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Slip Seductions


I am slip crazy and back in the eighties, I was just plain nuts for them. Going back twenty years ago, slips were in and slit skirts and see through dress that required a slip under them. At that time I had no qualms about seducing a woman in a slip. I did not care if they were married or single. I would do my utmost to get them alone. One of my favorite places to go to find them was the mall. Don't laugh because the best women are at the mall, most of the time two or three together without boy friend or husbands. Here are a few of the affairs that I had between nineteen eighty and eighty nine.

I would place myself at a table at the malls restaurant section and wait to see what would come along. I have a way of picking out a woman to seduce. After I sat for a while one would finally come along for a cup of coffee or a coke and set somewhere in range of view. If she had a dress on I would make a move for her. I always tried to catch their eye first. If I did then I would try two more times and if they were interested I would move on to the next step. I would run my tong across my lips and tap on my dick. If they caught on they would start to show signs of being excited.

The first one I had this encounter with that worked went like this. I took an afternoon off and went to the mall, and placed myself in a good spot and waited. Within a few minutes two women came to a table a few tables from me where I had a good view. The one facing me wore a silk blouse red in color. It was very shear and I could see her lacy camisole and bra. She had a slit skirt that was just knee height. As she walk by a saw the lacy slip hidden underneath her skirt. The skirt was black in color and the slip was pink.

As she sat she crossed her legs and I could here the rustle of the nylon as her legs moved. She then pulled the skirt up a few inches and here slip was clearly visible. My cock was so hard I had to readjust it in my pants. Instead of just looking at her slip I went ahead and made eye contact with her. My heard was pounding as she looked me right in the eye. I would guess she was in her late thirties and she was beautiful. I kept right up gazing into her eyes and watching her get more and more excited. He leg was bouncing up and down and she moved here hair back off of her face. She started playing with her wedding ring, sliding it up and down her finger. (A sure sign.) Next she started moving here hands in a beckoning gesture.

I knew I had her at this point. She began to watch me touch my cock in stroking manner. She stoked her legs and thighs as she talked and watched me. I then looked straight at here legs and slip and ran my tong over my lips telling her that I would eat her pussy. This usually really fires them up. She gestured towards me and I then winked at her and nodded my head towards the door. She reached for her purse and set it on the tables and was ready to go. At this point all I had to do was get her away from her friend. Sounds hard but most of the time they will split from them and give you a chance to talk to them. At this point I have a hard on sticking out of my pants. It is always handy to have a book or something with you

I stood up and let her see how hard I was and a she stood also. I heard her tell her friend she would see her later that she was going to Sears. Guess where I went. In Sears I waited back in the clothing section and sure enough she came in the store and was looking around. Soon she saw me and smiled at me and I moved her way. She was looking at some towels in the bath section and I kept moving closed to her to see if you would run away or stay and let me talk.

When I got close enough to her I asked her if you saw anything she liked. She looked at my cock and said "Oh yes I believe I do". I asked her if you wanted to meet me somewhere and that I was very discreet. She said "yes" and that I should meet here in the parking lot of a small bar down the street. I could smell her perfume and it was driving me insane. I moved towards her and said " I will be there in ten minutes". I let my hand touch her ass as I moved by her.

In the parking lot a waited and sure enough she pulled in and waved to me. I got out of my car and headed to hers. She unlocked the door and I got in. I said, " My name is Dave. What is yours? She answered that her name was Susan. Now I had her alone I told her I wanted her and she was free to leave if she didn't feel the same. She explained that her husband was away for a week and that she was really horny and she was really turned on by me. I moved over in the seat and kissed her.

She opened her mouth and sucked in my tong. I felt her hand on my cock as she tried to unzip my pants. She had it out in no time and pushed me back in the seat. She started to suck me off with a frenzy. I watched her head moving up and down my shaft and I was fighting of a orgasm. I wanted to blow my wad and watch her swallow every drop. She sucked my balls and moved back to my cock. She had her hand wrapped around it and was sucking the head. Faster and faster as my balls swelled and begged for realease. "Ohooooooooo Ohoooooooo, Suckkkkkkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyy dickkkkkkkkkk."

My hips stared to buck wildly and the hot sticky cum shot out of the end of my cock and down her throat. She swallowed all of it and she gave me a cum kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth and smell the odor of it. She lay back against the door and now it was my turn. I kissed her tits though her blouse enjoying the fell of the silk and lace she was wearing. I unbuttoned her blouse and kissed my way to her tits. I slid one out of the nylon encased bra and sucked on the upright nipple. She was moaning and begging me to suck on her tits.

I ran my tongue around the nipple an kissed and suck on them for a long time. It never pays to be in a hurry. I slid down to her feet and removed her shoes and began to suck on her toes and feet. I slowly move up her nylon encased legs, taking a long time to reach the hem of her skirt. By this time I has erect once again and ready the fuck this beautiful woman. I reached the place where her skirt started and kissed her right between her thighs. I reach her slip and moved my cock to it. The feel of the lace and silk on my cock was exquisite. I asked her to jack me off in her slip. She began to move the lacy fabric up and down my shaft. I moved my hips back and forth as I fucked her slip. The pink lacy fabric was literally flapping as she moved her had back and forth.

The lace was caressing my balls and I was close to another orgasm. Suddenly my balls released a torrent of cum into her slip. It shot right through it and landed on her hand. She moved her hand to her mouth and licked the sperm with her tong. I then moved back down to her legs and kissed my way up to her cunt.

I reached it very slowly and the pussy smell was diving me crazy. I was still turned on and had never had such orgasms. I licked her pussy through her panty hose and panties. I could feel her clit sticking up through the fabric. I reached up and slid them down for betted access to her steaming vagina. Her pussy was so wet that her panties were stuck to her snatch. I removed them and dove in with a heated passion. I ran my tong up her pussy and back down to her asshole. She was gyrating her hips and grunting and begging me to eat her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around my head and damn near suffocated me. Her orgasm was intense as she humped my tong. I spent a lot of time eating her because I love pussy and I knew that a later time she would want more. Finally I raised my head and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her. "Hell yes fuck me please". I was hard again and I moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I moved up and down the slit of her cunt and just placed the head of it in her. The pussy juice was flowing out of her cunt down onto her slip. "Don't tease me let me have it" she said as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her.

As I began to fuck her it sounded like a plunger as the sucking sound reached my ears. She had at least five orgasms as we fuck our brains out. "Fuck mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee fasterrrrrrrrr. I started really ramming my cock in her. I was a jack hammer and she was the street. The smell of sex was overwhelming. I felt the familiar pulsing in my balls and knew that the time was at hand. Faster and faster I went. The pulsing in my balls was too much to take and I let go of all I had.

Her fingers dug into my back and she was snorting through her nose. I filled her wet snatch with my load and fell back off of her. I picked up her panties and wiped my cock with them. She lay there for a while and then sat up and said she had to go. She gave me here sperm soaked slip as a present for all that I had done for her and I still have it. I Still see here about once a month or so. She is now in her lat fifties and still can suck a dick. She also wears a slip for me.

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