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She Wants Me


I live in a very small apartment in Santa Monica, just a block from the beach. I'm one of a varying group of people that get together on the beach, in bars and at parties. It's an informal group that changes in size and membership, perhaps amorphous is the right description. We're all in our mid-twenties. Well, maybe one or two in their early thirties and one or two in their earlier twenties. There can be forty or fifty of us or only a dozen or so, depending on when and where we are and what's happening. Most of us are college graduates with decent jobs but not all. Some of the girls are nurses, some secretaries, some doing I don't know what. I'm male, twenty six, six-foot one, one hundred eighty five pounds, brown hair bleached by the sun to almost blond, in decent physical shape. Not movie star handsome by any means but nice enough looking that I tend to get along okay with women.

In the group fairly often is a girl named Gloria. In my mind I call her Glorious. She is drop dead gorgeous. Sort of a Keira Knightly face on a Jessica Alba body. That is, exceptionally pretty with the sexiest body possible. Breasts that are almost too large for her body, D cups anyway. Almost no waist, great firm ass, lovely legs. Dark hair, almost black, blue eyes that are sort of green. She works in the same place as the girl friend of one of the other guys in the group so that's how she first showed up.

In addition to being gorgeous, she's actually good to be around. Physically active, swimming, body surfing, playing beach volleyball. It's difficult for me to play volleyball with her because just looking at her gives me a hard on. I mean, she is sex on the hoof. I'd love to get with her but every other male in the world hits on her constantly. There's always one or more guys hanging around her. Besides, anyone that perfect is out of my league, why even try when I'm sure to be beaten out by some adonis or millionaire. I mean, there are guys around that are probably just as appealing to girls as Glorious is to me and I doubt if I'm one of them.

I don't avoid her. We've talked often over the last six months or so since she first showed up. We've played on the same and opposite volleyball teams, they're always just pick ups of whoever is around. She's had her arm around me laughing when I manage a good remark about something or some one. We've been next to one another in bars and at parties, talking and touching. But I've never made a move on her. Frankly, she scares me. She's too much. I know I'd be put down and it might screw up my activities with the whole group. I'm willing to just daydream about her, fantasize a little. I'm sure she'd be a terrific fuck.

It's a Friday night. I went out with a couple other guys and had some beers. It's about one o'clock in the morning and I'm in bed when my phone rings. "Jack, his is Gloria. Look, I'm sorry to bother you at this time of night but I'm at this bar and I think I'm a little woozy and there's a creep here that's trying hard to get at me and I wonder if you can come by and pick me up and take me home."

Gloria? Calling me? For help! "Sure," I say, "what bar, where, I can be there in about twenty minutes." She thanks me, apologizing again for bothering me. I get out of bed, quickly pull on some boxer shorts, wash pants, a polo shirt, get on some white socks and slip on shoes and I'm out the door. I did remember my wallet and keys. What's going on? Gloria calling me? I think of all kinds of possibilities as I drive to where she is. It's probably closer to fifteen minutes when I enter the bar, really a fairly nice restaurant with a bar. She's standing at the bar wearing one of those ubiquitous little black dresses. Totally drop dead gorgeous, oozing sex appeal.

"Jack!" she almost yells when she sees me. I walk toward her and she sort of lurches toward me, ending up wrapping her arms around me and giving me a huge, wet kiss, pressing that perfect body against me. She then almost whispers, "I told the creep my boyfriend was coming to get me so act like that's who you are." She then gives me another kiss and I put my arms around her and she opens her mouth some and shoves her tongue into my mouth and we have a long kiss. I'm getting very hard. I know she's drunk but this is still something very, very sexy.

She then leads but almost pushes me to the door. We walk a half block to my car as she leans on me and thanks me a couple times, repeating herself. We get to the car and I open the passenger door and she wraps her arms around me and starts another very sexy kiss. So I react and kiss back. That sexy body is pressed against me. I finally get her in the car and I go around and get in. I almost know where she lives but am not sure of the address so I ask her and she tells me. On the phone she had said to take her home and didn't say whether her home or mine but I didn't have the nerve to even suggest taking her to my little place.

It isn't far to the apartment building where she lives. She's leaning over, her head sort of on my shoulder, her one hand on my thigh as I drive. Maybe she's going to pass out and I'll have to carry her up to the apartment she shares with another girl. But as we get to the building, she tells me to drive in to the parking spaces underneath and even points out the one I should use. I go around to open her door and help her up and out and she's all over me again, kissing me and thanking me. But really, seriously kissing me with lots of tongue. I have to do all of this with an erection, trying to hide it from her and not poke her with it.

We get upstairs to her door. She fishes out her keys and unlocks the door and she goes in, grabbing my hand and pulling me along with her. She closes the door behind us and pulls me down a short hall into her bedroom. I don't fight her but I'm not sure what I'm doing in her bedroom, I feel like I should get out of there. "I need to go to bed," she says as she kicks off her shoes. She reaches over her shoulder and points and says, "Unzip me, Jack."

I unzip the back of the little black dress which seems to then fall all on its own onto the floor. She's standing there, her back to me, in nothing but panties and bra, both colored black, to match the dress, I guess. She needed help unzipping the dress but reaches up behind her and unfastens the bra all on her own, and tosses it to the side. She then turns to face me and I'm looking at her beautiful, full, perfect breasts. "Uh, Gloria, I'm still here," I stutter out. I'm assuming she's very drunk.

"That's the whole point," she says, grinning at me. She then sits down on the edge of the bed, facing me. "Take off my panties,' she says. I kneel down on the floor, facing her and reach out and get my fingers into the waist band of her panties. She lays back and lifts her hips and I pull and start sliding them down over her hips. She lifts her legs up, together, and I slide her panties all the way off. She then lowers her legs and moves one to be on the other side of me, so I'm kneeling there looking at her pussy, her legs on either side of me. I may be hallucinating but I'm pretty sure she spread her legs on purpose, opening herself up more.

Her pussy isn't shaved but the hair is trimmed and I suspect she does shave some on the sides because she has this fairly small mop of dark curly hair above her slit and that slit is slightly open and I can see the light glistening on the moisture in her. I want to dive in and start tasting her but I'm much to nice a person so I say, "Uh, Gloria, I think you're drunk and I don't want to take advantage of you."

She's laying back, her butt on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide on either side of me. "I'm not nearly as drunk as you think and you won't be taking advantage of me," she says in a steady voice. Her legs bend around me and her heels push on my butt, pulling me toward her body. "I want you to do whatever you want." I lean down a little and get my face to her and push my tongue into her and lick up a little. "Aah," she says, "Now you're doing exactly what I want."

My first sex with a girl was with a neighbor. I was in high school and she was home briefly from college. For some reason, mostly just my being available I think, she decided she would use me to satisfy her needs. She taught me how to satisfy her, how to eat her and how to fuck her. I've been using that knowledge ever since and so far each of the girls I've been with have seemed to enjoy it.

I did Gloria's pussy with everything I knew how to do, licking, sucking, finger fucking her. When she came, her juices getting all over my face, I just kept at it. She moaned and yelled and was telling me to stop, she couldn't take anymore, at the same time her hands were on my head holding me to her, urging me on. When she appeared to cum a second time, I pulled my face back. I had no intention f stopping, though. I just took a minute or so break to get my clothes off. I then picked up her legs, swung them around onto the bed and climbed on next to her. I spread her legs and get my very erect cock aimed at that delicious pussy and started pushing in. She spreads her legs more, put her arms up around me and started shoving her hips up, letting me know she wants more and more.

I purposely bang her as hard as I can, as fast as I can. There definitely is a time for nice, slow, love making but this is a time for the hottest sex possible. In my mind, I'm into a one-time thing that I might as well make the most of. I'm not aware of any one else ever fucking her, although she undoubtedly has fucked before, the way she's acting with me. But I don't think she's a slut, fucking around a lot, so I figure I need to make the most of it while I can.

A couple minutes into pounding into her, I realize that I'm not using a condom. My first concern is disease. But, I'ms already in her so it's too late to do anything about that. The second thought is pregnancy. So, while we both grunted as I bang her, "I ask, "Are you on the pill?"

"Yeah," she says back, between breaths, "Just fuck me and fuck me forever. This is so good." Then she's back to grunting each time I slam into her, moaning as I pull out again. If her room mate is here, I'm sure we must have wakened her because Glorious is not a quiet fuck at all. Finally I cum. I'm sure she came at least once, perhaps more. I pull out and flop to her side. She rolls over to almost climb on top of me. She kisses me. I can feel her breasts against me and her pussy leaking on me. I put one arm onto her ass and another around her shoulders and kiss back. She has a great ass, I massage around on it a little as we kiss off and on again, over and over.

Those breasts against my chest make me realize that I've dreamed about getting at them and now they're available. So I hold onto her and roll over so that I'm not quite on top of her. "You're not leaving are you?" she almost yells.

"No," I tell her, "I'm just wanting to get at that gorgeous body of yours." I kiss her again and get my hands to her breasts. The greatest breasts I've ever seen in my life, I think. Full and sort of firm yet soft. Female breasts and asses have that feeling like nothing else. At least Gloria's does. I slide down just a little to get my face as well as my hands to them. They're truly magnificent. I caress them, sort of lift them a little to weigh them in my hands, kiss them, back and forth between them. I get my lips around a nipple and lick and suck, then to the other one. "You have the greatest breasts in the world."

"I'm glad you like them. They get in the way a lot, I'd probably have had them reduced but I can't afford it."

"Oh, don't do that. They're a work of art. So full. You can probably feed twins if the time ever comes for that." That seemed stupid to me once I said it but it must have hit her some how because she grabs my head and pulls me up a little and gives me a really big kiss, tongue and all, almost like she's trying to swallow my mouth. Then she rolls onto me again and slides down and kisses my chest, licks my nipples. She doesn't stop, though, kisses on down over my stomach, reaching ahead to grasp my cock with one hand. Then she's kissing my cock. It hasn't been long since we fucked and I came so I'm still soft but that kiss makes my cock jump just a little.

"Maybe this could help make those twins," she says as she licks it some more and it starts to react. Not only is it not hard yet but it's got a combination of our juices on it, yet she starts to lick it even more, taking the head into her mouth and licking and sucking on it. Her other hand is fondling my balls, sort of rolling them around and playing with them. I get harder and harder and as I do she takes more and more of me into her mouth. She pulls loose long enough to look up at me and grin. "You have a really nice cock, Jack," she says and then swallows me again. licking and sucking as though she really is enjoying it.

She pulls her mouth loose again but keeps hold of my cock as she moves around to climb on me and lift herself up so that she can get her pussy hovering above me as she aims me properly and slowly drops, taking me up inside her again. "You have no idea how good this feels," she says as she wiggles her hips around.

I can feel all of her movements as her insides grasp my cock tightly. I'm looking at the prettiest girl I've ever known with absolutely the best body possible and beyond all reason, she's fucking me. She's fucking me, she wants my cock in her and she drop dead gorgeous. I already had an erection but I know I get about as hard as ever I've been, just realizing what an absolutely fabulous experience this is.

She rides me for several minutes. Lifting up and dropping down, then just rotating her hips and wiggling, then back to up and down again. She has a big smile and makes plenty of noises of satisfaction. Not words, just moans and little shrieks. I lay there and enjoy it but slowly get more and more aroused. I want to fuck her now. I sit up as much as I can, reaching around to hold her body to help me up. She's now sitting on my lap and I rolls us some, never letting my cock leave her, until she's on her back and I'm over her. I start pushing into her and out again. She wraps her arms and legs up around me and holds on and I go faster and faster.

I know that I'll last awhile, having cum just a few minutes before. Apparently the opposite happens for her because I can feel her orgasm in just a few minutes. Her insides grasp me even tighter, she yells, her body jerks some, she wraps herself to me even tighter. I keep on fucking her, pounding into her. We're both sweating. She's making faces that could be of pain but I know they're really of arousal. She grunts with each of my strokes. I must fuck her for fifteen minutes, it seems like hours. I finally push as far into her as possible and hold it there as I shoot off inside her.

She collapses and so do. I roll off to the side. The next thing I know, I slowly wake up and see that it's light. There's a brief moment of wondering where I am when I remember last night. I can feel something at my cock and glance down. Gloria is holding my cock, slowly masturbating me while her head lays on my thigh and she just looks at it, smiling. I sit up a little to look down better. She must feel the movement and looks up at me with a big smile. "Good morning," she says. "I need a shower and I think you do, too." She sits up and reaches for my hand as I sit up. We both get off the bed and walk together, holding hands.

This is the best shower of my life. Our two bodies are a little crowded, so I'm up against the greatest body ever all the time, one way or another. I get to feel those terrific breasts, that great butt, kneel down and run my hands all over those beautiful legs. Maybe even better, she does the same to me. In between everything we kiss over and over, some big smooches, some quick little ones.

I have an idea and step out of the shower for a moment to get a plastic glass. I hold it under the shower and fill it, then kneel down and get my face to her crotch. I ask her to spread open some. I gulp a mouthfull from the cup, maneuver myself almost under her, use my hands to spread her pussy lips open, get my mouth to her and spew out the mouthfull. Giving her a warm water douche in my own way. She giggles and comments but from the way she acts, I know she loves it. So I do it several times until the glass is empty. Then I just lick in her for a minute or so, then stand back up so we can get out bodies togetheer and kiss some more.

She kneels and gets to work on my cock and balls., using her hands and mouth. She sucks on my cock, getting the whole thing into her mouth and part way down her throat for a moment. She tells me she doesn't want to make me cum, there's a better place for my cum. She then stands up, lifts a leg to the point that I take hold of it, and brings her pussy to my cock. She asks me to bend my knees a little and let my cock slowly drop down so that she can get her lips over the head. I then push up, entering into her. She holds on, her hands around my neck, raises her other leg and rests her whole body on my cock. I turn some to get her back against the wall and then start really fucking her. She's kissing my face, my shoulders, moaning and grunting, and I fuck on and on. I can feel her cumming well before I ever get there but finally I do, too. She lets herself down and we stand there and kiss, letting the water run down over us, rinsing us some more.

"I think I need cleaned out again," she tells me. So I refill the glass. She sits on the side of the tub, facing into it, and spreads her legs wide, using her own hands to open her pussy as much as possible. I get down there with a mouthful of water and spurt it into her, then another mouthful, and then just some additional licking. As we leave the bathroom after drying each other, she reaches behind us to feel my butt, so I do the same to her.

We discuss what to do today and decide to go to the beach where a number of our friends will be. While I dress in my clothes from yesterday, she works on some face make up and brushing her hair, then packs a small bag with her bathing suit and towel and stuff. We then take my car to go to my apartment, where I can shave and get ready for the beach.

She comments on what a small place I have and I tell her that all I do is sleep here and sometimes watch some TV. I get out of my clothes to shave. I'm nude, in the bathroom at the sink, when she comes in, also nude, and stands behind me, pushing that sexy body up against me and reaching around to take hold of my cock. I hurry up and finish and then turn and lift her up and cary her to the bed where I lay her on her back and get between her legs and start pushing my cock into that nice, warm tight, pussy again.

She cums, I keep on pounding into her. She cums again and then I do. I pull out and we lay next to one another. "I don't know what I've done to deserve this," I tell her, "but I sure hope you don't change your mind. We've been around one another for several months, what brought this on?"

She looks at me and sighs, "I guess I might as well be honest. If this ever works out like I hope it does, I'll need to always be honest with you. But I'm a little afraid I'll scare you off. You know I work with Marie, Don's girl friend. They're getting married."

Don and Marie, sure I know them, spend a lot of time with them. Marie tells me I'm like her favorite brother. "Yeah, I know. They seem to get along great, it seems like a good thing for them," I reply.

"Well, when Marie and I talked after Don proposed to her, I told her that I'd sure like to find the right guy and settle down and raise a family. All I do is meet a bunch of creeps that try to get in my pants. She told me that she knew a guy that would make a great father and husband, which is why I started hanging out with all of you. You're the guy she thought would be the good father and husband."

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