tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off in a Dressing Room

Showing Off in a Dressing Room


So, I just got back from shopping for clothes. Being a guy, I'm not a huge fan of the activity. It seems like the dressing rooms are always so hot that I break a sweat.

There are so many choices and it takes forever to figure out what to buy, however, after tonight, I think I'll go clothes shopping on a regular basis.

I walked into the store around 7:30, about an hour and a half before closing on a Sunday. There were very few cars in the parking lot, so the place was definitely deserted.

I was looking for some new shirts and shorts. I grabbed 3 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts and headed into the dressing room, hoping that a few of them would work.

I started with the shorts. I found one pair of shorts that fit perfectly, AND, they really showed off my package. Seeing how I looked in these shorts started to make things "fill out".

I looked from the side view and it was really obnoxious because my package was so obvious. It would almost be wrong to wear these shorts out in public, but hey, what can you do ya know?

I put my pants back on and took the reject shorts out to put them back. Realizing I was on a limited time frame, I opted to take them back to the main dressing area and just hang them on the community rack for a lucky employee to put back.

I went back out to find more colors of the one pair of shorts that fit and found a black and a darker khaki. As I went back into the dressing room area, there was the lucky employee.

She was probably 25, dark hair, 5' 5", with an in-shape body and an unbelievable smile.

I said, "I hope you don't mind that I hung some shorts on the rack. I usually don't do that, but I'm in kind of a rush."

"Oh, no worries," she said with a big smile. "That's my job. If you need help with anything, like a different size or something, just let me know."

I noticed her nametag said Brooke, so I returned the smile and said, "Thanks Brooke."

She may have just been doing her job, but it almost felt like she was flirting a little.

I took the 2 pairs of shorts into the dressing room, took off my pants and put the darker khaki pair on. They fit the same, really showing off my package, which was growing much bigger by the second.

My cock was not hard, but extremely full, hanging straight down the middle. I couldn't help but start rubbing myself through the shorts. With my hand turned over facing me, I started at the base and squeezed as I went down the length of my shaft. I was completely enjoying the excitement of being in a public place and my bulge was proof of that!

I heard the clink of the hangers on the rack, which meant Brooke was not far away. The rack was at one end of the dressing area and my dressing room was at the other, about 7 dressing rooms away.

She was far enough away from my dressing room that I'm sure she could see my feet. I wondered if she was actually looking to see when I was taking things off and putting them on.

I was just about to take off the darker khaki pair and put on the black pair when she asked,

"Are those working for you?"

I said, "I'm not sure" and in a split second, I decided to open the door and say, "I can't really see how these fit in here".

There was no one else around and there was a 3 way mirror about halfway down the row of dressing rooms. I started walking toward it and she started walking to meet me there.

I stood up on the platform and looked in the mirror. She came in behind me, peeking around my side so she could look at me in the mirror also. She checked out the back of my shorts first, lifting my shirt a little and sliding a finger just inside my waistband above my right cheek. Then she slid it around inside the waistband to my right hip. I was so full I was almost hard at this point, but I contained myself...barely.

I turned to the side and was tingling with excitement, knowing there was no way for her to miss my profile and the fact that I was testing the limit of these shorts.

I said to her, "I think these are a little too tight, but if I go up a size, I'm afraid they'll be too big."

I then turned my back to the mirror, which meant she was about a foot away from my package! I was pretending I was looking over my shoulder at my butt in the mirror, but really I was watching her.

When I turned away from the mirror to look at her, she was looking right at middle of my shorts. Then, to my surprise, she took her finger and slid it inside my waistband on the right side and pulled to see how tight they really were.

She then said, "I agree. The next size up will be too big, but let's see if we can find another pair of the same size that might be just a little more forgiving in the waist."

Off she went out of the dressing area and that was probably a good thing. My cock was ready to spring to the side and then straight up! I went back into the dressing room to cool off and to wait for her to return.

She came back with the same color pair of shorts in the same size. She handed them over the door and I quickly put them on. I had calmed down a little, but was still verge of standing straight up!

This time, instead of positioning myself to hang straight down, I moved it to hang to the right. I looked at myself in the mirror and debated if I should go out. My boxers added some extra padding, but you could clearly see my shaft and somewhat make out the shape of my head.

I decided to go for it.

I went back to the 3 way mirror and Brooke was waiting for me. She pulled at the waistband in the back again and then I turned around.

There I was hanging to the right.

She pulled at the waistband in the front, this time sliding her whole index finger inside my shorts until the waistband stopped her from going any further. I was so turned on.

She stepped back to look, nodded her head and then checked the waistband one more time. My cock was so visible she had to have seen it, but she didn't let on at all. She was playing it very cool.

"I think these are a little better," she said.

I agreed. I then asked her if she would help with the other pair and she said, Absolutely, no problem!"

I went back into the dressing room and put on the black pair. I realized that black didn't really show off the outline of my cock like the khaki color, so I quickly took those off and grabbed the original light khaki pair.

Just as I was getting ready to put them on, I decided to take off my boxers and just wear the light khaki shorts!

As I put them on, I looked in the mirror and you could see everything. The material was a ripstock material, so it's kind of thin. My cock was past the point of being able to hang now. It was still angled down to the right, but was straight...and soon to be angled up for sure.

I walked out and Brooke was back at the rack sorting clothes. She saw me come out and headed toward me.

I hopped up on the platform and "I" was already pointing straight across my side. You could clearly see my shaft and the distinct outline of my huge head. I was so thick and pointing all the way over into the right pocket of my shorts.

She slid her finger inside the waist in back and I knew she then figured out that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

She leaned around me and looked in the mirror while she was pulling on the waistband in the back. She paused for a moment and then turned me around to face her. I was so turned on. Here I was, facing this girl and she was looking at my huge cock in a public place.

She then said with a smile, "I like the way these fit. You'll probably turn a lot of heads when you wear these."

I thought I would cum right there on the spot.

Brooke put her hands on my hips and turned me back around to face the mirror. She looked around my right side again to see me in the mirror and commented, "Your pockets are just a little open, which means the fit might be a bit too tight."

Then, without warning, she slid her hand into my right pocket and found my cock. I jumped when I felt her grab me.

She wrapped her hand around my cock from within the pocket, reaching over as far as she could and gently squeezing and pulling up toward my head.

A massive amount of pre-cum came out on my leg.

She reacted by saying, "Oh...wow...that's hot!"

The inside of the pocket was now soaked, and you could see some pre-cum soaking through the shorts below the pocket.

She took her hand slowly out of the pocket.

I sighed and said, "I better go try on the black pair....if that's okay with you."

Brooke said, "Sure" and I hurried back into the dressing room to change shorts.

I was completely rock hard now; as hard as I've ever been. I took the shorts off and I pointed straight up, completely engorged! There was no way I was going to be able to tuck this guy away now, so I decided to go a different route.

I put the black shorts on, still with no underwear, but I buttoned them up with my cock sticking straight out of the top. My length was up to my bellybutton and the pressure from the waistband of the shorts kept me rock hard (like I needed help with that at this point)!

I pulled my shirt down over my cock and opened the door. Brooke was waiting at the 3 way mirror.

Once again I stood up on the platform. When I looked at her in the mirror, I could see she was looking at my shorts and searching for my cock.

She pulled on the waistband in the back while looking around me in the mirror and said, "These are much tighter than the others."

She turned me around to check my waistband in front and that's when she saw it!

Even though my shirt was covering, you could definitely see the outline sticking straight up under my shirt.

Brooke slid her hands up under my shirt by my hips. She tucked her index fingers inside my waistband and started to slide them to the middle.

She quickly got to the point where my waistband was no longer against my body. She pointed her fingers so the tips were still touching my body, all the while getting closer to my cock! She ran her fingers right up to it, but never touched. Ugh! Please touch my cock...please!

She slid her fingers away slowly toward my hips and then slid them back, his time letting the sides of her fingers touch my cock.

Her fingers were so hot to the touch!!!

First, Brooke slid her index fingers slowly up and down my shaft inside my shorts. She put them in as far as she could and then came back up. Oh she was amazingly hot!!!

I wanted her to put both hands into my shorts, but she did not. Instead, she slowly slid her fingers up along my shaft, up above the waistband and then continuing to lightly touch me while straightening her index fingers up to the start of my head.

This was all under my shirt of course and it was making me crazy! She rubbed her index fingers back and forth just under my head. The sensation was so intense that it brought me right to the brink of cumming!

She then slowly slid her fingers out of my waistband and whispered to me, "I'd love to make you cum right here, but if someone walks in, we will be in huge trouble."

"Let's step into the dressing room," I suggested.

She replied, "It would still be too risky."

Then she said, "I think I have an idea.

"If you go into this dressing room right here, I can pull the rack over toward the 3 way mirror and pretend to work. If you leave the door cracked, I will be able to see into your dressing room by looking in the mirror. Will you stroke your cock and let me watch you cum?"

She already knew the answer!

I grabbed my pants, shirts and shorts from the dressing room at the end of the hall and went into the other dressing room. She pulled the rack over and I left the door cracked.

I could see her looking at me as I pulled down the black shorts. My thick cock was standing straight up!

Brooke immediately stopped looking in my eyes and stared directly at my cock. I wrapped my left hand around the base, squeezed tightly and stroked up about halfway. Pre-cum came out in abundance.

I took my right hand and rubbed it all over myself as I kept squeezing it out of me with my left hand. I was completely slick as if I had poured lubricant all over me!!

I kept squeezing the base with my left hand and stroked up and down with my right. My cock was so huge! She couldn't take her eyes away from my stroking.

I leaned back against the wall and pointed my cock up toward my chest, looking down at it as if to say, "I'm going to cum all over myself".

Brooke moaned and I realized she had slid her hand down her pants and was touching herself.

I then sat up on the edge of the seat, let go of the base of my cock with my left hand and wrapped it around my balls, pulling them down and away from my cock. Once I did that, I could really stroke the entire length of my shaft with my right hand.

I reached out with my right foot and opened the door to my dressing room, completely giving her a full view.

I heard her say, "Oh my God look how long you are" and that sent me over the edge!

I started to cum.

The first shot went straight up into the air and landed in front of me on the floor. I then lost all sense of where I was and just pumped myself, not caring where the cum went.

I shot all over...on my legs, my cock, the floor, and one of the walls. It was one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had in my life.

After I came to my senses, I looked at Brooke and she walked away, only to return with a roll of paper towels. I cleaned up the wall, the floor, my legs, got dressed, and left the dressing room with 3 pairs of shorts in hand.

She smiled at me and said, "I'll take care of the rest of those clothes in the dressing room."

I returned the smile, said thanks, and walked away toward the front of the store to check out.

The lady at the front asked the usual, "Did you find everything you were looking for?"

I said, "Yes. Yes I did." but in my mind I was thinking, "Yes, and a few things I was not!!"

My perspective on clothes shopping has definitely changed. I wonder if Brooke works next Sunday?

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Loved this!

MM drove my morning wood wild, shot some load, thanks

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