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Sexual Psychiatry


I felt like I was goin' off the deep end, all stressed out and confused, so I thought I'd try going to a shrink.

I stepped into her office and she had me lie down on the big, expensive-looking brown leather proverbial couch. She asked me to talk about whatever was on my mind so I began.

'Last night for instance, I had this dream.'

'What did you dream about?'

'I was one of those stripper-waiters at some kind of a bachelorette party, you know the kind who wear just that stupid white tuxedo-collar?'

'Yes, I believe know the kind you mean.'

'Good. Well, I had on one of those and was passing out shots at this club and getting my dick sucked by all the beautiful young ladies in attendance...'

The bespectacled young psychiatrist shifted slightly in her chair, but didn't say anything and let me continue.

'I'm sorry, do you mind me telling you about this?'

'No, no, not at all. That's the idea, to tell me everything so I can effectively analyze your mental condition.'

'OK. Well the girls had me lie down on a coffee table and they all started flashing their tits and pussies- ahem- I mean their breasts and vaginas-'

'Please Mr. Holland, use the vernacular you're most comfortable with so as not to interrupt the flow of your recollection.'

'Very well. Then they started squirting themselves, as well as my... cock down with baby-oil from bottles. My dick started to grow and grow as the girls stroked it and sucked it. There was this loud dance music playing the whole time; it was kind of like a 'Girls Gone Wild' video, except even more hardcore...'

The shrink, Ms. Peaches, cleared her throat but said nothing and took a few notes.

'They were giving me an oiled hand-job... you do know what a 'hand-job' is, right?'

'Ahem- Yes, yes I do. Please go on.'

'OK. So this naked oiled blonde girl was stroking my oiled dick up and down with her hands, and my cock eventually grew to about three feet in length! Suddenly Cameron Diaz shows up naked and starts jerking me off as well. Then along comes Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu who start sucking on my nuts, one nut in each of their mouths. So it was a great dream so far, you understand.

Then Diaz sits down on my cock in reverse-cowgirl- that's when the girl takes the penis into her vagina facing away from him- and somehow, my whole three-foot rock-hard dick slides up her perfectly shaved smooth cunt to it's base, and she starts fucking me! Gorgeous girls are kissing my mouth on either side of me, and I'm still wearing that stupid collar. I'm squeezing girls tits left, right and center, big round firm fake tits, and fingering their shaved pussies and assholes. Barrymore and Liu are still sucking on my balls as Diaz fucks me in a delicious energetic up and down humping motion of her gorgeously sculpted ass.'

I notice Peaches is staring at me slightly wide-eyed, her pupils dilated, her mouth agape. And that my cock is nearly fully hard in my pants at the memory of my dream. But she snaps her attention back to her clipboard and hastily takes more notes and tells me to continue. I brush at my jeans, trying to subdue the massive erection therein and remember where I am.

'So I'm about to ejaculate- cum- inside Cameron Diaz's vagina- I mean her pussy, when she turns her head around and glances at me...'

'Then what happened?'

'She suddenly had my ex-girlfriend's face! I still miss her so badly that I couldn't cum, and I started to cry instead. Then it started to rain right inside the club in my dream and I woke up in a cold sweat and couldn't go back to sleep.'

'I see,' she said adjusting her glasses and shifting in her chair. 'The good news is I think I've identified your disturbance, and can help you with it.'

'You can? Great!'

'Yes. I'd like you to please lie down on the coffee table and we're going to re-enact your dream, re-create the events to activate the centers in your brain associated with the trauma of losing your girlfriend. Only this time, you will replace the feelings of sadness over losing her with love for her, and happiness over the freedom of choice you both have. Later on we'll delve into the reasons why it didn't work out, but for today's session I want us to get to the emotional root of your recent stress-pattern.'

I wondered incredulously if she meant she was actually gonna take my cock in her pussy, and thought that if she did, I'd really be getting my 300 bucks and hour's worth from her!

I lay down on the coffee table and tried to relax and not get too much of a boner, but the later was a losing battle.

'I almost forgot, I'm going to need you to take off your clothes, so as to be as close as possible to how you were in your dream,' she told me seriously.

'Really?? I- I mean, I thought this-'

'Please! Mr. Holland, if this is going to work, I'll need you to trust my experience and do exactly as I say. This is strictly for therapeutic purposes only, I assure you.'

'Alright...' So I stripped down, somewhat uncomfortably, my dick springing up in front of me (there was nothing I could do about that) and lay back down on the coffee table with my dick pointing up at the ceiling.

She said we wouldn't be putting any music on so as to make it easier than it was in my dream for me to concentrate.

'I just so happen to have a bottle of baby-oil right here, so we're going to make liberal use of it so as to accurately re-create the events in your dream. Do I have your permission to proceed?'

'Uh, yeah, of course Peaches...' I gulped.

The blonde psychiatrist produced a bottle with a spout and poured oil all over my dick and balls.

She was dressed in smart women's business attire: a short black miniskirt, black heels, and a matching tight jacket over a tight white collared shirt. She undid the jacket, shirt and her bra underneath, letting her ample tits tumble out into the open air. They were remarkably huge with nipples quickly firming under my gaze.

She poured oil all over them and massaged it in. They glistened like bowling ball flesh coconuts. She guided my hand onto one of them as she began jerking my hard oiled dick. It turns out hers were fake tits, firm and round like bowling balls, with hard-candy nipples jutting out of their centers.

I grunted softly as acute pleasure shot through me originating from her hand on my dick and to a lesser degree my hand on her boob.

'Oh yeah...' I sighed softly.

'That's it, Holland. Relax... Tell me what you want me to do.'

'Suck my cock, Peaches...'

She peeled off her jacket and top completely, bent over low and took my glistening dick into her hot, wet sucking mouth. She sucked it hard, fast and clean, jerking the oiled shaft with her hand as she sucked the head and upper shaft. She still had on her black thick-rimmed glasses, and looked fucking sexy in a hot porn-star nerdy sort of way.

She paused for just a moment to say, 'You should take some pictures for future masturbation-therapy purposes. Here, use my cell phone.' She handed it to me from on her desk. 'You just press this button here.' And she resumed sucking my cock and balls while I snapped pics of the gorgeous babe with her lips wrapped around my raging oiled cock!

The pics were hot as hell; I could tell they'd provide me with hours of jerking-pleasure in the future! She was hot as hell!

'Oh fuck yeah, Peaches! Suck it! Fuck yes!' I grunted as I snapped pic after pic of the lovely young blonde lady giving me head. I fucked my cock up into her mouth as she sucked me hard and clean, her hand massaging my oiled balls underneath.

'Perhaps we should get my receptionist Jessica to come in here and play the role of Drew Barrymore... Hm, yes. JESSICA!' she called.

The smoking-hot blonde receptionist stuck her head in the door and answered, 'Yes?'

'Forward my calls and close the door for a mo, would you dear? And when you've done that, come in here, take off your clothes and suck Mr. Holland's balls, would you please.'

'Yes, certainly Stella.'

In a few moments, Jessica (who had a completely shaved cunt, I'd just noticed) was naked, oiled, and sucking my balls while Stella (Ms. Peaches) sucked my cock. I was fairly dizzy with ecstasy!

Finally, Peaches slid off her skirt and thong, oiled herself up, gave me and Jessica a fresh oiling, and straddled my dick in reverse-cowgirl. Her pussy and asshole were immaculately and completely waxed smooth and staring me in the face.

'She was like this in your dream, Cameron Diaz, correct?'

'Right, right...' I murmured, my rock-hard dick twitching to be inside her cunt.

'Incidentally Jessica, you're playing the part of Drew Barrymore,' she added to her receptionist as she took my oiled cock in her hand and jerked it, her gorgeous ass hovering just above my crotch. Her ass-cheeks were slightly self-parting, her ass being medium-sized, and I observed her beautiful dark brown oiled asshole and wonderful wet pink pussy.

'Are you ready Holland? Is your cock ready for this pussy?'

'Fuck yeah, Peaches... I wanna be inside you, baby...'

She sank her hot drooling womanhood down over my raging hard fuck-stick, slowly enveloping it, lowering herself slowly down until I was up inside her pussy to the root. It felt shockingly hot and wet, and indescribably wonderful, especially coupled with Jessica's full lips ever gently sucking on my nut-sack underneath. Peaches let out wordless sounds of pleasure and I captured nearly every moment of it on her cell phone camera for posterity.

'Fuck me, baby...' I urged.

She began raising and lowering her cunt on my dick. She slid easily up and down on the shaft, she was very wet, not to mention the oil.

She started out slowly but began gradually fucking me faster and faster. She was moaning loudly as her snug pussy-walls massaged my horny dick up and down. The sheer unexpected apparent sluttiness of these two professional women was blowing my mind!

I just held on for dear life, not quite believing it was really happening, snapping pics and trying not to cum inside Peaches' cunt right away.

'Tell me when you're close to cumming, Holland. And don't forget- this time I want you to focus on feelings of love and freedom. Can you do that?'

'Y-yeah, I think so!' I stammered, my cock in ecstasy up the gorgeous psychiatrist's tight smooth pussy.

After a short while I blurted, 'I'm nearly there, Peaches! Don't stop!'

Jessica's lips hugged my balls as, 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' Peaches cooed, and gently slid one of her fingers up my ass, copiously lubed up by her pussy juice, as I was about to cum. It felt indescribably fantastic! The onset of the chain reaction of orgasmic muscle spasms began in me as she fingered my ass, rode my cock and Jessica sucked my balls. She then turned her head around to face me, just as it had been in my dream.

At that moment I saw the face of my ex, but I concentrated hard and filled myself with feelings of love and freedom, not letting sadness even have any space to take root. My dick and balls were in sheer ecstasy, heightened by the amazing sensation of her tiny finger wriggling gently deep up my bum, and then suddenly the cum began to shoot up my dick- BOOM! I blasted Peaches full of cock-sauce, deep up inside her slippery hot pussy-hole... And she apparently came too, moaning and gushing all over Jessica's face and my balls, her pussy spasming around my own cumming dick. I bucked up into her as I came; I'd never had a girl suck my balls as I fucked another girl, nor do that to my ass before and it was, quite frankly, perhaps the hardest I'd ever cum in my entire life. I pumped and pumped and pumped her womb full of my cum, my asshole spasming ecstatically around her tiny finger.

We finally sat and caught our breath, my dick still up inside her, twitching occasionally orgasmically. Jessica finally let my wet balls slide out of her mouth.

'Were you successful?' Peaches asked me, still slightly out of breath. 'How did you feel?'

'Ah, yeah, it was good...' I said, my heart still beating quickly. 'I think it was just what I needed.'

'Um... me too, in fact!' she teased, and the two girls giggled.

She got up off of me and my spent dick slid out of her hole, followed my a little stream of my cum.

'I have a washroom in the back of my office here, where I'll go and be just a moment freshening up.' And she disappeared behind a door.

'You wanna give me a real quick one, Mr. Holland?' Jessica asked smiling broadly, wide-eyed as a schoolgirl.

My dick responded before I could, and she got the message.

'Hurry up, while she's in the shower! Just shove it in and cum in me!'

She got on all fours on the carpeted floor and arched her back super-low, thrusting her gorgeous ass and pussy up in the air for me to fuck.

I squirted a fresh load of oil all over her ass and my dick, and then sank my hard-again cock into her cunt from behind. The supermodel slut-receptionist moaned her approval and deepened her back arch even more, if that were possible.

'Fuck me hard and fast! Shoot your load into me now!' she urged.

I jerked my dick in and out of her gorgeous pussy as fast as I could, as if I were jerking off alone at home as fast as I could, just determined to shoot my load as fast as possible. It was fucking amazing!

Jessica wailed and apparently came just before I did as well, blasting a second load up into the gorgeous blonde girl's pussy from behind, my thighs pressed hard into the lovely cushion of her beautiful ass.

'Aaaaah!' I trembled as I filled her womb with a second load of my cum.

'Ooh! Thanks so much! I needed that. Stella would not approve of non-therapy related fucking during working hours, but when the cat's away, the mice will play!' She winked at me, pulled off of my spent dick, quickly scrawled a phone number and a heart on a little piece of paper and handed it to me. 'Call me!' she whispered and winked at me again just as Peaches was coming out of the bathroom, washed and dressed.

Peaches gave her a knowing smile as she headed to the washroom next.


Once I got cleaned up myself, and Peaches and I were sitting across from each other at her desk, she asked: 'So Mr. Holland, I hope our session today was of benefit to you. Should you feel it necessary to repeat these proceedings, here is my personal cell number,' she handed me a small slip of paper with her number on it, 'call me any time, day or night.'

'Thanks,' I managed ecstatically, wondering if she were a whore, or a psychiatrist... or some combination of the two.

'I also encourage you to masturbate as much as possible repeating today's therapy using the pictures you took, which I'm giving you on this pen drive,' and she handed me the pen drive.

'Wow, thanks uh, Ms. Peaches. I never knew psychiatry could be like this...'

'My methods are unorthodox, but have proven to be highly effective in dealing with emotional trauma.'


And indeed they did prove effective. I've been happy and sleeping well, seeing Peaches professionally once a week ever since, and now and then casually on the side too (not to mention her receptionist Jessica, whom I've also been fucking casually on a regular basis.)

We recently tried in one of our sessions what Peaches calls 'Anal Intercourse Stress Renovation' (AISR) which involves the male patient fucking her up the ass and re-creating stressful events in his mind, but focusing on her ass. I found it most effective and have scheduled another session of it for this very afternoon, in fact.

Her husband Mr. Peaches, a psychiatrist as well, also offers the service to female patients, and has been met with similar outstanding success.

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