tagGay MaleShould I Take a Chance? Ch. 03

Should I Take a Chance? Ch. 03


Thanks again for the positive feedback.

I wasn't sure that I would have the time to continue this story, or that the previous 2 chapters created enough reader interest to continue. Happily it did generate quite a bit of interest from both male and female readers and has inspired me to write chapter 3, enjoy.

This is a fictional work inspired by my true life experiences.

You may want to read the end of part 2 before starting this chapter to refresh your memory.

* * * * *

Rick stroked my hair as he held my head for me. I didn't try to move, I wanted to enjoy the rhythm that he created as he slowly moved his soft phallus in and out of my mouth. Rick moaned as he arched his back and moved side to side and front and back never pulling completely from my mouth. I could feel his ass cheeks tighten as his hand would do the same to my head as he pushed in deeper.

He was correct, the time that he spent with his wife this morning having intercourse was beneficial. This allowed him to really enjoy our time now without him becoming rock hard to quickly. As for me it was wonderful, I could enjoy his cock deeply in my mouth as I ran my tongue over his fat but soft member.

I thought I could detect just a taste of his morning efforts, what a huge turn on! As I softly used my lips to milk his member and while my tongue danced on the belly of his fat cock I had the feeling of complete and total peace with myself. I wanted to give him the type of blow job that I know I never had!

Because my vision seems to be getting worse by the year, age I guess, I stopped for a moment to put on my reading glasses to better see what I was doing. This brought a great laugh from Rick, a hearty chuckle indeed.

"This reminds me of that scene in the movie Somethings Got To Give where they are in bed and they both need to put on reading glasses to see the clock", Rick laughed. "I hope that your glasses strong and that they make my cock look huge for you", he laughed.

I blinked and put a look of horror on my face pretending to be shocked by his new HUGE size brought on by my glasses.

Now we were both really yucking it up!

I laughed out loud for a moment as I looked at Rick and smiled. Well any tension that I may have felt about this was just washed away by this humorous break in the action. Rick was right, we were going to become very close friends.

"Let me sit down in this double wide chair, it will give you full access to my entire body", said Rick as he walked over and sat down. With his hands clasped behind his head and his legs pointed straight out he looked very relaxed. His cock, still soft just rested on the left side on his rather large balls, it was beckoning to me.

"Ready when you are", said Rick with a wide grin, "You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this".

"I hope you don't mind", said Rick, "but I want to teach you how to do this right".


It was as if Rick was able to read my mind, he was hitting a home run with me right now!

"That's exactly what I want, someone to be more dominant than me, a man who will tell me what to do", I said anxiously looking him.

Rick just smiled back at me, I guess I'm an open book and that easy to read.

"Well you found the right guy, I'll teach you exactly what to do", Rick said. "If you find that you really enjoy this I can recommend some other friends who would also enjoy your enthusiasm for doing this", Rick added.

I knelt down between his legs as he sat in his wide chair and put my hands on his things as I leaned in towards his package. He kept his pubic hair nicely trimmed but not shaved and the close cut of the hair really accentuated the length and shape of his still soft fat cock.

"I'm going to hold my cock while you take my balls in your mouth", said Rick. "I want you to suck them one at a time and them together, use lots of tongue", he finished.

As I did just what he asked he rubbed his shaft against my nose and cheeks. He didn't get hard at this point, but he was starting to leak. It was perhaps the most exciting sexual thing that anyone ever asked me to do!

His balls were full and large, I softly sucked one in my mouth as I circled my tongue around it. I'm not sure who was moaning more, Rick or me.

I stopped for a moment to give my mouth a rest from the stretching that it just had, I wasn't sore but happy.

"Lean in here and take a good look at my cock head, I want you to open your lips just a bit for me. I'm going to use my cock and run it around your lips like lipstick, but don't you do anything more yet", said my sexy buddy.

"It's my way of marking you, to be sure that you know that you are my personal CS", he said with all sincerity.

With that he took his tool in hand and started to circle my lips, he was still soft but oh so fat. I could feel the coolness of his precum, how it was in contrast to the heat coming from his cock head. The liquid was sticky and I could feel it covering my lips and he finished. Without question I was now that hardest that I've ever been in my entire life, I was concerned that I would cum before I finished him!

"Close your eyes for me", he said. I closed them but didn't move as I felt his hand go to the back of my head and move me in a bit closer. I felt him lay the full weight of his phallus on my face and lips as he rolled it around, this was so sensual that I was on the brink of cumming.

The heat and softness of it was more than I could take, this is what I had hoped for!

"Can you feel how fat my cock feel rolling on your face", he asked. "I want you to open your mouth now, while I'm still soft I want you to get the feeling of having my entire cock in your mouth". "Open up and let me slide it all the way in, don't be nervous when you feel it reach the back of your throat and my balls rest against your chin", Rick said.

I slowly opened my lips after I first nervously licked them to keep them moist. As I did this Rick slowly slipped his wonderful cock in my mouth and I could feel it sliding over my lips and tongue, tickling them.

WOW what a feeling this was, I felt like I was more alive than ever before. It was pure heat as he slowly slid his entire meat past my wet lips and over my tongue until his balls were indeed resting on my chin. I reached down to adjust my own phallus which was painfully hard and tangled in my pants, I needed relief soon. I felt my face suddenly flush and heat up as I looked at his face; At that moment I knew something that Rick didn't, I just came in my shorts!

Ricks eyes were closed and he moved in and out, I kept looking at his face for a sign that I was doing well. He kept his head tilted back and his mouth open with a quiet hiss passing over his lips as he fed me. He now had a hand softly placed on each side of my face covering my cheeks as he rode me in and out. I'm sure that he could feel him member on the palm of his hands as my cheeks swelled each time he pushed in. It must have been very erotic for him to feel something like that, it was sure HOT for me.

I had a fear that if I was to cum while I was with Rick and sucking his cock that I may loose interest and not want to continue. I guess it's like having sex and just wanting to stop after you have finished cumming. The opposite was true, I know found new zest in my task, I wanted it more than ever. I felt my eyes mist over as I sucked his member deep into my mouth. More than anything I now wanted to hear him tell me how good I was doing and to hear him moan in delight as he pumped in and out. But most of all I wanted to feel him shoot deep into my mouth, to feel his cock as it spasmed on my tongue and to taste his sperm as it filled my mouth.

Ricks cock was now much harder than when we began, it's girth was much more than mine and it did stretch my lips....lovely though. I could not long take him as deep as before, but his low hanging balls kept swaying into my chin each time he pushed in. I truly loved the sensation of a full mouth and having his balls hitting my chin.

I was now starting to get my first taste and he was leaking precum and I loved it! I knew that we were near the end and I was so excited that my nostril's flared to suck in more air.

The best was yet to cum, and I was up for the task. I hope to finish the story in the next chapter if people request the final ending.

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