tagInterracial LoveSinnndy's First Taste of Dark Meat

Sinnndy's First Taste of Dark Meat


I went to a party one night, at the condo of 3 guys I had group sex with a couple of weeks back. Most of the people there were from my health club, very fit, muscular men, and there were a couple of women there, some real hotties, but there were very few single women there, so I decided to concentrate on men.

I spotted two very good looking, and well put together black men, I have never been with a black man before, and I have heard that they are animalistic in bed. We started out talking about working out, and of course, I eventually led them into my favorite subject, sex. I told them that one of my fantasies was to have sex with a black man, and that I had heard rumors, that they were very gifted in the size department. James, about 6-2 210 pounds said, well, would you like to find out? I said, you bet, and said to Randall, 5-9 230 extremely muscular pounds, would you like to cum too?

He just smiled. I led them to one of the bedrooms, and we went inside, I told them to drop their pants, which they both did. Randall had his pants down first, when hard, he was about 9 inches, pretty thick, with a big head. I stated licking his head, then his shaft, he got hard real fast, I then deep throated the whole thing, it wasn't easy, but I got it all the way down, I gagged a little, but I bet he hasn't had a woman swallow his cock before.

I could see out of the corner of my eyes, James stroking his cock, waiting his turn, and it looked like his cock was huge. I pulled my mouth off of Randall's cock, and was face to cock with the biggest dick I have ever seen, it was at least 11 inches long, and very thick too. I started licking his monster head, it took time just to work his head in my mouth, while doing this, Randall went behind me, and started working his cock into my wet pussy. Even though he was smaller than James, it still was the biggest cock I have ever had inside me. He got in about halfway, and started to move in and out, I finally worked about half of James cock into my mouth, his was the first cock that I couldn't deep throat, I wasn't even close.

Randall now had his whole cock inside of me, and started picking up the pace as I started sucking hard on James, my hand stroking the lower part of his shaft, my head bobbing up and down on his cock. Randall started really fucking me hard, he surprised me by slapping my ass hard, I loved it, James then grabbed my head, and started fucking my face hard, he grabbed my hair with his other hand and started pulling, I was loving every second. Randall started grunting, then moaning, I could tell he was cumming, seconds later James started shooting a huge load down my throat, I didn't think he would ever stop, but I swallowed the whole thing.

I then had the guys lay on the bed with me between them, alternately licking their soft, but still big dicks, they both started to get hard rather quickly. I straddled James, and slowly worked the head of his cock into my pussy, then I slid down on about half his huge cock, I had never been stretched out like this before, I was stroking Randall's cock with my hand at this time, he was real hard now too, I then took it in my mouth to get it real wet. I finally had all of James in my pussy, it hurt a little, but each time I slammed myself down on him, it felt better and better, Randall's cock was now really wet with my saliva, I told him to get behind me, and fuck my ass hard, it didn't take long before I felt his big head at my back door, when he slid his head in, I can't describe how much it hurt, but I relaxed my ass, concentrating on keeping it open, and he slowly slid the whole thing inside.

I can't describe the feeling of having twenty inches of cock inside me, the pain wore off fast, and I was in heaven, they both started fucking real hard, Randall pulling my hair, and James calling me a dirty little white whore, thats when I came, it was the best orgasm of my life, it was the best fucking of my life.

I told the guys, I wanted them to switch, James asked me if I was sure, and that no woman had ever been able to take his hog in her ass, but I like challenges, and said yes, I want your big black cock in my ass. So, they stopped, and Randall laid on his back, I went to my purse, and threw James some KY, lube that bad boy up good I said, I was soooo wet.

I straddled Randall, and sunk down all the way easily, and began riding him hard, and when I saw that James was ready, I stopped, and braced for some real pain, he had a little trouble getting his head in, and when it popped in, I gasped, but James' big cock had me ready for him, and the pain went away fast. He had a couple of inches in, and started to fuck me slowly, Randall was moving under me at a nice steady pace, it felt soooooo good.

I told James to fuck me, get that cock inside me, he asked me if I was sure, I said fuck me you pussy, give it to me hard, I was in a zone, I wanted it bad, he then pulled back to where just the head was inside my ass, and slammed his cock all the way in, and just stayed there for a couple of seconds, ohhhhh myyyyyy godddd, I screamed, it hurt and yet felt awesome at the same time, I even saw stars. He slid his cock all the way out, and slammed it back home again, I loved it, then they both started fucking me hard, it was awesome.

They both lasted about 5 minutes of hard sweaty fucking, Randall coming first, then James. We laid in bed for a couple of minutes, both guys inside me, I love the feeling of their cocks softening inside of me. James then pulled out, and I got off of Randall, and we laid in bed kissing for a while, then got dressed, and went back to the party.

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