tagNon-Erotic PoetryShe'll Be Back

She'll Be Back


Staring straight ahead of her,
Tears spiked her thick dark lashes,
Yet her eyes remained still.
Her heart beat wildly in her chest with the hurt,
That threatened to overflow like a swollen river.
She remained frozen numb yet her soul shivered
With the coldness that wanted to consume her.
The only that saved her
Was her notorious temper
That everyone who knew her
Knew for a certain would simmer then explode.
She has been stomped on a lot lately;
Confusing her,
Angering her,
Hurt her deeply.
Yes she is angry and hurt for now,
But soon, she will rise above it again, somehow,
As she always did, eventually.

Though the hurt done to her lately has been overwhelming,
And it dented her soft but stoic heart,
All who knew and loved her,
Admired her fortitude and resilience,
Her perseverance
Against those stupid enough to cast her aside,
For one reason or another
Without even knowing her at all.
Give her time and she will be back
For people may have hurt her and dismissed her carelessly,
Without tact,
Nothing will keep her down; courage isn’t something she lacks.

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