tagHumor & SatireSex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 01

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 01


My name is Anna and I have to tell you about how I survived Christmas with my family. I'm forty years old and my husband and I have decided we want children. I'm not sure why we waited so long but the long list of excuses always was more important. First, we needed to get married. Then we wanted a house, a car, a boat, and a cottage. Once we had those things we decided we wanted to spend time enjoying those things.

Before we knew it Jim had turned forty and I was close to thirty-eight. We did what all couples do when they want kids. We threw away the condoms and starting fucking like bunnies. It was great really. A year later, we still weren't pregnant so the parade of visits to the doctors began. The result was simple. We were both fertile but our timing was off.

I'm an engineer and I'm very good with details. I read up on everything I possibly could and decided that taking my temperature every morning along with checking how wet I was down there was the best solution. After two months, I knew exactly when I was ovulating but still no baby.

The next idea was to do an ovulation test. The first month I tested almost ten times a day and I was thankful that the local dollar store sold the tests in packs of three. I'm sure the woman behind the counter thought I was crazy, especially since I bought twenty dollars worth of tests at once.

November came along and I was fertile right around Thanksgiving. It was perfect since we just stayed inside all weekend and fucked like bunnies. Of course, two weeks later, the evil bitch called 'Aunt Flo' arrived and we were back to square one.

It wasn't until December fifteenth came around and my lovely mother called me up to ask me if it was O.K. if we were assigned to the cabin. My eyes went wide as I realized that I would be the most fertile right when we were at the cottage with my family.

Jim was a good sport about everything and he knew that he would be required to fuck me three times a day from December twenty-fourth until the twenty-sixth. We were all prepared or so we thought.

We did it in the morning and then packed up and drove the two hours to the cottage. My parents own a large lot on the lake and the house is winterized. Two years ago, my mother decided she never saw enough of the family so it was a great idea to invite everyone up for three days and two nights of family fun. This year the house was obviously very crowded. My parents were in their own bedroom. My two aunts and two uncles were in the two other bedrooms in the main cabin. We were the only other married couple so we got the cabin, which was really just a one-room building with windows on all sides and a bed. It was heated with a nice fireplace that my Dad had put in ten years ago.

The path from the cabin to the cottage is short so if it wasn't snowing we could run back and forth without having to put on layers of clothing. This was good because I hate the winter and would love my parents' cottage to be somewhere other then northern Ontario. Orlando, Florida would be a good place.

Along with the four couples there were also six cousins ranging in age from six to fourteen. They were all sleeping on the floor in the huge living room. My dad didn't measure very well when he built the addition thirty years ago. The living room can fit six couches and at least three televisions. My mom bought these blow up mattresses on sale so at least my cousins didn't have to sleep on the old worn couches.

We arrived and after saying hello to everyone, we decided that we had to do the deed for the second time that day. We went out to the cabin and realized that the heat wasn't turned on. Jim is great with fireplaces so while he did that I unpacked our things. As I pulled out our toiletries, I realized that we would need to run into the main cottage to use the washroom. This was not good considering there is only one bathroom for fourteen people. I needed to test a few times a day.


Jim spun around and looked at me. I was not normally this high strung but this whole baby-making situation was driving me crazy. "What's wrong dear?"

"I forgot my basal thermometer."

"Just borrow one from the bathroom." Jim walked over and ran his hands through my hair. I loved when he did that because it truly made me so aroused.

I nodded and kissed him. He kissed me back and soon we were under the covers doing it doggie style. I had pillows ready to put under my hips right after we both came and I winced as he pushed so deep inside me. We used to love when I was on top but that was no longer an option. The chance of his fertile cum oozing out of me was too great.

"Remember to make me cum right after you do. It pulls your sperm into my cervix." I had to remind him of these things. When we had sex, he would sometimes forget the main purpose of fucking three times a day. I wouldn't mind not having to orgasm but it was a requirement.

"Yes dear." I couldn't see Jim roll his eyes. He continued to plow into me and then screamed out as he came. I pushed back hard and moaned as I felt his cum shoot inside me. I imagined every one of his little swimmers moving towards my cervix.

"Make me cum." I hissed those words as I felt Jim's fingers on my clit. He was still deep inside me and after a few strokes I was climaxing. I cried out and collapsed on the bed.

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