she smelt Stevens all over the woman, her musk filling Amanda's nostrils, choking her. She scowled and turned away, a swirling mixture of feeling clouding her mind.

"What's wrong?" She saw Emily reach out for her and she flinched, moving away. "

Do not touch me." She said, her voice void of emotion. She about-faced, ready to walk away but her mind would not let her.

" And I don't think I need to tell you that intimate relationships between guards and inmates are strictly forbidden. I'm going to have to write you up for sexual misconduct."

She turned on her heel, furious. She was angry, angry at Emily for betraying her, and angry at herself. NO, she was not angry at herself, she was angry at Emily for breaking the rules.

"OH FUCK YOU AMANDA!" She whirled around, ready to snap back but froze when she saw the tears streaming down Emily's cheeks. "I don't even know what happened, I hate Stevens and all of a sudden I'm letting her put her hands all over me, it's already so fucked up and I don't need you giving me this shit!" Shocked, Amanda opened her mouth to speak but Emily ran away from her, and no matter how loud she called to the brunette Emily did not turn back.

What have I done...there was a sick feeling in her stomach as she followed Stevens' and Emily's scent back to the massage room. The room right underneath the warden's den. From here she could feel the warden's growing need again, like a pulsating heat that passed through walls, causing Amanda's gut to tighten with sexual arousal. Oh god, Emily had never stood a chance. She had every intention to go upstairs to Emily's cell and explain herself, however at that moment Angel passed by her.

"Good evening lieutenant." She purred, her green eyes looking at her through heavy lidded eyes.

"May I accompany you to the cafeteria?" Right, she had almost forgotten about patrolling.

"Yes." She said numbly to Angel, her eyes looking at the stairs one last time as Angel slid her arm around hers and they started walking in the opposite direction.

Emily still burned with fury as she flung herself onto her bed, grateful that Jenni wasn't in the cell to see her crying. Fuck this place and everyone in it, she thought to herself, remembering Amanda's angry face as she snapped at her. Her mind screamed at the injustice of it all, hating her body for betraying her. No doubt Stevens had bragged to Amanda about her sexual conquest, and Amanda had believed her, the whole lie. Whatever budding friendship she had with Amanda was ruined now, and as much as she tried to curse Stevens for ruining it, she was responsible for all of it. She brushed away her tears angrily but they kept coming. She definitely wasn't going to dinner looking like this. Her head ached, her nose was stuff and her eyes were sore from crying. She lay down on her bed, closing her eyes, praying that sleep would come. Perhaps when she woke up this would've all been a bad dream.

Amanda scanned the table Jenni was sitting at, there were a few women there but none of them were Emily. No, Emily wouldn't skip dinner; it would be hours before she would get to eat again. Forty-five minutes later as she watched most of the inmates leaving the cafeteria she realized Emily wasn't coming. The inmate looked at her in surprise as she walked up to the cafeteria ordering station. "One order, please."

She had a terrible sleep, even in sleep she felt tired, drifting in and out of sleep, every time her mind gained consciousness she felt the twist of anger and shame in her gut. She heard the cell door open, probably Jenni.

"Emily?" Shit. She didn't reply to Amanda's voice, feigning sleep, hoping the woman would leave. She heard footsteps near her bed, but they sounded closer, not farther.

"You missed dinner." Obviously Amanda wasn't buying her sleeping act. She thought of something to reply with but Oh whatever fuck you bitch came to mind but she settled on something else.

"I didn't miss a head count." She stated bluntly. God, how she hated this.

"I know, but it'll be hours before the cafeteria opens again." She heard something being set down on the desk in the cell, a light clatter of utensils as they bumped against each other. Had Amanda actually brought her food? She kept her eyes firmly shut stubbornly.

"I'm not hungry." Her stomach growled. It seemed like her body was determined to betray her at every single point.

"Emily, would you look at me please?" At the imploring tone in Amanda's voice she finally opened her eyes. Amanda was standing beside the desk, looking contrite.

"I found what actually happened, it wasn't your fault, I spoke harshly to you and I apologize."

Amanda said softly, taking a step closer to Emily's bed. Emily looked away, feeling the burn behind her eyes, tears threatening to escape her eyes as she was forced to relieve the moment again.

"I hate when people yell at me, I trusted you." She finally blurted out, brushing away her tears, annoyed that she was showing weakness.

"I'm sorry Emily, I was-" she looked up at the pause in Amanda's sentence, the woman had knelt with one knee on her bed, she had a crinkle in her brow, like she was thinking hard.

"I jumped to conclusions, it was wrong of me." Emily looked away. "What I did, that wasn't me, I wouldn't do that, I-" Tears were flowing faster than she could brush them away and she was breathing hard now, almost hyperventillating. "I believe you." Amanda said quickly, and Emily felt the warmth of Amanda's hands as she hugged her gently. Amanda's embrace felt so comforting to her, she felt the warmth spread from Amanda's hands to her very core.

"The alcohol Stevens gave you was very strong." Amanda said softly. "It didn't' feel that way, it felt..." She had no words to describe the extreme feelings she felt, her libido out of control, bursting with need, wanting, wanting so badly... there were no words so she said nothing.

"Incarceration sometimes does strange things to people." She heard Amanda say. She didn't reply, only rested her head on Amanda's shoulder. She had forgiven Amanda, how could she not? It felt so right to be in her arms. "I have to go." Amanda said, pulling away. Maybe she was imagining it, but did Amanda sound reluctant to leave? "Will I see you at the movie marathon tonight?" She had completely forgotten about it. "I don't think so..." Now Amanda clearly looked disappointed. "I hope you change your mind, I was looking forward to seeing you there. At least eat something. Good bye" She motioned towards the tray of food before she headed for the door. "I will, bye." She watched as Amanda left, the rays of the evening sun shining through the window, casting the woman in a warm glow. Oh she was definitely going.

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