tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShawna's Night Out Ch. 02

Shawna's Night Out Ch. 02


Shawna climbed the stairs to enter the bus and walked down the aisle looking for a seat trying not to look anyone in the eyes.

She felt bad enough that she had just been forced to have sex with Brad, Paul, Larry and their friend, Richard; all in front of the three wives of the first three men. These were people she had known. True, she had been guilty of teasing the men in the past. And she had done so tonight. But the humiliation of being forced to satisfy their lust as their wives watched in glee was bad enough.

But now she had to parade herself in front of strangers. The chilly air made her nipples hard, making them visible enough as her D-cup breast pushed against the thin, brown velvet blouse she was wearing. But she also had noticeable wet spots on the shirt where cum from the men was still drying.

Not to mention dried cum still clinging in her hair. She could feel it on her face as well, although she guessed that it probably wasn't visible.

Of course there were no seats at the front of the bus. Forcing Shawna to walk to the rear, giving everyone the opportunity to gawk at her as she passed them by.

She found a seat in the back and stared out the window as the bus began navigating through town. She guessed that it would be a good half and hour ride to the nearest stop to her home.

The bus stopped several times, dropping off and picking up passengers as it went along. Shawna tried not to notice them. But this last stop left her little choice.

Seven young men had climbed aboard. They were a rowdy bunch. Shawna looked in their direction, seeing that they were all dressed in jeans and tee-shirts. Most of them were white, but she guessed that three of them were either Hispanic or mixed-raced.

But what bothered her the most was that they had noticed her.

"Look at this bitch," One of them said. "Looks like she just left a pretty good party."

Shawna looked throughout the bus. Most of the passengers had already exited by now. There were only eight other people, besides the driver, sitting in the front.

The young man, who appeared to Shawna to be in his early twenties at best, sat down next to her, trapping her in the seat.

"Have you been having fun, ma'am?" He said.

Shawna jerked away when she felt his hand cup her left breast and begin to squeeze.

"Leave me alone, mother-fucker!" She spat, pushing his hand away.

The bus came to another stop and five people left before it began again.

Two of the men sat behind her. To Shawna's surprise they grabbed her arms and held them. Now the man in the seat next to her – A rough looking young man with shaggy brown hair and in need of a shave – had free access to her chest.

"Stop it!" She said loud enough to be heard throughout the bus as he lifted her blouse, exposing her breast as he fondled them.

The few other passengers on the bus acted like they didn't hear a thing, so the young man continued.

The bus stopped again. Shawna guessed that the driver was going to her rescue. She looked up and saw that they were at another stop and the remaining three passengers were exiting the bus.

"Someone help me!" She called out. But no one said a word.

Two of the hoodlums approached the driver. "Get driving." She heard one of them say. The driver shifted into gear and started moving.

"Get her clothes off." The guy feeling her up said.

Shawna began fighting back as the five of them raised her in her seat and began pulling her pants down over her legs. She was not about to get raped again tonight. But try as she might, she was no match for the men who soon had her pants off and her blouse over her head.

"I get first crack at this bitch." The man in charge said as they pushed her over the back of the seat in front of her.

Shawna tried to resist, but she was pulled down so that she was stuck bending over the seat with Billy undoing his pants behind her.

"Find someplace to park this bus where we won't be seen!" Billy yelled to the driver.

Shawna could feel his hard cock probing between her legs from behind.

"Please don't fuck me." She pleaded.

Billy ignored her and forced his cock into her already well-used hole and began fucking her.

While strong arms held her's tight, other hands were reaching down and groping her tits. All while Billy fucked her from behind. Shawna realized that her earlier ordeal was just the beginning. She had been fucked by four men, some of them more than once. Now she was about to be raped by seven more.

Worse, after several climaxes less than thirty minutes ago already, her body was immediately responding to this newest assault against her will.

"This bitch has one nice cunt!" Billy proclaimed to his pals as he fucked her.

Shawna felt the bus come to a halt. She glanced out the window and saw that they had pulled into a school parking lot. The bus was blocked from the street by a row of school buses. She recognized the area; she was only a short distance from home. So close yet so far.

"Oh yes, I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cum, baby!" Billy cried out.

"No, don't cum in me, please!" She cried out. Only to realize that Billy was already shooting his load inside her.

He continued pumping his cock inside her, draining his balls into her belly as he enjoyed his orgasm at her expense.

"Bring the driver back here." He said as he pulled his cock out of Shawna's pussy.

One of the other men was already climbing behind her, forcing his cock into her pussy.

She looked up to see the driver, a man in his mid-to-late forties with a pot belly and balding head. The man looked at her with what she mistakenly believed to be pity. But what Shawna didn't know was that the driver, John Carter, was on friendly terms with this makeshift gang of hoods. And that Shawna was going to be his reward for allowing them to rape her on the bus and to keep his from ever telling anyone that he knew who the men were.

"Pull out your cock." Billy ordered.

"No." John said, playing the part of the kidnapped driver well.

"Do it or we'll really hurt this girl."

John slowly unzipped his pants, then reached in and pulled out his half-hard cock.

"Get over there and let her suck it." Billy said, pushing John into the seat in front of Shawna.

The driver stood before her. "I'm sorry." He lied as he held his cock up to her face.

Shawna would have felt sorry for the man had it not been for the fact that she was the one being raped. Still, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around John Carter's cock and began obediently sucking it.

"Oh god, yes!" The man behind her yelled as he began fucking her harder and faster. Shawna realized that he too was about to cum. At least the four men earlier pulled out of her most of the time. But these men were wanting to fill her with their cum.

"Oh!" He moaned loudly as he began pumping his cum inside her.

Just as he finished cumming Shawna's body began to orgasm. Then, the cock inside her was gone.

Shawna involuntarily pushed back, her body unwilling to lose the stimulation as it was trying to climax. Her pussy begged to be filled and she was being denied the orgasm that had already begun. She came anyway, rocking her hips up and down as she squeezed her thighs together making a spectacle of herself to the delight of her attackers.

She felt someone getting behind her and spread her legs apart to grant him access to her pussy. Hoping that he would finish her orgasm. She jumped forward, causing John's cock to stab the back of her throat, when a hand slapped hard against her pussy sending a shock throughout her body.

Then the man's cock entered her and her climax began anew.

As she came on the third cock in minutes to fuck her, she realized that the bus driver was about to cum. She could taste his precum and felt him thrusting forward.

Then she felt his cum spitting into the back of her throat, filling her mouth as he continued spurting. She began swallowing it down as he fucked her face completing his orgasm in her mouth.

When John pulled his cock out of her mouth Shawna was panting. The cum that she hadn't swallowed was dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin.

The man behind her was pounding her pussy harder than anyone had so far tonight. Shawna lunched forward with each powerful stroke he delivered until she could feel him cumming inside her just as his two buddies had done before.

Shawna was grabbed and pulled around, then shoved onto her back on the seat. She was pulled so that her ass hung over the edge of the seat along the aisle. Her arms and legs were pulled up and held by men in the seats in front of and behind her as the fourth hoodlum took his place between her legs.

Shawna continued to wrestle, sometimes lifting her body off the seat as she pulled against the men holding her limbs. But she was unable to prevent the next man, one of the mix-raced Hispanics, from sinking his hard cock into her pussy.

Shawna cried out in frustration as she was fucked for the fourth time. Her tits bounced about as he slammed his groin against hers. She was more embarrassed in this position as it provided all of the men with a great view of her body and she could see all of them looking down at her. At least in the former position her view was more limited.

Shawna groaned in dismay as she felt her body responding again. She did not want to cum again. In fact, she wasn't sure if she could take another orgasm as they were getting stronger and stronger.

But she was going to cum and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Worse, she was going to enjoy it!

"Oh fuck!" Shawna groaned as her pussy climaxed for the cock banging her. She moaned loudly, rolling her eyes back and shaking her head as her hips bucked up and down to meet the strokes of her latest rapist. She could feel her juices spilling out all over his cock and balls.

"Damn, this bitch is loving it!" Someone said.

Shawna could not believe how powerful her climax was. She was relieved when it ended but could feel her body gearing up for another. As much as she regretted the act, she was relieved when she felt this man cumming inside her, hoping that it would bring her at least a momentary respite from the continuous orgasms that her body was threatening her with.

"God damn, that was fucking great!" The latest man to fill her cunt with cum said as he pulled his cock out of Shawna's gaping pussy.

The fifth man took his position. Shawna groaned when she saw his large cock, knowing that it would bring her to orgasm almost immediately.

She was right. The fat cock of this man pushed inside her and Shawna's body erupted almost instantly. To make it worse, he rubbed her clit with his finger as he pounded her hole, his cock grinding against her G-spot continuously.

Shawna was cumming again. This time it was an endless series of multiple orgasms. Shawna was pleading with this man to either cum or stop. She was screaming in orgasmic delight that she had to have stop or else she couldn't take it. But this man was not going to give her a break.

Shawna thought she was going to pass out as the orgasms became a delightful torture that made every nerve in her body respond.

The man fucking her could not believe what was happening to Shawna. He had never witnessed a woman going absolutely crazy with orgasms before. And it made this the most enjoyable fuck her had ever experienced.

"Here goes, baby!" He told her as he began cumming inside Shawna's pussy.

Shawna didn't care. All she wanted was for the stimulation to stop before she lost her mind.

She must have momentarily passed out as she did not remember the fifth man pulling out of her and being replaced by rapist number six.

Shawna just opened her eyes and found him above her, stabbing her with his cock. She felt her body responding yet again. This time the orgasm was mixed with urine as she lost all control and pissed herself while being fucked.

The hood didn't miss a beat, ignoring the piss as he felt his own orgasm approaching. Then he too spilled his seed into the older woman's pussy before stepping aside to let the last of the crew have his turn.

Shawna watched as the seventh man took his place between her legs. He pushed his smallish cock inside her pussy, which was dripping with cum, both her's and the previous six men. She could feel it running down her ass.

Despite him having a small dick, Shawna still found herself cumming again as he fucked her. She didn't even realize when he had cum inside her until after he had pulled out.

Shawna lay on the seat, panting with exhaustion after being fucked by seven men – really by eleven men this night. Not counting sucking the driver's cock.

"I think you owe the driver a fuck now." She heard Billy say.

Shawna was lifted off the seat and carried up to the front of the bus as the driver was escorted to the driver's seat. With his pants pulled down Shawna was made to straddle his lap. She was grateful for the assistance as her legs were shaking too much for her to support her own weight.

Shawna slid down on John's cock. Her head was then bent down to the side, where she found Billy, his own hard cock ready. She opened her mouth and began sucking his dick as she began riding John.

Billy held her long hair tightly, using it to guide her head up and down on his cock.

"Swallow my cum." He ordered. Shawna was surprised at how quickly Billy climaxed, filling her mouth with his cum as she bounced on John's cock.

She began cumming again. This time she threw her head back and howled as her orgasm tore through her body. She drooled and bounced up and down, enjoying this climax as she rode the older bus driver who she still believed to be as much of a victim as she was.

"I'm cumming." John announced as Shawna's pussy brought his cock to orgasm inside her.

Still in the throws of her own climax, Shawna continued fucking the driver until her orgasm subsided.

She was pulled off the driver's lap and dragged off the bus. The men laid her on the ground and tossed her clothing beside her. Then got on the bus and ordered the driver to take them to the next stop.

Shawna watched the bus pull away. She caught her breath and slowly dressed, unable to fathom what had happened to her tonight. And knowing that despite how horrible the events had been, she had never been so sexually satisfied in her life.

She was only a few blocks from home. Shawna made the walk gingerly, already feeling the soreness creeping upon her. She entered her home, took a long shower, having a surprise orgasm in the tub when the water hit her still engorged clit, then fell into her bed.

Tomorrow Shawna would be sore as hell. But tonight her body was too contented to care about anything other than the endless, powerful, fulfilling orgasmic pleasure she had just been forced to experience.

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