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She Wore It Well


OK, I can finally admit it.... I'm a voyeur. I get off on watching. Perversion? Well maybe, but I prefer the French term. Much more classy!

I am an exhibitionist as well. I think that the two go hand in hand. (Pun intended). More on that at a later date; this story is about watching.

There is a clothing optional beach not far from me. It is a perfect day trip. I frequently pack up a small cooler, beach umbrella and chair and head out. The unique feature of this beach is that it is state owned and operated. As such it falls under state laws instead of federal laws, which would probably not allow the nudity. Also interesting is that there are lifeguards, clothed, and a small concession stand run by younger girls. Nice summer job, no? "I'll have a foot long hot dog." "Thanks, and here's your tip".

Now obviously this is a good place to watch and be watched. As at most clothing optional places there are a wide assortment of body types. Men and women of all ages that have no problem showing what they have. There are lots of bodies carrying around a few extra pounds, but also plenty of bodies in shape.

I try hard not to stare. That is considered rude, no? Reflective sunglasses are a good accessory.

Occasionally there are people that want to be watched. It's particularly exciting when you realize that the woman you've been sneaking glances at is watching you back. It can become a grownup version of show and tell. Or just show...

One day in particular I arrived at the beach early in the day and scouted out a good location. There is a section that seems to be for gay men as well as a family section. In between the two is a more mixed crowd. I like to be close enough to the water to dip in when things get over heated, but back far enough to get a good view. So after finding a good spot I set up my chair, umbrella and laid out a towel. Then I stripped. I usually go commando on beach days, so there wasn't much to take off. Also, the advantage of going commando is that the friction on my cock keeps me on the verge of a hard on. It's important to make a good showing. Some oil and sunscreen, discreetly applied, and I was ready to sit back and relax.

After a while a single woman walked by. I was hoping she would set up her camp close by. The beach was slowly beginning to fill up. There were two couples to one side and another couple on the other, but there was still an open section of the beach right in front of me. While the beach is popular, it never gets as crowded as other local beaches; everybody carves out their own space, and is respectful of each other's space. Single women at the beach were not totally uncommon, but more often they would be with either a guy or a group of friends.

We caught eye contact just long enough to acknowledge each other. I guess I was judged as being safe, as she set down her things not that far away, perhaps 10 feet or so, but right in my field of vision. She was not a knock down model-type of woman, but was very attractive never the less, and she seemed comfortable with that. I'd say that she was probably in her mid 20's, with medium length auburn hair tied back under a baseball cap. I like that look -- so far so good. She was dressed in a T and cutoffs, very casual and she wore it well.

For me, one of the most erotic parts of the clothing optional experience is watching the arrivals strip. And since it is optional, some keep their bathing suits on, some just go topless and others go full Monty.

Another silent prayer as she took of her t shirt and cutoffs. She had a modest bikini on and, again, she wore it well. I would have been ok if she stopped there but she didn't. She folded her clothes and stowed them in her beach bag, and seemed to scope out the beach as she stretched. There was another moment of brief eye contact and then she initiated the conversation. Good thing because I probably wouldn't have. Casually talking about the weather and the traffic on the way down, she untied her top. Her breasts were a great fit for her body -- not too small and not too big. I could tell that she tanned topless; they were the same light golden color as the rest of her. With just a slight hesitation she undid her bottoms as well. I caught a quick flash of her neatly trimmed landing strip before she turned around. It was the same reddish color as her hair; so 'the carpet matches the curtains'. I'm a red head as well. Perfect match!

Her ass was very shapely and now I knew that she tanned in the nude. Not the faintest hint of a tan line.

After that quick show she sat down on the towel and began to apply sunscreen. I should have spoken up and offered, but I was pretty much speechless as that point. But after watching the second act of this performance I finally had the nerve to mention that she missed a spot on her back. I've tried that line with others at the beach, but without any success. Mostly I got that 'look' back in return, or at the least a thank you while she would reach further back to get the missed spot. Again I was glad that I had been judged to be safe, as she asked if I would help her. As calmly as I could I applied the lotion to the small of her back. Nothing really sexual -- I was trying hard to think about anything but sex. Even so, there is something sensual in the act of touching. She flinched just a bit when my hands made contact. I did the job quickly, almost clinical in my manner. She thanked me and laid down on her front, with her head toward the shore. I sat back in my chair and pretended to be absorbed in a book. End of any conversation now. Just tanning and relaxing. But looking back at it now, I think that was when I realized that this might be a whole different type of day at the shore.

After a while she sat up and asked me if I knew when the concession stand opened. I didn't really know but it was still early in the day. I told her they would probably open up before noon and offered her something to drink. I had a couple of cold water bottles, some beer, and some snacks in the cooler. She accepted a bottle of water, said she'd return the favor when the stand opened, thanked me and laid down on her back.

As in real estate, location is everything! She hadn't invaded my space, nor I hers, but she was right there directly in front of me. I had a great view of that pretty pussy and now noticed that she had a small ring right below her hair line. I wasn't familiar with piercings down there; my guess was that it was a labia ring. (Reminder to self -- Google it when I get home). Whatever it was, it was very sexy. I remember thinking that you can never judge a book by its cover. From her outward appearance I wouldn't have guessed that she'd be pierced, or even that she was that attractive. Some women are more attractive dressed. She was an exception to this. She wore it well.

As you are probably aware, overt sexual behavior is frowned upon at public CO beaches. There were, after all, families not far down the beach. Also, this particular beach had an area that was not clothing optional. I've always thought that was very strange, as there were not barriers between the two, just a sign. So you could be on the 'dressed' side of the sign and be within arm's reach of the 'naked' side. And this particular spit of land had plenty of other beach sites. This was the only one that was CO. Why would someone come to the CO beach and sit on the non-CO side? To each his own I guess.

That said, my new exhibitionist knew exactly what she was doing. She didn't have her legs spread wide -- no, she was much more subtle than that. Her legs were just separated enough to get some sun on her inner thighs and for me to get a view. I noticed that she had a slight grin on her face. I was thinking that she was enjoying this.

I was too, and it was beginning to show. I didn't have a full erection, but I was definitely getting there. So I stood up and headed for the water to cool down. I had to walk pretty close to her, as the beach was starting to fill up by now. I tried not to stare down at her as I passed, but I did sneak a quick glance. I saw that she had opened her eyes and was watching me. She was still smiling. I always do a touch up shave on beach days, followed by a light oiling. With that, as well as my half woody, I was pretty sure that she would enjoy the view. And from her angle I knew she had quite a view.

The cool water was just the remedy for my hardening cock. But not cold enough for 'shrinkage' thank you very much! As I usually did I waded out past the surf and swam parallel to the shore for a while. Not heavy exercising, but it helped me to relax. After a bit I stopped and before I turned back around I checked out the shoreline. It's always nice to be able to see the big picture. Looking back to where I started, I thought I saw my exhibitionist standing at the shoreline. Perhaps she was looking for me. No, most likely not. Things like that didn't happen to me. Most likely she was just there to be watched.

By the time I swam back to where I started she was back at her space. She was sitting up facing the shore so she had a straight on view of me as I headed towards my towel. Her eyes were well below my waist, although she did look up and make eye contact briefly before they traveled south again. I remember thinking 'Take a picture, it will last longer'.

I don't use my towel after I swim. I let the sun dry me before I sit down. So I was just standing there soaking up the sun. She had laid back down on her front facing the shore again, so I could enjoy the view without her knowing. But I was pretty sure she knew exactly what I was doing. Her ass was very nice, and I could just glimpse a bit of something between her legs. A nice view, but I had to start thinking about baseball statistics or something or else I was going to have to spend the whole day waist deep in the ocean. I did however take a mental snapshot that I was sure I would use later, back home.

When I was mostly dry I started to reapply sunscreen. She noticed that, and said that I missed a spot, just like I had said to her. I asked her if she'd help and she said of course, turnabout is fair play. The little amount of conversation that we'd had up to this point was now turning into innuendo.

She applied sunscreen to the part of my back that I couldn't reach. I was thinking that there are some other areas that I had missed, but didn't say anything. Her hands did wander just a bit farther than necessary, just to the top of my ass, but only briefly. She then gave me a little slap on the butt and proclaimed that she was done. As I thanked her I applied more lotion to my cock and balls. After all, those parts were not all that use to the sun and one must protect the family jewels. She watched me as I did this, not even trying to be discrete.

After I sat back down, I offered her some snacks from my cooler. She took me up on some cheese and crackers. I offered her a drink but she noticed that the concession stand was opened. She headed over, saying that this one is on me.

I watched her as she walked across the beach. I don't know if it is a natural talent or has to be practiced, but she had that type of walk that is so sexy. I noticed that I wasn't the only one watching, but was thankful at that moment that she had settled in my area of the beach.

I was still looking her way as she came back with two beers. Turnabout is fair play, her words, so I decided not to try and be discrete any longer. I kept my eyes well below her waist, and as she had done before, met her eyes briefly before heading back south. She was smiling that same great smile. I knew she was enjoying being watched as much as I enjoyed watching. Naked except for her baseball cap, hair tied back, sunglasses and a cold beer in each hand. She wore it well.

She joined me on my towel as we shared our little snacks. We really didn't converse that much. Small talk about the weather, about how peaceful it was, about how relaxing it can be without clothes. We both agreed that we are probably closet nudists. We got to the point where we were making comments about some of the other nudies, both male and female.

She thanked me for the snacks and went back to her towel. I settled back into reading my book, she seemed to be taking a nap. After a while she rolled over and again I got that great view. I think this time it was accidental, as she truly seemed to be asleep. Note to self: take another mental snapshot for my memory bank.

Eventually she woke and went for a swim. I waited a bit and joined her. We picked up the conversation while wading in the surf. No touchy feely going on; the only physical contact was when we had helped each other with the sunscreen.

Back at the towels we settled down to ourselves. I was not making any progress with my book; it might have been upside down for all I knew. I decided to take a nap, so I laid down on my back with my feet facing her. I figured she had done the same earlier. Turnabout , fair play ...

I didn't really expect to fall asleep; I seldom do at the beach. But I did. I don't know how long I was out but I must have been dreaming because when I woke up and had a full sized erection. I'm not the biggest of men. I'm not going to say it was 10 inches, but it was impressive. And I guess it was not all that surprising that it happened. I had been at half-mast on and off all morning.

When I realized what had happened I quickly rolled over to my front. With it being overt sexual behavior and all that, I don't know what would have happened if the lifeguards had walked by. They probably would have judged it as accidental and would either say nothing or wake me up and request that I cover up.

After rolling over I glanced at my new friend. She was staring, and actually giggled a bit when she realized the show I had given her was unintentional and that I was a bit embarrassed. But by then I knew that I liked being watched by her and I would gladly show her whatever she wanted. Just say the word....

Another quick dip in the water (to back off the erection), another cold beer and I went back to my book. While I was 'reading', I checked out all of the other sights that were around me. The two couples were playing a card game. The single couple had left at some point. Some new people had come onto the beach, but overall the day was winding up and the beach was clearing a bit.

I turned my attention back to my best neighbor. She was staring right at me now. As I returned her stare, thinking two can play at this game, she moved a hand to her breast. She cupped it briefly, passed her thumb over the nipple, and then slid her hand down her belly stopping right at her landing strip. I obviously broke eye contact as I couldn't miss this show! She gently held the labia ring and gave it a little twist. I noticed that she had closed her eyes and was breathing heavy. She might have had a little orgasm, I don't know, but I was right there watching. And, turnabout again, I reached down to my once again erect cock and gave it a couple of small tugs. I was leaking some pre-cum, and I'm pretty sure she could see it from where she was. Smiling again, she turned around to face the ocean.

With that I resigned myself that our little game of show and tell was over. I couldn't complain. It was one of the most erotic experiences that I've ever had, and definitely the best one played out in public. Of course I had harbored a couple of thoughts that we would go further, but apparently that was not going to happen.

So I started packing up my gear. When she noticed that she turned to me and thanked me for the afternoon. I told her it was my pleasure and winked at her. She smiled back. She wore that smile so well.

I stayed naked until I reached the Warning: Clothing Optional Beyond This Point sign. At the entrance to the beach there were restrooms and another concession stand. I took a quick shower in the men's room to wash off the salt water, sand and sunscreen, and headed back to the parking lot. The path to the lot goes thru a wooded section and it was there that I heard her call after me to wait up. She was packed up and leaving as well.

I once again thanked her for the afternoon. She looked a bit troubled. I thought maybe she had some misgivings about our game and asked her about it. She said, no, I really enjoyed it, couldn't you tell? I smiled and agreed. But as we continued to walk towards the lot I still thought that something was on her mind. After what we had done, why would she be embarrassed to tell me?

We reached my car first. As I was packing up the trunk she turned to me and said that she felt a little bit bad about not getting me off. I assured her that she would, later that evening when I replayed the day. She laughed and said she'd be doing the same thing. Then, after a day of looking and watching, she did something even more unexpected. She leaned into me and gave me very nice kiss. As we hugged she reached down to my crotch and started to get me hard thru the shorts. She had probably watched me getting dressed so she knew I was in commando mode. I was speechless, but (turnabout), reached down and fondled her ass.

Breaking off the kiss she opened the back door of my car and pushed me in. She said that she had a little parting gift for me.

I was speechless.

She opened up my shorts and began to stroke me. Then, smiling up at me, she bent over and started licking my dick. I'd like to say that I lasted a good long time, but within seconds my dick was fully erect and pressure was building in my balls. I had been so turned on most of the afternoon that it didn't take much to make me cum. I warned her that I was going to blow and she took her mouth off and started to masturbate me. I came harder than I had in a long time. Some of it hit her face and some onto her T shirt. She wore it well.

Breaking the tension, she released me, gave me a smile and wiped her face with her T shirt. I tried to apologize about her shirt but she said it would be her souvenir of the day. I wanted to return the favor, but she said no, not today. The party was over.

I mentioned that we had never even exchanged names. We laughed about it but she said that she thought it made it even more exciting. But before we went our separate ways we did get names and email addresses.

This was the start of a hot online affair. Thru Skype we exchanged many more intimate moments. We made plans to meet again at the beach and perhaps play our game of show and tell again. It hasn't worked out as of yet, but it will. And when it does, I'll let you know.

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by Anonymous04/13/18

A fun story/sexy..

Exhibitionism is so fun - in addition to the simple pleasures of nudism ...Freedom to truly be yourself without per-conceived judgements - a person with an average job is no less than a CEO, the fact thatmore...

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by fewella02/27/18

Never been to a nudist beach...

...but I certainly enjoyed reading about this one.

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by Photo_GW12/22/17

Delightfully hot!

Really fun, realistic story. I frequent nude beaches and this story is so real - I love it. Great job

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