tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Shows Off For Him

She Shows Off For Him


"Take off your shirt."

I sit on the couch, watching you. You are standing in front of me, unsure. Hesitant, your fingers slowly unbutton your blouse.

"I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I always knew you were a voyeur, how your hot little pussy gets wet so quickly when you watch a woman suck on a big, hard cock. You like big, hard cocks, don't you?"

"Yes," you breathe, your shirt hanging open.

"Say it."

"I like big cocks."

"That's a good girl. Now take off your shirt."

You pull the shirt open and shrug it off your shoulders. Your big, beautiful tits sit high and proud encased in lace. I can just make out your hard brown nipples. My cock stiffens.

"But I started to think why you would want to go to a sex club? Was it just to finger your pussy through your panties while watching some blonde girl on her knees getting her mouth fucked by a big, black cock? Then I realized all the people would be watching you get off too, wouldn't they? Watching you pull your panties to the side and finger your hot, wet little pussy? I can just see you giving them glimpses of your tits and pussy. Or maybe I would pull my cock out and make you give me a handjob in front of all of them. Or maybe I would make you get on your knees and suck my cock, so that they could compare and decide who is the better little cocksucker. Take off your pants."

You are quicker to act this time, unbuttoning them and pulling down the zipper slowly while I stare.

"They would be watching you, and that's what turns you on, isn't it? You dirty little girl. That's why you sucked my cock in a library, why you took me onto a couch in the public lounge before sliding your hot, slippery little cunt down on my cock, why you spread your legs and lifted them on my shoulders so that I could fuck you hard and fast in the middle of a fraternity house. You like to show off, don't you?"

You bend over to remove your pants, your breasts jiggling. You straighten and my eyes are drawn to the wisp of the g-string panties covering your mound.

"Take off your bra."

Watching me, you reach behind and unclasp the lace, slowly pulling it forward to reveal your tanned brown tits inch by inch. You drop the bra to the floor.

"Press them together. Squeeze them. Do you like that?"

You nod. Your mouth is slightly open, your breath quickens.

"Do you like it when I fuck your tits? When I shove my big cock between them and press the perfect globes together to make it hot and tight for my cock?"

You nod again, your legs spreading slightly as you stand in front of me.

"What if while fucking your tits I had to come? Would it be alright if I gave you a pearl necklace? If I shoot my come all over your tits, on your neck? Some come would probably spurt on your face, is that alright?"

You moan, squeezing your tits together.

"I would shove my cock in your mouth so that you could get all the come. I know how much you like a big cock coming in your mouth. You can lick the come from my cock like a good little girl."

"Yes," you moan, eyes closing.

"Pinch your nipple. Harder."

Your eyes open, fingers jiggling one tit, still moaning, "I love come."

The corners of my lips smile slightly, I rub my hard cock through my pants.

"I know you do, you naughty girl. Take off your panties."

You push them down over your tan, toned legs.

"Is your pussy wet?"

You nod.

"Say it."

"My pussy is so wet."

"Put your fingers in your pussy. Play with your pussy for me."

You run your fingers down your flat stomach. Through the tiny triangle of fur, down into the wet heat throbbing between your legs. You moan as your fingers graze your clit. I watch your fingers start to move.

"Slide a finger inside."

Your finger glides up into your pussy with no resistance, you are dripping wet. You moan softly, thrusting your hips forward.

"That's a good girl. Now another finger."

I watch your pussy lips open up as another finger thrusts inside, with another little moan. I can see juices glistening on your fingers.

"Put your foot up on the table."

You open your eyes, fingers deep in your pussy. The coffee table is high, putting your foot on it will spread your legs, tilting your hips upward to expose everything to my gaze, maybe even your tight little anus. You hesitate.

"Tanya. It wasn't a question. Put your foot up on the table."

Looking in my eyes, you slowly, deliberately, lift your foot onto the table. Your legs splay open, your pussy thrusts up high and exposed, filled with your fingers. You try to keep looking at me, but you can't help it, you're so turned on, your fingers start thrusting in and out, curling deeper into the wet heat. You close your eyes and thrust your hips up even higher, masturbating for me, your pussy and shiny fingers completely exposed. You moan and push your fingers deeper inside.

"You naughty girl. You like shoving your fingers up inside your hot, slippery little cunt for me?"

You moan, getting wetter and wetter.

"Hmmn? You like playing with your cunt? You are getting my cock big and hard, you dirty girl, fucking yourself with your fingers."

You open your eyes and see that I have unzipped my pants. My cock is stiff and hard, my hand beneath the big purple head of my glans. I rub my hand up and down my cock, jacking off for you. I see your fingers move even faster in your pussy, I know how much you want my cock.

"I asked you a question. Do you like fingering your cunt?"

You look up from my cock, overcome with lust. "Yes," you reply, in a thick voice.

"Say it."

"I like fingering myself."

"Fingering what?"

Your breath catches, "My cunt," you moan, "my slippery little cunt."

I love it when you start talking dirty. The shaft of my cock surges in my hand. You are staring at my cock with hooded eyes.

"Pull those fingers out of your cunt, I want you to suck on them."

You exhale quickly. Slowly and deliberately you slide your fingers out of your pussy and between your pink lips into your open mouth, your eyelids fluttering closed.

"Can you taste your pussy on your fingers? Your cunt juices?"

A moan muffled by your thrusting fingers is your only response.

"You like the taste of pussy, don't you? You like to lick pussy, I know that you do. You like a woman to hold your head down and rub her cunt on your pink little tongue, make you lick her pussy until she comes and rubs her pussy juices all over your face."

You reach up with your other hand and squeeze your big round tit. You look so sexy, your cunt wet and open, your mouth full of your fingers, your hips rotating. You open your eyes and look at me.

"Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes," you breathe, "I want to suck your cock. I want that big cock in my mouth."

"You have to do exactly as I say. First, I want you to keep playing with your pussy, do you understand? At all times."

You nod.

"Good. Now come over here, get down on your knees."

I stand and strip my clothes. You watch, rubbing your pussy. My cock is big and hard. I stand over you and wrap one hand around the shaft of my cock. I put my other hand in your hair and tilt your head back. I slowly rub the big purple head of my cock against your cheek. Your lips open, a little moan, and I see your fingers move more quickly in your pussy.

"That's a good little girl, play with your pussy."

I slide my cock across your shiny lips and your tongue sneaks out to lick under my cock head, the kiss mingling with the pre-come oozing out of the slit of my cockhead.

"You dirty girl, I didn't tell you to lick my cock."

I lightly slap my cock against your cheeks, rubbing my cock all over your face.

"Do you want to lick my cock?"

"Yes," you moan.

"Stick out your tongue."

Your open your mouth and stretch your pink little tongue for my cock. But first I lightly slap it wetly several times with the head of my cock. I thrust my cock in your face.

"Lick the shaft."

You eagerly lick up the shaft of my cock with broad tongue strokes, flicking at the sensitive spot under the ridge of my cock. My breathing quickens. I lift my cock and shove my shaft forward.

"Lower, lick my balls."

You push your face in tight, licking every inch of my ball sack, my testicles squeezing up hard and tight as I moan. You lick harder, you want my hot white come spurting all over you. I pull your head back.

"Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes," you moan, your cunt throbbing beneath your fingers, "I want to suck your cock."

"Open your mouth."

Your big brown eyes look up at me as I slowly slide my cock into your wet, sexy mouth above your heaving tits. I can feel you moan on my cock, your head tilting forward. You immediately start sucking my cock hard, your head bobbing up and down.

"That's it. That's a good little girl. Suck my cock."

The sounds of my cock sliding in and out of your mouth fill my ears. You are such a good little cocksucker. I can feel my cock surging in your mouth, growing bigger and harder, your pink lips stretching to take all of my cock in your mouth. I pull my throbbing cock from your mouth and you utter a little groan of frustration.

I put my hand in your hair, pulling it from your face. You look up at me, your fingers furiously rubbing your pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you, baby?"

"Yes!" you exclaim.

"Do you want me to fuck your mouth with my big cock?"

You look up at me. I hold your head steady in one hand. Teasing, I thrust my cock toward your mouth. You lick your lips, mouth open and waiting. Biting my lower lip, I slide my cock right into your hot, wet mouth. Pulling my ass back, I pull my cock out, then shove it in your mouth again, deeper. I start fucking your mouth with my cock. I know I am being a little rough, fucking your mouth hard, but I can't help it, my cock is swollen and twitching.

The entire time you stare at me with your big brown eyes while I fuck your mouth. You look so sexy with your mouth wrapped around my cock. I can feel you moaning like crazy. Your eyes finally shut, closed tight, and I know you're coming all over your fingers, a sexy little slut coming from a big cock fucking her mouth. I love it when you go over the edge and become my little slut. I pull my cock from your mouth.

"Oh, my God," you gasp.

"Turn around."

You fall to your hands and knees, your beautiful upturned ass in front of me. I get down on my knees. I reach forward and pull your ass cheeks apart, revealing the tight little rosebud of your anus and your pussy lips dripping with cunt juice. I lean forward and rub the big purple head of my cock against your pussy, getting it shiny and wet. I lean forward and whisper in your ear.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard."

You arch your ass up in the air and I shove the full length of my cock up inside your hot little cunt. Your head falls to the floor, moaning with pleasure. You are so wet you take all of my cock up your juicy cunt, your juices running down your thighs. I grab a handful of your ass and start fucking you hard with my cock, your pussy hot and tight. I grab a fistful of your hair and pull your head back.

"Do you like my big cock?"

"Yes," you exclaim, your hot cunt convulsing on my cock.

"You like my big cock fucking your little cunt?"

You try to nod, and moan.

"Say it."

"I love your big cock," your voice is ragged, "fucking my little cunt. Please fuck me. Fuck me harder."

I can feel your fingers rubbing your clit while my cock pounds your pussy. I know you are about to come on my cock.

I lean forward, my breath in your ear.

"You know what kind of girl likes to get fucked hard by big cocks, don't you?"

Your mouth is contorted in pleasure. "Yes," you manage to gasp out in a little girl voice.

"A little slut."

You moan in response, your fingers going crazy.

"You little slut, you wish other people were here watching you get fucked, don't you? Men jerking off their big, heavy cocks, women fingering their hot little cunts, all of them watching you be a little slut in a sex show?"

"Yes," you utter, your voice an octave higher, your body straining for release.

"Say it."

"I'm a little slut," you cry in a hoarse voice. I feel your pussy tighten like a vise on my cock, your entire body going into spasms. "A slut," you moan, coming hot and wet and throbbing-the sensation shooting up from your tingling cunt to overwhelm you.

You collapse to the floor. I turn you over. I am on my knees with my surging cock over your mouth and tits. My big cock is wet and slick with your cunt juices as I jerk it off with my hand.

You look up at me in disbelief, trying to recover. "Come," you say in a little girl voice with big eyes, "come all over me."

My balls are tightening, my cock swelling and twitching as I look down on your body.

"Come on me," you say, running one hand up over your breasts, "Come all over my tits," you trail your fingers up to your mouth, "Come on my face. I want your come all over me."

My cock shoots arcs of come hot and white all over your tits. My thick come spurts all over your hard brown nipples, smaller spurts of come leap onto your neck and face. You grab my cock and shove it in your mouth, the last spurts of come on your tongue. I collapse to the floor next to you.

As usual, there is a moment of stunned silence.

We both giggle.

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