Shower Time


Sated from our activities you roll off the bed and head out of the bedroom, your bum wiggling lusciously as you slowly walk off, leaving me naked and alone in the bed.

I lay staring at the ceiling, a big cheesy grin stretching from ear to ear as I replay the last hour in my head. The taste of your lips. The feel of your flesh. The sweet sounds you make as you cum. All now in the past but committed to memory for ever.

You stand in the doorway holding a towel in each hand with a just fucked look in your eyes and a smile that seems to make you glow from within, you give a small shake of the towel to indicate you have one for me before turning and heading to the bathroom, with an offer like that I can't resist and I am right behind you in an instant.

My arm is around your waist and pulling you tight against me before you get to the shower, my kisses falling down on your neck and shoulders as you place the towels over the towel rail and turn to return my kisses.

You plant gentle soft kisses, your hands cupping my face as we tenderly embrace and our bodies softly press together.

Breaking the kiss you move and turn the shower on, holding the shower head away while the water heats up, then taking my hand step into the enclosure pulling me with you.

I close the door as you adjust the jets so they are spraying us both with a torrent of hot cleansing water, you look gorgeous all the time anyway but now coated with a sheen of water and with wet slicked back hair you look so hot.

You take some gel, rubbing it between your hands to create a foam before placing both hands on my chest and begin to wash me in delicate circular motions, mesmerised by your attention I simply stand and watch as you wash me, occasionally you look up and smile before moving to a fresh piece of unwashed body, you wash my chest followed by my arms. Then slowly turn me around and wash my back from my neck downwards, skimming my bum and circling around my thighs to lightly wash my swelling cock.

Your breasts pressed against my back, both arms around me. Hands caressing and soaping my cock and thighs, my response is natural and I am quickly hard in your hands as the expensive body wash foams and cleans under your gentle ministrations.

As you toy and stroke my stiff shaft you plant kisses across my shoulders and the back of my neck.

Slowly I turn in your grasp, your kisses trailing from my back to my shoulder and eventually to my throat and face where our lips meet with an intense longing, tongues pushing against each other in a very private oral battle.

Moving me a little under the water you rinse off the bubbles and with a smile of satisfaction you announce I am all clean. I take this as my cue to return the service and start with your hair, already wet I run my fingers softly from scalp to tip removing a couple of knots and smoothing it all together. I apply a little of one of the bottles you have in the shower, a ginger and lime smelling shampoo which I massage into your hair and smells divine.

My hands working quickly and coaxing the lather and bubbles through your hair to the tips. Repeating the actions and using my finger tips to massage your head as I go. You seem to be lost in your own world, quietly resting against my chest as I work you hair clean of the shampoo, finally I finish with your hair and decide to pull it together in a single pony tail to keep it out of the way.

Next I reach for the body wash and work from your neck downwards, again I opt for a massaging motion and rub your shoulders in circular motions thumbs pressing into softer fleshy parts of your shoulders and then in long smoothing strokes from your spine out towards your ribcage as my hands descend down your body. Each stroke starts with a gentle pull of your body against my chest as pressure is applied and then gradually subsides as my hands move away from your spine.

All the time you seem content to be pressed chest to chest with your arms languidly around my waist for support and comfort. Your head resting against my chest. Your only movement being an occasional kiss and a little noise to indicate you like the attention.

Having completed the massaging wash of your back my hands drift to your bum and cup your checks, softly kneading them, lifting, spreading them and pulling you firmly against me.

Hand still caressing your ass I tell you to turn around. You almost pirouette on the spot, never breaking contact between us as you slowly revolve until your back in now against me. As you turn my hands delicately drift over your skin, across your hip and come to rest at the apex of your thighs, thumbs lightly brushing against your damp pubic hair.

I can't resist touching you and run my fingers between your legs cupping your sex in one hand as the other rests on your hip. My fingers move up and down slowly over your pussy, teasing, rubbing your lips oh so gently. I apply pressure with my index finger and your lips part under my touch allowing me to stroke you more intimately. Long sensual strokes up and down, my pace leisurely as I drift my other hand up across your belly towards your breasts.

Your nipples respond quickly to attention, hardening and elongating between my fingers. The fullness of your breasts being cupped and squeezed as I continue my two prong assault on your body.

Leaving your pussy both hands now cover your breasts pulling you firmly against my chest, my cock pressing against the small of your back, hard and erect.

I love your breasts they are so full and soft, your nipples are hard and responsive and you react so positively to me touching you. Your hands come up and cover mine pressing me harder onto your breasts telling me what you want, what you need.

Slipping my hands away I encourage you to keep touching your breasts and marvel as you begin pinching and rolling your nipples between your fingers in a practised and skilful way. You seem to be much more forceful and firmer than I was as I watch you pull up on your nipple raising your whole breast and almost shake it before letting go and squeezing yourself hard. You repeat this a couple more times and your breathing gets noticeably heavier.

I reach for some more body wash and lather my hands before placing them below your breasts, I slowly wash your body as you continue to play with your breasts. Downwards to your pussy, out onto your thighs and back up the side of your chest. I repeat this route a few times lingering my fingers in your pubic hair and under your breasts before finally moving up completely onto your breasts. You raise your arms and put them up over my shoulders, your breasts rise as a result and I quickly smoother them with my soapy hands and rub the lather all over you.

You moan as my hands cover you and my desire flames. Turning you around I kiss you passionately and then sink to my knees in the shower, I tug your hand and guide you down too, your knees going either side of my thighs as you sit in my lap face to face.

Our bodies didn't need much encouragement and I easily position myself at your entrance before you lower yourself on to me, my cock spearing between your legs and delving deeply into you.

Slowly you rise and fall, controlling the pace and penetration with your thighs. My hands on your hips for guidance as our mouths lock in a deep kiss.

Your breasts brushing against my chest hair, bouncing with the rhythm you set as you impale yourself over and over again.

My hand twirls in your pony tail pulling gently as I kiss down your neck, I can tell you are getting close to release from your noises as I take a nipple into my mouth and pull against it hard with my teeth. Your moan of pleasure encourages me to repeat my action and I pull again against your nipple.

This time you scream and I feel you explode around my cock, your thrusting stills and I can sense you contracting and pulsing as I pull you into another deep kiss and hold you tight against me. The warm soothing water still splashing gently against the side of us as we remain in an entangled heap on the shower floor.

I move slightly and you realise I am still hard inside you having not yet cum and you begin to move again slowly, but your energy is gone.

Raising yourself up off me you tell me to stand up while you remain on your knees, once I am upright you grasp my cock in your hands and move forward to envelope me between your breasts, slowly clamping your breast around me and moving up and down in a delicious wet tit fuck.

Looking down I can see the tip of my cock above your breasts as you increase your pace and rub them up and down my shaft, your head bobbing down to suck and lick me as you work on making me cum.

My breathing hitches and that all too familiar feeling begins coursing through me, as I let out a warning groan.

I twitch and pulse and my first jet of cum erupts and splashes against your lips, you grasp me now in your hand and pump me hard directing my cum straight onto your fabulous breasts, as I pour my load out and smoother your chest. With a final twitch you take me into your mouth and suck the last remaining traces of cum off my cock while slowly rubbing the cum on your chest into your breasts and over your nipples.

Both of us satisfied you stand and turn back towards the shower stream and rinse off any remaining traces of soap and cum before turning the water off and stepping out of the shower.

Picking up both towels you wrap one around your waist and with a little glint in your eye ask if I need a hand getting dried?

You lead me hand in hand, still naked as you are holding my towel back into the bedroom as you prepare to dry me off.

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