tagIncest/TabooSister Mistress Ch. 04

Sister Mistress Ch. 04


Once again when Deborah arrived home she complimented her daughter on how neat the house looked.

"Thanks Mum it's no worries I even got Lukey to help me." She nearly slipped only just catching herself in time she almost said baby Cockslut.

"Your precious Katie what would I do without you?"

"Now you're embarrassing me Mum."

Before she went to bed Kathy took her new anal probe & hiding it within her robe she hurried towards Luke's bedroom, she dropped it on his bed then slid it under his pillow. Walking into the kitchen she crooked a finger to get Luke's attention. Standing Luke walked to his Sister under the pretext of getting something to eat.

Kathy cupped her palm over his ear & whispered.

"There's a present under your pillow Lukey baby Cockslut. Here's five dollars for some more K-Y use it sparingly though your Mistress isn't made of money."

"Thank you; Mistress Katherine Lukey baby Cockslut is very grateful."

"That's my good little Brother Lukey baby the fucking Cockslut."

Did he hear his sister right did she refer to him as a good girl? It gave Luke a warm sensation in his groin as he tossed the thought over in his mind that night he dreamt of what it would be like to have his own nice big tits as well as a cock to play with.

The next afternoon on his way home from school Luke went by the chemist to get another tube of K-Y gel pedalling his bike as fast as he could Lukey baby headed for home & the ribbed probe his Mistress had ordered him to fuck on a regular basis until he was accustomed to its size.

His mother wasn't due home until 4.30 so he hurried it gave him just under an hour if. Luke had been thinking about the ribbed probe all day several times he had to cover the bulge in his jeans he'd decided that he'd lay on his back with his ankles up beside his head, that way he'd be able to watch the ribs invade his shitter with the bonus that when he came it'll spray in his face & he should be able to catch at least a few drops.

"I wonder what it would be like to have four five or even six cocks spit spurt & spew their wonderfully yummy sweet sticky come all over my face at the same time." Thought Luke as he rode into the garage, propping the push bike against the wall he answered his own question. "It'd nearly be better than fucking your sister Mistress Katherine, admit it you'd absolutely fucking love it Cumslut Lukey baby wouldn't you? You better believe it, but that it'll never happen around here."

Luke dropped his bag, grabbed a banana then headed for his room unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Sitting on the edge of his bed he quickly stripped out of his shoes & socks then his jeans quickly followed by his boxers he pulled the probe out from under his pillows.

Licking his lips Luke thought.

"Gee I'm a lucky little Cockslut; Mistress Katherine has left me such a beautiful big toy to play with."

Dropping the banana beside his pillow Luke positioned himself on his knees, his butt facing the dresser mirror. Balancing on his knees Lukey squeezed the tube of lube smearing a liberal amount of K-Y gel over the first large ridge then continued to coat the next four ribs in turn until only the handle wasn't shinning. Looking over his shoulder Luke rubbed his puckered sphincter with his greasy fingers moaning in pleasure as he slipped his index finger into his anus. Taking the probe Luke lightly tapped his asshole with its bulbous head.

"This isn't any good how am I gonna play with my prick? Well, Cockslut Lukey, you could always shove them up your slut hole you know that you'll absolutely love it."

Luke slumped his shoulders & changed his grip bracing himself rubbing the head across his sphincter brought more moans from Luke's lips. In a single action Luke pushed the probe towards his asshole while he rocked back onto the plastic invader.

"Oh yeah that's more like it you cumloving fucking Cockslut Lukey baby."

Putting his head to one side Luke was able to lean on his shoulder & the side of his face, freeing his other hand. This went straight to his aching cock, using all of his self control Luke only allowed himself to move his fist after several ribs had passed his sphincter. With a little perseverance Luke managed to insert all but the handle, his dick was ready to explode not wanting to waste his jism he let go of the ribbed anal probe & slowly rolled onto his side then onto his back. Luke could feel the ridged monster inside his bowel as he moved it sent more throbs of pleasure into his cock & hoped that Johnny's big prick would do the same. Kicking his legs up over his head Luke could easily see the purple handle nestled tightly against his anus & as he'd hoped his cock was pointing directly at his face. The head was a nasty purple & his nuts were tight against his shaft, reaching out Luke slid his greasy fist along his tool, feeling his seed travelling up his cock he quickly grabbed the handle & pulled quickly drawing out three ribs as his come splattered against his chin & over the bridge of his nose.

"Ohhhhh yessssss cum on the Cockslut Ohhhhh Yessssss."

Lukey baby squealed as his tongue darted out trying to catch the cum he continued to run five or so ridges the beads in & then out of his slutty ass, all while scooping his seed from his face towards his greedy mouth.

"Your gonna be doing this with Johnny in under 48 hours you fucking Cock Slut & what about Gavin Mistress Katherine was amused when you mentioned his name. It's a pity that Mum will be here soon I wouldn't mind giving self fisting a go, imagine what mum would do if she caught her precious Lukey baby dressed in sexy lingerie down on his knees with his own fist buried deep inside his ass."

Suddenly the sight of his mother Deborah dressed in Kathy's open cup Lycra bodysuit flashed into his mind she to had an enormous black strap-on dildo around her waist it was even bigger than his sisters. Luke rolled over onto all fours, closed his eyes & fantasized that his Mother was standing behind him roughly fucking his with her massive strap-on dildo. He imagined his mother's huge tits pounding into his back as she drilled her lovely big strap-on cock up her baby's slutty ass.

He continued slamming the beads against his willing slut hole until his sphincter grew dry Luke reached for the tube & smeared his shitter with more lubricant. Taking the monster probe in his right hand Luke pulled his left buttock dragging his anus open Lukey Cockslut continued the punishment of his arse hole, roughly shoving the probe deep inside his willing ass. He couldn't get the images of his mother out of his head, leaning forward Luke tried to suck his own cock but came up several inches short, but he still managed to direct his cum at his face as another orgasm brought him back down to earth.

Luke peeled the banana to help practice his deep throating exercisers yet another delight that his sister had introduced him to. Gingerly Luke went to shower before his mother arrived home as he walked naked through the house he started to feel horny, so horny in fact that he couldn't help himself he stopped in the hall bent over on all fours took the banana down his throat then pushed the ridged probe deep inside his tender anus. Gripping the ribbed shaft with his sphincter Lukey baby Cockslut made his way to the shower the way the rest of the probe bounced & swayed as he walked brought forth a whole new set of pleasurable sensations. Turning on the water Luke thought.

"Is there something wrong with me? What's happening to me? Am I gay? Definitely not you were just fantasizing that your Mum was fucking you. Besides Lukey Baby, you can always say "no I won't do that" can't ya Cockslut."

The following afternoon Luke continued his anal exercises then waited eagerly for his sister to get home he couldn't wait to tell her that their mother was going to be away for the weekend. Sally had won a free weekend at a health spa & invited Deborah she'd agreed to go only if Katherine could Watch Luke.

"Luke will complain & say that he's old enough to stay by himself but at his age you can't trust them & Kathy hasn't got a boyfriend at the moment" Deborah told Sally.

Luke nearly ran to Kathy's car when she pulled into the driveway stooping down Luke stuck his head in the window kissed his sister lightly on the cheek.

"Afternoon Mistress Katherine if you can watch me this weekend then Mum's gonna go to a health spa with Sally."

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you, Cockslut?"

"Shit yeah Mistress Katherine then I could serve you for a full 48 hours. I don't think I could think of anything better I'm getting horny just thinking of what you will do to me or have me do, or for that matter whom you will have me do."

Deborah hoped like hell that her daughter would agree to watch her little brother, it had been weeks since her & Sally had been able to have some fun. Her kids needn't know that the spa story was a lie they were booked into a special bed & breakfast slash farm stay Sally had found on the Internet. Hearing Kathy in her bedroom she walked to her own room & called out to her Daughter.

"Kath babe can you do your old mum a huge favour this weekend?"

Kathy walked to her Mothers bedroom.

"Luke told me about the spa mum he's already had a whinge about being old enough. You're lucky I'm not doing anything this weekend so we will be Okay, when will you be back Mum?"

"You're a doll Kate, Sally will be here in an hour to pick me up & I'll be back at about nine on Sunday night."

Leaving her mother to pack Kathy went in search of Lukey baby he was watching TV she crept up behind him & whispered to him. "You're in luck Lukey baby Cockslut Mistress Katherine has you for the whole weekend. Mum is leaving soon when she does you will run my bath then after you have attended to my needs you can dress in your lingerie & Mum's shoes then we will talk about this weekend, in the mean time you can make me a cheese omelette. I don't suppose that you'll have any trouble in getting Johnny big dick over here tonight will you Cockslut"

Luke jumped to his feet dashing towards the kitchen he tried in vain to hide the growing bulge in his jeans.

"I've already talked to him & he said to give him a call when I'm alone.

"Pervert" Kathy called after him.

Luke busied himself in the kitchen then carried his mother's bags to her car. Waving his Mother good bye he turned to the house & saw his sister coming down the steps.

"Open the garage Lukey baby" Kathy called as she stepped off the last step. Luke ran to the door & stood by as Kathy drove her small compact inside Luke stepped in pulling the door closed behind him, he held the car door for his sister as she stepped out.

"I've changed my mind about how we are going to seduce Johnny big dick Lukey baby Cockslut.

"Seeing the disappointment on her brother's face Kathy quickly added "don't worry Lukey baby your gonna get plenty of his cock."

This brought a broad smile to Luke's face.

"Now get inside & run your Mistress's bath Cockslut."

"Yes Mistress Katherine straight away."

After checking the water temp Kathy stood with her arms out & gestured to Luke that he was to strip her Luke enjoyed this & he had ample opportunity to ogle his Sisters huge tits & even brushed her stiff brown teats as he removed her sexy black lace bra, after unclipping her suspenders Luke rolled each of Kathy's stockings down then placed them carefully on the chair beside her bra. Kathy steadied herself with an arm on Luke's shoulder as she stepped out of her lace G-string. For the next half hour Luke pampered his older sister first shaving her underarms then her legs, as he washed the razor Kathy said.

"You can shave your Mistress's cunt & make sure you do a good job around my asshole Lukey baby Cockslut cause your tongue is gonna be very very busy down there later this weekend. Your Mistress likes her Cum slut's rimming technique & if I'm gonna take Johnny's cock up there then you're going to slick me your Mistress for him."

Luke dried his sister then followed her into her room. Kathy had already laid out her outfit for the night it consisted of a backless zip fronted hot pink trimmed in black Lycra bodysuit, a four inch wide black latex suspender belt that had six separate straps, black latex stockings & gloves an elastic belt with a large gold clasp. Kathy stood with her legs slightly apart.

"My bodysuit first Cockslut"

Luke held it as she stepped into each leg then he smoothed it up over her sexy body he inhaled her heady aroma as he stood & held the straps for Kathy. Slipping her arms into the straps Kathy adjusted the thin material over her massive melons before zipping the bodysuit half way she made sure that plenty of her ample cleavage was still on show. Then once she had made sure the tiny crotch was comfortable she ordered Lukey baby to put the elastic belt around her waist accenting her slim form. Kathy sat on the edge of her bed & directed her little Brother to put her stockings on she knew that it was going to be quite a job. Tossing him some baby powder Kathy said.

"Put some down each leg it will make it easier."

Following her instructions it still took twenty minutes before they were both ready to be attached to the dangling clips Luke was very excited his cock was rock hard & bounced against his leg as he helped her into the skin tight latex. While he was busy Kathy had put on her gloves & picked up her riding crop.

"Do you want your Mistress to hit that pathetic tool with her crop? Cause if you keep on rubbing it on me I'll fucking let you have it you useless fucking Cockslut"

"Ohhhhh no Mistress Katherine I'm sorry it wont happen again."

"You'd better concentrate on loosing that hard on then my little Cockslut; otherwise I'll thrash your worthless nuts with my crop until their black & blue. Now get over here Cockslut & brush your Mistress's hair 200 strokes should do it, and then pull it into two ponytails. This took another ten minutes before Kathy was satisfied ,she stood up walked to her dresser, looking in the closet door mirror Kathy admired her reflection she thought "it's a pity Jade or Helen couldn't be here for me to play with as well." Kathy took her black silk robe throwing it around her shoulders she retrieved a white shopping bag from the top drawer she tossed it at Luke.

"Well done Cockslut now go & get yourself ready you can wear these."

Opening the bag Luke saw that his Sister had been shopping especially for him, inside was a pair of nearly black stay-up stockings, a ½ cup bra, a two inch wide suspender, & a G-string all matching, what's more in his favorite colour a real slutty red. Luke took the bra slipped his arms into the straps then as he clipped it up he found that Kathy had done as she'd promised because it fit perfectly, there was no bulge in the cups they stretched across his hairless chest barely covering his nipples. Quickly Luke slipped the suspender around his waist sat down so he could put his stay-up stockings on. Standing Lukey bent over to smooth the nylon up his legs turning to his Sister he smiled up at her.

"Wow Mistress Katherine they fit perfectly I hope Johnny thinks I'm as sexy as I do, even if I say it myself."

"So you think your sexy do you Cockslut?"

"Yes Mistress Katherine I hope so."

"Well I could make you even sexier if you want Lukey baby Cockslut. Is that what you want Mistress Katherine to do? If it is then tell her."

"I'll do any thing you say Mistress Katherine, & yes I want to be as sexy as possible for you & for Johnny big dick. I want to make it impossible for him to resist the urge to fuck my slutty bum."

"Anything Cockslut?"

"Yes Mistress absolutely anything."

"That's my good little girl Lukey baby. Have you ever thought about cross dressing other than just wearing lingerie that is, eh Cockslut Lukey baby? When he takes your virginity I'm sure Johnny big dick would appreciate you wearing some sexy lingerie or a cute negligee."

"Since you made me shave off all of my body hair & wear stockings I have to admit that it's crossed my mind on more than one occasion Mistress Katherine. Last night I dreamt of having tits as well as a cock is that weird or what?"

"No it's not weird especially for a kinky little fucker like you Cockslut Do you think Johnny would like to see you dressed up as a little slut Lukey baby?"

"He's never been put off buy photographs of cross dressers on the net Mistress Katherine if he feels anything I'd say it would be excitement, because he gets squirmy whenever TV's are being dominated. Can't I just fuck him first please Mistress Katherine?"

"Okay I was just thinking of how we could make it almost impossible for Johnny big dick to turn down a chance of fucking his best mate's ass, that's all."

"I didn't say that I wouldn't do it Mistress Katherine, it's just that you've made me so horny for Johnny's long fat prick that I don't think I could hold out while you helped me get crossed over."

"He'd be the one that would have to hold out Lukey baby. Don't you trust your Mistress, Cockslut?"

"Of course I trust you, Mistress Katherine what do you want me to do just say it."

"Put your track suit back on you can wear what's underneath for Johnny's benefit."

They sat in her bedroom & Kathy explained how she expected him to act as well as what to say when Johnny arrived. Kathy gathered up her new laptop the wireless pickup & her trusty camcorder then headed for her Mum's walk-in closet. It only took Kathy a few minutes to set everything up & between her & Luke they had the web cam set up & working perfectly just as quick. Fifteen minutes later she shooed him out telling him to ring Johnny & get him over here in ten minutes.

Luke went to the telephone dialled Johnny's number & waited for an answer.

"Hey hey."

"Hi Johnny big dick what's happening dude"

"Not much Lukey, has your bitch of a Sister gone out yet?"

"That's what I'm ringing you for she's just left do you want to come over & keep me company? We can get on the net if you want."

"Didn't you say that your computer was fucked?"

"Yeah but we can use Kathy's laptop she'll never know."

"Okay then I'll be there in five Lukey baby. Do you want me to get some brews or what Cockslut?"

"If you like but you don't really need them big Johnny I like doing you."

Hanging up Luke hoped that he hadn't gone too far & he wondered what Johnny was thinking at that moment. He needn't have worried because Johnny was doing back flips.

"His sexy little cum lover didn't bat an eyelid when I called him Cockslut has he finally admitted to the feelings he has for my big prick hopefully he'll suck me off without the beers so we can do it several times before Kathy gets home, gee I'd love to fuck her too."

Five minutes later when Johnny knocked at the door Luke was waiting for him in the lounge, Luke looked up the steps that led to the bedrooms making sure Kathy wasn't in sight. Opening the door he was greeted by Johnny is his usual manner.

"Hi there Lukey how they hanging?"

Luke had been wracking his brain for a witty reply & finally he'd come up with one, just thinking about it made his dick hard & throbbing in his tight G-string.

"Their loose, full of juice, & ready for Johnny big Dick's use."

Following Luke up the steps towards his room Johnny asked "what do you mean by that last bit Lukey baby?"

Luke stopped him outside his Mother's door & said loudly enough that Kathy would hear him.

"Come on Johnny you should know that I don't get that drunk after four beers, I enjoy sucking on your beautiful big tool the more that you encourage me by calling me Lukey baby Cockslut or your Cumslut turns me on so much, besides you keep coming back so you must like having me do you, or is it that you enjoy sucking me, cause I think you're really good at it."

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