tagIncest/TabooSister, Sister

Sister, Sister


"Do you remember the last time we were here?" My sister Cherry asked as she leaned on the empty doorframe in the courtyard wall.

I was several steps ahead of her and had already entered the courtyard of our old home place. I turned and looked at her. A soft smile was flitting around the corners of her mouth. She remembered that day as well as I did and that hint of a smile said it all.

"Put your hands high above your head on the doorframe. Keep your left leg stiff and step out to the right with the other one while you let your hip slide left. All without your clothes on, that is. Granny wore my ass out for that little trick of yours." I told her.

"You weren't alone. I couldn't sit down for a week but it was worth it. I'm just glad she wasn't here a few minutes earlier."

"Yeah! A worn out ass would have been the least of our worries if she had found my head between your legs."

Cherry laughed. "It was for educational purposes only."

"Grannies sense of humor didn't extend that far believe me."

"Hey, you had to learn how to eat pussy somewhere and who better to teach you than someone who loved you."

I grinned at her and shook my head. "Oh yeah, you sure made the sacrifice and kept me at it until you couldn't hardly walk."

"You're the one to be talking. My poor jaws were sore for a week from the blowjob lessons." She told me.

"Someone had to teach you before you chewed some poor guys dick off."

Cherry laughed and then sighed. "Those were the days, weren't they?"

"Yeah they were."

We wandered around the old house in silence, each of us lost in memories of long ago. From a time when things had been simpler, easier, freer, when we had been young, innocent, and carefree. Back when Cherry had just graduated High school and I was working a good job. Back before Granny died and the family fell apart. The navy had been my way out and marriage had been Cherry's.

I had had enough years in to retire for a while but only lately had I lost that spark and drive to carry on. I was ready for a little dry ground and slow easy days relaxing on the porch in the sun. I'm not old, not in my own mind anyway, I'm just tired.

Cherry was a lucky find, as we hadn't kept in touch over the years. She had been managing the motel where I had stayed that first night I returned home. Now she was showing me around as I tried to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. She was single again, only now she had two kids, two girls. Well, the oldest was away in college and the youngest was less than a year away from starting.

As we returned to the courtyard gate, Cherry asked, "Well, what do you think of the old place?"

"It'd take a lot of work and money to get it back anywhere near like it used to be."

"Work and time, yes but I don't agree on the money. The basic structures are sound on the house and the walls around the front and the back are solid. The roof needs replacing but doesn't leak as of yet. Then there's the hundred acres that surrounds the place. Fair land at a good price, you can't beat that anywhere."

"It ain't like I'm not going to have the time. Once I decide to do it, all I'll have will be time and more time." I paused and frowned at my sister. "That sounds boring as hell, doesn't it?"

She grinned and shook her head. "I'll have to find you a friend to practice your pussy eating on. Hell, I might give you a refresher course myself. It's not like my sex life is on a slow boat to hell or anything, but it could be better."

With a chuckle, I asked, "How are your blowjobs these days?"

"Ya know I've never had anyone complain about them, ever."

"Well, I must have been one hell of a teacher then."

"Naturally talented, or so I was told by the ex husband a few years ago."

"Yeah right, you looked like you were eating corn off a cob through a picket fence that first time and it felt that way to, as I remember it."

"Speaking of corn cobs," Cherry said. "Did that dick of yours ever get any longer or did it keep on getting wider. It was like trying to suck on a coke can. I thought all dicks were like that until I got married and found out that some of them were short and skinny."

"Is that what caused the divorce?" I asked jokingly.

"Nope, the asshole quit eating pussy. He never could fuck but at least he knew what to do when I sat on his face. When he wouldn't, I had no more use for him."

"You're just down right mean, Sis. You wanted him to work and eat pussy! A man has to draw the line somewhere."

"That fat fuck hadn't had a job in a year. Three strikes and you're out." Cherry said with a laugh.

She sobered quickly and looked at me hard as her hands went to the top of the door opening and her feet found the lower corners. Her legs were spread wide under the thin cotton sundress and her hard nipples were plainly visible as large bumps on top of her breasts under the cloth.

"It's been almost a year since he left and longer than that since I had my pussy ate." She whispered softly.

I untied the cord belt on the dress and slipped it out from around her waist. She watched my hands as I tested the strength of the cord. When I reached and gripped her wrists she took a deep ragged breath. "You wouldn't dare." She whispered.

I was grinning as I pulled her wrists down and wrapped the cord around them, tying her hands together with a little space in between each wrist. I wrapped the cord around and around the center space and then looped it securely several times. Cherry's eyes never left my hands.

With her hands securely tied, I pulled them up over her head and wrapped the cord around a large spike above the center of the door. As I pulled the cord tight she whimpered and then moaned. "You're really going to do it."

I tied the cord off and then started to unbutton the front of her dress. I took my time with each button and paused a few seconds to examine the bare skin that was exposed each time. As I reached the one at her waist I paused and licked my lips.

"I knew you weren't wearing a bra, your nipples kept giving that away. I doubt that you are wearing panties, you never wore them much anyway when you were young." I said softly as I ran my hands up under the thin cloth on either side of her belly and then ran them up to cup her still firm breasts. They felt larger than I remembered.

With a smile I realized what the difference was. "I see nursing two kids added a little size to your already nice set of boobies." I rolled her nipples as I said the last part. She moaned softly and arched her back.

"Oh don't worry, I'll suck them before I'm through. Right now, I want you out of that dress so I can see you naked again. The last time I saw you that way was through my tears as Granny beat my ass. I was hanging right where you are now. Of course back then, the door kept us from moving around to much."

Cherry shivered and then moaned. "You still had a hard on and I wondered if you were going to come. I wondered what Granny would do if I ran up and started to suck your dick. As it was, I was up here not more than a few minutes after she let you down and I did come from her spanking me with her bare hand. She used a belt on you but always her hand on me. I never understood that."

"Maybe she figured your ass was more tender." I said with a chuckle. "It sure was soft and silky, I know that much." My fingers were fumbling as they worked on undoing the rest of the buttons. There wasn't anything under that dress but her and my dick was as hard as a rock by the time I had finished.

"Just as I figured, you're naked under there. Granny would have spanked you if she knew." I paused a second and then added, "Maybe I should spank you. Would you like that? I could get naked and use my hand. Would you come with me spanking you?"

Cherry groaned loudly and her hips worked back and forth several times. I laughed and whispered, "I think you just did. Come that is." My hand moved to cup her sex. Her opening was very wet and hot against my fingers.

"Oh yeah, you just came your brains out. You're such a dirty little girl. You need to turn around and assume the position, you need a spanking to cleanse your soul." I said imitating Granny's voice and tone.

Cherry moaned loudly and struggled a second or two before she shifted her weight, brought her legs together, and turned around. With her back to me, she once again spread her legs wide until her feet were in the corners of the doorframe. I patted one ass cheek and then the other.

"There's no door!" Cherry whispered. "Anyone drive by on the road could see me."

"That should make you come even harder. It always did when you knew I was watching Granny spank you."

I took the sundress and tied it in a knot between her shoulder blades. "Bend it over missy." I said again imitating Granny. Cherry whimpered and leaned forward until her upper weight was on her arms, her ass stuck out one way and her chest out the other as her back bowed.

"Now you can wait for it while I get undressed. I'm going to be buck ass naked when I spank you." I told her. She shivered and started to straighten up and look back. My hand landed with a sharp pop on the left cheek of her ass.

"I didn't tell you to move." I said sharply.

Cherry gave a soft yelp as my hand landed and then whimpered as she resumed the position, my hand caressing the spot I had slapped. "You're mean!" She said suddenly. I slapped her ass again, which brought another yell.

"You're in no position to be telling me anything." I said softly. "I can do anything to you that I want to right now and there's absolutely nothing you could do about it. I can beat your ass until it's cherry red, I could fuck you in that sweet little pussy of yours or even up that tight little ass. I could eat your pussy until you couldn't breath."

I had finished undressing and now I moved right up behind her, pressing my hard shaft in between her tight ass cheeks. She jerked and tried to straighten up but one hand in the small of her back kept her bent over.

"Or I could do any combination or combinations that might enter my mind. When we were young I wouldn't fuck you for fear of you getting pregnant but now you're fixed so that's not a worry anymore. I've always wanted to fuck that hot little ass of yours but back then I didn't know how to do it without hurting you. That's changed, I could do it, and you'd end up loving it."

Cherry was squirming around trying to get away from me. I had a hold on her hips and pulled her back tighter against me. "You teased me unmercifully when we were kids and there was nothing I could do about it. Granny beat my ass every time I looked at you and you made damned sure I looked. Well, now the tables are turned and I have you right where I want you."

"I'm going to buy this place and I'm going to restore it. When your youngest daughter leaves for college, you're going to move out here and live with me. I'll have the door on this gate by then and you'll be naked all the time unless one of your daughters is home."

I stepped back and then to the side hooking my leg over hers as my hand arched down and landed solidly on her ass cheek. My other arm was across her upper back holding her forward as my leg pulled her ass back. She couldn't move. Old Granny knew how to hold us in place and I was using the same technique. My free hand added a half dozen slaps to first one cheek and then the other.

Cherry was rocking back and forth and whimpering as I slowly rubbed the warm parts of her ass cheeks. My hand slipped down and dipped between her legs. She was sopping wet. I rubbed her slit, her hot opening, and then up between the cheeks of her ass to tease her anus. Back and forth, up and down, my hand worked on her. She was shivering and shaking; on the verge of coming by the time I took my hand away.

I rubbed my slippery sticky hand over her ass as I whispered, "I could fuck you right now and you'd not only let me but you'd come your brains out as soon as I stuck my dick in you."

She made a whining moaning sound and wiggled her ass from side to side. My hand landed on her ass with a dozen solid blows to each cheek. Cherry was lifting her ass to meet my hand by the time I quit spanking her. I rubbed her ass slowly, not daring to touch her sex. If I had she would have came in a heartbeat.

"I often wondered where you learned about eating pussy. You sure seemed to know all about it and you taught me so easily and so well. It was years later before I figured it out. With me, Granny just gave a beating. With you it was almost like lovemaking. She would spank your bare ass and then rub it. Once I remember her fingers looked all shiny and wet."

Cherry made a gasping sound and shook her head wildly. "Oh yeah, I'll beat she would get a lick or two in every once in a while. Or maybe suck on her slick fingers like I'm doing now." I paused and did just that. "You still taste wonderful, so sweet and earthy." Cherry groaned loudly.

"She ate your sweet little pussy, didn't she?" I asked sharply as my fingers slipped down to circle her clit. Cherry came with a vengeance, her hips jerking and bucking against my hand between her legs.

I took my hand away from her clit and slapped her ass hard several times on each cheek. "I asked you a question. Did Granny eat your sweet little pussy?"

Cherry let out a wailing moan, her hips jerking harder than ever. I stepped around her, squatted down, and buried my face in her sex, licking and sucking at her clit greedily.

"Oh yes Granny, eat me! Please eat me!" Cherry yelled as her hips came forward and ground her sex into my face and mouth. Her orgasm was just now peaking and peaking hard. I licked and sucked until she started to sag against the belt.

I quickly stood up, grabbed her waist, stood her up more, and untied the belt from the big nail. As her almost dead weight came into my arms, I lifted her and carried her over to the porch. There was an old chair by the front door; I sat her down there.


It was several minutes until Cherry caught her breath. When she did, she looked up at me and whispered, "You're evil, mean and evil." Her eyes dropped to my rampant manhood and she grinned. "Yes you are." She whispered as she leaned forward and sucked on the head of my dick.

Her hot mouth and nimble tongue caused my hips to jerk as I moaned softly. Taking more of my dick in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the shaft and then sucked hard as she lifted her head. She lifted up all the way off me with a slurping sound. She shivered and sat back in the chair, smiling at me.

"It got longer but it's still nice and fat." She whispered and licked her lips like a cat after a saucer of milk. "Give me a minute or two to catch my breath completely and I'll see if it still holds a quart at a time."

"It probably doesn't hold as much as it use to but then I've learned self control since back when, so it lasts a lot longer."

"What are people going to say if I move in with you?" She asked out of the blue.

"Like I care what people around here say? I didn't care before, so why should I care now. You're my sister and you're alone. I've moved back to town and bought the old home place back. What can they say?"

Cherry nodded and then sighed. "I could use some relief from living in town. People there treat me like dirt and always have. Of course, they treat anyone that don't make fifty thousand a year like dirt, so I'm not really special in that regards."

"You'd be able to run around naked all the time like you use to. I know you loved to do that, even if you couldn't torment me."

"Yeah I did. I loved the sun and the wind on my body. I took better care of myself when I did also." She grinned up at me and added, "The showing off to you was a big bonus even if granny didn't catch you and whip your ass. Your looks always made me feel so beautiful and wanted. The love and lust in your eyes made me sopping wet, even when I was dressed."

"Do you remember the time you sat on my hand during church?" I asked with a grin.

Her eyes got big for a second and then she giggled. "Do I ever. I don't know how I got through that sermon without yelling my head off or alerting granny."

"I could have made you yell but I just kept you on the edge. My fingers pressed to your cotton panties from underneath. I'd tease your wetness and then your clit. I gauged how turned on you were by the heave of your breasts and the pant in your breath. Grandma thought it was the heat of the day."

I paused as we both made a trip back down memory lane.

"In the barn, when we got home. I almost let you fuck me, remember." She finally whispered.

"And I almost did." I told her. "Did you know I had those panties with me for years after I left home. I only got rid of them after your scent wore off."

"You're kidding me."

"No, I kept them hidden and I used them to masturbate. Your scent and the memories of you got me off so long and so hard for so long, it's no wonder I never married."

There was silence again for a while and then Cherry sighed and stood up. She came to me and kissed me softly, sweetly on the lips. When she broke the kiss she smiled and whispered, "Will you spank me and eat my pussy everyday?"

"I don't see any reason not to, if that's what you want. Although, I have learned some interesting tricks in my years overseas that you might find very enjoyable. Granny had some good ideas but I've learned things that she would be shocked at."

Cherry kissed me again and then asked with a grin, "When can we start?"

"As soon as I get the go ahead from the bank on buying the place."

"Are you going to stay at the motel or are you staying at my place?" Cherry asked in a soft whisper that I nearly missed.

"I don't know. With your daughter there, it might be a little crowded and.... Inconvenient, isn't exactly the right word but it's close. I don't want to cause any problems with her."

Cherry grinned and said, "Let me worry about her. I can always spank her bare ass if she has any problems with us."


With a laugh, Cherry replied, "You didn't think I was going to let everything Granny and you taught me go to waste did you? They both know how to eat pussy but I didn't have anyone to train them in the art of blowjobs. They did get some practice on my dildos, so they're not totally ignorant."

"Sis, you are one naughty lady." I told her with a grin.

Cherry sat back down in the chair and used her still tied hands to pull me closer. She used my dick for a handle. Once I was close enough she licked my shaft from the base to the tip. She sucked the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around and over it.

She lifted her head and grinned up at me. "Let me show you just how naughty I can be." She whispered huskily. "Sit down in this chair and I'll show you just how good I have gotten at blowjobs, among other things."

We swapped places and Cherry sank to her knees right in front of me. I spread my knees apart and she moved between them. "Are you going to untie my hands?"

I shook my head and said, "No, I think I like them that way. They would be even better tied behind your back."

Cherry shivered and then leaned over to suck my hard dick into her hot wet mouth. She didn't stop at the head; she swallowed the whole thing. As she lifted her head, she kept a tight suction on me and ran her tongue back and forth firmly on the bottom side. The smooth spongy head of my dick was rubbing along the roof of her mouth the whole time she was raising her head.

When just the head was still in her mouth, she reversed directions and treated my shaft to the same excruciatingly pleasurable experience on the return trip. I had groaned as her head came up and I groaned even louder as it went back down.

"Damn girl, you have learned something. If you keep that up, I'm going to drowned you." I managed to get out quickly.

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