tagMatureSisters Ch. 10

Sisters Ch. 10


(all characters are at least 18 years old)

I was startled awake when I heard someone yell, "Mom!" I looked up and there, standing in the doorway, was Cathy. "Mom, what are you two doing?" Cathy asked.

"Well Cathy, I guess it's pretty obvious. This wasn't anything we planned but it was something we both enjoyed tremendously. Cathy, come in here and close the door all the way. The last thing I need at this point is anyone else discovering us." Cathy did as her mother requested and sat down on a chair next to the side of the bed I was on. I noticed the blanket had pulled away from me and that I was lying facing Cathy not only totally naked but with an incredible erection, again. My quick erections were actually beginning to bother me with their horrible timing. Cathy looked at it, then at my face and then at her mother. My hope was that somehow Cathy would gain a positive sense of this. I had no idea how such a thing could possibly happen but still, I hoped for it. I did nothing to try to cover myself. At this point the only person in this family who hadn't seen me with a hard-on was Mr. Caine.

Anne must have sensed the confusion both Cathy and I had in our minds over what to do next. "Sam, Cathy," Anne started, "it seems everyone knows that Linda and Sam have been having a sexual relationship. I knew the day it happened." Hearing that shocked me greatly. "Cathy," Anne continued, "I've seen how you have looked at Sam and I know you are interested in him as well. And Sam, contrary to what you said just a little while ago, I can tell by the way you look at Cathy that she is the one who you are most interested in. So the only question left is what to do now. Personally, I think we three must keep this entirely between ourselves. Oh, and Cathy, you need not worry about Dawn either. I know all about you sexual excursion with your roommate." I heard Cathy gasp. I was beginning to wonder if Anne didn't know everything that had happened. "Cathy, it's a natural thing for two girls to test the sexual waters between them at least once in their life. I had my first lesbian experience at the age of 18 and now I often wish I were so inclined, somewhat in the way your father is."

"Mom, how did you find out about all this?"

"Linda told me. She tells me everything. I doubt either of you know this but Linda is a very scared young lady who has both a bad self image and a lack of confidence. When Sam came on the scene, well, Sam, you somehow gave Linda both confidence and a sense that she was not an ugly duckling. I don't know how you did it but I was not about to stop it and I hope you stay with her. You've been a blessing where she's concerned. Sam, I sincerely hope all that has happened to you over the last week won't scare you away."

"Mom, why are you telling us this?" Cathy asked in a concerned voice.

"Cathy, both you and Sam are quite mature enough to understand the problem. I have a feeling I am going to need you in the near future to help me with Linda so you've got to know what's going on before a crisis hits." I don't think either of us were ready for what Anne had just said but we both realized the importance of it.

I knew I had to say something at that point so I decided to go with the truth which at this particular point meant going with my gut feelings right or wrong. "No, it won't scare me away. I'm so new at this I feel like I can't get enough which is probably what has made me such an easy mark. Geeze, hearing myself say that makes me sound cheap and easy."

"Sam, no, it doesn't. Like you said, it's all new to you so you're like a kid in a candy shop, you can't get enough. Don't let it bother you, it's a perfectly natural reaction."

"Okay, but do I talk about this to Linda since she seems to know everything that goes on?"

"Oh no, don't!" Anne replied quickly. "Linda only knows what she actually sees. I don't tell her anything at all so she knows nothing about a lot of things. Linda's ego is far too fragile to allow her to know everything. There are some things she'd take very poorly."

"Yeah, like you sleeping with her boyfriend," Cathy said sarcastically.

"Yes, that's true. But I don't want either of you to change how you interact. Will you do that for her?"

Both Cathy and I agreed to that. Cathy looked to be thinking about something. She then said, "Mom, this may sound like a stupid question, but what were you and Sam just doing?"

"We just finished making love, honey. I seduced Sam, he never had a chance. I've wanted him since that first time Linda brought him home. The opportunity presented itself today while you were over with Dottie this afternoon. Sweetie, it's been so long since I've had a man I was a slave to my desires. I'm really sorry if I've hurt you by this."

"I don't know what to think mom. It's true, I do like Sam but I just found my own mother in bed with him. I mean, I don't know what to think. I feel like I should be mad but then I feel like I don't have any right to feel that way since I had not told Sam how I felt so how could he have known."

"Cathy, don't beat yourself up over this. Just let things take their natural course and soon enough you and Sam can be together, alone." Anne paused for a second and then said, "Cathy, would you please go down to Linda's room and see how she's doing. She should be awake by now."

"Okay mom, I'll be right back." Cathy left closing the bedroom door behind her.

"Sam, one more thing, just between you and me, I don't mind how much you fuck Linda. You're so kind to her I don't have the heart or desire to ask you to stop. And, on a more selfish note, I want to be with you whenever I can as well. That's why I stopped short of promising Cathy that you and I wouldn't fuck you again." Anne hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry Sam, I can arrange things so schedules will never again become crossed. I want you Sam. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I nodded that I did although I didn't entirely understand. I thought it was worth a try anyway. "Good, I want you to enjoy yourself without fear. You can come get help from me whenever you desire. And for the record Sam, I love you. I had feelings for you before we did anything. Please understand, though, I am not in love with you, I quite simply love you." I could once again feel the sexual heat between us and it expressed itself in the form of yet another hard-on. Anne didn't miss that, which came as no surprise. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked it. I was afraid that Cathy would be coming through the door any minute and said so to Anne. She told me to roll over so my back was to her. That seemed to be an excellent idea. Anne was not deterred though. She reached around me and with the blanket pulled over us again continued to stroke me. I felt like I would come at any second. She said she was hoping that that was exactly what would happen. Anne got her wish seconds later. In the middle of this Cathy pushed through the bedroom door and once again we seemed to have been caught in the act. Cathy didn't say a thing about it, almost as if she didn't see a thing going on.

"Linda's awake mom but she's got a very high temperature. I got some aspirin for her and got her to drink some orange juice. That's about the only thing I could get her to do." Anne was both relentless and incredibly daring. From the time Cathy entered the room she had not stopped stroking me. I could see the motion of her arm through the blanket so it was obvious to me that Cathy had to be able to see the same thing. "Sam," Cathy said to me, "Linda said she'd really like to see you now. I think you should go and visit with her."

"I think that's a good idea too," Anne added. It was at that point she finally stopped stroking me and very slowly pulled her arm back from around me. When I was certain her arm was clear of me I got out of the bed, hard-on and all, and headed out the door. I was no sooner out when I heard Cathy call my name. I stopped and turned to see her right behind me.

"Sam, when you're done visiting with Linda I want to have a talk with you all right."

Cathy said that pretty strongly so I quickly agreed realizing it would be a big mistake to deny her that request. Cathy looked down at my hard-on, shook her head and moved past me and down the stairs.

I went into Linda's bed and sat on the side of it. Linda was most certainly sick but not so much that she'd miss my hard-on, or, so I thought. "I see you are all ready for me," Linda said looking at my erection. "I wish we could do something but I don't have any energy at all. Will you forgive me?" Linda asked.

"Sweetheart, you know I'll do absolutely anything for you. Everyone has been so nice to me while you've been sick." Fortunately Linda did not know the meaning behind those words, true as they were.

"Linda, would you mind rolling over for a second?"

"Sure but why?"

"Just roll over and I'll tell you."

"Okay." Linda very slowly rolled over on her side so her back was to me. She was still entirely naked so I had an unobstructed view of her back. "Just what I was afraid of."

"What?" Linda asked as she slowly rolled back over towards me.

"You have second degree burns all over your back. We've either got to get you to a hospital or get a doctor in here to look at you."

Linda sighed but I think she already suspected what I had just confirmed for her. "There's a doctor right here in the camp, that is if he is here this weekend. He's almost always here weekends so I suspect you can easily find him. Just get Cathy or my mom and they'll take you to him."

"Okay sweetheart, I want you to be seen as soon as possible so I'll go get the doctor right now. Cathy's downstairs so I'll have her show me the way."

"Thank you Sam. You're so considerate of me. You make me feel so special. I know I love you, for real. You believe me don't you?"

"Linda, of course I believe you and I love you too."

"Thank you for that Sam. You're making me feel better already. Only you could do this for me. I'm so lucky."

"Well, I want to get the doctor so let me go and get him back here quickly. Oh, and Linda, I want you to drink as much of that water on your bedside table as you can. I know you've got to be dehydrated and I also know that that's a very unhealthy condition to be in. Promise me you'll do it."

"I promise Sam. I've never promised anything like that to anyone before."

"Great! I'll be back in a few minutes." I was truly worried about Linda's condition so I rushed out of her bedroom and down the stairs. Cathy was standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me.

"Sam, we've got to have a talk, now."

"Cathy, I agree that we need to but right now we've got to get the doctor for Linda. She's very sick because she got second degree burns from the sun. Many of the bubbles have opened up and she's not only losing fluids quickly but she's also risking infection. She told me you know where the doctor lives in the camp here."

Cathy was taken aback with my obvious worry and my knowledge of what I had seen. I could see she was a bit frustrated that she'd have to wait to have the talk with me but she was also every bit as a good person as I had first suspected. She put her desires aside and joined me in the problem at hand. "Follow me," she said with an obvious sense of urgency in her voice, "he's very close. We can be there in just a couple of minutes."

I looked down at my hard-on and then back at Cathy. "Get rid of that thing will you! We don't have time to dress and I don't need to have the doctor see me with a guy who's sporting a hard-on." Those terse words alone cause me to shrivel almost immediately. Just as Cathy said we were at the doctor's door in a little over a minute. Cathy knocked at the door. He answered it in seconds and recognized Cathy immediately. "Good evening Cathy, what brings you here this evening, it must be something important."

"Yes doctor," Cathy said, "Linda's very sick and Sam thinks you should look at her immediately. He says her back is covered with second degree burns."

"That is serious. Okay Cathy, just give me a moment to tell my wife I'm going out and to get my bag. Nice to meet you Sam."

He was back in seconds and we immediately rushed over to the cabin. The doctor immediately went up to Linda's room while Cathy and I stayed downstairs. About ten minutes later he came back down the stairs and sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs. "That was good thinking on your part Sam. I must commend you. Linda does have second degree burns and they could easily have gone unnoticed all night. You got her to drink fluids which she absolutely needs. Equally as important I tended to her burns to reduce the chance of infection. In this type of burn it's very easy to pick up an infection and that just makes everything doubly bad. I have her back wrapped loosely in gauze and put a numbing cream on her that also helps keep the wounds from becoming infected. I saw your mother while I was upstairs and showed her how to take care of Linda's back. The important thing is that her back is kept wet for at least the next 24 hours. Actually you only need to worry about that tonight. I'll be back early tomorrow morning to check in on her and change the bandages. Now the bad news. She must stay in bed for at least the next 48 to 72 hours. That means at least one of you will have to stay here with Linda until she's better. I'll stay until Monday morning. I'll be a bit late getting to work but burns are something which must have very close attention. It's extremely important to keep her drinking fluids as much as possible. Water is the best thing for her. Well, I need to get home. I'll be back around nine tomorrow morning. Is that too early?"

"Oh no doctor," Cathy quickly replied, "Sam and I will do whatever we have to until Linda is better." Cathy looked directly at me when she said that last sentence.

"Good, then I'll see you in the morning," he said as he left the cabin.

"Yes, we'll see you then." Cathy replied.

After he left Cathy turned to me and said in a very stern voice, "I was so angry at you a little while ago. I can't believe what you were doing! The only reason I'm not angry with you now is because you did everything exactly right with Linda. I love Linda and I'd do anything for her."

"I feel exactly the same way too."

"I know that as well which has turned out to be a saving grace for you as far as I'm concerned. But please, tell me, whatever came over you that you'd fuck my mother?" Cathy asked in a rising voice.

"I seduced him Cathy. I told you that already. I decided to do it today after Linda left the beach this afternoon and I had to have him so I laid out a plan to trap him so that he'd have to agree to make love to me. It's not his fault, well, not entirely. I'm the one who was in control and I'm the one who is supposed to be so responsible." Cathy looked at her mother in what appeared to be absolute shock. "Cathy honey, you know I love you and I've never done anything to hurt you. In fact, you know the exact opposite is true. So, I'm asking you to understand or to at least try to understand my motivation in doing this. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me Cathy?"

Cathy looked entirely flabbergasted. It took her a long time to reply. "Mommy, I forgive you. You've always been good to us and so understanding of daddy that I guess I'd be a hypocrite if I said anything. It's okay mom." Cathy then turned to me and said, "Sam, I'm really sorry I got so mad at you. Will you forgive me?"

Now I was flabbergasted. "Of course I do Cathy. But I don't know what you need to be forgiven for. Your reactions were reasonable." I wanted to say more but it occurred to me that enough had been said already and that I should leave well enough alone.

"Okay kids, I'm going to bed, alone. I'm exhausted. Your father came back while you were out getting the doctor. He wants to get some sleep too so I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night mom." Cathy replied.

"Good night Anne." She headed directly up the stairs and disappeared into her room.

Cathy looked at me and said, "Anne? Why are you calling her that?"

"Well, mostly because she asked me to. She said that calling her Mrs. Caine didn't feel right especially since everything was so informal all the time anyway."

"Well, that does sound like my mother. Okay, you've redeemed yourself. Now what?

I was totally baffled by her question. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it's still early. It's only nine fifteen and I'm not ready for bed. You know that I like you and I'm the only one you haven't fucked yet. I'm a bit of a night owl and I like your company. Anyway, as long as I stay down here you are sort of a captive audience if you know what I mean." Cathy said this looking at the pull-out bed.

"Yes, I see what you mean." I then thought back to what she had said about being the only one I had not fucked. "Cathy, what do you mean you're the only one I haven't fucked?"

"This afternoon, when you came back, Dawn came looking for me at Dottie's. Well, she caught Dottie and me making love. Sam, I love Dottie and we have been doing this for a long time. I really enjoy her. Anyway, Dawn foolishly decided to brag. She told me she had gotten you to fuck her. At first I was angry as hell with her but then I found you in bed with my mother which made me forget all about Dawn. I knew I loved you Sam and then all this stuff happens and I find out about it. I didn't know what to feel. Mostly I felt cheated, angry, however I also knew I had no claim on you so that moderated my feelings a lot."

"Thank you for telling me that Cathy. I guess I am in love with you too. You stole my heart early this morning and I know you didn't even realize it. I thought you might have felt when we were at Dottie's when I was doing what I did to you."

"I did but I was too scared to say anything. I know that doesn't make much sense but that's how I am."

"I'm the same way Cathy so actually it makes it feel better for me too."

"Why don't we just talk for a while, get to know each other better. I think we really need to talk, a lot."

"Sounds good to me. Ask me anything you want."

"I will, you can count on it." She said.

At that moment Dawn came crashing through the door. "Ah hah!" She said, "I caught you!"

"Get real Dawn. You haven't caught us doing anything. Mom just went upstairs a minute ago so what does your little mind think we were doing. Oh, and by the way, you be very quiet when you go upstairs. Linda's very sick and is sleeping. One more thing," Cathy continued, "Mom knows about me and Dottie. Telling mom won't do you any good." Cathy's voice was so stern no one could have mistaken her intent. It was a very humbling experience for Dawn who mumbled good night to us and went upstairs.

"Wow, you can really be a tough cookie when you need to can't you."

Cathy thought this over for a second and said, "Yes, I guess I can." She looked rather proud of herself as she said that. I know she took it as a compliment so I figured I'd made more points with her which was exactly what I wanted to do. "So, tell me," Cathy said, "who else have you screwed besides Linda and my mother?"

"That should be easy. You know we haven't done it and Dawn, well, you've got to be kidding." I hated lying to her but telling her I'd fucked Dawn too didn't seem right. Still, I knew at some point I'd have to tell her.

"No, I'm not but I suppose you're right." I was relieved that Cathy didn't ask the question about Dawn again. I'm not certain I could have gotten around it twice in succession.

"Will you tell me something truthfully Cathy?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"This morning, when you grabbed me, did you want to have sex with me?"

Cathy blushed profusely at my question. I kept looking directly at her waiting for an answer. Finally she said, "Yes, I was considering it."

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