tagLetters & TranscriptsSeries of Letters Found Waiting for

Series of Letters Found Waiting for



Welcome. Don't speak. Tonight our voices are taken from us. At least, our verbal acuity shall be. You shall not cry my name, nor moan your blasphemes, nor beg for mercy, though cry, moan, and beg you will.

Remove your clothing. Fold neatly and place in the box by the door. Anything you have with you, get rid of it. Except your cell. You'll need that. Put it all in the box, seal it up and set it on the porch. It should reach the post office box on Monday. I hope it's there Monday, you won't want to have to go back again.

Your next letter is on the coffee table.


Oh, I do so love you like this, exposed, vulnerable. I find you so much easier to guide, to manipulate, to control. What was it like, stepping out onto the porch, knowing anyone could be watching. Were you scared? Ashamed? Excited? Did you walk, or scurry or crawl? Remember these feelings. Later, when you can talk about it, I will want to hear of it vividly.

Put the collar on and lock it. The key is with me, and you will have the opportunity to use it later, but for now I own you. Now quickly, set the camera to take a picture of you, hands and knees on the coffee table. It should link to your phone, send a copy to me.

The next letter is in your underwear drawer


I do hope you haven't panicked and looked ahead. Everything is gone, but what I have left for you to find. All of our clothes, our personals, our bedding, it's all packed away. Locked up in a storage shed. The key is with me.

The shaver is plenty charged, take your time and make sure you're smooth. You don't want any stray hairs snagging on your stockings. When you slide them on, remember how it feels sliding up the smooth flesh of your calves and thighs. I am so going to want to just run my hands up and down them, stroking and pinching, scratching and slapping. You're legs are lovely, I just love showing them off.

The next letter is next drawer.


I do hope it all fits. The corset may feel a bit snug, they are intended to be so. The panties are lacy white and clingy tight, and should quite highlight your best features. I can't wait to peel them off you with me teeth, but you have to catch up to me first.

Do you feel pretty? Dirty? Bad? I think you look nasty hot, I can't wait to show you off. Try not to be intimidated by the heels, once you lock the straps, you'll be in them all night. They are going to make you quite tall, everyone will notice you. But they're going to make your legs and butt look fantastic

The next letter is in the bottom drawer.


There are going to be so many options for me with those wrist cuffs. I'll be able to chain you to the bed, or hang you from the ceiling, lock your wrists to the bumper of my car, or a tree in the woods, or to the ankle straps on your heels. Laid back on the mattress, wrist to ankle, knees to chest, your legs will fall right open, you'll just be displaying yourself, brazen. A dirty hole like that is just begging to be stuffed. You should set the camera and get a picture of yourself like that. Send it to me, whet my appetite.

The next letter is in the refrigerator.


Finish the whole bottle. You hold yourself in a certain way when you need a pee, it always arouses me to see it. You tuck in and turn out your ankles, stick out your ass. Makes me want to smack it, knowing that at a certain point in a spanking you will lose control. Wet, those little panties will be quite see through, quite invisible.

I hope you're able to hold on until you get here, but if you don't, remember exactly how it happened. Where were you, who saw you, how did it feel running down your leg? I can't wait to trace the water line with my tongue, to suck the moistness from your panties as you wear them. Hurry.

The next letter is in the coat closet.


I won't lie to you, the jacket is really short. People won't be able to see the actual undercurve of your bottom, unless you bend over in the slightest. How often will the opportunity present itself? How blatantly whorish will you be? Just how hungry is your ass for a little attention? Why don't you set up the camera and get a picture of yourself bent over the arm of the sofa. God, I want to put something inside you.

The keys are in the coat pocket. Don't get too excited. It's house and car keys only. It's time to leave the house and take yourself out into the world. Lock up, and don't forget the camera.

The next letter is on the drivers seat


Your stops are programed into the GPS. I trust you won't look ahead. Remember your drivers licence in in the mail right now, so drive cautiously. You wouldn't want to get pulled over in your current state. There isn't a cop in the area that doesn't know just what that collar on your neck means, and most are happy to take advantage, it's one of their perks.

You must feel so exposed. Every bit of skin has got to burn with the weight of the eyes of the world. Remember this when you get there and get out of the car. Everybody will be starring, many leering, and they'll all want to fuck you.

The next letter is in the glove box.


The girl at the counter has a package for you. And she will tell you what to do. Depending on how busy things are she may even help you out. If not, the package will contain some tokens for one of the viewing booths. Make sure to hang up your jacket before you get started.

The booths here have glory holes, I wasn't sure you were aware. If you you get any offers through, be friendly. Give em a hand, right now you're for public consumption. But hurry, your next stop is already waiting for you.

The next letter is in the trunk. Under the spare. Get the clerk to take your picture and send it to me


I bet you feel better now. Your needy hungry little asshole stuffed tight with the big bad plug. Does running the back of your thong through the middle of the horse tail pull it even tighter into you? Did you need help figuring out the chain and lock? Don't worry, the key is with me. The tail must be quite visible below the hem of your coat, especially when you were digging in the trunk to find this letter. I bet those pictures turned out just great.

Did you get a nice cock to play with in the booth? I'm sure you had plenty of lube left even after you greased your own asshole and that thick buttplug. Do you have a cum stain on your corset now, or maybe soaking into your stockings? Don't worry, I won't judge.

The key card will let you into room 207. The next letter is in the room on the bed.


Well now I know you've got a nice cock to play with. Who is that masked man? Do not take off the hood. Neither of you get to know who. And wasn't I right about getting bound up in that position? I bet it just opens him right up. Just imagine how easy it will be to get your face right up in that ass. Why don't you give it a try?

Oh, darling. I'm going to smell his ass on you when I see you. Nasty. And then I'm going to taste his cum in your kiss. Now don't complain. Once you locked that collar, you belonged to me. I will use you now as I see fit, and part of that use is sharing with others. I understand a couple fingers in his ass during will really speed things along. Once you're done (or more precisely, once he's done) leave him and come home. Don't forget pictures. I want Lots of pictures.

The next letter is under the welcome mat.


One last free show for the neighbors across the way, huh. I bet they had a nice clean view of how that heavy swinging tail is stuffed up inside you. I may have to send you over as a party favor sometime.

Come in and hang up your jacket. I don't want it in the way when I see you. Am I going to see wet panties or were you able to hold onto it? Either way, grab some water from the fridge and come into the bedroom. I'm through waiting.

The next letter is on the bed.


Surprised, love? Or were you expecting to find me like this, chained to the bed, splayed wide open. How do you feel now seeing me like this? I can only now imagine how I will be feeling as I lay here exposed in front of you. I don't know exactly how afraid to be. because you have a choice to make.

The key will unlock you and you will be free to do as you will, I'll be quite helpless. Think about that plug stretching your asshole, do you want to be rid of that? Or getting out of those heels, getting rid of the collar and cuffs. Does your mouth still taste of mystery cum? Quick, let me taste. Do you feel all exposures and degradations you lived through today? I did that to you, or I had you do it to yourself, really. You can unlock yourself, and get you some back, or you can unlock me, and know that your suffering has just begun.

Take a look at all the accessories I have laid out. Are they things that you would like to have used on you? Or are they things you would like to use on me? Remember, only I know how to retrieve the package you mailed and the rest of your clothes, so if you unlock yourself, you'll have to get that information from me.

Hurry, because I'm bound to be thirsty, and I'm going to need something to drink. Either way, the key is attached to the plug I'm wearing. So once you decide, you'll need to work it out of me. At least temporarily. Hurry. I love you.

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