tagGay MaleShackles Ch. 02

Shackles Ch. 02


For two weeks Nile had been a madman. The normally stubborn yet peaceful lawyer was now a short-tempered pain in the ass. His secretary and even the Agents generally tried to avoid him. They did not know nor care what had brought on the change. They just wanted to stay the hell out of his way.

Nile sat alone in his office taking deep breaths as he found himself doing often lately. Struggling to clear his mind. There were moments when the deepest and most profound loneliness he could ever imagine threatened to swallow him whole and tears came to his eyes. That just pissed him off. Why should it be this important to him? The whole thing was ludicrous.

The more he thought about it the more it seemed like a dream. Like it was something made up that had never happened. But at the same time it was the only real thing that had ever happened to him. And that cold lonely realization threatened to tear his heart out by the roots.

"Will I see you again?" Nile asked, his heart stopping.

Arden gazed into Nile's eyes. "As soon as possible."

And he had been fool enough to believe it. Why? He had spent years building a wall around his heart. Entombing it away from the cruelties of love. He had perfected the art of the one night stand. No names. No questions. Just an orgasm, a thank you, and a goodbye. Things were simpler that way.

He had been unprepared for the vampire. The vampire had escaped from prison, appeared in his bedroom, and seduced him. In the madness of the moment he had made himself believe this was just another one night stand. And maybe that was what it was supposed to be. He barely knew this vampire at all. He only knew they had an intense physical desire for one another. But this was far different from the usual one night stand. Because this had been the most mind-blowing experience of Nile's life. He had never known an orgasm so powerful and he had never felt so completely satisfied. Yet, the vampire left him wanting more. It was like he had tasted a powerful drug and was left struggling with an addiction. Craving his next fix. More.

But the vampire had disappeared. Nile had kept an eye on the Agency's progress. There was no official record of Arden having been seen anywhere much less recaptured. This was a relief. But at the same time it reminded Nile of how well Arden would have to continue hiding. Perhaps Arden did want to see him but just couldn't risk it yet. Or perhaps the vampire had never intended to come back. Maybe it had just been a one night stand.

But why go through the trouble? Why had the vampire come at all? Wasn't the whole thing risky to begin with? Arden claimed to have wanted him after getting a taste of his blood. The vampire had drank a little from him after sex. But why go through so much trouble just for a snack and a lay? Why wouldn't he have just escaped and gotten as far away from the Agency as possible?

This was ridiculous. It was interfering with his work, his life. He had to stop obsessing over Arden. He had to accept that it was a one time deal. Just an impulse. Just another one night stand.

Every day he had tried to convince himself of that. And sometimes, in the daylight, he could almost believe it. But it was when he was awakened at night by a slight noise that made his body tense, his heart pound, and his cock start swell with anticipation that he knew he couldn't just forget it all. He had thought about finding someone to hook up with, but it was no use. He wanted no one else. Arden was the only man who had ever truly satisfied him and it seemed the only man he would ever desire again.

The sad reality was that the vampire had probably forgotten all about him. Maybe he was with another lover right now somewhere far away from here. Away from the searching eyes of the Agency. Maybe hidden deep in the bowels of the Community. Maybe he had been with several lovers. The thought stung his heart.

Why did he care so much about this vampire? And how long would it take for him to get back to normal?

The thoughts were constantly with him. If he was seeing a client or doing some other work the thoughts were still there churning away in the back of his mind.

He was glad when the end of the second week came. His dream job with its grand visions of social justice was a great disappointment. He remembered something Arden had said during his consultation.

"You don't get it do you? You can't help me. Do you think the Agents or any judge will take you seriously? You're just a fucking token liberal. Someone to hire in order to make them look tolerant. But to keep on a tight leash," Arden said.

It was becoming more and more obvious that this was true. And it sickened him. He had spent much money and several years of his life getting the education he needed for this job. His expectations had been way off. The world was a much crueler place than he realized. And his goal to change it just seemed silly. He felt like a child trying to build something from sand only to have the steady tide wash it back out to sea.

It was Friday night and he was damn sick of being angry and alone. He made his way to a bar. He had come here a few times to meet one night stands, but not tonight. Tonight he was coming for the liquor. And the forced social interaction. Maybe he could find sanity at the bottom of a glass.

Hallie's Comet was a classy gay bar that towered over the city on a penthouse floor. It was made of glass and bright colors. Sleek and stylish with a breath taking view. The music was nice, the drinks were nice, and it would soon be filled with plenty of eye candy. Nile got there early and sat at a small table by the window. He ordered the night's drink special which was called a Super Nova. It came in a tall glass. It released a foggy smoke, had bubbles, and turned various colors. He had no idea what it was made of but it was strong and it was delicious and that was all that mattered. He was on his second one when the crowd began to trickle in.

He was feeling refreshed. It was doing him good to be in a relaxing public environment. The liquor was a big help too. He felt a smile come to his lips. Maybe this was all just temporary insanity. Maybe he could get past this. Maybe life wasn't as fucked up as it seemed.

Then there was recognition. He wished there had been a moment of ignorance. Maybe it could have lasted long enough so that he simply would not have noticed. He then wished that the tall blond man across the room had not seen him. And while he was busy making wishes, he might as well wish that the man beside him didn't look so fucking beautiful. It was too late. The gray eyes had met his, for the first time in a long time, and it was too late to avoid confrontation. The only polite thing to do was to pretend this wasn't a heart-shattering insult added to injury. That this wasn't a death blow to whatever brief moment of sanity he had found. Nile forced a smile and thought of all his wishes. Well, shit in one hand and wish in the other, he thought. See which one fills up.

The blond man was tall, broad shouldered, and had not changed at all. Except of course, for having the beautiful new prize at his side. Those familiar lips curled into a polite smile and the gray eyes failed at concealing their awkward surprise. The man beside him looked like an underwear model. They were both dressed in beautiful sleek suits. Then Nile noticed the rings and he struggled to keep his smile as his heart shattered inside.

"Nile," Everett said, holding out his hand. "I don't believe it!"

Nile shook his hand, thinking about how odd it was that two people who had once been so intimate were now greeting each other in an awkward handshake. "Good to see you too," Nile lied. He wished he could disappear. He had a wild fleeting fantasy of diving through the glass wall beside him and just falling away into the city lights.

"How are you?" Everett asked, his gray eyes showing a genuine sweet concern.

"I'm great," Nile said, lying with all his might and hoping it was believable.

The beautiful man shifted his weight and looked from Everett to Nile in an awkward glance.

"Nile, this is my husband Renaldo," Everett said. Renaldo. A face to put to the name at last. This was the same man Everett had left Nile for. And why not? Renaldo was fucking breath taking. Even in his spite Nile could find nothing wrong with the man.

"Nice to meet you," Renaldo said with a smile, trying to make it friendly. Nile commended his effort and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you as well," Nile lied. "So...what brings you two here?"

"Just on a night out," Everett said with a shrug. He absentmindedly brushed his hair back from his face in a gesture that was painfully familiar to Nile. Amazing the little things you could forget. Things that when confronted with brought back a flood of memories. Flowers on the balcony. Rose petals on white sheets. An open bottle of champagne. Secret smiles and stolen kisses.

"Care to join us? We're supposed to meet some friends," Everett said.

"I'd love to, but I've got to get going. I just came by here to kill some time. I have to go meet my fiance at St. Francis. About time for his shift to be ending. We're going to dinner and a movie," Nile said, making the story up in an instant. He must have told it well because Everett looked impressed.

"Oh...wow...so you're getting married?" Everett said. "Congratulations, Nile."

"Yeah," Nile said, resurrecting all he had learned back in his days in the college drama club.

"What's his name?" Everett asked.

"Arden," Nile said without a second thought.

Everett nodded. "He works at the hospital?"

"Hematologist," Nile said.

"Wow," Everett said with an approving nod. "That's...great. I...really hope he makes you happy, Nile. You deserve that."

Nile kept up his smile. "He's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"Well, I wish you the best. It was really good seeing you," Everett said.

Nile nodded. "You too. And nice meeting you...Renaldo."

Renaldo gave a nod and tried not to look impatient. Nile privately commended him again for the effort.

"Well, I really need to go," Nile said. "You two have a good night."

"You too," Everett said.

Nile walked out of the bar, went down the hall to the tiny white egg shaped elevator pod and thanked whatever God or gods there might be that no one else was in there with him. He looked out the round glass window and watched the city come up as he descended. Hot tears were streaming down his face.

As he stepped out of the building into the warm summer air he wiped his eyes and held his head down. One moment. One chance meeting and the dam he had spent years carefully constructing was bursting apart with a thousand memories.

The buzz of his liquor had worn off and that was a shame because he did not want to be sober. He was caught up in his thoughts, walking the way home. He had taken a cab to the bar, but he felt like walking now. He did not want the social interaction that was required of getting a cab. If he tried to give directions or small talk he might just vomit. He wanted to be alone.

The walk was just a few blocks, not too far. The streets were somewhat busy with the city's nightlife, but not too cluttered. Enough for him to fall away unnoticed into the shadows. He rounded a corner to go through the alley that would lead him home. The shadows moved and they grabbed him from behind. His heart raced and adrenaline pumped through his body. He was getting mugged. He instinctively tried to fight off his attacker only to notice that his attacker was incredibly strong. He also noticed that whoever had him was not doing anything but holding him there. He was flailing and trying to fight, but there was no use. He was just wearing himself out. He stopped, breathing heavy, heart still pounding, and he tried to make sense of what the hell was going on.

"Done?" Arden whispered, shoving Nile against the wall.

Nile stared into the vampire's blue eyes not believing that it was him. His heart felt like it was going to either stop or leap from his chest. He was still recovering from shock and could not speak. He was struggling to catch his breath.

Arden grinned and kissed him hard. He felt the vampire reach down and grope his crotch, caressing what he found. Nile relaxed, pinned between the vampire and the wall.

"Who the fuck was that?" Arden whispered. "Ex boyfriend?"

"You were in the bar?" Nile said.

"I've been following you all night," Arden said, grinning, his fangs glinting even in the soft light. "So who was he?"

"Ex boyfriend," Nile confirmed. "Used to be one of my professors in college."

Arden raised a brow. "Ah. Interesting."

"I don't want to talk about it," Nile said.

"You told him you were marrying a hematologist named Arden?" the vampire said with a laugh. "I'm flattered."

Nile blushed deep. "I...it was..."

"Shhh," Arden said, putting a finger on Nile's lips. "I'm flattered by your lie." He removed his finger and gave Nile a nice long kiss.

"Where have you been?" Nile asked when their lips parted.

"In hiding," Arden said.

"Isn't this dangerous? Being out in the city?" Nile asked.

"I hide well," Arden said. "And the Agency is looking for me in the wrong places. They have false leads. This isn't my first time running from them."

"I...thought you wouldn't come back," Nile said.

Arden smiled and kissed Nile softly. "I wanted to come sooner. But I needed to lay low. Make sure the Agency was off my back." He kissed Nile's neck. "Mmm...the sweet smell of your blood."

"You...can have a taste..." Nile said.

"Oh?" Arden said, grinning to reveal his fangs. "Would you like me to have a taste of you, Nile?"

"Yes," Nile said.

Arden leaned in and gave Nile a tiny bite, barely breaking the skin. Just enough for a brief sample. He licked his lips. "Turn around."

Nile turned around and the vampire held him against the wall, his arms over Nile's, forcing his palms against the wall as if he were being arrested. "What if someone comes?" Nile whispered.

"It's a dark deserted alley," Arden said. "Nobody will come. Nobody can see us from the street. The traffic drowns out our voices. And these buildings are daytime businesses. Nobody at either of them this late."

Arden reached down and spread Nile's leg's apart. He reached around and unbuttoned Nile's pants, then carefully unzipped them. He slid them down gently along with his underwear. He took both hands, caressing Nile's exposed cheeks. "Mmmm...you have such a hot ass."

Nile couldn't suppress a laugh. "Thanks."

The vampire leaned against him, kissing his neck from behind, taking another small sip of blood. "You taste so fucking good." He unzipped his pants and rubbed his hard cock against Nile from behind. Nile slid his hand down the wall. The vampire grabbed it and shoved it back to where it had been. "What do you think you're doing, Nile?"

"I...just wanted to stroke myself," Nile said.

"No. You stay like you are," Arden said. He slid his right hand off of Nile's and reached around him, grabbing his hard cock for him. "You're at my mercy. You keep your fucking hands up and your legs spread."

Nile shuddered at the vampire's words and his touch. He stayed in place, surrendering himself. "Yes, Sir," he said.

The vampire stroked Nile's erect cock with his right hand and held Arden's hand against the wall with his left. He stroked him in a steady gentle rhythm. "You've got such a nice long cock. I don't think I complimented you on it last time."

"Mmmm," Nile said, closing his eyes. "Yours is nice too."

Arden stroked him a little harder. "Yeah? I'm glad you like it. Because I'm about to shove it in you."

Nile's eyes widened and he gasped as the vampire penetrated him. "Fuck!"

"I warned you," Arden said. "And relax. I rubbed a little lube on before I caught you. If you just relax it'll go easy."

Nile took a deep breath and relaxed, leaning into Arden. The vampire was still stroking Arden as he pushed into him and settled into a sweet steady rhythm. Nile moaned, squirming beneath him, sliding his right hand down again only to have Arden let go of his cock and shove his hand back against the wall.

"What'd I fucking tell you?" Arden said. "Stay as you are."

"It feels so good," Nile whispered. "I couldn't help it."

"Keep your hand up there or I'll have to stop stroking you," Arden said, moving his own hand back down to grip Nile's erection. "Don't you like what I'm doing? Am I not doing it fast enough? Is that the problem? If you want me to go faster or slower you fucking tell me. You don't fucking move." Nile moaned as the vampire thrust hard into him.

"So fucking tell me what you want," the vampire said.

"Stroke harder," Nile said.

Arden complied. "Like that?"

"Oh God, exactly like that," Nile whispered.

"See? Isn't it nice to relax and let me take care of you?" Arden said.

"Oh yes," Nile said.

"Any other requests?" Arden asked.

"Bite me again," Nile said.

Arden kissed Nile's neck again, pricking the skin and taking very small sips. He played at Nile's skin with his tongue. As he was doing this he stroked Nile a little harder and thrust into him really deep. Nile gasped and cried out. Arden let go, licking up a few more drops of blood. "How am I doing?"

Nile's moan and the way his body quivered was answer enough. Arden slowed down to a more gentle rhythm in his strokes and thrusts and then slowly increased intensity again.

"It was torture being away from you," Arden whispered. "After last time...I've wanted this ever since."

"Oh God, me too," Nile whispered back.

Arden moved his lips to the back of Nile's neck, kissing the sensitive place just below the hairline and teasing the skin with his tongue. Nile shuddered and tiny goosebumps appeared, raising the hair on back of his neck. He moved up and kissed the back of his head, enjoying the soft dark hair against his face. He moved back to the side of his neck and teased Nile's ear with a soft nibble.

"That feels so good," Nile said through a moan.

Arden smiled, slowing back into a gentle rhythm. "Anything I can do to make it better?"

"Mmm no, this is perfect," Nile said. "Just don't stop. Ever."

Arden thrust into him hard, slow, and deep, stroking Nile's cock harder as he did. Nile cried out. Arden smiled. "You like it when I do that?"

"Yes," Nile said, breathless.

Arden gave him a few more slow deep strokes, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear. Nile quivered. "You're so fucking delicious," Arden said. "Your perfect body and your sweet blood. You fucking drive me mad."

"Oh God, Arden..." Nile whispered, leaning into his lover, losing himself as Arden settled back into a sweet gentle rhythm.

"That's it," Arden whispered. "Give in. I'll give you everything you need."

"You're amazing," Nile said in breathless whisper.

Arden chuckled and kissed Nile's neck. "You like it when I take control?"

"Yes! Oh, oh, God, yes," Nile said, closing his eyes as Arden kept thrust into him a little faster.

"You like giving yourself over to a strong, powerful vampire?" Arden said, thrusting harder.

"Fuuuck, yes!" Nile said.

"Naughty boy," Arden said with a grin.

"Oh please," Nile begged. "Please.."

"Please what?" Arden asked, kissing the back of Nile's neck. "What do you want?"

"I need to come," Nile whispered, his body shaking with desire.

"Relax," Arden said. "I'm going to make you come very hard, are you ready?"

"Please, God, please," Nile begged.

Arden increased the intensity of his strokes and thrust deep into him over and over again, simultaneously biting Nile's neck and taking a slow drink of his blood. Nile was lost in ecstasy. The entire world consisted of him and Arden. Nothing else had ever existed. There was no before this and no after. He surrendered himself to pleasure, letting it build up and throw him over the edge. Nile's entire body tensed and all at once went limp as he quivered. Hot white pleasure spilled into Arden's hand. Nile was screaming.

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