tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 04

Sexy Seniors Ch. 04


Kathy and Dick spent several days with visiting with us. With many thanks to that little blue pill called Viagra I was able to keep Kathy and Sue happily climaxing with my cock. Of course Dick was fucking both steady too. Alice, Mike and Jack came over one day to party with us.

It was an exhausting day. We picked up where we left off. Fucking and sucking all day. Kathy and Dick were insatiable. Kathy couldn't get enough cock. Swinging might be new to them but they both took to it like a duck to water and wanted more. They were making plans for getting some of their friends at home involved with swapping and having some fuck parties with them.

During one of our rest periods. (Can't fuck all the time.) Dick asked us why we didn't get some other couples to party with us here. "Isn't it more fun with another couple? A few more pussies and cocks will give more choices to fuck with. You must know a few other friends that you might be able to get together with?"

Alice and Sue agreed.

"That would be great." Sue said. "I can think of two couples that might be interested. I'll invite them over for a pool party next week."

"That's great for the future but for now I want to try something." Said Kathy. "There are four naked men here and I want to have them all at the same time."

She arranged them with Jack laying on his back, hard cock sticking up as she lowered her pussy to it. "Mike, fuck my ass! Jim in my mouth and I'll jack off Dick."

As Kathy descended on Jack's cock Dick knelt behind her, spread her cheeks and started licking her ass hole, getting it ready for it's first cock. When it was wet enough he inserted one finger. She moaned with pleasure. Two fingers worked back and forth in her ass. She starting to moan with pleasure. Kathy was almost ready to loose her cherry ass.

Mike took Dicks place. Putting his stiff cock to her wet rosebud, he pushed slowly in. Her ass resisted a bit then opened enough for the head of Mikes cock to enter. Pushing in further and further she finally had the length of a cock in her ass for the first time. Mike stopped for a few moments to give her a chance to get used to this new intrusion.

Jacks cock was still embedded in her pussy slowly fucking her. Kathy reached for Dicks prick wrapping her hand around the firm cock of her husband. Then opened her mouth to suck my ready shaft.

With four cocks in her control Kathy started moving. Her tongue swirled around my cock. Mike was fucking deep into her ass. She stroked her hubbies cock with one hand while stroking my balls with the other. Jack was thrusting his cock up to her as she rode him.

I don't know how long we used her like this. Sweat poured from her from her efforts. She was climaxing almost steady, one after another. I was the first to cum, she swallowed my juices then turned to Dick to suck him to completion. Jack and Mike had a routine going, as one pushed in the other pulled out. Fucking her as she had never been fucked before. A stiff cock deep in her ass and another in her cunt.

"Fuck me guys, fuck me. It's so great, I love being fucked." She screamed as two loads of hot cum invaded her body. Mike and Jack had shot off at the same time, flooding her pussy and ass.

Collapsing to the ground she laid quiet for a few minuets. "Wow, that was a trip. It would be hard to top that. The only thing is that my ass is a bit tender. Maybe the next time it will be easier."

We all laughed and Sue said that she would like to try that sometime.

Our orgy broke up later that afternoon. We were all fucked out. Kathy and Dick went home the next day after we spent a final night fucking together in our king size bed.

"Well." Sue exclaimed after they left. "That was a nice visit. Hope they come back soon. Excuse the pun but Dick has a nice dick."

That evening Sue asked about having a pool party and barbeque. "We could invite Sally and Ted Roberts. And their neighbors Vicki and Ed. You met them at Sally's birthday last year. Both couples seemed very close, they flirted a lot. I even saw Ted kiss Vicki in the hall. Ed even tried to feel my tits while we were dancing. I bet we could get them to party with is if we worked it right."

"Sounds like a good idea. Invite them and see. Alice and you could seduce the men and Jack, Mick and I can work on the women. If this works we will have some new friends to fuck with. Set it up and lets have a party."

Saturday morning was sunny and bright. Alice and her two men came over early to help set up the grill and a long table. I had T-bone steaks ready to cook, Sue made potato salad and bunch of other stuff, a feast. We planed to feed them and then fuck them. Everything was ready.

The first of their guests had arrived. Sally and Ted. "Hi Sue. How you doing? Haven't seen you since my birthday. That was a fun gathering. We're glad you invited us."

"Welcome, come on in. Jim is out back with some of our friends" Sue said as she embraced and kissed them both on the cheek."

They were both in their fifties. Ted was about 5'10", 175 lbs, partly bald, small mustache. Sally had dark brown hair cut short, 5'7", a bit thin with small boobs. Both dressed casual in shorts and polo shirts.

Just as they reached the back yard the door bell rang again.

It was Vicki and Ed, with another woman.

"Hello Sue, this is Grace, Ed's older sister. Hope you don't mind us bringing her along, she's been staying with us." Vicki said as she introduced her.

"No, not at all, we needed an extra woman to balance. Mike. You know him and Alice. His brother , Jack is here, so another girl is fine. Welcome Grace." Sue said and gave her a hug, took her hand and led them all out back.

Vicki and Ed were a fun couple. Very outgoing. Late fifties, both a little heavy. He was shorter than her, only 5'5", totally bald. She, a few inches taller. Short grey hair, wearing a loose bright red sun dress. Grace might have been Ed's sister but she was almost a twin to Vicki. Same height and build. Hair longer but also grey. Her similar dress was blue. Both women were very pretty.

Mingling on the patio getting acquainted, most knew the others except Grace and Jack. They were the newcomers.

"I guess we are stuck with each other." Grace said to Jack. "I might be too old for you but we can make do for today, if you don't mind being with an older woman?"

"Nonsense! Why should I mind sharing time with a lovely mature lady? We can still enjoy the day together. OK with you?"

"Fine, that's settled, now lets have some fun. I'm wearing my swim suit under this dress so lets go get wet." With that she pulled her dress up over her head, exposing a plump body encased in a bright blue bikini. It almost covered her. Not a skimpy suit but her tits still strained against the top and the bottoms left a lot of ass exposed. Very sexy.

Jack removed his shirt an dropped his shorts. He was wearing tight trunks and Grace saw the outline of his erection.

"Are you glad to see me or you always like that?" She asked with a big smile.

"If you mean this?" Jack said as he motioned toward his expanding cock. "Yes, I'm glad to see you and hope to see more of you, soon. If your interested?"

"Very interested but we best get in the pool before the others see us. Vicki or Sally might get envious that I got to you first."

Entering the pool they moved to the side where they couldn't be seen.

"This is Better." Jack said as he kissed her and ran his hand under her bikini top to fondle her titties. Her nipples perked up with the stimulus of his fingers.

"Oh, that feels so good. Pinch my nipples harder, harder. That's what I like. Hurt them a little. Be rough with me." Grace groaned with excitement as she reached down to hold Jacks stiff cock through his suit. Not good enough, she reached inside his suit and grabbed naked hard cock

"You like that? You like my cock? Want some more? Jack asked, still mashing her ample tits.

Before she could answer they were splashed with water as several people jumped in the water near them. It was Alice, Sue, Vicki, Ted and Mike.

"Hope we didn't disturb you two?" Mike said as he moved close to their side and reached to grasp one of Graces heavy breasts. "Can I help out in any way?"

Jim, still tending the grill, noticed Sally and Ed slip quietly into the house. Turning off the fire he sneaked behind them. Following them as they entered one of the bedrooms, he watched as they stripped bare and Sally laid back on the bed, spreading her legs. Ed knelt before her and burrowed his face to her naked crotch.

Smiling to myself I left them to their fun. But now I knew that things were looking up for our plans for a fuck party. If Ed was doing things with Sally it was a good bet that Vicki and Ted were also fucking. They were swapping too. How did Grace fit in?

Joining the bunch in the pool I noticed Jack and Mike toying with Grace. Sue, Alice and Vicki were over on the other side with Ted. Moving to them and cutting Vicki away to leave Ted to the ploys of Sue and Alice. They were dressed, or I should say undressed to seduce. He didn't have a chance in hell to escape. Both bought the smallest bikinis they could find, in white like Kathy's so transparent when wet. Their pretty nipples displayed for Ted to appreciate and he could see the hair over their pussies. Alices furry bush and Sues sparse covering.

Vicki allowed me to lead her away. She looked good in her small red two piece suit. Not quite a bikini but close. She noticed me looking at her tits and reaching back untied her top. "Now you can see them better." She said and let it float away. "I was hoping things like this would happen when you invited us over. Your wife and Alice will take care of Ted. Sally and Ed are busy somewhere fucking and Grace is being loved by Jack and Mike over there in the corner."

Her tits were lovely. Big and beautiful, large areolas with pointed nipples. Holding them to me she asked. "Suck them, love my tits. They delight in being suckled." Not wanting to disappoint a lady in need I Fastened my lips on one of her breasts and licked the nipple. Reaching down I found that she had also removed her suit bottoms. My roaming fingers found bare flesh with a hot slit open, begging to be explored.

Grace was enjoying the attention of Jack and Mike. The three were naked now and she was handling both of their cocks while her tits were sucked by Mike and Jack was finger fucking her bare pussy. "I want a cock in me. Who wants the first fuck?"

"Me, I want her." Jack said as he boosted her yearning body and settled it over the head of his delighted cock. Her hot pussy opened to him and he plunged in. "I've been wanting to fuck you since we met. Now take my cock, take it deep and fuck me."

Ted was enjoying the views and attention that Sue and Alice was giving him. Their transparent suits were more enticing than if they were bare. He reached a hand to lightly grasp a tit of each woman. Neither had any objections. This was as planned.

"Do you think you can handle both of us?" Alice asked. "Want to try?"

Ted laughed. "What do you think Ed and I have been doing with Sally, Vicki and Grace? Those are the horniest three hussies I know. We keep them happy with a lot of help with Viagra. That blue pill gets a cock ready for a lot of pleasure. Ed and I have been using it for several months now and we can keep the girls happily fucked. Have you been swapping with your men too?"

"Yes, Jack started servicing us when Mike and Jim started their dysfunction problem. Now they are using the pill too and now we all party together. Do you think we could join forces and expand our options on who can fuck who? You have three women and two men. We are three men and two women. We could have a nice group."

"Too late. The party has already started, look around."

Glancing over to where Her husband was sucking on Vicki's tits. Over across the way Jack was fucking Grace while mike was handling her naked tits. "What are we waiting for? Sue said. "Let the games begin." She and Alice stripped away their bikinis, reached for Ted and pulled his trunks off releasing a long hard cock. "Get out of the fuckin pool, I want to fuck on the grass." said Sue. "Let's go."

Minuets later the others joined them and laughingly switched around. Vicki was sucking on Mike. Ted fucking Alice doggy style. Jack started fucking Sue, I started eating Grace's bald pussy.

In the bedroom Ed and Sally finished their secret (they thought) love making. Going back to the patio were surprised with the sight of eight naked people scattered on the grass having sex. Looking at each other, they smiled, stripped naked and ran to connect with the orgy.

Several hours later ten fucked out people called it quits. The steaks still sat on the cold grill.


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