tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex On The Balcony

Sex On The Balcony


I'm sitting on the balcony of our hotel room in New Orleans. My boyfriend and I are sitting in silence, sharing a joint. The breeze is balmy and I'm so relaxed from the feeling of carelessness that has seeped into me since we've been here. This is not our normal life; normally we're stressed out college students who never have time for anything and are utterly neurotic. Right now we're on vacation for two weeks, and I feel like a totally different person. I don't understand how I could care about the things I cared about so strongly before.

I'm wearing a pair of boyshort underwear that I hope can pass as shorts to everyone else but I've decided not to care, and a tank top. My legs and shoulders are tanned and gleaming with perspiration. I feel so loose and hot. My pussy has just recovered from the fuck session that we shared in our bed. I don't know where my boyfriend's at, he sitting there in a pair of shorts and nothing else, totally silent.

My eyes scan my surroundings lazily, and I notice a couple on the balcony beside us. They're hot, and the girl is sitting on her guy's lap as they kiss and kiss. I'm enjoying this. Their session intensifies and the girl swings her legs around to straddle him. Mmmm. They're totally engrossed with each other and I look over to boyfriend to find that he's staring at them too. We share a sly smile. The guy is running his hands along the girl's slim torso, going on top of and then under the t-shirt. She's obviously not wearing a bra and his hand ends up on her breast and starts to describe smaller and smaller circles on it. His other hand grabs her ass, smacks it , and then jacks it up so she's right up against him.

I'm totally lost in the show when the girl comes up from kissing and looks in our direction. We make eye contact. I'm utterly startled, and then she smiles widely. Her guy looks up then to, smiles, and continues to stroke her breast. Where is this going? Where oh where?

They go back to kissing for a bit, and then the guy starts to work her shirt up her torso, exposing her breasts. He looks over to us as he's rubbing her breasts. As this is happening I feel my boyfriend's hand come across my stomach and pull me into his lap. His hand runs down my thigh and then up to my stomach again. The couple looks at us and realizes that we've joined in and smiles at us and at each other. The guy positions them so that they're facing us and we have a better view of her breasts and continues to knead them. I feel my boyfriend move his hand up to my pert breasts and after a bit of touching he takes off my top. Now both me and the other girl are on display. My boyfriend starts to rub my clit through my underwear now, and I can feel him as hard as ever against my ass. Oh god, how far should I let this go? Ah fuck it, I don't care… this feels too good.

The guy across the street starts to take off his girl's pants. She stands up and lets him strip her completely. She sits back down with her legs spread wide with a bit of room between them. He starts to dip his hands into her pussy and finger fuck her. Then he forces her down on his cock that he 's brought out. With his hands on her hips he moves her up and down. We can see every movement, every slap of his balls on her ass.

While this is going on my boyfriend has slipped his hand under my underwear and is rubbing my clit and finger fucking me too. He pushes against my back and makes me stand up, takes off my underwear and leans me against the railing with my ass in the air. I can feel him get into position behind me and I can hear his belt buckle come unfastened and his shorts drop to the floor. His hands come around and grope me breasts hard. Then I can feel his cock against me pussy. He rubs his cock a couple of time around the entrance of my fuckhole, then he enters in one swift motion. He fucks me so hard that I have to hold on to railing with all my strength. It feels so good and I can hear him grunting. One of his hands lets go of my breasts and smacks my ass a couple of times. "Take it" he says in a gruff voice, "Take it bitch". I can't answer. All I can do is moan. As I start to come I realize that there are people on the street below that have noticed what we're doing and are staring up at me. But I can't stop. I don't care in the moment. With one huge thrust that knocks my whole body into the railing he comes.

After a few moments he sits back down on the chair and pulls me into him. The other couple across the way is lazily smiling at us as the lazily caress each other.

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