tagLoving WivesShy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 03

Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 03


Then came a day when things changed a bit. When I got home from work, Bela was wearing a short pleated skirt and a t-shirt with no bra or panties on. Having gotten used to seeing her naked, I was surprised to see her in clothes. Shyam came over shortly and also seemed surprised to see the clothes on. For a while, I considered taking her clothes on, but I was curious to see what would happen if I did not, so I let things be.

Bela cooked with her tiny skirt and t-shirt on, and once in a while when she bent, her ass and bare pussy were on display. But apart from that, Shyam and I were not treated to any nakedness. Not for a while at least. As we sat down for dinner, Bela spoke up,

"You know that new Shahrukh movie DVD that you bought?"

"Yeah?" I asked. I had bought a DVD of the latest hit Bollywood film a few days back but we had not gotten around to watching it.

"Let's watch it tonight after dinner. Shyam-ji can also stay and watch if he likes." she said.

That was the first hint I got that Bela had something planned. Curious to see how things went, I agreed and told Shyam he should stay and watch the movie. he readily agreed. After dinner, she told us to go to the living room, start the DVD player and wait for her. She would finish the dishes and join us soon.

Shyam and I headed to the living room. We had two couches, arranged perpendicular to each other. I sat on one, and Shyam sat on the other one, assuming that Bela would sit next to me. I popped in the DVD, paused the movie at the titles and we talked about work, waiting for Bela to come out.

I was half-expecting her to walk out naked, but she came to the living room dressed in the same skirt and t-shirt that she had been wearing. I was a little disappointed, but got intrigued at once because Bela, instead of sitting on the couch next to me, sat down next to Shyam! He looked surprised too, so as if to offer a feeble explanation, Bela said,

"I like this angle better to watch the movie."

I almost burst out laughing because that excuse was total bullshit. But I kept quiet, now sure that Bela had something planned. And it delighted me, because for the first time since these games started, she had taken the initiative to do something.

I started the movie and we watched. Bela was sitting at the other end of the couch, a couple of feet away from Shyam. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Bela leaned and put her head on the armrest of the couch, pulled her feet up and folded them. She was now lying down on the couch in a foetal position, her feet just a couple of inches from Shyam's thigh.

She was of course, wearing a short pleated skirt as you might recall. So in that position, it partly fell open, exposing half her butt and her pussy. I noticed it at once and smiled to myself, but it took Shyam a few more minutes to realize what was on display. When he realized it, he stared at her pussy for a few seconds. Then looked at the screen, and then again at her. Bela for her part, kept looking at the screen, either engrossed in the movie, or pretending to be.

A few minutes went by like that, with Shyam alternating between the screen and Bela's nether regions. And then Bela made her next move. She stretched her feet and put them on Shyam's lap. This was the first time the two of them had made any type of physical contact, and Shyam almost jumped up in surprise. Bela kept looking at the screen.

Shyam stared at her dainty feet in his lap. She had a couple of toe-rings on, as is the custom for married women in my community. After a few minutes of agonizing, Shyam very tentatively placed a hand on her foot. Bela did not react. Well, at least not instantly. So he started rubbing her soft pretty feet slowly and playing with her toe-rings. Bela now had a visible smile on her face. She was clearly enjoying this game.

A while later, Bela stretched her legs some more, and now her feet were on the other arm rest and her bare calves were on Shyam's lap. Shyam took his hand off her feet and put it on her shapely, smooth and white calves. He started massaging both her calves with both his hands, something I know she really loves. Bela let out a tiny moan to indicate she liked it and said,

"I like that. My legs hurt from working all day."

Shyam froze for a second and looked at me. I looked at him, smiled and turned my attention back to the screen. At this stage, I am sure not a single one of us had any idea about what was going on in the movie. It was a Shahrukh movie anyway, so chances are nothing interesting was happening. But we silently seemed to have agreed to continue the pretense.

Shyam fondled and massaged her calves, and slowly but surely kept moving his hand upwards. In ten minutes, his hands had gone above her knees and he was now massaging her lower thighs, just below her skirt's hemline. He massaged her there for a few more minutes and stopped, unsure of whether he should proceed further. Bela, still looking at the screen, then lifted her right leg, folded it in the knee and rested it against the back of the couch. This made the skirt fold back and bunch up around her waist, making her pussy completely visible to Shyam.

Shyam took it as the signal it was and moved one hand higher, until it was at the junction of her legs, right below her pussy lips. He ran his finger around that area. At this point, I also noticed the big tent in his pants, indicating that he had an erection. Usually when Bela was naked, we sat at the table and that hid the lower part of Shyam's body. So I had no idea if he had gotten hard looking at her before, but this one time, it was very obvious.

His fingers still circling the area around her pussy, Shyam turned to look at me. I immediately turned my head to look at the screen, as if telling him - "go on, I'll pretend I am not looking", although he knew that I knew whatever was going on. From the corner of my eye, I saw his finger run over her pussy lips and gradually penetrate her. Bela, still looking at the screen, moaned loudly as his finger entered his most private place.

At this point I got up, walked to the couch and stood over them. Shyam immediately withdrew his hand, put it on his lap, and stared at me with fear and guilt, wondering if he had gone too far. Bela was also looking at me, but with a triumphant smile on her face, as if to say "your move, hubby". I looked at both of them turn by turn and then said,

"Well, Bela, since you are happy to have his fingers in your cunt, at least get in the proper position."

I caught hold of her legs and pulled, making her roll over on her back. I then spread her legs wife, opening up her pussy lips slightly. I folded her skirt into a small roll around her waist.

"There, now he can finger you properly. Also, what use is this t-shirt?"

I said, and took her t-shirt off, leaving her bra-less tits exposed. I then got on my knees and started playing with her tits. Shyam mustered up courage and reached over and started fingering her pussy again. He also started playing with her clit using his thumb. Shyam kept working on her with his fingers and I kept biting and licking her tits and nipples. I also used her mangalsutra to play with her nipples, something she always loved. The two of us working on Bela sent her over the edge pretty quickly. Within a few minutes, she started moaning and shuddering and had a big orgasm, thrashing about on the couch for almost a whole minute before she calmed down.

Shyam kept his hands to himself, and I went back to my couch and sat there, waiting for Bela to regain her breath. Once she was done, she got up from the couch, took her skirt off, getting fully naked, and said to me assertively,

"I need you to fuck me soon."

I loved the assertive and demanding tone in Bela's voice and marveled happily at how much my demure shy wife had changed over the last few months.

"Right here? Now?" I asked with a smile on his face.

"No, not in front of him." she said and then looking at Shyam, continued, "sorry Shyamji, but I won't feel comfortable with you around....."

Shyam nodded in agreement.

"Yes, yes, I understand. I'll get going." he said getting up, but Bela pushed him and he fell back on the couch.

"Wait. I can see you are very.....uncomfortable." she said pointing at the tent in his pants. "Your wife is not here to pleasure you, and I'll feel guilty for teasing you so much. So I was thinking...."

She got down on her knees in front of Shyam and unzipped his pants. His erect dick popped out. She held it in her dainty little hand and started wanking it.

"Do you mind?" she said looking at me, and I shook my head smiling.

Shyam leaned back on the couch as my wife expertly gave him a handjob. I was surprised to see how good she was at it. I had never had her give me a handjob. I've never been a big fan of handjobs, and have always thought it is something used only by a man on himself. Why strain a woman's hand when her cunt and mouth are willing, is my motto. Shyam however was enjoying his. Enjoying it a little too much, because very soon he started spurting his seed. Bela held his cumming dick at such an angle that most of it fell on the coffee table, and some on his pants.

"Thank you, Bela-ji." he said gratefully. "I really needed that."

Shyam put his dick back in his pants, zipped up and got up to leave. Bela walked with him, naked to the door to see him off. At the door she gave him a peck on the cheek, he pecked her on the cheek, and then he left.

Obviously, I also had a raging hard-on, having seen my wife act so sluttily. When she came back from the door, I pounced on her, threw her on the couch and fucked her right there. I then went down on her, making her cum again. We fucked two more times that night, before both of us, exhausted, fell asleep naked on the couch.

I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. It was a little past 4 am. I rolled Bela over carefully off my arms and went to the kitchen to get some water. As I was drinking from the bottle in the fridge's light, I noticed Bela walk up next to me as well. I gave her the bottle and she started drinking hungrily from it too. Once we quenched our thirsts, we walked together to the bedroom. I lay down, and Bela put her head on my chest and her arm around me.

"Bela." I said.

"Uh huh?" she replied.

"You sure had a good time today, didn't you?" I asked.

She didn't say anything.

"Well?" I asked and she stayed silent for a few moments, and then spoke,

"I feel strange talking about it." she said in a shy voice. "I hope you don't think I am a character-less woman or something."

"Haha, No." I said laughing, "Not at all. In fact I love this new side of you. So what made you think of doing that?" I asked.

"I don't feel like talking about it. It's happened so recently." she said, her voice muffled as her face was now completely hidden in my chest.

I didn't say anything. We lay there like that for a few more minutes. Then I asked her,

"Bela, I am the first man you've had sex with, right?"

"Yes. First and only. You saw the blood on the wedding night." she answered.

"What about...." I said trying to pick the right words, "what about things less than sex?"

She stayed silent. I repeated my question, and she raised her head, looked into my eyes and said,

"What do you mean by things less than sex?"

"You know.... like with Shyam today. Other erotic stuff." I explained.

She buried her face in my chest again and said nothing. I coaxed her a bit, she blushed and refused to speak. She said I would think she was a slut before marriage. I waved away that response. Finally, after convincing her that I was asking about her past only because it turned me on, not because I meant to judge her, I got the story out of her. But that's a different story.

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